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“Great Evolution is only a few days away from the King City, if we don’t find a way to defend ourselves, I’m afraid it will be too late,” A Territory Lord muttered.

“How do we fight?” One of the Territory Lords asked.

“The Great Evolution Pass is coming at us fiercely, and the King City cannot stop it. Since that’s the case, we can only avoid them. If the Human Race wants to rely on the Great Evolution Pass to destroy the King City, we must not let them get what they want.”

Destroying the King City was actually not a big loss to the Black Ink Clan. The place where the Royal Lord resided was the King City. Now that the King City was gone, they could simply move to another place.

The key was that the Royal Lord’s Ink Nest was in the King City, so the Ink Nest didn’t have any strong defensive capabilities. Once the King City was destroyed, the Ink Nest would definitely be implicated. If anything were to happen to the Ink Nest, with the Royal Lord’s current injuries, how could he be a match for the Human Race’s Old Ancestor if he couldn’t borrow the Ink Force?

Once the Royal Lord fell into decline, it would greatly affect the morale of the Black Ink Clan’s army.

Facing the aggressive Great Evolution Pass, many Territory Lords felt that the best way to deal with it was to avoid it.

Hong Di indifferently replied, “How can we avoid it? Great Evolution Pass is a palace artifact after all. Even if we can move the King City, our speed is not as fast as Great Evolution Pass. Sooner or later, we will encounter them.”

He had previously gone to investigate the situation of Great Evolution Pass and knew that the King City could not avoid it.

“Are we just going to sit here and wait for the Human Race to attack?” The Territory Lord who had spoken up earlier asked angrily.

Hong Di shook his head and said, “Great Evolution Pass has come from afar, but it only has the strength to launch a single strike. As long as we work together and can block that strike from Great Evolution Pass, we will be able to ensure the safety of the King City. The rest will be the battle between the two races. Everyone, although the Human Race is strong, in terms of numbers, they're inferior. Whether it is the strong or the weakest, my Black Ink Clan will have the greatest advantage, so how can we be afraid of them?” [MSN: I think, he mean the blow is like the universe world hitting the king city.]

Although this was the case, all the Territory Lords knew that the Human Race’s combat strength couldn’t be judged purely by numbers, otherwise, two hundred years ago, the Black Ink Clan wouldn’t have been beaten so badly that they didn’t even dare to leave the King City.

“If we want to block Great Evolution Pass’s attack, we’ll have to pay a great price.”

Such a massive mountain pass was coming from far away, carrying with it an unstoppable momentum. If they wanted to block it, the Black Ink Clan would have to sacrifice their lives. Needless to say about the Feudal Lords, on the other hand, if they weren’t careful, even the Territory Lords here could fall.

“Even if we have to pay a great price, we must stop it,” Hong Di said with a ruthless expression.

Back then, he had been forced to leave behind his Ink Nest and all of his Seventh Order Black Ink Disciples, all so they can leave the Great Evolution Pass safely. This was a great humiliation, and many Territory Lords had looked down on him over the years, feeling that he had lost all face for the Black Ink Clan.

There was not a moment when Hong Di didn’t want to fight with the Human Race again to prove his strength, proving that his choice that day had been forced.

Now that the Human Race had attacked, it was a crisis for the Black Ink Clan, but it was also an opportunity! As long as he could severely wound the Human Race in this battle, he could wash away his humiliation.

If he could kill an Eighth Order, that would be even better.

Che Kong also nodded and said, “Hiding is not a solution. We have spent so much time and effort to set up such a massive defensive line, but are we really planning to escape with the King City? This king cannot afford to lose face like this. Two hundred years ago, the Human Race used a scheme to severely injure the Royal Lord, causing my Black Ink Clan to suffer heavy casualties. The victory of that battle blinded the Human Race and made them think that my Black Ink Clan was nothing more than this. But now, things are different. If they dare act so presumptuous, they will never be able to return.”

Turning around, he cupped his fists towards the Royal Lord sitting above him and said, “Sir Royal Lord, this subordinate requests that all Territory Lords pledge their lives to defend the King City and stop Great Evolution Pass!”

The Royal Lord remained silent. Originally, he had two wings filled with the Ink Force on his back, but now there was only one left. The other one had been torn off during the battle with Smiles Old Ancestor two hundred years ago and had yet to recover.

Since he didn’t speak, the Territory Lords could only wait.

A moment later, the Royal Lord said, “We will use the King City as the battlefield. In this battle, we will kill the Human Race’s Old Ancestor and destroy the Human Race’s army!”

The Territory Lords’ spirits rose as they shouted in unison, “Kill the Human Race’s Old Ancestor! Destroy the Human Race’s army!”

Their morale was instantly boosted.

It was unknown where their confidence came from.

A moment later, many Territory Lords came out in a line, preparing to resist the incoming Great Evolution Pass. For a time, the Black Ink Clan’s army in the King City was mobilized frequently, and the millions of troops stationed outside the King City formed defensive lines.

All the Territory Lords knew that this battle concerned the future of the two races. If the Human Race won, there would no longer be a place for the Black Ink Clan to live in the Great Evolution War Zone. On the contrary, the Human Race would perish!

No one dared to lower their guard, all of them bringing out their trump cards.

For a time, a murderous atmosphere filled the King City.

In the distance, Great Evolution Pass’ speed had reached its limit.

News continued to spread from the front, and the Black Ink Clan’s deployment was also being observed by the Human Race’s higher-ups.

Inside the meeting hall, Xiang Shan and the others frowned slightly. The Black Ink Clan’s actions were truly suspicious. They had thought that when Great Evolution Pass attacked, the Black Ink Clan would move away with the King City and avoid the impact of Great Evolution Pass’s attack, but now it seemed that the Black Ink Clan wanted to resist.

