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Although the Expelling Black Ink Battleship’s size was not small, the location of the Universe Formation was not too big. Normally, it could only accommodate a few dozen people, but now that there were so many people, it was actually quite crowded.

This was also something no one had expected.

Yang Kai thought to himself. It seemed that the higher-ups had sent out orders to either kill or intercept the Black Ink Clan’s forces outside to prepare for a great battle. Otherwise, such a situation wouldn’t have occurred.

It wasn’t a big deal, and even though it was quite noisy, the cultivators still quickly rushed out.

If all of them were to remain here, it would only become more crowded.

Yang Kai followed the flow of people and soon arrived at the Space Array embedded in this place. Together with the others, he stepped onto the Array and activated his strength. In the next moment, he appeared on the deck of the Expelling Black Ink Battleship.

Similarly, no one stayed on the Expelling Black Ink Battleship and rushed out.

A short while later, Yang Kai arrived at an open space and focused his senses, but he couldn’t find Breaking Dawn's location.

There was also a Universe Formation on Breaking Dawn that was personally set up by him. As long as it was not too far away, he could sense it.

But now, since he hadn’t noticed Breaking Dawn's existence, the only possibility was that Breaking Dawn had been taken into the Small Universe.

It seemed that Shen Ao and the others had returned.

Swiftly flying towards Dawn’s manor, Yang Kai sensed the auras of the people from Dawn inside, but at this moment, all of them were adjusting their breathing and preparing for the upcoming battle.

Yang Kai didn’t disturb them, returning to his room and taking a pill before sitting down cross-legged to restore himself.

Inside the Great Evolution Pass, tens of thousands of soldiers had gathered and were ready to attack.

In the void, the massive Great Evolution Pass flew towards the Black Ink Clan’s King City without any intention of concealing itself.

Since he had already been exposed, there was no need to hide.

It was to let the Black Ink Clan know that the Human Race was determined to win this great war. The Great Evolution Pass that was unstoppable represented the tens of thousands of Human Race soldiers that were unstoppable. Anyone who dared to stand in their way was destined to die a tragic death.

At the same time, in the Black Ink Clan’s King City.

Inside the giant palace, the Royal Lord sat, his face pale and gloomy.

His injuries were very serious and he had yet to recover.

More than two hundred years ago, he had fought with the Human Race’s Old Ancestor to the point where both sides had suffered heavy losses. In those battles, he had suffered heavy injuries, and the Human Race’s Old Ancestor had suffered the same fate. In the end, both of these two Supreme Masters’ strengths had greatly decreased, no longer as ferocious as before.

But who would have thought that the Human Race’s Old Ancestor was just putting on an act? She had long since recovered and was only pretending to be injured so that the Royal Lord would lower his guard.

In the final battle, the Human Race’s Old Ancestor had displayed her peak combat strength and had beaten him to the point where he could barely fight back. If it weren’t for the Territory Lord leading the troops from the King City to rescue him, the Human Race’s Old Ancestor would have killed him in the void.

The Territory Lord and the Black Ink Clan’s army who had gone to rescue them had been completely wiped out, and the Royal Lord had survived.

Even now, the Royal Lord could not understand how the Human Race’s Old Ancestor had managed to recover from her injuries. Logically speaking, it was impossible for her to recover so quickly.

Unfortunately, the Human Race’s Old Ancestor had really recovered.

In that battle, he had fled back to the King City in a sorry state and had relied on the power of his Ink Nest to resist the Human Race’s Old Ancestor who had chased him back, barely managing to survive.

However, his army suffered heavy casualties.

It was also because of that battle that the Great Evolution Black Ink Clan had lost the ability to compete with the Human Race.

Fortunately, the Human Race had also retreated, they didn’t stay in the King City for too long and retreated from Great Evolution Pass to recover the Great Evolution Pass which had been lost for thirty thousand years.

Although it was humiliating, the Royal Lord still breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the Human Race army retreat.

Finally, he had time to recuperate.

However, the situation was completely different from what he had expected. Just a few days after he entered the Ink Nest to recuperate, the Human Race’s Old Ancestor suddenly came back, shocking him so much that he hurriedly walked out of the Ink Nest, no longer caring about anything else.

This was just the beginning.

For the next two hundred years, the Human Race’s Old Ancestor would come here every few days, either releasing her Ninth Order aura from afar to deter the King City or directly attacking. Many of the Black Ink Clan masters had died, but none of them were able to resist the Human Race’s Old Ancestor.

Two hundred years… It had been a full two hundred years, but the Royal Lord’s injuries had not improved at all. Thinking of that human woman’s figure, the Royal Lord’s eyes burned with rage.

He had never encountered such a difficult opponent.

Left with no choice, he could only order the Feudal Lords to take their respective Ink Nest and construct an Ink Force defensive line outside the King City.

The Human Race would come again one day, the Royal Lord was well aware of this, and so were the Territory Lords, so they had to take precautions.

The Ink Force Defensive Line could restrict the movements of the human cultivators, but the Black Ink Clan was like a fish in water. If a great battle really broke out one day, this line of defense might have an unexpected effect.

Because of this, the Black Ink Clan had expended a great deal of resources, almost all of the resources they had accumulated over the years had been exhausted.

This kind of sacrifice was worth it. The Ink Force Barrier covered the entire one-month journey to the King City, providing a great protection.

Humans who dared to break into this defensive line were destined to suffer a terrible fate.

There was news from the front that the Human Race has attacked, the Territory Lords and even the Royal Lord weren’t too surprised.

