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Inside the Void Crack, there was a strange object formed from countless turbulent flows. Not to mention Yang Kai, even Huang Si Niang had never seen it before.

However, he could vaguely sense that there was something inside this strange artifact, otherwise it wouldn’t have been able to draw in the turbulent flow.

This thing was most likely the Great Evolution Core Yang Kai was looking for.

If that was the case, the only way to extract the core would be to separate the streams of Void Turbulence that had accumulated for thirty thousand years.

This was undoubtedly an extremely complicated matter.

Huang Si Niang was quite helpless. On that day, she had taken the initiative to give her tail feather to Yang Kai, mainly because she wanted to follow him and find an opportunity to join in on the fun and kill a few Black Ink Clan. In the end, the first time she appeared, Yang Kai ordered her around like a laborer.

If one were to compare this spherical object in front of them to a ball of thread, then the countless turbulent currents gathered within it would be the threads of this ball of thread. These threads would overlap each other layer by layer, making it extremely chaotic. If one wanted to extract these threads, it would be equivalent to extracting the threads from them one by one until they revealed what was hidden inside. This required great willpower and patience.

This was a stupid method, but it was also the only way.

After Yang Kai finished speaking, he began to use his Space Principle to form a barrier around the sphere.

He had to first isolate it, because this sphere was constantly drawing in the surrounding void turbulence. If he didn’t isolate it, he would never be able to completely remove it.

For the current Yang Kai, this was not difficult.

A moment later, the barrier formed by the Space Principle enveloped the sphere.

The Space Principle continued to fluctuate as Yang Kai’s Divine Sense surged towards the sphere, searching for weak spots to exploit.

After a while, a stream of Void Qi attached to the sphere was drawn out and then pulled into the outer space by Yang Kai, entering the void crack.

Everything was difficult in the beginning. With his first experience, Yang Kai felt that it was much easier to act like this the second time.

After removing several dozen streams of Void Turbulence, Yang Kai turned to look at the bored Huang Si Niang and called out, “Si Niang, don’t just stand there, help me.”

Over the past thirty thousand years, he had no idea how many streams of Void Turbulence had been gathered in this sphere. Although many of them had fused into one or even collapsed, the remaining amount was still enormous. If he were to separate them all by himself, it would take a lot of effort.

Huang Si Niang glared at him fiercely, “This old lady really owes you.”

Although she said so, it wasn’t difficult for Huang Si Niang to make a move. Yang Kai could only feel a strong fluctuation of Space Principle coming from her, and with a gentle wave of her hand, a turbulent flow was drawn out.

This speed was many times faster than his own.

Yang Kai was extremely impressed. After all, the Phoenix Clan was still the Phoenix Clan.

Not only that, but Huang Si Niang’s speed also became faster. After a short period of familiarization, her pair of white hands continued to move as she flicked her ten fingers, causing the Space Principle around her to fluctuate wildly as if they were trying to draw out the stars and moon.

This was obviously a profound use of the Space Principle.

While Yang Kai was quietly extracting the Void Turbulence, he was openly learning it while paying attention to the mysteries of Huang Si Niang.

This method of utilizing the Space Principle was extremely profound. If someone who had yet to cultivate the Space Principle saw it, they would definitely be confused, but Yang Kai only took half an hour to fully grasp its essence.

For a time, the two of them stood in front of the strange ball, each of them circulating their own strength to madly extract the thread from it.

As the void turbulence around it decreased, the size of the giant sphere also decreased.

Whether it was Yang Kai or Huang Si Niang, the speed at which they separated the Void Turbulence became faster until each of them reached their peak.

Yang Kai silently calculated. According to his current speed, it would only take him half a year at most to completely strip this round ball. At that time, he would be able to see what was hidden inside.

It was most likely the core of Great Evolution Pass. After all, in this kind of damned place, nothing else would be lost.

However, after a month or so, Huang Si Niang suddenly stopped what she was doing and turned to Yang Kai, “I can’t hold on any longer, I’ll leave you be.”

Saying so, her figure flickered as she charged towards Yang Kai.

Halfway there, a burst of seven colored light flashed and the clone transformed back into the tail feather, which Yang Kai quickly grabbed.

It was unknown if Si Niang could hear him, but Yang Kai still said, “Thank you for your hard work.”

However, from this, it could be seen that this tail feather was indeed somewhat different from a Clone. At the very least, normal Clone wouldn’t exhaust their strength so quickly.

However, Yang Kai didn’t know if this Clone of Huang Si Niang could be used again, he estimated it was possible.

He casually put it away into his Space Ring. In any case, Si Niang could break through the barrier of the Space Ring herself, so if she really wanted to show herself, she would show herself.

