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There was a supreme treasure in this world, a Twin Lotus.

The Stainless Golden Lotus could allow Wu Kuang to swallow all kinds of energy without fear, allowing him to absorb all kinds of energy without fear of any harm.

The Soul Warming Lotus could also remove all kinds of impurities from one’s Soul, leaving behind extremely pure Soul Force to strengthen the Soul of its wielder.

One targeted the physical body while the other targeted the Soul.

This unintentional discovery caused Yang Kai to burst into laughter. If he hadn’t destroyed the Souls of so many Black Ink Clan Feudal Lords here today, he really wouldn’t have known that the Soul Warming Lotus had such an effect.

But on second thought, even if he had known this would happen, he might not have used this method to kill his enemies.

Strengthening one’s Soul was indeed a good experience, but that depended on the situation.

Now that his cultivation was at the Seventh Order Open Heaven, his Soul was comparable to an Eighth Order Open Heaven master, so it was already a level higher than his own cultivation, it wouldn’t affect him much.

However, if his Soul Force was comparable to a Ninth Order with the cultivation of Seventh Order, it would be difficult for him to fuse his flesh and soul together, and it was highly likely that he would suffer unpredictable consequences.

Strength wasn’t something that could only be gained by being more powerful. Power that could be completely controlled was the true power.

It wasn’t too late to discover the effects of the Soul Warming Lotus, so Yang Kai didn’t feel annoyed.

With the nourishment of this pure energy, not only did Yang Kai’s Soul quickly recover, it even grew slightly.

Without any hesitation, he flashed out of the Ink Nest and soared into the sky. Behind him, the Feudal Lord Ink Nest exploded.

Five hundred Seventh Order and more than two hundred squads had already spread out to kill the enemy. Now that Great Evolution Pass was completely exposed and the Black Ink Clan had fully reacted, it was the best time to eliminate the Black Ink Clan’s forces.

He didn’t return to Breaking Dawn’s side. Even if he and Feng Ying weren’t present in the Dawn Squad, there were still seven Seventh Order guarding it. With an elite Battleship like Breaking Dawn, it wouldn’t be a problem to deal with the Feudal Lords’ Ink Nest. If it weren’t for the fact that there weren’t any extra Battleships, with the strength of the Dawn Squad, they could have split up and attacked separately.

Activating his Space Principle, Yang Kai’s figure flickered.

A moment later, he had already rushed into the perimeter of another Ink Nest.

A few breaths later, when he arrived in front of the Ink Nest, the Ink Nest had just sent someone to investigate. The two sides had encountered each other less than a hundred thousand kilometers away from the Ink Nest. Yang Kai was full of blood, and his Azure Dragon Spear was invincible. His figure flashed through the void and passed through this group of Black Ink Clan.

The group of Black Ink Clan masters behind him exploded one after another, even the leader of the group was no exception.

In the next instant, the Feudal Lord-level Ink Nest hundreds of thousands of kilometers away also exploded. The number of casualties on the Black Ink Clan's side was innumerable. A burly figure rushed out from the broken Ink Nest, his eyes filled with anger and confusion.

He was currently using his Ink Nest to consolidate his defensive line, completely unaware of what was happening before he was struck by a powerful force. Not only was he injured, but even his Ink Nest was almost destroyed.

Looking towards the source of this aura, he saw a man holding a spear rapidly approaching him.

The Feudal Lord was shocked.

Human Race!

Someone from the Human Race actually came here?


Although he didn’t know why someone from the Human Race had come here alone, he could feel how powerful this person was. It was definitely not someone he could contend with.

He couldn’t understand. The other party had clearly only displayed the aura of a Seventh Order Open Heaven master, but the feeling he gave off was even more dangerous than facing an Eighth Order Human Race master.

Thinking so, he didn’t dare to stay any longer and turned to flee.

The space around him froze for a moment.

In an instant, the difference between life and death was obvious.

The Azure Dragon Spear was as light as a feather, and with a light tap on this Feudal Lord’s head, the Feudal Lord’s head exploded and black blood spurted from his neck, causing the headless corpse to shake violently.

Yang Kai had already brushed past him and conveniently wiped away his Space Ring. In a flash, he had already traveled ten million kilometres.

One Ink Nest, two Ink Nests, three Ink Nests…

Wherever Yang Kai passed, the Feudal Lord-level Ink Nest would explode, and the Black Ink Clan masters guarding it, no matter whether it is the Feudal Lord or High Rank Black Ink Clan, they would all be killed on the spot, unable to fight back.

The Black Ink Clan’s defensive line was massive, and the distance between one Ink Nest and the other was not short, but under Yang Kai’s Space Principle, this distance was nothing.

He could basically maintain the speed at which he could destroy an entire Ink Nest in a hundred breaths.

This was something no one could compare with. Even if an Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivator came here, they would not be able to accomplish this. Perhaps an Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivator could easily kill a Black Ink Clan cultivator, but in terms of speed, Yang Kai had an advantage.

On the other hand, with Yang Kai’s unrivaled combat strength, compared to an Eighth Order, killing these Black Ink Clan masters was not difficult at all.

This was his greatest advantage.

On the periphery of the Black Ink Clan’s defensive line, one Ink Nest after another was destroyed, none of them surviving. In just half a day, nearly five hundred Ink Nest had disappeared.

Twenty percent of them had been killed by Yang Kai alone, while the rest had been the result of more than two hundred human squads.

In other words, in just half a day, Yang Kai had wiped out nearly a hundred Ink Nests, while the two hundred teams had only wiped out two of them on average.

