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Xiang Shan said, “The Great Evolution Expedition’s goal this time is the King City, the Royal Lord! In the previous Great Evolution War, the Black Ink Clan suffered heavy casualties, and the Royal Lord of the Black Ink Clan was heavily injured. Right now, the forces of the Black Ink Clan are basically all holed up in the vicinity of the King City, but because of Old Ancestor’s actions these past few years, the Black Ink Clan’s King City’s defenses have been extremely tight, even the slightest disturbance could alert the Black Ink Clan’s army.”

“In this expedition, the Human Race’s chances of victory are quite high. What we need to consider is how to achieve our goal of wiping out the Black Ink Clan with the smallest losses, so we need to catch them off guard.”

“What you need to do is very simple. First, set out and scout the situation ahead. If you encounter the Black Ink Clan, try not to fight them if you can, but if you do, you must kill them all. Do not let the Black Ink Clan find out about the Great Evolution Army’s movements.”

In this expedition, if Great Evolution Pass took the initiative to attack, such a huge pass would be easily discovered. This was not just a single Battleship or two that could use some kind of Spirit Array or some kind of artifact to conceal one’s movements . Great Evolution Pass was a mighty force, so it was highly likely that the Black Ink Clan would be able to detect them from far away. Once they discovered the situation on Great Evolution Pass’s side, the Black Ink Clan would be able to react in advance and the Great Evolution Army would lose the advantage of surprise attacks.

That was why Yang Kai and the others needed to go first, firstly to spy on the situation, and secondly to eliminate any possible scouts the Black Ink Clan might have.

“There’s no need to worry too much about safety. Although the Old Ancestor’s actions over the past few years have caused the Black Ink Clan to be on high alert, it’s also because the Old Ancestor has gone to disturb them from time to time. Currently, none of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords dare to act rashly. The Black Ink Clan that is patrolling outside the King City will at most be led by a Feudal Lord. With the strength of your squads, dealing with them won’t be difficult.”

The three of them nodded when they heard this.

The Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords also didn’t dare to show their faces now. No one knew when the Old Ancestor would arrive, and if they were to show their faces and be run over by the Old Ancestor, their deaths would be in vain, so although the Black Ink Clan had many teams patrolling the periphery of the King City, none of them had a Territory Lord-level master guarding them.

Without a Territory Lord, the safety of the four elite squads was guaranteed.

As he spoke, Xiang Shan suddenly raised his head and glanced towards the door, lightly snorting, “Get in here!”

Outside the door, Chai Fang’s head popped out, his face swollen, making him look extremely miserable. Smiling obsequiously, he walked in and bowed, “Greetings, Senior.”

Xiang Shan ignored him and turned to Yang Kai, “Your Space Spirit Bead is very useful. Your teams can use it to send a message. If there is any danger, you can also quickly rush over to help.”

“Yes!” Yang Kai replied.

Since the last time he learned that the Old Ancestor was able to rush to the King City so quickly with the help of the Space Spirit Bead, Xiang Shan had asked Yang Kai to find time to refine a lot of these things. The materials required to refine these things weren’t too rare, but the requirements to refine them were too high. Only someone like Yang Kai, who was proficient in the Space Principle, could refine them, it had nothing to do with the skill in Artifact Refining.

“The journey to the King City is quite long. For the next half a year, all of you should rest and recuperate before setting off.”

Yang Kai and the others nodded.

After thinking about it for a moment, Yang Kai asked, “Sir, I heard from Old Ancestor that all the various mountain passes have been mobilized for the expedition. Did they discuss this beforehand?”

Xiang Shan replied, “Naturally, if we want to completely eliminate the Black Ink Clan, all the war zones will have to join forces, just dealing with one or two is useless.”

The Black Ink Clan was born from the Ink Nest. Compared to the Human Race, their reproductive ability was too strong. As long as one or two Royal Lord-level Ink Nest remained, the Black Ink Clan would have a chance to rise again.

In order to completely eliminate the Black Ink Clan, all the war zones had to act together and capture all the Royal Lord-level Ink Nest.

The Human Race Pass in each of the war zones was different from the one in the Black Ink Clan’s King City. There was a difference in distance and strength, so the difficulty of the expedition was also different.

For example, on the side of Great Evolution Pass, the victory of this expedition was already set in stone. The Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, who had yet to recover from his injuries, was simply no match for Smiles Old Ancestor. Even if he borrowed the power of the Ink Nest, he could only resist stubbornly.

Without the Royal Lord as a hindrance, although there were many Territory Lords, the Human Race had the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance.

This thing was destined to shine in the coming war.

However, in some of the war zones, the loss of the Black Ink Clan’s forces was not serious, so it was destined to be a tough battle.

Many people might die in this expedition, but if death could bring them eternal peace, every Human Race soldier would be willing to sacrifice their lives.

Xiang Shan told the four of them some more details before letting them leave.

Not long after they left the Military Department, the four of them felt a buzzing sound coming from the depths of the Great Evolution Pass, causing the earth to shake again.

Immediately after, the many Spirit Arrays hidden in the depths of Great Evolution Pass began circulating and releasing their energy.

The mountain pass that had remained motionless for countless years seemed to be pushed forward by an invisible force.

Yang Kai and the others glanced at each other and saw the excitement in each other’s eyes.

With the Great Evolution Pass activated, the expedition officially began.

After saying goodbye to each other, they returned to their respective residences.

Inside the manor, Yang Kai returned and summoned everyone from Dawn to inform them of their plans in half a year’s time.

