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Battles with the Black Ink Clan had always been extremely dangerous. This kind of war that involved the two races had no reason not to kill.

At the very front, Smiles Old Ancestor’s clear voice rang out, “More than 360 years ago, the Great Evolution Eastern and Western Army was established at Wind and Cloud Pass. The Northern and Southern Army were established at Azure Void Pass, and the two armies marched together towards the Great Evolution War Zone. After 150 years, they finally managed to subdue the Great Evolution Pass and recover it. Both armies suffered heavy losses, but… all of their sacrifices were worth it.”

“Recovering the Great Evolution Pass means that the Human Race’s line of defense no longer has any flaws! Recovering the Great Evolution Pass isn’t our ultimate goal, it’s just a matter of time! Perhaps many people have heard of this expedition over the years and are looking forward to it. Today, the Great Evolution Pass is ready, and the other hundred or so human race's mountain passes are also ready.”

“The Black Ink Clan has wreaked havoc in the Ink Battlefield for countless years, and over the countless years, the Human Race has been forced to passively defend their various mountain passes and war zones. Although they have paid a great price and sacrificed countless lives, they can only defend these mountain passes, unable to take the initiative to attack. It’s not that they’re unwilling, it’s simply impossible!”

“Defending will never solve the problem. Generations of our ancestors have left the problem to the younger generation, but now, in our generation, do we have to leave the problem to the next generation and let the next generation solve it? No one can bear to watch their descendants fight the Black Ink Clan on the Ink Battlefield, never seeing any hope of victory.”

“The ancestors didn’t want to, they had already done their best. Without their persistence and effort, today, none of us would have dared to speak such nonsense!”

“That’s why we must go on an expedition! We now have the capital to do so!”

“Everyone here is born in a good era because this era can completely resolve the Black Ink Clan. Everyone will witness the end of this war that has lasted for countless years, and each of you will play an important role in it.”

“This time, we’ll trample over the King City, slaughter all the enemies, and kill them all!”

Smiles Old Ancestor’s voice gradually became louder, her slender figure soaring through the air.

“Kill!” Xiang Shan, who was standing behind her, shouted.

“Kill!” The Eighth Order Garrison Chief masters shouted in unison.




The voices of the tens of thousands of soldiers shook the world as the entire Great Evolution Pass was enveloped in a murderous atmosphere. Every soldier felt their blood boil and couldn’t wait to find a few Black Ink Clan to kill.

Smiles Old Ancestor raised her hand and the sounds of battle instantly stopped. Sweeping her eyes across the entire army, she said softly, “The dead cannot bear witness to victory, so only by surviving can we see the end of the Black Ink Clan!”

Saying so, she bowed towards the tens of thousands of soldiers.

The several dozen Eighth Order Garrison Chief masters behind her also bowed.

This time, she paid her respects to the tens of thousands of soldiers who had sacrificed themselves for countless years, as well as the hopes of the upcoming expedition.

Tens of thousands of people returned the ceremony!

Smiles Old Ancestor stood up and shouted, “Everyone, prepare yourselves! The expedition… has begun!”

Her figure flickered and disappeared.

The other Eighth Order cultivators also quickly dispersed.

Although Smiles Old Ancestor had said that they would begin the expedition today, Great Evolution Pass was still quite far from the Black Ink Clan’s King City, so it would take some time to travel.

On that day, the Great Evolution East and West Army had evacuated from the King City and returned to Great Evolution Pass. It had taken them a full year.

Just as Yang Kai was about to take a step forward, a voice suddenly called out to him, causing him to turn his head and nod slightly.

After instructing the people from the Dawn Squad to leave on their own, Yang Kai walked towards the Eastern Army Military Department.

The one who had sent him a voice transmission just now was Xiang Shan.

He wasn’t the only one. There were several others as well.

Old Turtle Squad Team Leader Chai Fang, Profound Wind Squad Team Leader Ma Gao, Snow Wolf Squad Team Leader Yao Kang Cheng.

Counting Yang Kai’s Dawn Squad, the entire Great Evolution Army now had four elite squads, each of which far exceeded the other squads.

Among them, the Old Turtle Squad was the same as Dawn Squad, conscripted from Blue Sky Pass while the Profound Wind and Snow Wolf teams came from two other passes.

However, no matter where they came from, after being assigned to the Great Evolution Army, they would become members of the Great Evolution Army.

Yang Kai had cooperated with these two teams before. When the Great Evolution East and West Army had rushed towards the Black Ink Clan’s rear, he had been ordered by Xiang Shan to head towards Great Evolution Pass in search of traces of the North and South Army. After completing his mission, he had not immediately left, instead participating in a great battle between the North and South Army to attack the Great Evolution Black Ink Clan.

During that battle, he had led these two elite squads to slaughter and cut through the battlefield.

In that battle, he had used the Golden Crow Sun Casting many times and used this Divine Ability Manifestation to open the road, killing countless Black Ink Clan cultivators.

Ma Gao and Yao Kang Cheng were extremely impressed with him. They were also veteran Seventh Order, otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to become Team Leaders of elite squads.

However, after fighting in the Ink Battlefield for so many years, they had never seen someone as fierce as Yang Kai.

Over the years, although Yang Kai had rarely shown himself, he had interacted with these two, so he was no stranger to them.

At this moment, the tens of thousands of soldiers had all dispersed. Since the expedition had begun, they naturally had to be prepared to fight the Black Ink Clan.

Only the four of them headed towards the Eastern Army Military Department.

