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The scene just now was simply too dangerous. It didn’t matter if Breaking Dawn’s side was exposed. With Dawn Squad’s strength, it was enough to kill the entire Black Ink Clan, but once this side was exposed, the other three squads would no longer be safe, especially the Snow Wolf Squad which was deep inside the defensive line. Now that they were in a dangerous place, once the Black Ink Clan began investigating, they would have nowhere to hide.

Fortunately, it was just a false alarm.

However, what puzzled Yang Kai was why there was still the Black Ink Clan outside. Where did they come from?

With a single thought, his left eye transformed into a golden vertical eye. Under the Demon Eye of Annihilation, his vision pierced through the layers of Ink Force and followed closely behind the ship.

Not only was he observing, but Bai Yi was also watching, obviously having the same doubts as him.

Under the watchful eyes of these two, the flying ship headed straight for the nearest Feudal Lord-level Ink Nest. Halfway there, they encountered a group of Black Ink Clan cultivators who had come to investigate the situation, so they gathered together and continued towards the Ink Nest.

Soon, the ship arrived in front of the Ink Nest.

A tall Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord walked out from the Ink Nest and chatted with another Black Ink Clan cultivator who had come down from the ship. After receiving a Space Ring from the other party, he nodded slightly before returning to the Ink Nest.

However, the flying ship didn’t stop for long. After handing over a Space Ring, it turned around and once again brushed past Breaking Dawn before disappearing into the void.

Above Dawn Battleship, Yang Kai and Bai Yi saw this scene and exchanged a glance.

Bai Yi whispered, “Resources!”

Yang Kai nodded, “It should be.”

Shen Ao and the others were all confused, while Ning Qizhi asked in confusion, “What are you two talking about? What happened to that group of Black Ink Clan people just now? Why did they come out so quickly?”

They didn’t cultivate any powerful eye techniques, so under the barrier of the Ink Force, they couldn’t see what was happening inside.

Bai Yi glanced at Yang Kai and saw that he had no intention of explaining, so she said, “The Black Ink Clan on that ship is responsible for transporting all kinds of resources, naturally, they will continue mining.”

Hearing this, Shen Ao suddenly understood, “For the Black Ink Clan to set up such a defensive line, they must have consumed an unimaginable amount of resources. Not only are these Feudal Lord-level Ink Nests on the periphery consuming resources, but the Feudal Lord-level Ink Nest and even the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest inside are also consuming resources. Even if the Black Ink Clan has accumulated a great deal of wealth over the years, they probably won’t be able to make ends meet, so they must send people out to extract resources.”

“That’s right,” Bai Yi nodded, “There must be a lot of Black Ink Clan out there mining resources, and none of them are very strong. The Black Ink Clan on that ship just now were basically all Low Rank Black Ink Clan, with at most a few High Rank Black Ink Clan guarding them.”

The Feudal Lords of the Black Ink Clan were all stationed near the King City, so such a dangerous task like mining resources could only be left to the High Rank and Low Rank Black Ink Clan. If the Human Race’s Old Ancestor really attacked, they would be the first ones to die.

“Why haven’t we met one before?” Ning Qizhi frowned in confusion.

Yang Kai said, “These Black Ink Clan people who are mining resources come and go in a hurry, and we’ve been travelling around the periphery, so it’s not strange that we haven’t seen them.”

If they were to remain in a certain place, they would definitely be able to see many of the Black Ink Clan returning from mining resources.

Breaking Dawn continued to advance, searching for flaws in the Black Ink Clan’s defensive line.

In the blink of an eye, a month had passed.

The Black Ink Clans inside didn’t come to patrol outside the defensive line, so they didn’t encounter each other at all. On the other hand, the scenes of Black Ink Clan returning from mining resources appeared twice.

It wasn’t until a month later that Yang Kai, who had been standing on the deck watching the battle, suddenly had a change in expression. In the next moment, his left eye transformed into a golden vertical eye as he focused his attention towards the interior of the Black Ink Clan’s defensive line.

After silently observing for a while, he let out a long sigh.

Finally, he had found something he could use.

Perhaps it was because the defensive line outside the King City was too large, or perhaps it was because there weren’t enough Ink Nests at the moment, now that Breaking Dawn arrived, the number of Black Ink Clan Ink Nest defensive lines was noticeably fewer.

In this kind of position, as long as he could think of a way to take down the three adjacent Ink Nests, it would be enough for Great Evolution Pass to pass through.

If that was the case, Great Evolution Pass’s side would also need some cooperation, otherwise, with such a massive mountain pass, the nearby Ink Nest would definitely be able to sense it, and those Feudal Lords were not blind.

After thinking about it for a while, Yang Kai took out a Space Jade Slip and sent out a message with his Divine Sense before handing it to Shen Ao, “Send it back to Great Evolution Pass and ask about the situation.”

Right now, the position he was targeting was different from Great Evolution Pass’s surprise attack route. It was slightly to the left, so if Great Evolution Pass wanted to attack from the position he was targeting, they would have to change course.

Yang Kai didn’t know if Great Evolution Pass would be able to accomplish this, so he had to first send a message to ask. If they could, then he would be able to take action. Otherwise, even if he could take down the three Ink Nests here, it would be meaningless if Great Evolution Pass didn’t come here.

This required Great Evolution Pass’s cooperation and coordination.

