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At the same time, on the wall facing the Black Ink Clan’s King City, the power of the Spirit Array and Artifact began to leak out.

Naturally, the Human Race couldn’t just stand there and do nothing. Great Evolution’s defences were supported by the Eighth Order Open Heaven and the Old Ancestor, while the soldiers on the city walls were responsible for killing the enemy.

The best offense is the best defense. If they could kill all of the Black Ink Clan masters in front of them, would they still need to defend?

In a million kilometers, the Secret Arts of the two races interweaved in the void and madly attacked each other. Many Secret Arts collided in mid-air, releasing dazzling light as they disappeared.

The ripples on the Great Evolution Light curtain became more violent, but as long as the light curtain was not broken, the safety of the Human Race’s soldiers would not be a problem.

On the other hand, the Black Ink Clan’s army was densely packed with hundreds of thousands of soldiers, so if the Human Race’s attack were to fall into this army with their Secret Techniques, they would definitely be able to reap some benefits, more or less.

A million kilometers suddenly turn to half a million in the blink of an eye.

Against the frenzied attacks of the Black Ink Clan’s army, Great Evolution’s momentum soared.

Yang Kai suddenly looked up and saw that the Great Evolution Light Barrier’s light was constantly changing, sometimes dim and sometimes bright. He knew that even with the protection of the Eighth Order Open Heaven and Old Ancestor, it wouldn’t be able to hold out for long.

The Black Ink Clan’s attacks were too violent and there were too many of them. Even if Great Evolution Pass wanted to attack the King City, it was impossible for them to change directions so easily.


A faint shattering sound rang out, and Yang Kai immediately looked towards the source of the sound, only to see that somewhere in the light curtain, after suffering the attacks of hundreds of Black Ink Clan masters, a crack had suddenly appeared.

However, the gap disappeared in the blink of an eye. Obviously, the Eighth Order and Old Ancestor had poured their strength into it to repair it.


Cracks appeared in all directions and were constantly being repaired.

As the distance between them and the Black Ink Clan’s army drew closer, the situation at Great Evolution Pass became more grim, and the seemingly solid defenses could be destroyed at any moment.

Xiang Shan’s roar suddenly rang out, “Prepare to defend against the enemy!”

Under this order, Yang Kai and the other Team Leaders summoned their respective Battleship, and many of their team members quickly boarded. The Spirit Arrays buzzed as they activated their defences!

The cracking sounds continued as more cracks appeared. The Eighth Order and Old Ancestor’s speed of repair was obviously unable to keep up.

Until one moment, when a corner of the light curtain surrounding Great Evolution reached its limit, it suddenly shattered.

The originally airtight defense suddenly had a flaw.

There was no time to repair it, so from within the hole, an overwhelming Secret Technique struck towards the Great Evolution.

Rumbling sounds filled the air as the Ink Force spread out, causing a large number of buildings to collapse and the entire Great Evolution Pass to shake violently.

A few small teams who had been standing guard nearby were suddenly enveloped by these attacks. Fortunately, these small teams had all summoned their Battleships and the members of these Battleships were hiding amongst them. The Battleships’ defences were able to resist the shockwaves of these attacks, but even so, these Battleships were still knocked around.

By the time the members of the Battleship recovered from their shock, the Battleship had suffered some damage, but fortunately, no one had died.

This was just the beginning. As the first flaw of the Great Evolution protection appeared, it is followed by the second, the third…

For a time, Great Evolution seemed to have become a dilapidated house, and even though the Eighth Order and Old Ancestor guarding the core tried their best to salvage the situation, they were unable to do so.

More and more of the Black Ink Clan’s Secret Techniques bombarded the Great Evolution Pass, causing the entire Great Evolution Pass to become a sea of fire.

At this moment, Yang Kai was personally overseeing Breaking Dawn’s defensive Spirit Array, activating his strength to activate its defensive power, causing Breaking Dawn’s Battleship to shake violently, causing everyone to lose their footing.

Suddenly, an aura began to wither somewhere in the Great Evolution Pass.

Everyone’s faces sank. The Human Race had finally suffered some casualties.

However, there was nothing they could do about this. The Human Race had gone all out in this invasion to the Black Ink Clan’s King City, and the Black Ink Clan had also gone all out. The blood feud between the two races would eventually end with the destruction of one side.

As Great Evolution advanced, it was now very close to the Black Ink Clan’s fifth line of defense. The several hundred thousand Black Ink Clan soldiers had also suffered heavy casualties, but with their massive numbers here, even if they were injured, it wouldn’t be a problem.

Seeing that Great Evolution was approaching and was unable to be stopped, the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords all roared and ordered the hundreds of thousands of troops to split up into three groups, retreating to defend the enemy while flanking Great Evolution.

In the blink of an eye, Great Evolution, who had launched a sneak attack, was like a tiger in a pack of wolves, fighting fiercely with each other.

The Black Ink Clan’s fifth line of defense was only three million kilometers away from the King City. It could be said that as long as they broke through this last line of defense, the King City would have to face the might of Great Evolution.

The Black Ink Clan could not avoid it, nor did they dare to.

Facing such an aggressive Human Race pass, they were temporarily unable to stop it and could only use this method to wear down the Human Race’s strength in order to achieve their goal.

Their approach was very effective.

Encountering attacks from three sides, Great Evolution’s defenses became increasingly weak. The Eighth Order and Old Ancestor had obviously given up on a portion of the region’s defences to maintain the other portion.

The entire Great Evolution Pass was constantly bombarded by the Black Ink Clan’s Secret Technique. All of the houses in the Great Evolution Pass had been razed to the ground, leaving only two places unaffected.