Looking at each other, Chai Fang grinned, “Can you guess why Big Head Xiang is looking for us?”

Yang Kai’s mouth twitched.

Ma Gao and Yao Kang Cheng were even more shocked by Chai Fang…

Although the Big Head Xiang and Big Head Mi tittles had been circulating around the Great Evolution Pass because of the Old Ancestor, everyone was calling it in private. There really weren’t many people like Chai Fang who called them out openly.

The Old Ancestor felt that Xiang Shan and Mi Jinglun were both people with vast minds, so they must have a big head.

However, even if the Old Ancestor and Ouyang Lie could call them this, how could these Seventh Order masters call them this?

If Xiang Shan heard this, they would definitely not have a good ending.

Chai Fang didn’t take it seriously, “Big Head Xiang, Big Head Mi, this is the Old Ancestor’s praise for those two, what does it matter even if they hear it?”

As soon as he finished speaking, an azure hand suddenly appeared from the Eastern Army Military Department and grabbed towards Chai Fang.

Shocked, Chai Fang was just about to dodge when an invisible force restrained him. The giant hand grabbed him and ruthlessly threw him out, accompanied by Chai Fang’s scream.

Yang Kai and the other two silently glanced over, their expressions unchanged.

As if they didn't see anything!

Ma Gao said, “Brother Chai asked a good question, why did the higher-ups summon us this time? Brother Yang, is there any news?”

In the entire Great Evolution Pass, not to mention the Seventh Order, even if it was the Eighth Order, no one would have such frequent contact with the Old Ancestor like Yang Kai, so if there was any news, Ma Gao felt that Yang Kai should know a thing or two.

Yang Kai shook his head, “I haven’t heard any news, but since the four of us are gathered here, there must be something our elite teams can contribute to. My guess is that they’re calling us here to scout for information, spy the enemy movements, and so on.”

Hearing this, Yao Kang Cheng nodded, “What you say makes sense. I heard from a Martial Uncle that now that the Great Evolution Core has been found, Great Evolution Pass can be driven, but if we want to use such a massive palace artifact, even the Old Ancestor alone won’t be able to do so, at least sixty Eighth Order masters are need to help.”

“Sixty!” Ma Gao’s face was filled with surprise, “Right now, there are a total of 74 Eighth Order in Great Evolution Pass. With sixty of them gone, doesn’t that mean there are only 14 Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivators who can move freely?”

“That’s right,” Yao Kang Cheng nodded, “14 Eighth Order Open Heaven masters probably need to guard the pass to prevent any accidents, so the responsibility of scouting will fall on us. Brother Yang’s guess should be correct.”

However, Yang Kai suddenly thought of another problem, “Great Evolution Pass’ movement requires the combined efforts of the Old Ancestor and sixty Eighth Order masters, so wouldn’t the other mountain passes be the same? If so, most of the Human Race’s mountain passes’ strength will be greatly reduced during the expedition, if they encounter the Black Ink Clan’s army, they will definitely be flustered.”

There were currently 74 Eighth Order masters left in the Great Evolution Pass, but that was because there had been a hundred and twenty of them when the Great Evolution Army was first established. Although many of them had died in battle, the number of people who had survived far exceeded the number of ordinary mountain passes.

Most of the mountain passes had at least sixty Eighth Order Open Heaven masters, but if so many masters were required to drive the mountain pass, these Eighth Order Open Heaven masters would not be able to easily take action.

For example, Yang Kai was most familiar with Blue Sky Pass. Originally, there were about sixty Eighth Order Open Heaven masters, but after transferring Xiang Shan and the other Eighth Order masters, it was definitely not enough.

Regarding the reason why Xiang Shan had summoned the four Elite Squad Team Leaders, he had only made a casual guess, but now it seemed that it really was possible.

An Eighth Order master could not be dispatched easily, but on the road to the Expedition, scouts would always be needed to scout for information. This kind of matter was perfectly suited for the elite squads.

At any time, a great army needed scouts to advance, and even when the Great Evolution's Eastern and Western Army retreated from the Black Ink Clan’s King City, there were still scouts who would lead the way.

Not to mention that this was the Human Race expedition.

As they spoke, they arrived at the Military Department of the Eastern Army.

The one guarding the door was an old acquaintance, Xiang Shan’s Assistant, Li Xing. Seeing these people arrive, he smiled and said, “The Regiment Commander is waiting for everyone, please come in.”

There was no need to report anything.

A moment later, inside the Military Department, Yang Kai and the others saw Xiang Shan standing with his hands behind his back. At this moment, a Universe Chart floated in front of Xiang Shan, his Divine Sense surging as if he was studying something.

Yang Kai and the others didn’t disturb him.

After waiting for a moment, Xiang Shan put away the Universe Chart and casually placed it on the table before saying, “Your guesses are correct. I called you here because I want you to leave first and act as scouts.”

The corners of the trio’s eyes twitched.

‘How idle are you? You heard what we said halfway through. Were you eavesdropping?’

No wonder Chai Fang had been thrown out of Great Evolution Pass when he called out ‘Big Head Xiang’.

“On Great Evolution’s side, the Old Ancestor and many other Eighth Order masters will need to work together to activate the Core and drive the mountain pass. There aren’t many Eighth Order masters who can move about freely in the mountain pass right now, and all of them have their own responsibilities, so they won’t be able to move out easily. After thinking about it for a while, it’s best for your Squads to scout out the situation along the way.”

Yang Kai and the others nodded and cupped their fists, “Sir, please explain what we should do.”


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