Since they had evacuated from the Black Ink Clan’s King City more than two hundred years ago, they had not fought with the Black Ink Clan again. During this time, the supply of resources had been abundant, and the strength of everyone in the Dawn Squad had improved. Many of the Fifth Order cultivators had also regained their Sixth Order cultivation, so naturally they couldn’t wait to fight with the Black Ink Clan.

Unfortunately, over the past few years, they had been busy overhauling the various arrangements of the Great Evolution Pass. After the Great Evolution Pass had been reorganized, they had been mining resources outside, so there had been no opportunity to fight with the Black Ink Clan.

If they couldn’t kill the Black Ink Clan, what was the point of simply increasing their strength?

Now, this opportunity had come.

Everyone dispersed to recuperate.

Yang Kai turned his head towards a certain secret room and frowned slightly.

Inside the secret room, Feng Ying had been in seclusion for two hundred years and had yet to emerge, so no one knew what was happening.

Back when Yang Kai was in the Dawn's camp, he had boiled some beef from the Wind and Cloud Pass’ Old Ancestor, and Xu Linggong had coincidentally come over to drink a bowl of meat soup. He had heard that it was a gift from the Old Ancestor and had suddenly obtained the opportunity to break through, allowing him to break through to the Eighth Order.

The meat soup was just ordinary meat soup, it had no special effects.

However, Xu Linggong’s first impression of the meat soup was that it was a great opportunity for him.

While observing Xu Linggong break through to the Eighth Order, Feng Ying also gained some benefits and went into seclusion. It had been two hundred years since then, but there had been no movement.

This was also one of Yang Kai’s recent worries.

Upon arriving at the Ink Battlefield, the first person he encounter is Meng Qi, but in order to protect the secret of the Void Corridor, Meng Qi had self-destruct.

Feng Ying was the second person he had encountered, and it was with Feng Ying’s help that he was able to gather a group of purified Black Ink Disciples and slaughter his way back to Blue Sky Pass.

After the creation of Dawn, Feng Ying had fought a life and death battle alongside him.

Yang Kai was quite looking forward to her retreat this time and hoped that everything would go smoothly.

But now, it seemed that Feng Ying’s retreat had not been so smooth, otherwise she would not have remained silent for two hundred years.

Outsiders would not be able to help her in such a situation. Everything would depend on her own luck.

Looking towards the secret room, Yang Kai sighed lightly, “Senior Sister, the expedition has begun. If you don’t come out now, you’ll miss it.”

Every soldier who had just entered the Ink Battlefield knew that these mountain passes were giant palace artifacts, but from ancient times until now, these palace artifacts had only served as the strongest defensive shields, never having been used before.

Today, the tens of thousands of soldiers of Great Evolution Pass had witnessed this magnificent feat.

It wasn’t just Great Evolution Pass, on the entire vast Ink Battlefield, more than a hundred Human Race passes began their expedition at almost the same time.

It wasn’t an easy task to control such a massive palace. At the very least, one Ninth Order Open Heaven, and thirty Eighth Order Open Heaven masters had to be stationed at the core of the palace artifact in order to move it.

It also needed thirty Eighth Order master on stanby.

The initial speed wasn’t fast, almost as slow as a turtle’s crawl, but as time passed, the speed of Great Evolution Pass gradually increased.

A month later, it had already reached the speed of a Dao Source Stage master.

Another month later, it was comparable to an Emperor Realm.

A month later, the speed is no worse than Low Rank Open Heaven.

Such a massive creature could be said to be unstoppable wherever it went. Whether it was the floating continent blocking its path or Universe blocking its path, they were all crushed like a rotten wood.

A few months later, the speed of Great Evolution Pass’s advance had reached its limit, comparable to the speed at which the Great Evolution East and West Army had retreated from the King City.

In other words, at this speed, it would take at least half a year to reach the Black Ink Clan’s King City.

They had not encountered a single Black Ink Clan. Just as Xiang Shan had said, the Black Ink Clan in the Great Evolution War Zone had been beaten to a pulp, and now almost all of them had gathered near the King City.

When the speed of the Great Evolution Pass truly increased, the Old Ancestor’s side was able to save a lot of energy, not needing to constantly use her own strength to control the Great Evolution Core.

The tens of thousands of Great Evolution soldiers were not idle either. Many of the Universe Worlds that had been blocking the path to Great Evolution Pass had been smashed to pieces, so the resources hidden inside could not be wasted. Under the command of Xiang Shan, the soldiers left Great Evolution one after another to collect the resources from the Universe World.

After collecting them, they only needed to activate the Universe Escape Law to return to the Great Evolution Pass.

Along the way, they collected a lot of supplies.

It wasn’t that Xiang Shan is good at saving things, it was just that everyone had underestimated the consumption of Great Evolution Pass. Over the past several hundred years, Great Evolution Pass had accumulated a massive amount of resources, but now that it had truly begun operating, everyone realized that the consumption of resources was too great.

Now that he had a chance to collect more, he naturally couldn’t miss this opportunity. Otherwise, if they were to really reach the entrance of the Black Ink Clan’s King’s City, they wouldn’t have the time to collect them.

Half a year later.

In the Great Evolution’s headquarter, four elite squads had gathered, a total of two hundred Open Heaven cultivators. Among them, there were nearly forty Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivators, making up twenty percent of the total.

This was a terrifying proportion and also the source of the strength of the elite team.

Although there were many people here, no one spoke, all of them silently waiting.


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