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Although thirty thousand years had passed, the Human Race’s various mountain passes’ nameplates hadn’t changed much, so when Yang Kai saw this nameplate, he knew that its owner was a Seventh Order Open Heaven.

Because he also had such a token.

The nameplate contained information about the other party’s identity, but unfortunately, it had been too long, and even this information had become incomplete. Yang Kai only knew that the other party’s surname was Zhao, with the word ‘Yi’ in the middle and what the last word was, but he couldn’t tell.

How pitiful.

In the Ink Battlefield, countless ancestors had died in battle, and the only thing they could leave behind was the name on the Heroic Spirit Monument.

As for this Senior Zhao, he might not even be able to leave his name behind.

This was an extremely bad era. Generations of heroes from the 3000 Worlds had rushed to the Ink Battlefield, their blood dyeing the world red.

This was also an extremely exciting era, and no matter how many of their ancestors had died, the ones who came after them continued to advance.

There was no one who wasn’t afraid of death. After cultivating for so many years, they had finally reached the Open Heaven Stage, and their lifespans were extremely long. Who wouldn’t want to live longer?

However, there was always a need for someone to die generously. The peace of the 3000 Worlds had been forged with blood and life for generations.

Although ninety-nine percent of the people there were completely unaware of the Black Ink Clan's existence!

After bowing once more, Yang Kai put away the Space Ring and collected the remains of this Senior Zhao before turning around and flying off.

Finding a way back wasn’t difficult for him, so he quickly found the right direction and quickly flew back and forth.

A few days later, at the Great Evolution Pass’ space array.

The soldiers on duty stared at the Space Array with rapt attention, not just them, but also Smiles old Ancestor.

It had been almost a year since Yang Kai had used the Space Array to travel to Wind and Cloud Pass, and she had received news from Wind and Cloud Pass about the situation.

Therefore, Smiles Old Ancestor also knew that Yang Kai should be searching for the Great Evolution Core in the Void Crack right now, but whether or not he could find it, or even whether the Great Evolution Core had really been lost in the Void Crack, was an unknown.

All Great Evolution Pass could do now was wait.

At the same time, they also hoped that Yang Kai’s guess was correct, otherwise the loss of the core would be extremely detrimental to the expedition.

At a certain moment, the Space Array suddenly began to hum and the lines of the array lit up, revealing a hidden door.

Smiles Old Ancestor, who was watching closely, suddenly narrowed her eyes, and the soldiers on duty also hurriedly moved to locate the source of the transmission.

However, before they could figure out what was happening, a pair of large hands suddenly reached out from the door, and a mysterious force surged out from the hands, violently pulling them apart.

The door, which had yet to fully form, was directly torn open.

In the next moment, Yang Kai’s figure leapt out and let out a long sigh.

Although he was proficient in the Space Principle, staying in the Void Crack for an extended period of time wasn’t a pleasant experience. The feeling of emptiness made him feel anxious.

Sensing the aura of Smiles Old Ancestor, Yang Kai quickly walked towards her.

“How is it?” Smiles Old Ancestor asked.

“Some gains.”

As he spoke, Yang Kai handed over the Space Ring he had taken from the old ancestor and took out Senior Zhao’s remains.

The Old Ancestor first glanced at the remains, her eyes dimming slightly as she examined the contents of the Space Ring.

After a while, she let out a long sigh.

Seeing this, Yang Kai whispered, “Is it the core?”

Smiles nodded, “It’s the core.”

Yang Kai immediately let out a sigh of relief. He was really afraid that the jade tree was not the Great Evolution Core. If it wasn’t, this trip would have been a waste of effort.

“Is this the person who left Great Evolution Pass with the Core that day?” Smiles Old Ancestor looked at the remains and asked.

Yang Kai nodded, “Yes.”

Back in the Void Crack, Yang Kai hadn’t carefully examined it, but now that he had taken it out, he found that there was a huge wound on its back, deep enough to see the bone. Even after so many years, it showed no signs of healing.

It was easy to imagine that when the Great Evolution Pass was about to be broken, this Senior Zhao had taken the Great Evolution Core and stepped into the Space Array, preparing to send the core to Wind and Cloud Pass.

However, the moment the Great Array was activated, a Black Ink Clan master attacked, destroying the Great Array and severely injuring this person.

With the transmission cut off, Senior Zhao had been lost in the void for countless years before finally dying.

Before his death, he had made the greatest effort to place the Great Evolution Core into his Space Ring and remove its restrictions, leaving it for later generations.

It could be said that if it weren’t for this ancestor’s efforts, Yang Kai wouldn’t have been able to find the core so easily today. This was a task entrusted to him thirty thousand years ago.

“Let’s bury him,” Smiles Old Ancestor ordered.

Yang Kai nodded, “Naturally.”

Now that he had found the core, Yang Kai didn’t need to worry about the rest. With the Old Ancestor in charge, she placed the core into the Great Evolution Pass and issued an order. Immediately, the aura of an Eighth Order Open Heaven master appeared and began gathering towards the Great Evolution Pass.

Each human mountain pass had two extremely special places.

One was the Heroic Spirit Monument, which recorded the names of generations of fallen ancestors.

There was also a cemetery, a place related to the fallen ancestors.

Every time they clashed with the Black Ink Clan, it would be extremely intense. Many of their ancestors died in battle, leaving behind nothing but a name on the Heroic Spirit Monument.

