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On the battlefield, a huge vacuum appeared where the light enveloped, and the Ink Force inside was instantly purified.

This light was not only from Xu Linggong’s side, but countless others.

Like a sky full of stars, they dotted the entire battlefield!

This sudden turn of events caused all of the Black Ink Clan members who had fallen into this trap to be greatly frightened. In all the years they had fought with the Human Race, they had never encountered such a situation, nor had they ever felt such power.

This was a power that was completely different from their Ink Force, a power that could restrain their Ink Force!

While they were panicking, the Human Race wouldn’t remain idle.

As the Evil-Breaking Divine Lances exploded one after another, causing the power of the Black Ink Clan masters to fall into chaos, the Human Race masters all rushed towards their opponents.

In the blink of an eye, the balance in the battlefield was broken and the auras of the various Feudal Lords began to dissipate.

On the battlefield, only the Human Race’s Seventh Order and Eighth Order Open Heaven Spear had the qualifications to use it.

Their opponents were mainly the Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lords and Territory Lords.

As this roar rang out, the Seventh Order Open Heaven's Evil-Breaking Divine Lance naturally shot towards the Feudal Lords. The Light of Purification was indeed the nemesis of the Ink Force. When this light burst out like a small sun, not only did it disperse the surrounding Ink Force, it also caused the power of the Black Ink Clan masters to dissipate.

The weapon that had been hidden for so many years finally released a dazzling light at this moment and achieved a brilliant result.

Somewhere on the battlefield, Xu Linggong, who was spewing blood from his mouth, disregarded his own injuries and shot out two Evil-Breaking Divine Lance. Holding his saber, he charged towards the nearest Territory Lord, his blade flashing with a shocking killing intent.

At this moment, the Territory Lord was being affected by the Light of Purification sealed within the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance, causing him to lose control of his mind and most of his strength to resist the threat of the Light of Purification. When the blade light swept over him, he could only force a palm strike towards Xu Linggong.

The World Force of an Eighth Order Open Heaven collided with the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord’s Ink Force on this small battlefield. In an instant, Xu Linggong’s chest caved in as he spat out not only blood but also pieces of his internal organs.

As he passed by, the body of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord behind him split into two, his black blood spurting out like a tide. As he died, the two halves of the Territory Lord’s face filled with disbelief.

It was as if he hadn’t expected to die here, to be killed by such an Eighth Order.

Xu Linggong, who had just broken through to the Eighth Order for two hundred years, in his first battle with one against two, had killed a Territory Lord!

He laughed madly, feeling as if he had never felt so carefree in his life. In the past, he had been able to kill many of the Black Ink Clan’s masters, many of whom were Feudal Lords.

However, how could killing a Territory Lord be any easier?

He was also under a lot of pressure! His last disciple had followed Yang Kai in marriage. In the past, he had been able to rely on his high cultivation and his status as an elder, but after Yang Kai advanced to the Seventh Order, this advantage had disappeared.

This guy’s strength was unmatched in the same realm, even Xu Linggong couldn’t help feeling inferior.

Not to mention the number of Territory Lord masters who had died to Yang Kai over the years.

As an elder, he had not even killed a single Territory Lord, so how could he act tough in front of Yang Kai in the future? If his own disciple was bullied, could he still stand up for her?

But now, he had killed a Territory Lord! This was just the beginning, he would kill even more Territory Lords.

Turning his gaze towards the other Territory Lord, he slashed out with his blade.

The Territory Lord was still shocked by the death of his companion and was also distracted by resisting the purifying light invading his body. Seeing Xu Linggong charge towards him like a malicious ghost, he was terrified and no longer dared to continue fighting with Xu Linggong. Instead, he quickly retreated.

“Where do you think you’re going?!” Xu Linggong roared as he chased after him with his saber, but after just a few steps, he spat out a large mouthful of blood, as if he wanted to vomit out all his organs. At the same time, his crazed aura rapidly weakened.

When he had used the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance, he had used himself as bait to withstand the combined attacks of his two opponents, causing him to suffer heavy injuries. Killing a Territory Lord with a single blow was his limit, so how could he possibly kill a second Territory Lord?

If the other party were to turn back and fight him now, even if he was affected by the Light of Purification, it was very likely he would kill Xu Linggong on the spot.

However, the Territory Lord had been frightened by the Light of Purification that had invaded his body, so he didn’t know whether this human Eighth Order was truly exhausted or just putting on an act. Right now, his life was more important, so he didn’t dare to stay any longer.

Xu Linggong could only watch helplessly as the Territory Lord escaped into the Black Ink Clan’s army, using the numerous Black Ink Clans to conceal himself.

“Useless trash!” Xu Linggong cursed. 'This old man was already in such a state, yet you didn’t even try to kill me and instead ran away.'

How could such a Black Ink Clan be a match for the Human Race, who had completely disregarded life and death?

It wasn’t just Xu Linggong who had killed a Territory Lord, there were more than a dozen Territory Lords who had died in that instant, even several Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples.

With this, the Black Ink Clan had lost nearly twenty high-level cultivators!

How many Eighth Order-level combat power did the Black Ink Clan have? Once the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance appeared, about thirty percent of them died.

The remaining Black Ink Clan Territory Lords who were still alive were mostly injured by the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance. The Light of Purification burst out and invaded their bodies, causing them great pain.

