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This kind of injury could be said to be extremely serious. Even an old Eighth Order like Cha Pu couldn’t withstand it and instantly lost his ability to fight.

An Eighth Order Human Race cultivator without any combat strength naturally attracted the attention of countless Black Ink Clan masters in this chaotic battlefield.

With Cha Pu’s current condition, any one of the Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lords could take his life.

If Yang Kai had arrived a moment later, Cha Pu would have lost his life.

When the Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple released his aura, Yang Kai had noticed the situation on Cha Pu’s side, which was why he had rushed over to help. Only he could do this, even if the others wanted to help, they wouldn’t be able to arrive in time.

Fortunately, when the Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple was exposed, the target of his sword strike was the Human Race’s Old Ancestor, so if he wanted to kill Smiles Old Ancestor by surprise, his opponent, Cha Pu, would just receive a side effect.

He did not deliberately target him.

If that Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple had really used his full strength against Cha Pu, this Eighth Order Garrison Chief would have already died.

A Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple was also a Ninth Order, not something a single Eighth Order could contend with.

“Scram!” As Yang Kai shouted, the Azure Dragon Spear broke through the layers of obstructions in front of him, creating a bloody path as he fled towards Great Evolution Pass. The Black Ink Clan’s army naturally didn’t want to sit back and watch a heavily wounded Eighth Order escape, so they quickly chased after him.

For a time, behind Yang Kai, a large group of Black Ink Clan cultivators followed, all of them using various Secret Techniques to attack, causing the universe to lose it's stability and even causing Yang Kai and Cha Pu to stumble.

It was unknown if it was because of some Territory Lord’s orders, but wherever Yang Kai went, more Black Ink Clan cultivators blocked his path, the pursuers behind him doing the same, as if they wanted to capture Cha Pu.

Even with the Human Race’s Battleships providing support, the situation was becoming worse.

Yang Kai didn’t dare to casually use his Space Principle to teleport. In this current situation, it didn’t matter if he teleported or not. Cha Pu’s injuries were too severe, and even with his protection, Yang Kai didn’t know if he could withstand the pressure of teleportation. If he wasn’t careful, not only would he not die in the hands of his enemy, but he would also die in his own hands.

“Brother Yang!” A roar suddenly rang out beside Yang Kai’s ear, “Over here!”

Yang Kai looked over and saw a thick Battleship with a giant turtle shell coming towards him.

Outside the Battleship, several Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivators joined forces to kill the enemy. The one who shouted at him was none other than Chai Fang.

Yang Kai quickly rushed over, the other Human Race Battleships around him quickly restraining the Black Ink Clan.

After spending a great deal of effort, the two sides finally met and passed by each other. Yang Kai directly arrived on Old Turtle’s Battleship.

The outside world was filled with violent energy and slaughter, while the inside of the Battleship was also bustling with activity. One by one, the members of the Old Turtle Squad began to madly activate their Small Universe’s power, either maintaining the operation of the Spirit Array or using their Artifacts to kill their enemies.

Yang Kai put down Cha Pu and stuffed some healing pills into his mouth before lowering his head and examining him with a solemn expression.

In this short period of time, Cha Pu’s injuries seemed to have worsened, showing just how terrifying the strength of this Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple was. Even an Eighth Order like Cha Pu couldn’t withstand the residual power of his sword qi.

Yang Kai quickly activated the Light of Purification to envelop Cha Pu and disperse the Ink Force that had invaded his body.

The Ink Force was a small problem, the Light of Purification could disperse it, but the dense Sword Qi that lingered around the wound was not something Yang Kai could handle, it would require the Old Ancestor to take the time to deal with it herself.

“Be careful!” Cha Pu whispered, no longer having the energy to say anything else.

Yang Kai nodded and flashed out of the Battleship, rushing towards Chai Fang and the others. As he passed by, he shouted to Chai Fang, “Send him back to Great Evolution Pass!”

Chai Fang didn’t waste any time and immediately led his team back, “Let’s go!”

Everyone quickly flew into the Battleship, and under the command of Old Turtle’s team members, the Battleship immediately changed directions and retreated towards Great Evolution Pass, resisting the bombardment of countless Black Ink Clan cultivators.

At the same time, Yang Kai had already summoned his Azure Dragon Spear and used it to block the pursuing Black Ink Clan cultivators, pushing his Great Unrestrained Spear Technique to its limit. In an instant, the Black Ink Clan in front of Yang Kai was like a snowflake under a blazing sun, constantly melting away.

One Man To Act As A Mountain, blocking the enemies.

However, after just a dozen breaths of time, Yang Kai’s body trembled and he spat out a mouthful of golden blood as he staggered backwards.

Guerrilla killing was something he was very good at, but in order to create an opportunity for Old Turtle’s team to retreat, he had to hold on to his position for a long time.

The overwhelming attacks weren’t just scratching an itch. Every time he blocked an attack, Yang Kai would consume a portion of his strength.

He didn’t know when this battle would end, but even though his Small Universe’s foundation was far stronger than his peers, he couldn’t use his strength without restraint.

Stealing some time to take a look around, Yang Kai saw that the Old Turtle Squad was surrounded by the Black Ink Clan from all directions. The torrential storm of attacks caused the giant turtle shell to flash wildly, but the Old Turtle Squad’s momentum didn’t slow down at all as they approached the three million kilometer radius of Great Evolution Pass.

Yang Kai was relieved.

Old Turtle’s team didn’t have any other skills, but the entire team had one word for them, [Tough!]

Not only was the Battleship tough, as far as Yang Kai knew, Chai Fang and the others had all cultivated extremely powerful defensive Secret Arts, so even if they couldn’t defeat a powerful enemy, they would be able to hold on for a while.

