This was also a situation they had encountered before. The Black Ink Clan’s upper echelons had an advantage in numbers, so they would naturally think of ways to expand this advantage.

In this confrontation between two armies, a Territory Lord was a great threat to the Human Race’s soldiers.

Facing this situation, the Human Race naturally had some experience.

Before Yang Kai arrived, this Territory Lord was bombarding a Human Race Battleship. Although the Battleship had two Seventh Order, they were unable to resist the Territory Lord’s might and were on the verge of collapse. Even the Battleship itself was damaged and its protective light barrier was dim.

If there was no one to help them, it wouldn’t be long before this team’s Battleship was destroyed. At that time, even those two Seventh Order masters wouldn’t be able to survive. As for those below the Seventh Order, they were destined to die.

Yang Kai’s timing was perfect.

On the Battleship, the two Seventh Order who had just escaped from their predicament nodded towards Yang Kai to express their gratitude before joining up with the nearby teams and rushing off into the distance.

The Black Ink Clan Territory Lord wanted to stop them, but Yang Kai had already charged forward, forcing the Territory Lord to give up on his original goal and raise his palm towards him.

Slightly surprised, the Human Race squad didn’t seem to care about this Seventh Order cultivator’s life and death and simply left.

Just how much confidence did this man have in him that he think he could stop him?

Although he didn’t want to admit it, this Seventh Order Human Race master had indeed displayed extraordinary strength. Such a Seventh Order Human Race master should be an elite amongst the Human Race’s elites. If he could kill him, it would be more valuable than killing a hundred ordinary Human Race masters.

Thinking of this, the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord’s eyes flashed with killing intent as he launched a flurry of attacks, the power of his Ink Force surging.

Yang Kai instantly fell into a disadvantageous position.

In terms of Seventh Order and Feudal Lord, Yang Kai was invincible among his peers, so he didn’t need a second shot to kill his enemies. However, when it came to Territory Lords, there was still an obvious gap in their strength.

Although he was not his opponent, it was not so easy for the other party to kill him.

While fending off the enemy’s attacks, he continued to draw him closer. In that direction, there was the sound of an Eighth Order and Territory Lord fighting.

Seemingly having seen through Yang Kai’s intentions, the Territory Lord sneered and his attacks became even more ferocious.

In the distance, a violent fluctuation suddenly appeared and struck the void, causing both Yang Kai and the Territory Lord to tremble.

This was the aftermath of the battle between Smiles Old Ancestor and the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord.

From the time these two had fought until now, the shockwaves from their battle had swept through the two armies from time to time. Although the shockwaves did not differentiate between friend and foe, as long as one was on the battlefield, no one could gain any advantage.

But in comparison, the Human Race’s situation was slightly better than the Black Ink Clan’s.

The Human Race had a Battleship to protect them while the Black Ink Clan didn’t.

The shockwave from the collision was still able to be blocked by the Battleship's protection. Apart from the Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivators who were fighting outside, none of the soldiers inside the Battleship could feel the impact.

The Black Ink Clan, however, was different. Whether it was a Territory Lord, a High Rank, or a Low Rank, when this fierce shockwave hit them, it would often cause them to lose their stability, perhaps this moment of delay could decide their death.

In fact, this was indeed the case. Every time the aftershocks of these two's battle swept across the battlefield, a large number of Black Ink Clan cultivators would fall.

This time, it was Yang Kai’s turn to suffer.

As the shockwave swept over, Yang Kai and the Territory Lord who were fighting each other suddenly froze. However, the Territory Lord’s cultivation was a bit higher, so she was able to quickly recover and ruthlessly shot towards Yang Kai's head.

At this critical moment of life and death, Yang Kai forcefully tilted his head and the strike hit his shoulder. The violent Ink Force exploded, causing Yang Kai’s shoulder to become a bloody mess.

Yang Kai let out a muffled groan as the Azure Dragon Spear stabbed towards the Territory Lord’s heart, forcing him to retreat.

Before he could even stabilize himself, Yang Kai had already rushed forward, his Azure Dragon Spear filling the sky and enveloping him.

The Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord was shocked.

It could be said that he had not held back at all with his attack just now. If a human Seventh Order was hit by him like that, even if he didn’t die, he would have lost his combat ability and been slaughtered.

However, this human was different. Not only had he not died, he had instead become even more deranged.

This human… was so tough?

What he didn’t know was that Yang Kai’s current seven thousand zhang Ancient Dragon physique, in terms of physique, was far inferior to his own. That palm strike had indeed injured him, but it might not have affected his combat strength.

Under this barrage of attacks, the Territory Lord was actually forced into a somewhat miserable state, causing him to fly into a rage out of humiliation. Just as he was about to attack again, a sharp aura locked onto him, followed by a shocking blade light.

The Territory Lord was shocked and quickly dodged.

“Go!” Xu Linggong had already rushed over, holding his blade with both hands as he shouted towards Yang Kai.

“Elder Xu, are you alright!?” Yang Kai’s mouth twitched as he looked at him worriedly.

Without a doubt, Xu Linggong already had a Territory Lord as his opponent. Now that he had suddenly drawn another Territory Lord into his attack, it was obvious he was going to fight one against two.