However, there were still many ancestors who had died in battle who still had their corpses and buried in the cemetery.

To the soldiers of the Ink Battlefield, dying in battle was not the best outcome, but it was an acceptable outcome.

None of the soldiers who entered the Ink Battlefield did not have the heart to die.

After generations of hard work, all the soldiers firmly believed that one day, the Black Ink Clan would be exterminated, and all the evildoers in the Ink Battlefield would be eliminated.

Great Evolution Pass’s Cemetery didn’t have many remains of its ancestors. During the thirty thousand years the Black Ink Clan had occupied Great Evolution Pass’s Cemetery, although the Heroic Spirit Monument had remained intact, the Cemetery had been rebuilt.

The previous cemetery had already been destroyed by the Black Ink Clan. In order to refine the huge Skeleton Throne for the Royal Lord, the Black Ink Clan had not only collected the remains of the Human Race’s masters on the battlefield, but also the ones buried inside the cemetery, which was why they had built a skeleton throne for the Great Evolution War Zone’s Royal Lord.

Now, this throne had been completely dismantled by Smiles Old Ancestor and returned to the cemetery.

Along with them were the remains of the soldiers who had died in the Great Evolution War Zone.

Even so, there were still more than ten thousand remains buried in the cemetery, and many of them had died without leaving behind anything but the mark they had left on the Heroic Spirit Monument.

In front of the cemetery, Yang Kai waited quietly.

Not long after, a stream of light flew over from afar and landed in front of Yang Kai.

Not in a hurry to say anything to Yang Kai, he instead bowed respectfully towards the cemetery before asking, “Is there something you need?”

Troublesome Grandmaster had also rushed over after receiving Yang Kai’s message, but he didn’t know why Yang Kai had chosen this location.

Normally, no one would come to this place, and every time they did, it meant that the remains of those who died here needed to be settled.

Those who died in battle didn’t need to be remembered, nor did they need to mourn. Survivors only needed to cultivate diligently, increase their strength, and kill more Black Ink Clan members. This was the best way to comfort the dead.

“Do you know this Senior?” As Yang Kai spoke, he took out the senior Zhao’s remains and placed it in front of him.

Troublesome Grandmaster swept his eyes over it and was instantly stunned.

Although he had been stuck in the void for many years and his body had withered, making it impossible to see his original appearance, there were still traces of him.

In the past, when Great Evolution Pass was in need of assistance, all the Open Heaven masters from Great Evolution Paradise had rushed to the battlefield and died in the final battle. If this Senior Zhao was the one who had come to support Great Evolution Pass, then Troublesome Grandmaster should know him.

This was also why Yang Kai had sent him a message.

His predecessors had passed away, so if it was possible, he should know their names. His name should be on the Heroic Spirit Monument.

Reality proved that Troublesome Grandmaster recognized this Senior.

Trembling, he knelt on the ground and respectfully kowtowed three times to the remains before slowly standing up, his eyes slightly red as he whispered, “It’s my Great Evolution Paradise’s Martial Uncle Zhao Yi Huan!”

Yang Kai nodded slightly and met his gaze.

Troublesome Grandmaster suppressed his excitement and asked, “Where did you find it?”

Yang Kai sighed, “In the Void Crack between the Great Evolution Pass and Wind and Cloud Pass, when the Great Evolution Pass was broken, this Senior took the core and prepared to flee to Wind and Cloud Pass. Unfortunately, the Black Ink Clan destroyed the Space Array and he got lost halfway.”

Troublesome Grandmaster understands.

Only a few people knew about the loss of the Great Evolution Core, and Troublesome Grandmaster was one of them.

Because Smiles old Ancestor was also making preparations, constantly harassing the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord to ask him for the core while also asking the several Artifact Refining Grandmasters in the pass to see if they could refine a replacement.

Unfortunately, after all these years, even with Troublesome Grandmaster and the other Artifact Refining masters skills, their progress had been slow.

The core of every human race mountain pass was an ancient artifact. It wasn’t that the people of that era were more skilled in Artifact Refining than they were now, but the Artifact Refiners of that era must have spent a great deal of time to refine these cores, now that Troublesome Grandmaster and the others want to refine a replacement, all they lacked was time.

“So you’ve also found the core?” Troublesome Grandmaster suddenly asked.

Yang Kai nodded.

“No wonder…”

No wonder so many Eighth Order auras had appeared just now and gathered in a certain place. It turned out that the Core had been found. Obviously, Smiles Old Ancestor wanted to borrow the power of the Eighth Order Open Heaven to arrange the Core.

Not thinking about the core matter, the remains of the Sect’s Elder had been found, so Troublesome Grandmaster did not hesitate to help Yang Kai settle them in the cemetery.

Speaking of which, he wasn’t too familiar with this Martial Uncle Zhao Yi Huan. In the era of the Great Evolution Paradise, Troublesome Grandmaster had just entered the Sect and wasn’t too old. Although he was highly regarded by his Master, he hadn’t come into contact with many masters and had only met this Martial Uncle Zhao a few times.

One day, when the Great Evolution Paradise's Open Heaven masters were mobilized, this Martial Uncle Zhao, like many other Martial Uncles and Ancestors, looked back at the Great Evolution Paradise's gate and never returned.

When they saw each other again, the Yin and Yang were already separated.

Martial Uncle Zhao’s remains had been found, but his Master and many of his Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters who had reached the Open Heaven Stage had long since disappeared.


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