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Hearing Yang Kai say that the Territory Lords had already discovered the traces of the Human race's Old Ancestor dissapearance, the Feudal Lord was overjoyed.

Yang Kai nodded solemnly, “This matter is confidential. Before leaving, Sir Che Kong ordered the Feudal Lords in the pheripheral to use the Ink Nest to investigate.”

“Investigate what?” The Feudal Lord asked in a low voice.

“Check something,” Yang Kai said as he took out a Space Spirit Bead and handed it to the Feudal Lord, “This is it.”

“What is this?” The Feudal Lord took it and examined it carefully, but couldn’t see anything.

Yang Kai kindly explained, “I don’t know what this thing is, but the Territory Lords should know about it, but what I can confirm is that the Human Race’s Old Ancestor used it to travel near the King City.”

“There’s a strange energy lingering on it…” The Feudal Lord muttered.

Yang Kai said patiently, “It should be the power of Space Principle.”

“Space Principle…” The Feudal Lord suddenly understood, “No wonder.”

He had obviously heard about the Space Principle.

“There should be quite a number of such things in the vicinity of the King City, so we must search carefully. In addition, I would like to ask Sir Mao Bo to take a step back and remember the aura of this thing. Sir Mao Bo is currently guarding the Ink Nest, so with the power of the Ink Nest, it will be easier to investigate.”

“That’s right,” The Feudal Lord nodded and handed the Space Spirit Bead back to Yang Kai, “Wait a moment, I’ll go ask Brother Mao Bo.”

“Thank you!” Yang Kai thanked.

The Feudal Lord once again entered the Ink Nest, and not long after, another Feudal Lord came out with him. Seeing Yang Kai, he didn’t hesitate and stretched out his hand, “Show me that thing.”

Yang Kai casually tossed it over and grinned, “Sir, please look carefully.”

Ten Space Spirit Beads flew towards the two Feudal Lords.

The two Black Ink Clan Feudal Lords were stunned. So many?

This was especially true for the Feudal Lord who had communicated with Yang Kai earlier. He had thought that since this artifact was something that the Human Race’s Old Ancestor use to travel, it must be extremely valuable and rare.

However, Yang Kai suddenly throwing out ten of them was truly unexpected.

Before they could figure it out, the Space Spirit Beads suddenly released a strange energy fluctuation, and soon after, figures appeared like ghosts.

Each Space Spirit Bead corresponded to a single figure. Ten of them, equal to ten people!

The surrounding space also froze, making everyone feel as if they had fallen into a swamp.

What was going on? The two Feudal Lords were somewhat dumbfounded, and the many High Rank and Low Rank Black Ink Clan masters were also confused.

“Kill!” Yang Kai shouted as he thrust his spear towards the Territory Lord Mao Bo.

This guy was the master of the Ink Nest, so after dealing with him first, the other Black Ink Clans were nothing to fear.

As soon as Chai Fang and the others appeared, they scattered in all directions. With Chai Fang as the leader, the other two Seventh Order masters rushed towards the other Feudal Lord and used all kinds of restriction methods.

The other seven Seventh Order Open Heaven were like wolves in a flock of sheep, ruthlessly attacking the High Rank and Low Rank Black Ink Clans.

“You… Human Race!” Mao Bo shouted in horror. At this point, if he still didn’t know he had fallen into the Human Race’s trap, he would have lived for nothing.

He couldn’t understand how this fellow, who looked like a Black Ink Disciple, could be a normal human race, but his movements weren’t slow at all. His mind instantly communicated with the Ink Nest, causing it to buzz slightly as a large amount of Ink Force surged towards him.

On the Black Ink Clan Royal Lord's side, he could use the power of the Ink Nest near the King City to increase his strength. The Feudal Lords could also do the same, but their strength was not as terrifying as the Royal Lord's.

At this moment of life and death, this Feudal Lord naturally had to do his best.

However, the spear was even faster, easily destroying Mao Bo’s defensive barrier and piercing his forehead.

Mao Bo’s eyes bulged in disbelief.

He wasn’t a weakling among the Feudal Lords and had even personally killed a Seventh Order Human Race master. This fellow in front of him was only a Seventh Order Open Heaven, but he was unable to resist that spear.

A violent force swept out, causing Mao Bo’s head to explode and his headless corpse to sway slightly.

Without his guidance, the buzzing Ink Nest also calmed down.

Yang Kai flashed forward and smashed Mao Bo’s corpse into pieces before rushing into the Ink Nest.

He didn’t know if there were any other Black Ink Clans inside the Ink Nest, so he quickly went inside to control them. The battle outside was no longer under his control.

Chai Fang and the others would naturally resolve this issue.

There were indeed a few High Rank Black Ink Clans in the Ink Nest, but none of them were in charge.

Mao Bo had been in the Ink Nest all this time, so the High Rank Black Ink Clan members didn’t dare act rashly.

Holding his spear, Yang Kai rushed forward and after confirming that all the Black Ink Clan members in the Ink Nest had fallen, he flashed out of the room.

Looking over, the battle had already ended.

Ten High Rank Open Heaven masters led by the Old Turtle's Team Leader to deal with a single Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord and a group of less than fifty High Rank and Low Rank Black Ink Clans is not a difficult thing to deal with.

Under the bombardment of Chai Fang and the other two, the Feudal Lord who had brought Yang Kai back only lasted for less than five breaths of time before dying, and the remaining small fry were unable to cause any trouble.

By the time Yang Kai emerged from the Ink Nest, not only had all the Black Ink Clan members outside died, even the battlefield had been cleaned up by Chai Fang and the others.

