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After burying Senior Zhao Yi Huan’s remains, Troublesome Grandmaster had to personally go to the Heroic Spirit Monument and engrave his name on it.

Yang Kai followed along.

The remains were brought back by him, so he naturally had to finish what he started.

Looking at the numerous names on the Heroic Spirit Monument, Yang Kai’s heart sank.

He had only been in the Ink Battlefield for a few hundred years, but even so, he had witnessed countless life and death battles.

In the battle against the Black Ink Clan’s King City, Qi Taichu could be said to have died under his watch!

Even if he possessed the Space Principle and was invincible amongst his peers, in such a chaotic battlefield, there was no way he could save Qi Taichu’s life.

This was his greatest regret in the Ink Battlefield.

He didn’t want to experience such a thing again.

That was why he had to become stronger!

Yang Kai silently prayed that there would be no new names on the Heroic Spirit Monument and that all the expedition soldiers would be able to return safely.

Suddenly, a buzzing sound rang out from somewhere in Great Evolution Pass, and the entire mountain pass began to shake violently, causing Yang Kai to lose his balance.

From all directions, figures hurriedly flew up into the sky to investigate.

An invisible shockwave quickly spread out from a certain source.

Yang Kai’s expression became serious as he turned his head to look at Troublesome Grandmaster.

“The core has been activated.”

Only now did Yang Kai realize what had happened. At that moment, he had thought that an expert from the Black Ink Clan had come to attack, thinking that the Black Ink Clan has come to seek death.

It turned out that the core he had brought back had been activated.

As for Great Evolution Pass, which had activated its core, it was completely different from before.

If the Great Evolution Pass of the past was an inanimate object, then the current Great Evolution Pass gave Yang Kai a sense of life, as if it had transformed into a ferocious beast.

This giant beast was currently starving, and the death of the Black Ink Clan was its best food.

The tremors came and went quickly, and in just a few breaths of time, Great Evolution Pass returned to normal.

Like a sleeping giant dragon, it suddenly poked its head out of its dragon cave, looked around for a moment, then withdrew.

Everyone could feel that the Great Evolution Pass had changed.

“The expedition is about to begin, make preparations early,” Troublesome Grandmaster said before flashing towards the source of the tremors. He was also extremely curious about the Great Evolution Core, so he naturally wanted to observe it. If one day the core was damaged, it would require a Great Grandmaster Artifact Refiner like him to repair it.

Watching him leave, Yang Kai’s heart trembled.

The expedition is finally here!

Whether or not the Human Race could accomplish this task in one fell swoop would depend on the results of this expedition. If they could really purge the Black Ink Clan from the Ink Battlefield, there would no longer be any problems in the 3000 Worlds in the future, and the generations of Elites would no longer have to leave their homes and go to the battlefield.

Yang Kai’s figure flickered as his Space Principle fluctuated and he disappeared.

The concept of an expedition was not something that had appeared in recent times. A long time ago, the Human Race had thought of an expedition, but for various reasons, this idea had become impossible to implement.

At the very least, the erosion of the Ink Force could not be resolved.

Defending the mountain pass and resisting the Black Ink Clan’s invasion was something the Human Race had experienced for countless years. However, if they were to take the initiative to attack, the variables would be too great, and no one could guarantee that the expedition would be successful. If things didn’t go as planned, it was highly likely that the entire Ink Battlefield’s front line would collapse. At that time, even if the Dragon and Phoenix were to defend the mountain pass, they wouldn’t be able to resist the Black Ink Clan’s invasion and the 3000 Worlds would be in danger.

It wasn’t until Yang Kai entered the Ink Battlefield that the Expedition was gradually put on the agenda.

It was as if he had appeared for the Human Race’s counterattack.

The Ink Force, which had given countless generations of Human Race upper echelons a headache, had been easily resolved after his arrival. Whether it was the Light of Purification or the Expelling Black Ink Pills that had been developed later on, they had all become a method for the Human Race to resist the erosion of the Ink Force. With both of them working together, not a single Human Race soldier had been reduced to Black Ink Disciples for hundreds of years.

Not only that, but many Black Ink Disciple who had appeared on the battlefield had been captured and rescued.

After solving the problem of Ink Force, what the Human Race needed to consider was resources.

In a war, resources were what mattered most. Cultivators needed resources to heal their wounds, cultivators needed resources to cultivate, and even the Spirit Arrays and artifacts needed resources.

The Ink Battlefield’s resources were extremely abundant, and the vast amount of resources contained within these dead Universe Worlds was enormous.

However, in the past, it had been extremely difficult for the Human Race to mine these resources. After each great battle, they could only mine some of the resources within the range of the mountain pass’s power. At most, they would have to retreat to the mountain pass in a few dozen years, because the Black Ink Clan’s next large-scale attack would soon arrive.

Most of the resources that the Human Race needed came from the 3000 Worlds.

As such, in the past, the Human Race’s various mountain passes had basically all been foraging for food and clothing. Every resource was hard to obtain, and every Open Heaven Pill was extremely precious.

Those who didn’t come to the Ink Battlefield would find it difficult to imagine that such a group of High Rank Open Heaven cultivators would have such a difficult time.

Now this problem was solved.

The expansion of the Void Yin-Yang Mirror made every mountain pass extremely convenient to extract resources. This mysterious artifact seemed to have been specially refined for the Ink Battlefield.

