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Outside the Black Ink Clan’s King City, there was not just one defensive line, but five.

Each line of defense had a massive number of Black Ink Clan members, especially the outermost line, where at least a million of them were gathered.

There was a sea of people gathered in the air, and as far as the eye could see, they gave off a great pressure.

In the great war two hundred years ago, the Black Ink Clan’s army had suffered heavy losses, but now that two hundred years had passed, the Black Ink Clan had more or less recovered some of their strength.

Currently, the Black Ink Clan had at least a million troops.

The Black Ink Clan, which was situated at the outermost line of defense, was not included because these Black Ink Clans were just a bunch of miscellaneous soldiers, not even low-rank ones.

Their mission was to die and exhaust the strength of the Human Race.

Only the Black Ink Clan could casually abandon such a massive clansmen. They could afford to lose so many people, and with the momentum of Great Evolution Pass’s attack, if the King City could not defend itself, these miscellaneous soldiers would not be able to survive, so it was better to let them play some role before they died.

The higher rank Black Ink Clan didn’t have any pity for them, they were willing to sacrifice their lives to defend the King City.

With their weak strength and low intelligence, they obeyed the orders of the stronger Black Ink Clan and did not fear death.

The distance between them rapidly shortened.

Four hours later, Great Evolution Pass arrived a million kilometers away from the Black Ink Clan’s first line of defense.

Standing atop the city walls, the Human Race soldiers could clearly see the massive lineup of a million Black Ink Clan soldiers, causing their hearts to tremble.

Closer, closer.

At a certain moment, an angry roar came from the depths of Great Evolution Pass.


Facing the direction of the King City, the Human Race soldiers who had long been sharpening their blades immediately poured their strength into their respective Spirit Arrays and Artifacts.

The space around them trembled and buzzed. In the next moment, streaks of light shot out from the Great Evolution Pass towards them.

At the same time that the Human Race attacked, the million Black Ink Clan soldiers also charged towards Great Evolution Pass fearlessly.

They were weak, at best comparable to the Human Race’s Dao Source Stage masters, and most of them were even weaker, but facing the powerful attacks of the Human Race, none of them showed the slightest bit of fear as they roared madly.

When the power of these Spirit Arrays and Artifacts fell into the Black Ink Clan’s army, it was as easy as blowing off dust.

The Ink Force became denser.

The Human Race’s attacks were like a raging storm, and the entire Great Evolution Pass did not slow down in the slightest. Streams of light shot out from the Great Evolution Pass, recklessly reaping the lives of the Black Ink Clan.

A one-sided slaughter.

These Black Ink Clan soldiers, who could only be considered as a minor force, were unable to even approach a hundred thousand kilometers of the Great Evolution Pass and were instantly destroyed along the way.

The Human Race didn't cheer at this, everyone knew that this was only the appetizer. The real battle had yet to begin.

Nine hundred thousand, eight hundred thousand, seven hundred thousand…

With every million kilometers that Great Evolution Pass travelled, the number of Black Ink Clan soldiers decreased sharply by a hundred thousand. The first line of defense had long since been broken, but the surviving Black Ink Clan soldiers continued to chase after Great Evolution Pass, as if they wanted to eat a piece of human flesh even if they died.

Their efforts had paid off, and when there were only a hundred thousand Black Ink Clans left, they finally arrived within a hundred thousand kilometers of Great Evolution Pass.

There were even some Black Ink Clan cultivators who used their Secret Techniques to attack Great Evolution Pass.

However, with the activation of the Great Evolution Protective Array, these attacks were only able to create a slight ripple on the outside of the Great Evolution Protective Array without harming it in the slightest.

The violent energy gradually subsided, and the continuous attacks became sparse, eventually becoming silent.

In less than two hours, the Black Ink Clan’s first line of defense, a million soldiers, had been completely wiped out!

In a true confrontation between the two armies, there would be a million miscellaneous soldiers, and it would not be easy for the Human Race’s soldiers to kill them. However, these miscellaneous soldiers had declared their will to die at the beginning and wanted to use their own deaths to exchange for Great Evolution Pass’s consumption, so in just two hours, all of them had died.

Behind Great Evolution Pass, there was a thick and solid Ink Force.

Facing them was the Black Ink Clan’s second line of defense.

The number of Black Ink Clan cultivators on the second line of defense was only around three hundred thousand, but no Human Race dared to underestimate them.

This was because this line of defense was mainly constructed by the Low Rank Black Ink Clan.

The Low Rank Black Ink Clan was equivalent to the Human Race’s Low Rank Open Heaven. If it was just one or two, or even several dozen or even a hundred, Great Evolution Pass naturally wouldn’t put them in their eyes, but the number of three hundred thousand soldiers gathered here was not to be underestimated.

If these Black Ink Clans were to launch a joint attack, it would consume a lot of Great Evolution Pass’s defences.

It was still a million kilometers away. Inside the Great Evolution Pass, the Spirit Array and Artifact buzzed and shot out streams of light.

The Black Ink Clan naturally didn’t want to sit back and wait for death. The entire defensive line suddenly split apart, and the three hundred thousand Black Ink Clan cultivators simultaneously dodged and attacked Great Evolution Pass.

A million kilometers was too far for these Low Rank Black Ink Clans, their Secret Techniques could not cover such a great distance.

Only by approaching could they pose a threat to Great Evolution Pass.

In the void, there were countless corpses lying around. Each stream of light from Great Evolution Pass could take the lives of many of the Black Ink Clan’s people, but it was difficult to stop them from attacking.