In the direction of the shattered King City, the Ink Nest suddenly began to hum as an extremely rich Ink Force emerged from it.

Affected by the Light of Purification, the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords couldn’t care less about anything else at this moment, all of them madly mobilizing the power of their Ink Nest to use the power of their Ink Nest to resist the invasion of the Light of Purification.

Although doing so managed to salvage some of the situation, it was still difficult for them to resist the frenzied attacks of an Eighth Order Human Race cultivator. Many of the Territory Lords were in a precarious situation, as if they could lose and die at any moment.

What made these Territory Lords even more frightened was that the Eighth Order Human Race masters who were their enemies would occasionally use their Evil-Breaking Divine Lances, causing them to be unable to focus on fighting.

The Black Ink Clan couldn’t understand how the Human Race had so many such artifacts!

This kind of artifact, which was extremely lethal to even the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord, should not have been easy to refine. There weren’t many of them, otherwise, after so many years of war, the Human Race would have taken it out long ago.

But now, not only had these Eighth Order Human Race masters summoned these artifacts, even the Seventh Order ones had summoned countless of them.

On the battlefield, small suns formed from pure white light could be seen everywhere, and almost every time a small sun erupted, a Feudal Lord would fall.

In less than a dozen breaths of time, the originally dominant Black Ink Clan army had suffered heavy casualties.

In contrast to the Black Ink Clan’s fear and despair, the Human Race army’s momentum was soaring.

Everyone knew that the greatest effect of the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance had already been brought into play. After so many years of hiding, on such a battlefield, this sharp weapon that targeted the Black Ink Clan had finally proven its value.

However, this way, the Black Ink Clan’s side would be on guard, and the next time they used the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance, it wouldn’t be as effective as before.

Moreover, although the Light of Purification was the nemesis of the Ink Force, it was not impossible to break.

The Light of Purification sealed within the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance was limited, after all. Once the Black Ink Clan master used his Ink Force to dispel it, the Light of Purification would be useless.

Especially now, many of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords were able to borrow the power of the Ink Nest in the King City. As long as they were willing to use up their Ink Force, it wouldn’t be long before the purifying light that had invaded their bodies was completely eroded. At that time, they would no longer be troubled and their strength would be restored.

Therefore, if the Human Race’s masters wanted to seize the advantage, these several dozen breaths were the key.

As such, even though Xu Linggong was seriously injured, he still continued to attack. This was because if this battle dragged on for too long, the advantage created by the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance would be lost.

The Human Race knew about this, and the Black Ink Clan also knew about it after a brief panic.

As a result, the surviving Black Ink Clans were now avoiding the attacks of the Human Race’s masters, using the power of the Ink Nest to eliminate the hidden dangers in their bodies.

Once they recovered, it would be time for the Black Ink Clan to counterattack.

All the masters of the two races were fighting for this opportunity and the battle became fiercer.

Yang Kai led the group from the Dawn Squad across the battlefield, passing through several uninhabited areas and plowing open a vacuum in the battlefield. Along the way, the Black Ink Clan suffered countless casualties.

In a corner of the battlefield, an Eighth Order Garrison Chief was staring at an Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple and unleashing his Secret Technique and Secret Artifact, forcing the Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple to retreat, seemingly ready to kill him at any moment.

However, the Eighth Order Garrison Chief did not show the slightest joy of having the upper hand, instead frowning.

His opponent’s performance gave him a strange feeling.

The moment he stepped onto the battlefield, he had wanted to find a Black Ink Clan Territory Lord as his opponent. If possible, it would be best if he could restrain two Black Ink Clan Territory Lords.

He was a veteran Eighth Order master who had immersed himself in this realm for many years, so he had the qualifications to do so.

However, many things happened on the battlefield in the blink of an eye, and most of the time, he was unable to satisfy his own desires. After stepping onto the battlefield, this Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple took the initiative to welcome him.

Since his opponent had come knocking on his door, he naturally wouldn’t hold back and immediately began fighting.

Originally, he had thought that the other party was just an Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple, and from the looks of it, he was an Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple who had used the Ink Force to break through his shackles. Even though he had cultivated for many years, there was still a large gap between him and the other party.

Defeating him or even killing him shouldn’t be a problem.

However, when the fight really broke out, this Eighth Order Garrison Chief realized that something was wrong.

His opponent’s performance was indeed quite poor and he had been beaten black and blue, but he was always able to avoid his fatal blow at critical moments.

Even the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance he had just used had been dodged!

It had to be known that after the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance was activated, its speed was extremely fast. Under this sudden attack, there was basically no Territory Lord who could avoid it. With so many Evil-Breaking Divine Lances being activated, the number of Territory Lords who could actually avoid it was less than a handful.

What kind of ability did this Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple have to be able to escape?


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So he is pretending to be an eight Order


Sin Nombre
Sin Nombre
Mar 02, 2023

If he is a disciple, he would be the second to go up to lv9, remember the first is to blame for the evolution pass falling out of favor since he was someone who went up to Lv 7 directly


The one that previous team tough as royal lord..

Replying to

Though? :3


Distroyer ArV
Distroyer ArV
Aug 01, 2022

I knew it I was correct It's a 8 order disciple who became 9 order

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