After all, Xu Linggong had just broken through to the Eighth Order not long ago, it was not a problem for him to fight alone with the Territory Lord, but to fight one against two…

It was a bit difficult!

Yang Kai didn’t plan on asking him for help. Originally, he had wanted to lead the Territory Lord to another veteran Eighth Order master to restrain him.

This Eighth Order opponent only had one Territory Lord, and with his many years of experience, it wouldn’t be too much of a problem for him to fight one against two.

If it was Xu Linggong, that might not be the case.

However, Xu Linggong was nearby and had probably seen Yang Kai’s situation, so he had taken the initiative to drag his opponent over to help.

Hearing Yang Kai’s doubts, Xu Linggong’s eyes bulged as he angrily shouted, “You talk too much, get out of here! Today, I will definitely kill these two!”

As he spoke, his attacks became fiercer, his face turning red as the two Territory Lords were forced to retreat.

Seeing this, Yang Kai knew that his words had aroused Xu Linggong’s competitive spirit, so he didn’t say anything more and simply said, “Then you should take it easy.”

Saying so, he flashed off into the distance.

He did not stay to help Xu Linggong.

Because even if he stayed behind, the two of them together might not be able to kill a Territory Lord in a short time.

His greatest advantage was that he was invincible amongst his peers! Killing as many of the Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lords as possible was what he should do now.

The more he killed, the less pressure the Human Race army will have!

Yang Kai had only left for three breaths of time when Xu Linggong let out a muffled groan. The fierce and invincible aura he had just released instantly dissipated, and he was instantly beaten into a miserable state by the two Territory Lords.

His foundation was still too weak. Fighting one against two was really too difficult, it was too careless!

Although he was no match for them, it was not a problem for him to protect himself for a short period of time. As time passed, it would become difficult to say.

As the battle raged on, Yang Kai shuttled back and forth through the battlefield, searching for the hidden Territory Lords.

After that, including the previous one, he found three of them and led them to the nearby Eighth Order, leaving them to the Eighth Order masters.

There were definitely more than three Territory Lords in the Black Ink Clan’s army, but only so many had been sent out by him. As for the rest, as long as any of them had fought before, they would definitely have been taken away by the other teams.

As such, the situation became much clearer.

The Royal Lord and Ancestor had their own battlefields, the Eighth Order and Territory Lords had their own battlefields, and so did the two armies!

They entangled with each other, but neither interfered with the other.

Yang Kai’s figure flashed like a bolt of lightning as he fought back and forth on the battlefield. Under the Azure Dragon Spear, the Black Ink Clan suffered heavy casualties. After confirming that there was no Territory Lord left behind, he returned to Breaking Dawn.

It was time to act!

Everything that had happened before was just preparation for this moment.

Especially now, in order to quickly kill an Eighth Order, the Territory Lords had all borrowed the power of their own Ink Nest in the King City, allowing their strength to increase.

The stalemate had been broken and all of the Human Race’s Eighth Order masters had fallen into a disadvantageous position. A newly promoted Eighth Order master like Xu Linggong was in imminent danger.

If they didn’t act now, perhaps an Eighth Order would fall on the battlefield.

Just as Yang Kai was thinking this, a long howl suddenly rang out from somewhere on the battlefield. This howl continued without end, and even the chaotic battlefield couldn’t stop it.

This seemed to be a signal.

When this howl rang out, the atmosphere in the Human Race’s side suddenly underwent a subtle change. Everyone’s spirits were lifted as they quickly summoned their hidden weapons for many years!

Somewhere on the battlefield, Xu Linggong was in a miserable state, no longer having the high-spiritedness he had before when he had spoken. Facing the two Territory Lords’ fierce attacks, he could only dodge, sometimes unable to avoid them, his entire body covered in blood.

When the roar rang out, Xu Linggong cursed loudly, “Finally!”

He had endured it for a long time and had not used that weapon during the numerous life and death crisis just now because he was afraid he would expose it ahead of time and cause the other Black Ink Clan masters to be on guard.

This kind of sharp weapon, if used, naturally had to be used at the same time as possible to maximize its effectiveness.

And now, the promised signal finally rang out on the battlefield.

Xu Linggong grinned maliciously, completely ignoring the two Territory Lords’ pincer attacks as he suddenly summoned two foot-long spears.

As the violent attacks came, Xu Linggong spat out a mouthful of blood and several of his bones were broken, but he simply laughed madly, “Die!”

The World Force surged as the two Evil-Breaking Divine Lance trembled slightly before transforming into streaks of light that shot towards the two Territory Lords.

At such a close distance, Xu Linggong didn’t even hesitate to use himself as bait. The two Territory Lords were still immersed in the joy of success, so the sudden turn of events caught them off guard.

Two streaks of light struck the Territory Lords’ chests, forcing them back a distance.

In the next instant, a brilliant light burst out. This light was so pure and dazzling, without any impurities.

Like two small suns, they surrounded the two Territory Lords.

The faces of the two Territory Lords instantly changed, and before they could even kill Xu Linggong, they became terrified.

Both of them felt a sudden surge of power in their bodies, and this power seemed to be the nemesis of their own Ink Force. Wherever it spread, the Ink Force they had cultivated for many years suddenly collapsed and quickly dissipated.

Even the surrounding Ink Force dissipated in the next instant.


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