However, the survivors of the Black Ink Clan stepped over the corpses of their clansmen and, at the cost of countless clansmen’s lives, proceeded forward.

After sacrificing thirty percent of their clansmen’s lives, the surviving Black Ink Clan finally managed to close the gap.

As they roared, a series of Secret Techniques burst forth from the Black Ink Clan’s side, shooting towards Great Evolution Pass like stars chasing the moon.

Outside the Great Evolution Pass, a transparent light curtain suddenly appeared. When the Secret Technique hit this light curtain, it was like countless stones had been thrown into a lake, creating ripples.

The two sides were rapidly closing in on each other, both sides engaged in a bloody battle.

However, while the Human Race’s soldiers were using the Great Evolution Pass to protect themselves, the Black Ink Clan could only use their flesh and blood to defend themselves. The Human Race could kill the Black Ink Clan, but the Black Ink Clan couldn’t kill a single Human Race, at least not until the Great Evolution Passwas broken.

The pros and cons were determined.

A mass of black blood exploded in the air, and the dead Black Ink Clan members were basically all dead without corpses.

On the city wall, Yang Kai’s expression was solemn.

Although they had only been in contact for less than one hour and the Human Race had slaughtered more than a million of the Black Ink Clan’s armies, that was not the foundation of the Black Ink Clan. The Black Ink Clan that had been killed today were basically all abandoned.

As for the Low Level Black Ink Clan, they were so fearless that it was obvious they were prepared to fight to the death with the Human Race.

This is a tough battle!

Yang Kai didn’t take action. Even at this distance, he could already take action, but in this kind of situation, the effect of his personal strength was too small. A Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivator like him had a different battlefield.

They had to ensure that their strength was at its peak.

The second line of defense was quickly broken.

However, unlike the first line of defense where the entire Black Ink Clan had been wiped out, the second line only had more than half of the Black Ink Clan’s casualties, and a small half of them had survived. After all, their strength was much higher than that of ordinary soldiers, so their chances of surviving in such a battlefield were much higher.

They didn’t retreat, instead chasing after Great Evolution Pass, gathering around it and attacking madly.

On the four walls of Great Evolution Pass, there were various Spirit Arrays and Artifacts deployed, it was only natural. For a time, there were traces of battle all around Great Evolution Pass.

The number of Black Ink Clan cultivators continued to decrease.

However, the third line of defense was already in sight.

Unlike the previous two defensive lines.

A million kilometers away, the Black Ink Clan’s third line of defense began to take the initiative to attack, sending black attacks towards Great Evolution Pass, causing the protective barrier to ripple.

This was a defensive line formed by the High Rank Black Ink Clan. There weren’t many of them, only a few hundred thousand, and there was no lack of Feudal Lord among them.

This was the main body of the Black Ink Clan’s army!

Their methods were completely different from the first two lines of defense Black Ink Clan. They did not take the initiative to send themselves to death, and while attacking Great Evolution Pass, they did their best to avoid being attacked by it.

The Human Race could no longer slaughter as they had done before.

Not only that, when Great Evolution Pass rushed into the third line of defense, more than a hundred thousand Black Ink Clan cultivators spread out and retreated, maintaining a safe distance from Great Evolution as they attacked.

They were like a giant net, trapping the advancing Great Evolution Pass.

Yang Kai could clearly feel that the speed at which Great Evolution Pass flew seemed to have slowed down a little, and even the light of the protective light curtain was slowly dimming.

Although the protective light curtain was powerful, in this world, no matter how powerful it was, it couldn’t withstand an endless barrage of attacks.

There were still survivors from the Black Ink Clan on the second line of defense. At this moment, they had joined forces with the third line of defense and their strength had increased significantly.

Great Evolution Pass continued to move forward, and along the way, the aura of the Black Ink Clan died out, leaving behind only corpses.

Soon, they arrived at the fourth line of defense.

The Black Ink Clan’s line of defense was almost the same as the third, but the number of Feudal Lords had clearly increased.

This line of defense was the same as the third line of defense. The Black Ink Clan simply did not fight head-on with Great Evolution Pass and instead retreated while constantly wearing down it's strength.

Together with the surviving second and third line of Black Ink Clan, their strength had increased.

Even so, it was difficult to resist the might of the Great Evolution Pass.

As they got closer to the King City, standing atop the city walls, everyone could see the towering floating continent where the Black Ink Clan’s King City was located, as well as the Black Ink Clan’s army stationed outside it!

This was the Black Ink Clan’s last line of defense, and also the foundation of the Black Ink Clan’s army. The Territory Lords and Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples were all present. As long as this line of defense was broken, Great Evolution Pass would be able to smash into the King City.

With Great Evolution Pass’s current power, if it really crashed into the King City, it would definitely be destroyed.

Would they be able to break through the last line of defense? No one on the Human Race’s side knew, so they could only try their best to kill the enemy.

On the other side, outside the Black Ink Clan’s King City, the Territory Lords gathered.

From afar, Che Kong observed the movements of these people and suddenly sneered, “I overestimate these humans. They are no threat to the King City.”

Judging from the current situation, even if the Human Race’s Mountain Pass could arrive in front of them, it wouldn’t be able to withstand their combined might and would certainly be intercepted outside the King City.

As long as the Human Race’s mountain pass was blocked, the King City would be safe, and the only thing left would be the two armies fighting in close combat. In this situation, the Black Ink Clan, who had the absolute advantage in numbers, would not necessarily suffer any losses.


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