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Although the sea of blood was extremely evil, its aura was extremely restrained.

From this, it could be seen that the person controlling it was extremely skilled.

In the entire Dawn Squad, the only one who cultivated the Blood Principle was Blood Crow, so the Blood Sea was naturally activated by him.

Since the Blood Crow joined the Dawn Squad, this was the first time everyone had cooperated with him to fight an enemy, so it was quite surprising that he had suddenly created such a sea of blood.

Although it was somewhat unpleasant, it was extremely effective.

At the very least, the Feudal Lord and the dozen or so Black Ink Clan masters who were trapped in the Blood Sea couldn’t make a single sound.

Bai Yi didn’t pay any more attention to this and instead shot out several arrows in her hand, causing several of the High Rank Black Ink Clan masters who had yet to react to fall.

When she made her move, Shen Ao and the others also made their moves. Without using their Secret Techniques or artifacts, they all rushed towards the Black Ink Clan.

Inside the Ink Nest, Yang Kai’s figure flickered as he instantly arrived at the central area.

Currently, he was extremely familiar with the internal structure of the Ink Nest and knew where its vital spots were.

Sweeping his eyes around, he saw that the central area was empty and no one was guarding it, so he let out a sigh of relief.

He was really afraid that there would be a Feudal Lord overseeing the central area. If there was really such a coincidence, with a Feudal Lord overseeing the central area, if there was any disturbance outside, the news would be likely to be sent out.

Fortunately, the situation was not too bad.

Thinking about it, the main task of the Feudal Lord-level Ink Nest set up in the periphery of the King City was to generate the Ink Force and consolidate the expansion of the defensive line. The Feudal Lords of the Ink Nest must be working hard at the Ink Pond, so what was the point of guarding the central area? Could it be that they wanted to enter the Ink Nest to chat with the other Feudal Lords?

Without any hesitation, Yang Kai continued deeper into the cave, directly diving into the Ink Pond's location.

Now, he saw a Feudal Lord, not only a Feudal Lord, but also a High Rank Black Ink Clan member.

In front of the roiling Ink Pond, the High Rank Black Ink Clan master held a Space Ring in his hand and was constantly pouring various resources into it for refining.

The Feudal Lord sat near the Ink Pond, his consciousness linked to the Ink Nest, not moving an inch.

The Human Race had done a lot of research on the Ink Nest, and Yang Kai had been stationed in the Territory Lord-level Ink Nest outside Great Evolution Pass for many years, studying the various effects of the Ink Nest. Therefore, with just a glance, Yang Kai could tell that this Feudal Lord was controlling the Ink Nest’s Ink Force.

Under normal circumstances, when resources were thrown into the Ink Pond, the energy it transformed into could have two uses. One was to incubate the Black Ink Clan while the other was to give birth to the Ink Force.

This was something that needed to be controlled.

These Feudal Lord-level Ink Nest’s current task was to set up a defensive line, so the only thing they needed to do was derive the Ink Force.

The moment Yang Kai barged in, the High Rank Black Ink Clan master didn’t even have time to react, while the Feudal Lord suddenly looked up.

He immediately saw Yang Kai’s grin.

“You…” The Feudal Lord was shocked, but before he could get up, the High Rank Black Ink Clan master next to the Ink Pond exploded into dust. In the next instant, a mysterious force surged, causing his thoughts to stagnate and his figure to freeze.

A spear stabbed into his head and shattered it.

Putting away the Azure Dragon Spear, Yang Kai let out a sigh of relief.

In the blink of an eye, he had already taken control of this Ink Nest. Although it seemed simple, if it had been any other Seventh Order, it would have been impossible.

For shot that killed the Feudal Lord, Yang Kai simultaneously activated his Time and Space Principle.

Under the Time Principle, this Feudal Lord’s thoughts became sluggish. Under the Space Principle, his opponent’s body became stiff, how could he avoid his fatal spear blow?