Through the Space Spirit Bead, Shen Ao quickly sent the jade slip back to Great Evolution Pass.

This time, the wait was quite long. After a full three hours, there was a reply from Great Evolution Pass. Obviously, they needed some time to plan.

Xiang Shan’s Divine Sense was clearly recorded in the jade slip he had sent back, “Great Evolution can change course, but it will take a few more days. Be careful.”

It wasn’t an easy task for a massive palace artifact like Great Evolution Pass to change its course, unlike a battleship, which could easily be changed by several Mid Rank Open Heaven cultivators.

The Great Evolution Pass’s change in direction required the combined efforts of the Old Ancestor and the other Eighth Order Open Heaven masters, and it required a long distance as a buffer.

Fortunately, Great Evolution Pass was still a month away from Yang Kai. If it had been a bit shorter, even if Yang Kai found this loophole, Great Evolution Pass might not have been able to cooperate.

Receiving Xiang Shan’s affirmative answer meant that his plan was feasible. The problem now was how to approach the Ink Nest without leaving a trace and quickly eliminate the Black Ink Clan guarding it.

Among these Ink Nest, only the Feudal Lord-level Black Ink Clan was present. With the current strength of Dawn, it was not difficult to kill them.

The difficult part was how to prevent the Black Ink Clan from spreading the news.

The communication between the Ink Nest was too convenient. Once the Dawn Squad took action, they would inevitably be exposed. If they couldn’t kill the Feudal Lord of the Ink Nest immediately, the Feudal Lord of the Black Ink Clan would be able to spread the news of the enemy attack.

No matter how convenient the Space Principle were, they weren’t of much use now.

After thinking about it for a while, Yang Kai felt that he could only use the Black Ink Clan’s mining teams.

Previously, he had also observed that these groups were able to directly approach the Ink Nest. With his current strength, as long as he could determine his target from such a close distance, he could instantly kill them.

Some risks were needed, but they were still manageable.

Under this command, Breaking Dawn slowly stopped and waited quietly.

Yang Kai wasn’t sure when the Black Ink Clan teams that had gone out to mine resources would return, but there were many of them, so he could always wait for one.

After more than ten days, Yang Kai suddenly opened his eyes and stared into the void.

On the other side, a Black Ink Clan’s flying ship was rapidly approaching, obviously wanting to enter the defensive line to provide resources to the Ink Nest.

After observing the route of this ship, Yang Kai’s Divine Sense moved slightly and issued a command.

In the next moment, Breaking Dawn, who had been motionless for more than ten days, began to move like a floating continent fragment.

In a flash, it appeared in front of the flying ship.

On the ship, a High Rank Black Ink Clan master stood on the deck vigilantly, his face filled with fear.

It couldn’t be helped. Over the past two hundred years, the Human Race’s Old Ancestor had come to the King City from time to time. Although this place was about a month’s journey from the King City, no one knew where the Human Race’s Old Ancestor would appear. If she were to appear nearby, they wouldn’t be able to withstand a casual blow from her.

Every time he returned from outside, he would always be on edge.

The Black Ink Clan team that was mining resources, on one hand, had a mission to complete, so they couldn’t stay here for long. On the other hand, they had been intimidated by the Human Race’s Old Ancestor, so they had come and gone in a hurry.

On the other hand, mining resources outside was relatively safe.

At the very least, since they were far away from the King City and the Human Race’s army was not present, there was no threat to them.

After observing for a moment, the High Rank Black Ink Clan master let out a sigh of relief. The King City seemed to be quite calm, which meant that the Human Race’s Old Ancestor had yet to arrive.

Strangely enough, over the past few years, the Human Race’s Old Ancestor seemed to have calmed down quite a bit and had not shown her face, unlike a few years ago, when she would come here every two or three months. It was said that the Royal Lord of the King City had flown into a rage over this matter, and many of the Black Ink Clan masters who had served him in close quarters had been killed.

He secretly rejoiced that he was not on duty in the King City, otherwise he would have to live a life of constant fear.

A floating continent fragment blocked their way, but the High Rank Black Ink Clan master didn’t care.

There were countless floating continent fragments like this in the entire Void, but all of them had been left behind by broken Universe World, so it was quite normal.

However, because their flying ship’s craftsmanship wasn’t very good, it wasn’t very sturdy. At most, it could only be used as a flying artifact, unlike a human race battleship, which was extremely sturdy. Such a floating continent fragment would probably be directly smashed to pieces.

Faintly envious of the Human Race’s Artifact Refining techniques, the High Rank Black Ink Clan master suddenly felt that something was wrong.

Looking towards the floating continent fragment, he was surprised to find that it was constantly changing.

What was happening?

Before this High Rank Black Ink Clan master could react, a cold face suddenly appeared in front of him.

He didn’t even realize how he had arrived!

This was a human face…

Enemy attack!

This High Rank Black Ink Clan master’s reaction wasn’t slow, and in the blink of an eye, he was able to see what was happening and instinctively raised his fist, preparing to shout.

However, the surrounding space instantly froze, his hand only lifting an inch before it froze in place.

Not only that, under this immense pressure, he found that he couldn’t even speak.

Immediately, a large hand covered his face, causing the High Rank Black Ink Clan master’s vision to darken and he instantly became unconscious.

The space around the ship trembled slightly, and by the time Shen Ao and the others arrived, the Black Ink Clan’s life force on the ship had already been extinguished.


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