It wasn’t that they weren’t strong enough, and their strength wasn’t weak either. In two teams, there were basically four or five Seventh Order Open Heaven masters. When they attacked, the Black Ink Clan was unable to resist, but they spent most of their time traveling.

A day later, the number of victories increased again.

As the winds and clouds changed, the Black Ink Clan had long since noticed the abnormality.

The Great Evolution Pass had not been completely exposed yet, even if a passing Black Ink Clan cultivator found traces of Great Evolution Pass, they would be quickly killed by the Eighth Order Garrison Chiefs who were guarding it.

However, the destruction of the Ink Nest and the deaths of the Feudal Lords were enough to make the Black Ink Clan wary.

The Black Ink Clan wasn’t an idiot. For so many Ink Nest to suddenly lose contact with them, there must have been some kind of problem. It was highly likely that the Human Race had attacked.

Orders were issued from the King City one after another as small teams under the leadership of the Feudal Lords set out from the King City to investigate the situation.

In the blink of an eye, the surroundings of the King City were filled with a murderous atmosphere.

Yang Kai didn’t know how many Ink Nests he had exterminated, but this day’s slaughter had been the most enjoyable. Thanks to Smiles Old Ancestor, the Territory Lords of the Black Ink Clan didn’t dare to leave the King City easily. All of the Ink Nests only had the Feudal Lord overseeing them, and in front of him, the Feudal Lord was nothing more than a lamb waiting to be slaughtered. Under the Azure Dragon Spear, no one could survive.

Not only was Yang Kai killing the enemies, but the elite squads were also rushing to kill their enemies, especially the three elite squads. Wherever they passed, a bloody storm would follow. No Ink Nest’s forces could withstand the rampage of these three elite squads.

At a certain moment, Yang Kai was killing his way to the next Ink Nest when he suddenly noticed something strange up ahead. Turning his eyes, he saw a massive Ink Nest rapidly flying towards the direction of the King City. Near the Ink Nest, dozens of Black Ink Clan members were guarding it with great care.

Yang Kai immediately understood that Great Evolution Pass’s existence should have been completely exposed, and the matter of the Human Race masters exterminating the Ink Nest had also been exposed.

Otherwise, the Black Ink Clan wouldn’t have acted in such a manner.

The King City’s side should be ordering the surrounding Black Ink Clan to return and defend.

The Feudal Lords were unwilling to abandon their own Ink Nest, so even if they had to return to defend, they would still take it away with them, but this way, their speed would be much slower.

In the end, the group of Black Ink Clans couldn’t escape, Yang Kai chased after them and began chopping them up. In less than a dozen breaths of time, as the hero retreated, the scene behind him was in disarray and even the Ink Nest was destroyed.

He no longer moved close to the periphery, instead advancing slightly deeper.

From this moment on, the task of the Human Race’s more than two hundred teams had changed from an ambush to a pursuit!

Three days later, Yang Kai didn’t know where he had went to kill the enemies, nor how many Black Ink Clans he had killed. Since the beginning of the assault, his pace had never stopped.

However, because the Black Ink Clan had begun returning to defend the King City and were no longer staying in place, his efficiency in killing the enemies had greatly decreased.

Yang Kai needed to find traces of the Black Ink Clan in this void.

Fortunately, most of the Feudal Lords couldn’t bear to part with their Ink Nest, so even if they returned to the King City, they would bring it with them. This was a very good goal, and under the Demon Eye of Annihilation, he could clearly see the distance between them.

Another Ink Nest had been destroyed by Yang Kai, and an entire team of Black Ink Clan masters had been wiped out. The two Feudal Lords couldn’t believe that they couldn’t even withstand a single blow from a single Seventh Order Human Race master.

The shattered pieces of the Ink Nest flew everywhere.

Just as Yang Kai was about to leave, he suddenly thought of something and looked towards a certain direction.

In the next moment, his expression changed slightly as he flashed over and stopped in front of a door-sized object.

After staring at it for a moment, Yang Kai reached out and picked it up.

After observing for a moment, his expression became gloomy.

Although he had expected this, when he saw it, Yang Kai was certain that the Snow Wolf Squad… was gone!

The object in his hand was a material used by the Human Race to refine Battleships. It was made from many rare ores and was extremely sturdy. It also had an extremely high energy flow and was extremely suitable for refining Battleships.

Since this thing had appeared here, it meant that this place had once had a Human Race Battleship destroyed. This was the remaining wreckage.

In this location, other than the Snow Wolf Squad, it was impossible for another Human Race Battleship to arrive.

But now, with the remains of the Battleship, it was clear what had happened to the Snow Wolf Squad.

Combined with the message Yao Kang Cheng had sent him that day, Yang Kai was also shaken.

Did they really encounter the Royal Lord?

However, Smiles Old Ancestor was certain that the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord had yet to recover.

This place was still more than ten days away from the Black Ink Clan’s King City and could be considered the middle of the Black Ink Clan’s defensive line, so how could they encounter the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord here?

A heavily injured Royal Lord would never appear here.

But if they hadn’t encountered the Royal Lord, how could the Snow Wolf Squad not have been able to resist? Even their Battleship had been destroyed.

It had to be known that this was an elite team’s Battleship, not an ordinary Team Grade Battleship. The Snow Wolf Squad had spent countless battle merits on their own Battleship, requesting the Artifact Refining Great Grandmasters in the Pass to modify it. With the strength of the Snow Wolf Squad, even if they were to encounter a lone Territory Lord, they would still be able to deal with it.

Yao Kang Cheng, on the other hand, hurriedly sent him a message, but there was no more news.


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