Sweeping out his Divine Sense, Yang Kai confirmed that there were no more Black Ink Clan in the Ink Nest, and without any hesitation, he left the Ink Nest.

Looking around, all of the Black Ink Clan members outside had died, leaving behind only a sea of blood.

Looking around, Yang Kai frowned slightly.

“Help!” Blood Crow’s voice rang out beside his ear as the sea of blood parted to reveal a passage.

Yang Kai flashed inside and followed the direction of the blood flow. Soon, he saw the Feudal Lord wrapped in a sea of blood. At this moment, the Feudal Lord was madly activating his Secret Technique to attack the surrounding sea of blood, his Ink Force surging violently.

This Feudal Lord’s strength wasn’t weak, and with Blood Crow’s strength, it wouldn’t be difficult to deal with him alone, but the current situation didn’t allow him to delay for too long, so he sent a sound transmission to Yang Kai asking for his help.

Yang Kai raised his Azure Dragon Spear and thrust it towards the Feudal Lord. The sharpness of the spear broke through the space barrier and pierced through the defenseless Feudal Lord.

As he drew his spear, the Ink Blood surged.

Blood Crow cackled.

Yang Kai’s complexion changed and he quickly retreated.

When he withdrew from the sea of blood, the sea of blood wriggled and transformed back into the figure of the Blood Crow, but the many Black Ink Clans he had previously covered had disappeared.

Blood Crow, on the other hand, had a satisfied look on his face and couldn’t help burping.

Bai Yi and the others wore strange expressions.

Yang Kai’s expression became more solemn as he ordered, “Pack up and come in quickly!”

At the same time, Yang Kai reached out and grabbed Blood Crow by the neck, dragging him into the Ink Nest.

Inside the Ink Nest, the space wasn’t small, so Yang Kai found a relatively empty spot and released Breaking Dawn. Carrying Blood Crow, he flashed onto the deck.

Blood Crow struggled for a moment but was unable to break free from Yang Kai’s grasp. His face immediately became ugly as he shouted, “Let go!”

No matter what, he was still an old senior, so how could he allow a junior to grab his neck?

“You’re courting death!” Yang Kai grit his teeth and shouted, “Do you know what you’re doing?”

Blood Crow smiled lazily, “What do you think I’m doing?”

As he spoke, Bai Yi and the others also rushed over and stood on the deck, staring at Blood Crow silently.

Seemingly sensing everyone’s attitude, Blood Crow chuckled lightly, “What? Eating a few Black Ink Clans makes you feel disgusted?”

Shen Ao frowned, “Brother Crow, we don’t have such intentions, but…”

“There’s no need to explain,” Yang Kai glared at Blood Crow, “I know you cultivate the Great Evolution Inextinguishable Blood Shine Scripture and can refine the Blood Essence to increase your strength, but what is the Black Ink Clan? You’ve been in the Ink Battlefield for so many years, I don’t think you need me to say anything more. If you refine the Black Ink Clan’s Blood Essence, can you even eat it?”

Blood Crow replied indifferently, “If I can’t eat it, what should I refine?”

Yang Kai’s expression changed, “This isn’t the first time?”

Blood Crow chuckled lightly, and there was a hint of ink surging between his brows.

The Black Ink Clan had Blood Essence which could be refine, but the Black Ink Clan’s body was filled with the Ink Force. While refining the Blood Essence, it was also equivalent to being contaminated by the Ink Force. On the battlefield, the slightest mistake would result in one being turned into a Black Ink Disciple.

Blood Crow lightly said, “Don’t speak to me about the Great Dao. This king is alive for the sake of greater strength, otherwise this king wouldn’t have died back then. The Great Evolution Inextinguishable Blood Shine Scripture is a wondrous technique, it’s not as simple as you think. Refining the Black Ink Clan’s Blood Essence is not a problem, and as for the Ink Force, there is naturally a way to resolve it now.”

The method he was referring to was none other than the Light of Purification. Not to mention that Yang Kai was right next to him, if he noticed something was wrong, he would naturally be able to purify the Ink Force in his body.