During the Great Evolution War, Xiang Shan had ordered the Artifact Refiners of his army to refine tens of thousands of puppets in one fell swoop just to attract the attention of the Great Evolution Pass’s Black Ink Clan. The amount of resources he had spent was enormous.

This was something he had never even dared to think about before.

The problem of Ink Force and resources had been solved, so all that was left was to compare strength.

In terms of numbers, the Black Ink Clan had an innate advantage. Each of the Human Race’s mountain passes only had a few tens of thousands of people, but in the corresponding war zones, the Black Ink Clan’s army numbered in the millions. Although the Black Ink Clan’s strength was generally low, there was no lack of Territory Lords.

If they didn’t have enough strength, the Expedition would only be an empty threat.

A Feudal Lord was one thing, but a Territory Lord was not so easy to kill.

The Evil-Breaking Divine Lance was born for this purpose!

This killing weapon would ultimately play an important role in the expedition war. In order to hide this weapon, no matter how many casualties the Great Evolution Army suffered during the Great Evolution War, no one had ever thought of using the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance.

Because once it was used, the news would quickly spread to the various war zones and the Black Ink Clan would become vigilant. At that time, the effectiveness of the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance in the other war zones would be extremely limited.

This was a trump card that the Human Race had painstakingly hidden, and it would definitely give the Black Ink Clan a huge surprise.

The birth of the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance was also related to Yang Kai.

Although this artifact had been refined by Troublesome Grandmaster, every Evil-Breaking Divine Lance was personally sealed with Light of Purification by Yang Kai.

With all of this happening, the expedition had been pushed forward by a single person, transforming from an idea into reality.

How could the Human Race’s Ninth Order Supreme Masters not value Yang Kai? This was why they had paid such a price to reach an agreement with the Dragon Clan and send him to the No-Return Pass.

Even if he was invincible amongst his peers, the strength of a Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivator was still insufficient, and the Ancient Dragon could protect itself on the battlefield.

However, Yang Kai still didn’t know what price the Ninth Order Human Race had paid to obtain the qualifications to enter the Dragon Pond for him.

Smiles Old Ancestor didn’t say anything, nor did he ask.

It was meaningless. Killing more Black Ink Clan masters on the battlefield was the best reward for the supreme Ninth Order.

Yang Kai once again began sealing the Light of Purification into the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance.

Previously, he had already sealed a lot of them, but after all these years, they had accumulated a lot more. Now that the expedition was imminent, it was naturally better to have as many of these killing artifacts as possible to deal with the Black Ink Clan masters.

Almost all the Artifact Refiners of the Human Race’s Pass had worked hard to refine this artifact and send it to Great Evolution Pass.

After Yang Kai sealed the Light of Purification, he returned it.

While they were busy, the numerous soldiers of Great Evolution Pass were not idle either. Currently, the entire Great Evolution Pass’s periphery had accumulated a large number of Universe Worlds, and tens of thousands of soldiers were mining resources without rest.

If a great battle were to break out, this kind of good days would come to an end. Naturally, they had to take advantage of this opportunity to accumulate more resources and prepare for battle.

Time passed.

In the blink of an eye, a year had passed since Yang Kai returned form No-Return Pass.

Outside Great Evolution Pass, on a Universe World, the people of the Dawn Squad were busy, including Yang Kai.

Since two months ago, the accumulated Evil-Breaking Divine Lance had been dealt with by him, and he hadn’t been idle and had instead come over to help.

If they were to send over more Evil-Breaking Divine Lance later, after accumulating a certain amount, he would naturally seal the Light of Purification.

Suddenly, a shocking aura rose up from the Great Evolution Pass. Even though it was hundreds of thousands of kilometers away, this aura was still majestic.

It was the aura of the Old Ancestor.

The busy people all stopped what they were doing and turned to look towards Great Evolution Pass.

On the other side, Smiles Old Ancestor’s voice rang out clearly, “Great Evolution’s Four Armies, gather inside the pass!”

After saying those words, the aura disappeared as if it had never existed.

Yang Kai turned to look at Shen Ao beside him, his expression changing slightly.

Shen Ao let out a long sigh, “It’s starting!”

Yang Kai nodded slightly!

It had finally begun!

“Let’s go!” Yang Kai called out and led the group towards Great Evolution Pass.

In the void, groups of people who were mining the Universe World were also gathering towards the Great Evolution Pass like birds returning to their nest.

In less than an hour, on the central square, under the Heroic Spirit Monument, tens of thousands of Great Evolution soldiers had gathered.

Although there were many people, there was not a single sound, only a shocking aura.

In front of them, Smiles Old Ancestor stood in the middle, dressed in plain clothes. On her left was the Eastern Army Regiment Commander Xiang Shan, the Western Army Regiemtn Commander Liu Zhiping, and on her right was the Southern Army Regiment Commander Ouyang Lie and the Northern Army Regiment Commander Mi Jinglun.

Behind them were the Eighth Order Garrison Chiefs, a total of 74 people.

Originally it was only 73, Xu Linggong had advanced to the Eighth Order two hundred years ago, so now there was one more.

There seemed to be quite a number of people, but when the Great Evolution Army was first established, there were around sixty thousand troops and 120 Eighth Order.

In order to subdue the Great Evolution Pass, more than a dozen Eighth Order masters had died, and nearly half of the Great Evolution Pass soldiers below the Eighth Order had fallen.

Over the past thirty thousand years, besides the day the Great Evolution Pass was breached, the number of people who had fallen in the Recovery War was the highest, and the most miserable.


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