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The Black Ink Clan didn’t seem to have many dealings with each other, but thinking about it, the Black Ink Clan in these Ink Nests were all extremely wary of the Human Race’s Old Ancestor. If they could hide in these Ink Nests, who would be willing to come out?

Even the Feudal Lords who had gone out to collect supplies were on edge.

Previously, Yang Kai had told the Second Ink Nest’s Feudal Lord that Feudal Lord Jiu Ka was afraid of the Human Race’s Old Ancestor, so he had allowed him to go. Although it was just a casual mention, it was not necessarily a lie.

Otherwise, the Feudal Lord wouldn’t have shown such an expression.

There were still ten days until the Great Evolution Pass arrival!

On this day, while Yang Kai was sitting in the Ink Nest and monitoring the movements of his surroundings, the Space Spirit Bead he carried with him suddenly had a subtle reaction.

He had a lot of Space Spirit Beads in his possession, most of which were in pairs, so they corresponded to each other. Usually, when he didn’t use them, he would store them in his Small Universe.

However, Yang Kai had brought a few of these Space Spirit Beads with him, including the ones he had used to contact the elite teams and the Great Evolution Pass, so he couldn’t take them into his Small Universe. Otherwise, the Small Universe would be isolated from the outside world and would be unable to contact him.

Yang Kai immediately sensed that the Space Spirit Bead was related to the Snow Wolf Squad.

The Snow Wolf Squad had gone deep into the Black Ink Clan’s defensive line and had yet to receive any news. In order to avoid exposing their whereabouts, Yao Kang Cheng had taken the initiative to cut off all contact with the outside world.

Today, there was suddenly a message. Obviously, they had discovered something.

Yang Kai quickly took out the Space Spirit Bead and in the next moment, a jade slip appeared in front of him.

Reaching out and grabbing it, Yang Kai sent his Divine Sense inside, his expression instantly becoming solemn.

“Royal Lord!”

Inside the jade slip, there was only an extremely simple message, nothing else.

Royal Lord? Why did Yao Kang suddenly mention the Royal Lord? Did he want us to be wary of him?

Moreover, this message was short, as if Yao Kang Cheng was in a hurry, otherwise he wouldn’t have sent such a short message.

One had to know that the information recorded in the jade slip was only a matter of a single thought, so it could be said to be extremely fast. What caused Yao Kang Cheng to only record the two words ‘Royal Lord’ and nothing else?

Yang Kai suddenly had a bad feeling and didn’t rush to contact them.

Yao Kang Cheng had contacted him in a hurry, perhaps because he had encountered some kind of danger. If he rashly contacted them, it was highly likely that they would be exposed and even he would not be able to hide.

Right now, he could only wait for them to contact him.

Yang Kai’s expression became solemn as he gripped the Space Spirit Bead and waited silently.

One day, two days, three days…

Nothing happened.

It wasn’t until three days later that Yang Kai let out a long sigh. For such a long time, Yao Kang Cheng hadn’t contacted him. Either he hadn’t escaped from danger, or… he had encountered some kind of misfortune.

Although there was no Ink Nest inside the Black Ink Clan’s defensive line and it was relatively difficult to expose them, it was actually more dangerous because once they made any mistakes, it would be difficult to escape.

Yang Kai knew this, as did Yao Kang Cheng.

However, now that the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord did not dare to leave the King City so easily, with the strength of the four elite squads, even if they encountered some kind of danger, it was not impossible for them to escape.

Unless they were surrounded by a large number of Feudal Lords!

Previously, when Yao Kang Cheng had sent a message saying that he would lead the Snow Wolf Squad into the depths of the defensive line, Yang Kai had considered letting Dawn Squad enter. After all, Yang Kai was proficient in the Space Principle, and fleeing was not a first or second occurrence. It could be said that he was well versed in escaping.

Unfortunately, Yao Kang Cheng had taken the initiative to cut off contact with him, so Yang Kai was unable to communicate with him and could only listen to him.

Originally, he had thought that even if he was exposed, his life wouldn’t be in danger, but now it seemed he had taken things for granted.

Using his Divine Sense to activate the Space Spirit Bead, as expected, there was no response.

There were only two possibilities for this situation. One was that the Space Spirit Bead had been destroyed, and the other was that Yao Kang Cheng had taken it into his Small Universe, so he couldn’t contact him.

If it was the latter, it wouldn’t be a big deal. Yao Kang Cheng would definitely be hiding somewhere with the Snow Wolf Squad, but if it was the former… it would definitely be a disaster.

What exactly happened?

Royal Lord?

Did Yao Kang Cheng encounter the Royal Lord over there? If he really did encounter the Royal Lord, it was only natural that the Snow Wolf Squad would not be able to defeat him. No matter how serious the Royal Lord’s injuries were, a starving camel was still bigger than a horse, and he was not someone that the Seventh Order Open Heaven could contend with.

Even if it was Yang Kai, if he really encountered a Royal Lord, he might not have a chance to escape. The difference in strength between them was too great, so the Space Principle were not necessarily useful.

If he was in a state where he could die at any moment, it was highly likely he would destroy the Space Spirit Bead immediately and then die!

Because once he was captured by the Black Ink Clan and turned into a Black Ink Disciple, Great Evolution Pass’s operation this time would be exposed and all of his efforts would be wasted.

Destroying the Space Spirit Bead would ensure the safety of the other teams, and only by dying would they be able to protect the secret of Great Evolution Pass’s surprise attack.

Every Human Race soldier had such a realization.

But how did Yao Kang Cheng encounter the Royal Lord?