Could they resist?

Even if they managed to resist, how would the Black Ink Clan deal with the upcoming battle? The Royal Lord was heavily injured, so even if he could use the power of the Ink Nest to resist the Old Ancestor, how long could he last?

Once the Royal Lord was defeated, the Black Ink Clan would not be able to resist the Old Ancestor’s attack.

Where did the Black Ink Clan’s confidence come from?

But now, there was no time to think too much about it. The Great Evolution Pass offensive had already been completed, and if the Black Ink Clan wanted to resist, then they would have to face it head on and see what kind of price they would have to pay.

Three days later, Yang Kai left the pass.

After a few days of recovery, his injuries had completely healed, and the strength of his Dragon Vein Body was clearly visible.

Inside the manor, everyone from the Dawn Squad had already gathered. Yang Kai walked out of his room and swept his eyes over everyone, not saying anything, only nodding slightly and saying, “Let’s go!”

There was no need to say anything. Everyone knew that this battle might be more dangerous than any of the previous battles they had encountered. There were nearly fifty people present who might die, but no one had any intention of retreating.

After countless years, the Human Race had waited for this day, so what harm was there in sacrificing their lives?

One team after another set out from their respective places and gathered towards the walls.

Yang Kai led the group from the Dawn Squad to a certain section of the wall in front of Great Evolution Pass and turned his head to look around. There were people everywhere.

On the city walls, there were people guarding every spirit array and artifact, ready to activate them at any time.

Although there were many people present, there was only silence.

Everyone was waiting for the moment to confront the Black Ink Clan.

When Yang Kai raised his eyes again, he could already see the outline of the Black Ink Clan’s King City, but this place was quite far from the King City, and the Ink Force here was extremely rich, so he couldn’t see it clearly.

A figure suddenly rushed to Yang Kai’s side. Yang Kai turned around and cupped his hands, “Elder Xu!”

Xu Linggong nodded lightly and warned, “The situation on the battlefield is constantly changing, be careful.”

“Disciple understands,” Yang Kai replied.

“It won’t be easy to win this battle. On the Black Ink Clan’s side, there are more Territory Lords than us Eighth Order. Right now, we need to ensure the defensive strength of Great Evolution Pass, so there will be twenty Eighth Order guarding Great Evolution Pass. The difference in strength between these two is even greater. Although we have the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance, no one can say for sure how effective it will be. If you encounter a Territory Lord or Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple on the battlefield, don’t try to fight them head on, find an opportunity to draw them to me.”


Yang Kai silently calculated in his heart. Currently, there were 74 Eighth Order in the Great Evolution Army and twenty of them were left behind to guard the Great Evolution Pass while maintaining the Great Evolution Pass’s defensive power. Only fifty or so of them could fight.

Although he didn’t know how many Territory Lords the Black Ink Clan had, there were at least seventy or eighty.

Not to mention the number of Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples.

In terms of high-level combat strength, the Human Race was indeed at a disadvantage. As for how to change this disadvantage, it depend on how effective the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance would be.

If they could immediately use the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance to kill a group of Territory Lords or Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples, the pressure on the Human Race would be greatly reduced.

What’s more, if the Human Race wanted to win, it wasn’t just to reduce the pressure, but to gain an advantage.

In the end, the number of Human Race soldiers was inferior to that of the Black Ink Clan. With the great battle taking place, the situation had become chaotic. Even if Great Evolution Pass was nearby, they might not be able to escape in time of crisis.

If they could obtain an Eighth Order Open Heaven master to assist the army in battle, it would be much easier.

As for Xu Linggong saying that if he met the Territory Lord, he can lure them to him, Yang Kai would not do so.

Xu Linggong had only broken through to the Eighth Order two hundred years ago, so even though his cultivation had stabilized, his foundation was not as strong as a veteran Eighth Order cultivator’s. Currently, he might not be at a disadvantage against a Territory Lord, but if he were to face two of them, it would be difficult. If he were to face more of them, he would definitely be crushed.

Although Yang Kai was a Seventh Order, he had obtained a great deal of benefits from No-Return Pass. He refine his Dragon Vein and could transform into an Ancient Dragon, so he could also fight the Territory Lord.

The current him could be said to be a Pseudo Eighth Order!

Xu Linggong quickly left. The Eighth Order Open Heaven had their own mission, and once the battle began, they would immediately find the other party’s Territory Lord, so it was impossible for them to act together with their small team.

Not far away, Xiao Cai stood next to Miao Feiping, hesitating for a moment before finally saying, “Senior Brother Miao, you must be careful. If you can’t defeat the enemy, remember to return to Breaking Dawn.”

Miao Feiping’s cultivation speed was very fast, and now that the Human Race had abundant resources, it had been many years since he left Yang Kai's Smal Universe, now he already advance to the Seventh Order.

This will be the first time he fought against the Black Ink Clan since advancing to the Seventh Order.

Miao Feiping turned to look at her and smiled, “Don’t worry, you also need to be careful.”

Xiao Cai nodded, “I’ll stay inside the Breaking Dawn and only activate the Spirit Array, it won’t be too dangerous.”

On the battlefield, the real danger fall to the Seventh Order Open Heaven masters, because they had to leave the Battleship to fight. On the other hand, Sixth rder people like Xiao Cai wouldn’t be in much danger as long as the Battleship wasn’t destroyed.

Of course, if the Battleship was destroyed, it would be a total annihilation.

From ancient times until now, an entire squad had been destroyed.

“There’s only half a day left!” Yang Kai suddenly shouted.

Under the Demon Eye of Annihilation, Yang Kai was able to see farther and more clearly than others, so he was able to spy on the situation in the King City.

The Black Ink Clan had set up an army outside the King City and were ready to fight!


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