“Come in,” Yang Kai beckoned.

Chai Fang and the others entered.

Entering the Ink Nest, Chai Fang immediately released Old Turtle’s Battleship and everyone landed on the deck, looking at each other and chuckling.

“Is there any problem?” Chai Fang asked in a low voice.

Yang Kai shook his head, “It should be fine.”

The battle here had ended very quickly, and the distance between them and the other Ink Nest wasn’t close, so the aftershocks wouldn’t reach them.

“I’ll go pick up the people,” Yang Kai said again, activating his Space Principle and disappearing, leaving behind only a Space Spirit Bead.

Soon, Yang Kai returned and opened the door to his Small Universe. Forty people walked out one after another.

They were all members of Old Turtle’s squad.

Previously, in order to facilitate movement, all the members of Old Turtle Squad below the Seventh Order had been stationed in the Dawn Squad's side. Now that the Ink Nest had been taken down, they needed Old Turtle Squad to guard it, so naturally they had to bring their people here.

The Ink Nest’s Ink Force was extremely rich, and even a Seventh Order wouldn’t be able to resist it for too long. Although the Expelling Black Ink Pill was useful, it wasn’t suitable to use it continuously for a short time.

The Human Race’s Battleship could provide great protection here. As long as the Battleship’s protective Spirit Arrays were not broken, there was no risk of being corroded by the Ink Force.

After settling down with the Old Turtle team, Yang Kai didn’t stop and immediately headed towards the third adjacent Ink Nest.

With his previous experience, this trip became easier for him.

When he came into contact with the team from the Black Ink Clan who had come to investigate the situation, Yang Kai didn’t say he was here to collect supplies, after all, such an excuse was quite risky.

If the Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord who had been killed before had come here and collect the resources, he would have to find a way to explain.

Saying the King City had already solved the mystery of the Human Race Old Ancestor’s whereabouts, so all of the Feudal Lords stationed in the Ink Nest outside had to cooperate to investigate.

Sure enough, the Black Ink Clan’s side didn’t become suspicious. Not only did they not become suspicious, they even became quite excited.

To them, if they could unravel the mysteries of the Human Race Old Ancestor’s whereabouts, their future situation would be much safer.

Arriving in front of the third Ink Nest, Yang Kai used the Space Spirit Bead to easily lure out the master of the Ink Nest. Using the same trick, Yang Kai tossed out a handful of Space Spirit Beads and charged towards the Master.

However, this time, he was cooperating with Ma Gao’s team.

One elite team after another, with the exception of Yang Kai’s Dawn Squad, who was much stronger, the remaining teams were all equally strong.

Under the cooperation of ten Seventh Order masters, the Black Ink Clan on the Ink Nest's side was quickly wiped out.

As such, the third Ink Nest was successfully seized.

The three adjacent Ink Nests had occupied a large space on the periphery of the entire Black Ink Clan’s defensive line, and now that they had been captured, a hole had appeared in the Black Ink Clan’s defensive line. As long as Great Evolution Pass disguised itself slightly, it would be able to pass through this hole and rush towards the back of the Black Ink Clan’s defensive line.

Presumably, Great Evolution had set up some kind of Illusion Array, disguising it wouldn’t be too difficult.

Currently, there were three Ink Nests, with the Dawn Squad guarding one, the Old Turtle Squad guarding another, and the Profound Wind Squad guarding one, so it was relatively peaceful.

As time passed, it was hard to say. The Black Ink Clan definitely had dealings with one another, but delaying them for ten days or half a month shouldn’t be a problem.

After half a month, Great Evolution had arrived.

As long as Great Evolution Pass could break through the defensive line, their side would be able to delay for a few more days. At that time, even if the Black Ink Clan noticed this, it would be difficult for them to respond in time. At the very least, it would be difficult for the Black Ink Clan forces stationed outside the perimeter to rush back to the King City and assist in defending it. As such, the defensive power of the Black Ink Clan’s King City would be weakened.

Originally, Yang Kai thought that taking down the three adjacent Ink Nest was enough, and this was also the minimum requirement for Great Evolution Pass to quietly break through the defensive line.

But now that he had a good idea, Yang Kai felt like he could take another Ink Nest.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to take more, it was just that he didn’t have enough manpower. Right now, each of the three teams was responsible for guarding one, while he alone could guard the fourth. If there was a fifth, there would be no one to guard it.

After all, without the protection of the Battleship, it would be difficult for the others to last long in the Ink Nest.

Three Ink Nests was the lowest requirement. If there were four, it would naturally be better, and the tolerance against error would be higher.

Since this was the case, Yang Kai didn’t hesitate and gave a word of advice to Dawn Squad before continuing on his way.

Taking down the fourth Ink Nest didn’t take much effort, just like the previous two. Yang Kai only used the Space Spirit Bead to explain things, the Black Ink Clan was extremely concerned about the Human Race’s Old Ancestor. When they heard that the Territory Lords had solved the mystery of the Human Race’s Old Ancestor’s whereabouts, all of them were overjoyed and easily fished out the Feudal Lord who was guarding the Ink Nest.

But they didn't expect to welcome Yang Kai's Spear.

This time, Shen Ao and the others from the Dawn Squad cooperated with him. After taking down the Ink Nest, the people from the Dawn Squad didn’t stay and instead used their Universe Escape Law to return to Breaking Dawn.

Yang Kai stayed behind by himself, keeping watch in the depths of the Ink Nest to monitor the situation outside.

For several days, everything was calm and peaceful.

He occasionally contacted the three teams, but he didn’t find anything unusual in their respective areas.


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