Over the past two hundred years, Smiles Old Ancestor had come to disturb him every now and then, especially for the matter of the Great Evolution Core. She had even fought with the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord several times, but the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord had never recovered from his injuries. In order to guard against Old Ancestor, he could only hide in the King City.

Because only by borrowing the power of the Ink Nest in the King City could he contend with Smiles Old Ancestor.

It was impossible for him to be too far away from the King City, or else he would be seeking his own death.

Logically speaking, no matter how rash the Snow Wolf Squad was, it was impossible for them to approach the King City, so naturally they wouldn’t encounter the Royal Lord.

However, the message from Yao Kang Cheng’s side contained the words ‘Royal Lord’!

What was happening?

What about the safety of the Snow Wolf Squad? What did the Royal Lord mean?

Yang Kai felt a headache coming on, but he still couldn’t find any clues.

Overseeing this Ink Nest, it was impossible for him to sneak around and inquire about information.

There was only one way now.

Pondering for a moment, Yang Kai told Chai Fang and Ma Gao about the Snow Wolf Squad’s message and told them to be careful. The Black Ink Clan’s side seemed a bit strange.

After sending another message to Dawn Squad, Shen Ao used the Space Spirit Bead to send another message.

After seeing each other, Yang Kai didn’t waste any time and directly said, “Brother Shen, I’ll have to trouble you to guard this place and monitor the situation outside. If there are any abnormalities, please inform me immediately.”

Shen Ao nodded, “Don’t worry.”

“Pay attention to your limits and get someone else to replace you.”

“I understand.”

Overseeing the Ink Nest, one had to be connected to it, and once connected, the Ink Force would invade one’s body.

Shen Ao’s Seventh Order Open Heaven Cultivation wasn’t weak. If he took the Expelling Black Ink Pill, he could resist it for a while, but not for long.

Therefore, when necessary, he had to ask the other members of the Dawn Squad to replace him. Only by doing so would he be able to monitor the situation outside at all times, so as to prevent anyone from intruding.

This was something he had no choice but to do. If Yang Kai wanted to find out more about Yao Kang Cheng’s situation, he had no other choice but to place his hopes on the Ink Nest Space and see if he could obtain any useful information.

Once his consciousness connected to the Ink Nest, his Divine Soul would enter the Ink Nest’s space, making it impossible for him to perceive the outside world.

At this time, if the Black Ink Clan came to investigate, it would be impossible to hide the situation here. If they attacked him again, he might not be able to react, so before entering the Ink Nest, he needed someone to help him.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have called Shen Ao over.

After making the necessary arrangements, Yang Kai immediately walked towards the center of the Ink Nest.

After a short while, he sat down cross-legged and let out a light breath, opening his Small Universe and connecting his consciousness to the Ink Nest, using the World Force as a bridge to enter the Ink Nest.

Yang Kai had done this more than once, so he was naturally familiar with it.

A few days ago, when he had seized the Ink Nest, he had also thought about using this method to obtain some information about the Black Ink Clan.

However, doing so was somewhat risky. Right now, their four scout teams were mainly concealing themselves, so it was best not to take any risks, so Yang Kai had not taken any action for the past few days.

However, something seemed to have happened to the Snow Wolf Squad, and Yao Kang Cheng’s message was extremely strange, so he could only take the risk and enter the Ink Nest Space to investigate.

However, he wasn’t too afraid of being exposed. After entering the Ink Nest Space, one’s Divine Soul would appear and each person’s Divine Soul fluctuations would be different. Even if one could transform into another person’s appearance, it was impossible to disguise the Divine Soul fluctuations of another person. If one was truly familiar with one another, they would be able to recognize them at a glance.

But in this damned place, who could recognize him?

Perhaps one of the Territory Lords recognized him. After all, in order to seize the Territory Lord-level Ink Nest, Yang Kai had used the Soul Shattering Spike to kill many of the Territory Lords and Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples. Those who were still alive definitely had a deep impression of his Divine Soul.

However, if the Territory Lord didn’t come out, it was impossible for anyone to recognize him.

However, Yang Kai still felt that it was best to be careful, because his Divine Soul was extremely powerful. Although he was only a Seventh Order, his Divine Soul was at the Eighth Order, comparable to a Black Ink Clan Territory Lord.

The sudden appearance of a Territory Lord-level in the Divine Soul of a group of Territory Lords was naturally eye-catching.

This trip was only to gather information, so Yang Kai didn’t want any complications.

Suppressing his Divine Soul, Yang Kai easily entered the Ink Nest Space.

As usual, this empty space seemed to be extremely large, but also extremely small, without any specific concept of space.

Yang Kai didn’t transform into anything specific, only moving around in the form of a Divine Soul. After a brief examination, he found that there weren’t many Divine Souls in the entire Ink Nest, only about seventy or eighty. There were many in his current form.

Seventy or eighty was a normal number. This space was the space of a Territory Lord-level Ink Nest, and each Territory Lord-level Ink Nest should have a Feudal Lord-level Ink Nest.

Most of the people who came here were the Divine Souls of the Feudal Lords under the same Territory Lord, but there were also High Rank Black Ink Clan Divine Soul.

The High Rank Black Ink Clan was naturally not the master of the Ink Nest and had only been ordered to remain here to communicate with the other Ink Nests.

It could be said that many of the Divine Souls left here weren’t the masters of the Ink Nest, most of them had been ordered to remain here to deliver and obtain information as soon as possible.

This was also the reason why Yang Kai dared to enter so deeply. If everyone knew each other, he would be exposed the moment he entered.


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