Without the help of his Si Niang, Yang Kai could only work hard alone. The original half a year had been extended by almost double.

Yang Kai didn’t find it boring. This method of extracting the chaotic flow of space was very rare, and it was a test of his Space Dao. Now that his speed of extracting the chaotic flow of space had reached its limit, if he could break through this limit, perhaps his Space Dao would improve.

Over the next few days, Yang Kai continued to try all kinds of methods to extract the Void Turbulence, gaining some small gains.

At one point, he suddenly stopped what he was doing and focused his attention on the sphere.

After such a long time, the sphere had shrunk to only two people tall in height, and the thing hidden inside seemed to have finally revealed some clues.

Yang Kai faintly felt a strange energy fluctuation coming from the sphere.

Not daring to be certain, Yang Kai carefully examined the energy fluctuations again.

Yang Kai was overjoyed. It seemed that his guess was right, this sphere was likely the core of Great Evolution Pass.

Without any hesitation, he continued to analyze the situation.

As the surrounding turbulent flows were stripped away, the true appearance of the hidden force was finally revealed.

After more than ten days, Yang Kai managed to extract the last of the turbulent flow and stared forward, speechless.

The thing in front of him was not the Great Evolution Core he had imagined, but the remains of a Human Race master.

It had been countless years since it had died, and under the turbulent flow of the void, its body was covered in wounds and even its flesh had withered.

Looking at the state this skeleton was in before its death, it should be quite peaceful.

Yang Kai didn’t know what grade of Open Heaven this old man was when he was alive, but he could faintly feel the residual Space Force from his remains.

This remnant was not left behind by the turbulent flow of the Void, but rather by this person.

In other words, when this person was still alive, he should have cultivated the Space Principle, but under Yang Kai’s perception, this person’s Space Principle had only just begun.

If not for this, he wouldn’t have been trapped in this void crack and would have found a way out long ago.

And it was precisely because of the faint traces of the Space Dao left behind in the other party’s remains that the surrounding void turbulence gathered and gradually formed a sphere-like object.

Looking at the remains in front of him, Yang Kai seemed to be able to recall how this person had reacted after being trapped here.

No matter what grade this person was when he was alive, it would be difficult for him to find a way out of this Void Crack. If he wanted to leave, he would have to find the pattern of the Void Turbulence.

After watching for several years, although he had suffered a great deal, he had finally managed to gain some insights into the Space Principle. If he had enough time to continue cultivating, he might be able to make some progress in the Space Principle and escape.

Unfortunately, for various reasons, this Senior’s strength had nearly dried up and he had no way to replenish it, so he was unable to resist the turbulent flow of the Void and eventually died of old age.

After countless years, Yang Kai finally arrived.

This scene was quite different from what he had imagined. He had thought that thirty thousand years ago, at that critical moment, the soldiers of Great Evolution Pass would use the Space Array to send the core to Wind and Cloud Pass, but now it seemed that that day was not just a simple delivery of the core, but someone carrying it.

There was no Great Evolution Core, but Yang Kai wasn’t disappointed, because if it were him, if he really fled with the core, he would not take it in his hand.

It must have been stored in his Small Universe or Space Ring.

With this person dead, the Small Universe was destined to collapse. No matter what the Small Universe had, it would be destroyed.

Yang Kai turned his eyes to the Space Ring on his right hand and bowed before taking a step forward and removing it.

Using his Divine Sense, he discovered that all the restrictions on this Space Ring had been removed in advance. In other words, anyone who obtained this Space Ring would be able to easily retrieve its contents.

The removal of the restrictions should have been done by this Senior before his death.

Even though he was in a desperate situation and was about to die, he still firmly believed that one day, the Human Race would find him and bring back what he had hidden.

As such, the restrictions on the Space Ring couldn’t be left behind, because if they were left behind, it would only create trouble for those who came later. If the Space Ring was destroyed, the things inside would be gone.

Yang Kai used his Divine Sense to investigate the Space Ring.

The large space was completely empty, with nothing inside, which was only natural. After being trapped here for countless years, this Senior must have used up everything he could.

Inside the Space Ring, there was only an identity token and a few artifacts.

A sparkling and translucent white jade tree.

Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled slightly. He didn’t sense anything special about this white jade tree. It looked like an ornamental artifact.

Was this the Great Evolution Core?

But if not, where was the core?

He didn’t touch the small tree. After all, this place wasn’t very safe. If the jade tree was really the Great Evolution Core, it wasn’t suitable to be taken out here.

Yang Kai took out his identity token and looked at it for a moment before sighing.


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