Even without Yang Kai, the purifying light from the Ink Expelling Battleships could still be used by him.

This was not the first time he had refined the Black Ink Clan’s Blood Essence. He had done so many times on the battlefield, each time finding an opportunity to activate the Universe Escape Law and return to the Expelling Black Ink Battleship.

Yang Kai asked seriously, “Are you sure there is no problem?”

Although the Light of Purification could purify and disperse the Ink Force, it was only effective against the Black Ink Disciples who were in a passive state of Ink Transformation. As for Blood Crow, he had taken the initiative to refine it, so Yang Kai really couldn’t be certain if there was any Ink Force hidden in the depths of his strength.

“There’s no problem for now,” Blood Crow slowly shook his head, “If there really is a problem, just kill me.”

Yang Kai looked at him deeply, “When the time comes, I won’t show any mercy.”

If it really reached a point where even the Light of Purification couldn’t save him, he could only kill him. This was the path that Blood Crow had chosen, so he couldn’t blame others.

Blood Crow wore an indifferent expression as he walked around Yang Kai and entered the cabin.

Right now, in the entire Great Evolution Army, besides Breaking Dawn, only four Expelling Black Ink Battleships had a purifying light in the Army.

If Blood Crow wanted to safely refine the Black Ink Clan’s Blood Essence, it had to be in an environment shrouded in a purifying light.

Watching him leave, Yang Kai secretly sighed.

Previously, he had also thought about this matter. In this life, Blood Crow had reincarnated and cultivated the Great Evolution Inextinguishable Blood Shine Scripture. This was a wondrous technique and also an evil one. If one wanted to improve their strength, they could only rely on their own cultivation technique to progress very slowly and devour it. Devouring and refining the Blood Essence of others was the best cultivation route for the Blood Illumination Scripture.

However, in this Ink Battlefield, whether it was the enemy of the Black Ink Clan or Black Ink Disciple, both of them had a large amount of Ink Force in their bodies, so refining their Blood Essence was quite risky.

He had thought that Blood Crow wouldn’t be so bold, but now it seemed he had underestimated his determination to pursue greater strength.

Thinking about it, in this terrible era, which cultivator didn’t pursue greater strength? He was like this, the people of the Dawn Squad were like this, and so was the Great Evolution Army.

Only a stronger force could play a greater role in the battle with the Black Ink Clan.

However, Blood Crow’s method of increasing his strength was somewhat different from others.

Now that Blood Crow incident had been resolved, he couldn’t possibly ask him to spit out the Black Ink Clan, it wasn’t like eating.

“Have you cleaned up the outside?” Yang Kai asked.

Shen Ao nodded, “It’s all cleaned up, but this way, it’ll be easy for us to expose ourselves.”

There would definitely be people guarding the Ink Nest. When Yang Kai had used his Demon Eye of Annihilation to observe, every Ink Nest was guarded by the Black Ink Clan.

This place was completely empty. If the Black Ink Clan were to pass by, they would definitely become suspicious.

“Do you need us to disguise ourselves?” Shen Ao asked.

Yang Kai shook his head and said, “There’s no need. If the Black Ink Clan really comes to investigate, disguising ourselves won’t be of any use. Moreover, it won’t be long. At most half a month from now, Great Evolution Pass will arrive. We just need to hold on until Great Evolution arrives.”

It shouldn’t be a problem to hold out for half a month. What they needed to do now was to quickly take down the other two nearby Ink Nest.

Previously, he had observed from the periphery of the Black Ink Clan’s defensive line that as long as he could take down these three adjacent Ink Nests, a hole would appear in their defensive line.

If Great Evolution Pass had disguised themselves slightly and entered through this opening, they could have completely avoided the eyes and ears of the Black Ink Clan and rushed straight to the King City to catch them off guard.

Previously, they had borrowed the Black Ink Clan’s flying ship to launch a surprise attack, so everything had gone smoothly. Yang Kai was prepared to use the same method to capture the other two Ink Nests.


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