This characteristic of Old Turtle Squad played a huge role at this moment.

If it had been Dawn escorting Cha Pu, things might not have gone so smoothly. Dawn’s overall strength might not be worse than Old Turtle’s, but if they were to be attacked by so many Black Ink Clans, it would definitely be difficult to endure.

Three million kilometers already reach the distance of Great Evolution Pass.

Seeing the large number of Black Ink Clan cultivators chasing after Old Turtle’s squad, the Spirit Arrays on the walls of Great Evolution Pass began to hum and emit a brilliant light, followed by the power of a meteor-like artifact.

The Battleship of the Old Turtle Squad were accurately dodged and shot into the camp of the pursuers, causing countless Black Ink Clan people to fall to the ground as the auras of the Black Ink Clan fell, many of them even at the Feudal Lord-level.

Seeing the ferocity of the Human Race’s mountain pass’s attacks, the pursuing Black Ink Clan cultivators no longer dared to advance recklessly. If they were to face this kind of attack head-on, it was likely they would be slaughtered before they even reached Great Evolution Pass.

What’s more, even if they could reach Great Evolution Pass, it would be useless. There were more than twenty Eighth Order Open Heaven masters guarding Great Evolution Pass, providing protection for Great Evolution Pass. With just a few Black Ink Clans, it would be impossible to break through.

A severely wounded Eighth Order, an Eighth Order master who had lost all combat ability was not worth the Black Ink Clan’s sacrifice.

At this moment, Yang Kai no longer paid any attention to the pursuers and instead swam around the battlefield, not bothering to join up with the Dawn Squad.

Currently, the situation on the battlefield was quite clear. Smiles Old Ancestor was fighting against the Black Ink Clan's Royal Lord and Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple alone.

Many of the Territory Lords who participated in this battle were also suppressed by the Eighth Order Open Heaven masters.

On the battlefield, there were few who could threaten his life.

He didn’t think that the Black Ink Clan had any more Territory Lords or Ninth Order Black Ink Disciples remaining. Although the battle between the two races hadn’t been going on for long, they had already taken action. After all, the Human Race had even taken out their Evil-Breaking Divine Lance, so how could the Black Ink Clan still hold back?

The vast battlefield could be said to be Yang Kai’s territory. As long as he didn’t take the initiative to seek death, there was almost no danger to his life.

For him now, it is only the matter of how many Black Ink Clan he kill.

Dawn Squad's strength is not weak, so even without his presence, they could still rush through such a battlefield. He was proficient in the Space Principle, so he was able to display his greatest advantage in a one-on-one battle.

From time to time, balls of pure light that looked like small suns would burst out from a certain spot on the battlefield. This was the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance constantly being activated.

For this battle, Great Evolution Pass distributed all of the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance they had stored for many years. Almost every Seventh Order Open Heavens could get two or three.

When encountering a powerful enemy, a single Evil-Breaking Divine Lance could break the balance and kill the enemy.

However, now that the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance had been exposed, it was no longer as useful as it had been the first time. After all, the Black Ink Clan had become vigilant, so no matter how fast the Human Race activated the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance, it would still take some time.

Unlike in the beginning, when the Human Race’s masters had all activated the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance at the same time, neither the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord nor the Feudal Lord had been able to react.

They had never encountered such a treasure before, so they didn’t expect it to be so effective against their Ink Force.

Although the situation was clear, the battle situation was quite tense.

There was no need to mention the Old Ancestor’s side. Even if she could fight one against two, she would not be able to kill them.

At this moment, the Eighth Order Open Heaven masters were entangled with the Territory Lords and Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples. Thanks to the explosive power of the Ninth Order Black Ink Disciple, when this Ninth Order aura had spread out, all the Eighth Order Open Heaven masters had been shocked, while the Territory Lords who had been suppressed had taken the opportunity to break free from the entanglement of the Human Race’s masters and frantically urged the power of the Ink Nest to dispel the purifying light that had invaded their bodies.

Although many Territory Lords had died, most of them were safe.

On top of that, many of the Human Race’s Eighth Order masters had suffered heavy injuries because of this sudden explosion. For example, Xu Linggong, a newly-advanced Eighth Order master, was fighting two enemies at once. In order to kill his enemies, he had used his Evil-Breaking Divine Lance as bait to forcefully withstand the attacks of his two opponents.

Right now, he had indeed killed an enemy, but under his injuries, his strength had been damaged and he was now in a miserable state under the attack of another Territory Lord.

Such situations were common on the battlefield.

The Human Race’s upper echelons, in a situation where their numbers were almost equal to the enemy’s, were actually showing signs of being suppressed. Although it was sad, this was the price they had to pay to kill their enemies.

If it weren’t for their previous efforts, the twenty Territory Lords and Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple wouldn’t have been killed so easily.

It had to be known that in an ordinary battle, even if they fought for one or two hundred years, there would not necessarily be a Territory Lord who died. But just now, nearly twenty Territory Lords and Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples’ auras had withered together. The Evil-Breaking Divine Lance was truly worthy of its name.

The Eighth Order weren’t in a good situation, but below the Eighth Order, the Battleships’ momentum was unstoppable.

Although the Great Evolution Army only had thirty thousand people, facing the hundreds of thousands of Black Ink Clan soldiers, they had still managed to completely defeat the Black Ink Clan. After only half a day of fierce fighting, more than a hundred thousand Black Ink Clan soldiers had been killed. On the Void Battlefield, the Black Ink Clan’s tattered corpses could be seen everywhere, filled with Ink Force.


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