Heroic Spirit Monument, Cemetery!

Even at this critical juncture, the Eighth Order and Old Ancestor still maintained a portion of their strength to protect these two places.

They wanted to show these ancestors who had died in the Ink Battlefield to see how the Human Race had defeated the Black Ink Clan. All the sacrifices of their ancestors had been worth it, and their descendants were still inheriting their ancestors' legacy!


An even louder sound rang out as the Great Evolution Shield began to tremble, as if it would collapse at any moment.

Xiang Shan’s roar echoed throughout the universe, “Attack!”

Outside, the Territory Lords also roared, “Stop them!”

When the final moment arrived, a million kilometers from the Black Ink Clan’s King City, the Black Ink Clan army no longer retreated.

At this point, they could no longer retreat. Behind them was the King City. If they couldn’t stop Great Evolution, the King City would be in danger, so they had to stop it.

A large number of Black Ink Clan cultivators rushed towards Great Evolution without fear of death, resisting the power of the Human Race’s Secret Artifacts and turning them into dust in the void, but they were still able to pave the way for those who came later.

At this moment, Great Evolution’s rotation speed had reached its peak, and in almost three breaths of time, it would make a full circle. On the four walls, all of the soldiers were madly activating their Small Universe's power to maximize the power of their respective Spirit Arrays and artifacts.

The Battleships didn’t remain idle. At the last moment, countless attacks were launched from the Battleships.

The power of their Secret Arts collided in the void and the aura of the Black Ink Clan was being annihilated at every moment. Inside Great Evolution Pass, the Black Ink Clan Secret Technique had been used countless times and all the buildings had collapsed. There were even human soldiers who had died.


Great Evolution’s defensive barrier finally shattered, and the muffled groan of an Eighth Order Open Heaven rang out. Obviously, the Great Array had been broken and suffered some backlash.

The entire Great Evolution Pass was completely exposed to the attacks of the Black Ink Clan’s army.

The violent energy fluctuations up ahead caused the void to become chaotic. Without any protection, Great Evolution was like a tiger that had lost its claws.

But it was enough.

In the next moment, Great Evolution Pass rushed past the Black Ink Clan’s last line of defense and launched countless attacks from all directions. All of the Black Ink Clan members who were blocking the path in front of them were either dead or injured!

Some Territory Lords spat out blood in the void, some of them exploded and died, and some of the Battleships exploded in the Great Evolution.

In that instant of contact, the two races’ mutual attacks were somewhat unbearable.

Now that the defensive line had been broken, the King City was right in front of them, and Great Evolution was attacking madly.

Behind them, the Black Ink Clan army pursued relentlessly, using their Secret Techniques to attack, but no longer able to effectively intercept them.

However, no one from the Human Race was happy.

Because in this last moment of mutual attack, although Great Evolution had successfully broken through the Black Ink Clan’s last line of defense, their overall direction seemed to have changed slightly.

Originally, Great Evolution was heading straight for the Black Ink Clan’s King City, but this change was slightly different. Although they could still hit the floating continent where the King City was located, no one could guarantee how effective it would be.

What made the Human Race even more anxious was that the floating continent where the Black Ink Clan’s King City was located seemed to be moving. Although it was very slow, it was still moving.

Since the Royal Lord was stationed in the King City, it shouldn’t be difficult for him to move it.

They were already very close to each other, so it was too late to change course now.

Three million kilometers passed in the blink of an eye.

Under everyone’s expectant and terrified gazes, the massive Great Evolution Pass crashed into the floating continent where the King City was located.

The floating continent collapsed, the King City shook, and Great Evolution’s momentum didn’t decrease as it flew deeper into the void.

Looking back, they saw the floating continent behind them collapse into several pieces!

The towering Ink Nest swayed as if it would collapse at any moment.

The figure of the Royal Lord suddenly appeared above the Ink Nest, and with a wave of his hand, he stabilized the Ink Nest’s turbulence. Looking up at the distant Great Evolution, he coldly snorted.

Seeing this scene, inside Great Evolution Pass, Yang Kai and the others couldn’t help feeling regretful.

The Great Evolution Pass had launched a surprise attack, it only enough to destroy the Royal Lord’s Ink Nest, and the following battle would be much easier.

Unfortunately, it was not easy to destroy the Royal Lord Ink Nest. With the Royal Lord personally guarding the King City, even if the Old Ancestor had launched a sneak attack just now, she might not have succeeded.

Not to mention, in that situation just now, the Old Ancestor couldn’t act casually, she had to be wary of the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord.

Since they were both wary of each other, the Ink Nest was no longer in danger.

However, it wasn’t as if the Human Race had gained nothing.

When Great Evolution crashed into the floating continent, several of the Territory Lord-level Ink Nests were directly smashed to pieces, and now that the floating continent had collapsed, the many Territory Lord-level Ink Nests that had been placed on it had also scattered.

The Black Ink Clan now had seventy or eighty Territory Lords, equivalent to the number of Eighth Order Human Race masters, and correspondingly, the number of Territory Lords and Ink Nest masters was not small.

These Ink Nest were all placed near the King City.

On the other hand, these Territory Lords were able to borrow the strength of the surrounding Ink Nest. Now that they had destroyed several Ink Nests, it was equivalent to weakening the strength of these Territory Lords and would be beneficial to the upcoming battle.

On the Floating Continent’s side, the Black Ink Clan was busy as their army gathered.

As for Great Evolution Pass, after breaking through the floating continent, its speed rapidly decreased.

This time, the Human Race had come to destroy the Black Ink Clan, so it was naturally impossible for them to just run away. The next great battle was the one that would decide the orders of the two races.


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