However, to their horror, there was another piece of news that was far too outrageous.

After discovering the movements of the Human Race, the Black Ink Clan reported that the Human Race’s fleet was no longer attacking like before, but rather the entire Great Evolution Pass has come.

All of the Black Ink Clan’s higher-ups were instinctively unwilling to believe this.

However, when Territory Lord Hong Di personally went to investigate and saw this massive creature from afar, no matter how unwilling he was, he had no choice but to believe it.

He had presided over the Great Evolution Pass for thirty thousand years, so he was extremely familiar with the Human Race’s mountain pass, so familiar with every corner of it like the back of his hand.

Great Evolution Pass… had really attacked.

When the news spread, all the Territory Lords were shocked.

Great Evolution Pass could actually be moved? How could such a massive mountain pass be controlled? Most importantly, the Black Ink Clan had occupied Great Evolution Pass for thirty thousand years but had never found such a thing.

They knew that Great Evolution Pass was a Palace Artifact, but they didn’t know anything else.

Such a massive mountain pass was protected by layers of barriers, so it was hard to say how effective the Black Ink Clan’s painstaking efforts to set up the Ink Force barrier would be.

If the Human Race’s soldiers felt that they couldn’t hold on any longer, they could simply hide in Great Evolution Pass and recover.

All of the Territory Lords stared at Hong Di with blame.

Hong Di felt that he was innocent in this regard, but why was everyone looking at him like that? Although he had been in charge of the Great Evolution Pass for thirty thousand years, it was still an artifact refined by the human race. Without a special technique, how could it be easily controlled?

Most importantly, how had Great Evolution Pass managed to sneak into the Ink Force’s defensive line without anyone noticing? It had to be known that there were no holes in the defensive line right now, so for a massive object like Great Evolution Pass to suddenly attack, they should have received the news a month ago.

However, in reality, they only managed to gain some insight when Great Evolution Pass approached the King City for more than ten days.

This was very unusual.

Currently, there was no point in pursuing this matter any further. More than thirty percent of the Feudal Lords and their clansmen had been killed in the periphery, and at least a thousand Ink Nest had been destroyed. It could be said that their losses were extremely heavy.

The Human Race’s entire mountain pass had come to attack and it was clear they wanted to fight to the death with the Black Ink Clan. If they couldn’t stop the Human Race’s attack this time, it would be a disaster for the Black Ink Clan in the Great Evolution War Zone.

At this moment, the Territory Lord had gathered in the palace, and the heavy atmosphere made all the Territory Lords not dare to speak. However, at this moment, the Royal Lord had told them something even worse.

It wasn’t just the Great Evolution War Zone. From the information he had received, the Human Race’s strongholds had all been deployed to the corresponding Black Ink Clan King City in their war zone.

This was not a battle in a single war zone, but a full-scale war between the two races!

This was unprecedented.

Such a large-scale battle was definitely not something that could be planned in a short time.

The Human Race had been plotting this for a long time!

Now that they had come so aggressively, they wanted to fight to the death with the Black Ink Clan.

The Territory Lords were all shocked. In their minds, the Human Race had always been the passive side. They could go wherever they wanted and leave whenever they wanted. For countless years, the situation had been like this.

Although every time a great war broke out, the Black Ink Clan would suffer many casualties, the true masters would all survive, and the ones who died were basically the lower level soldiers. For the Black Ink Clan, as long as these clansmen died, as long as they had the Ink Nest and resources, they would be able to replenish themselves without limit.

However, the Human Race was different. The Human Race had always had fewer soldiers, so any one of them dying was a loss.

As such, the Territory Lords had always felt that one day, they would be able to use this method to completely destroy the Human Race, take down the Human Race’s mountain passes, and rush towards the 3000 Worlds.

The Black Ink Clan had been coveting the 3000 Worlds that were rumoured to be full of flowers for a long time. There were countless Black Ink Disciples that could be turn there, and there was a complete Universe Worlds that was difficult to calculate. It was the world the Black Ink Clan yearned for the most.

But now, in the various war zones, the Human Race had actually launched an attack.

After a moment of silence, Hong Di couldn’t bear it any longer and cupped his fists, “Royal Lord, the Human Race has come with unstoppable momentum. The Great Evolution Pass is extremely sturdy. If it really hits the King City, it will definitely be destroyed.”

When the Great Evolution Army had invaded the King City, they had used the power of the Spirit Array to stir up a number of Universe Worlds to attack, causing the Black Ink Clan’s side to suffer greatly. Every time there was a great battle, they would have to split their forces to defend against the Universe Worlds, causing many of their clansmen to lose their lives.

This was only the Universe World, but now it was the Human Race's Mountain Pass!

In comparison, Great Evolution Pass was naturally inferior to the Universe World. Even the smallest Universe World was countless times larger than Great Evolution Pass. [MSN: En? I always thought the Pass was larger, guess i was wrong.]

However, size was not a threat.

When the Universe World attacked, the Territory Lords could join forces to destroy it along the way, so it wasn’t a big threat to the King City.

The Great Evolution Pass itself was extremely sturdy, and there were countless Restriction Arrays on it. Who could guarantee that they would be able to destroy it?

If Great Evolution Pass really ran into the King City, it would be like smashing an egg with a stone. The King City would not be able to resist.

Not to mention, there were still tens of thousands of Human Race soldiers on Great Evolution Pass, and they were not dead object. If the Black Ink Clan could attack Great Evolution Pass, wouldn’t the Human Race be able to defend and counterattack?


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So, was there another Royal Lord or not?

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