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The last time Yang Kai had come here, it was this old man who had brought him to see the Wind and Cloud Pass’ Old Ancestor.

“Greetings, Senior Yuan,” Yang Kai bowed.

Yuan Xingge nodded slightly and asked solemnly, “What business do you have here?”

The flow of personnel between the mountain passes was bound to be accompanied by a major event, so after receiving this news, he immediately rushed over.

Yang Kai said, “I have something I want to ask you.”


“Thirty thousand years ago, when Great Evolution Pass was broken, was there anything unusual about the Wind and Cloud Pass's Space Array?”

“Thirty thousand years ago…” Yuan Xingge was speechless, “This King only came to Wind and Cloud Pass ten thousand years ago.”

How could he know anything about what had happened thirty thousand years ago? It had been too long. Thirty thousand years ago, he hadn’t even been born yet.

“Are there any old men from thirty thousand years ago in the Pass?”

“There is… but they won't necessarily know about this.”

Everyone had their own matters to attend to, so who would pay attention to the situation of the Space Array unless they were constantly guarding it?

After a moment of silence, Yuan Xingge asked, “Is this matter very important?”

Yang Kai nodded seriously, “Very important.”

Yuan Xingge turned around and said, “Follow me, I’ll take you to see Old Ancestor.”

There was no point in asking others about this, it was best to ask the Old Ancestor. The Old Ancestor guarding Wind and Cloud Pass was definitely more than thirty thousand years old.

In a flash, in the secluded area of Wind and Cloud Pass, where the Small Universe the Old Ancestor reside in is slocated, Yang Kai once again saw the Old Ancestor of Wind and Cloud Pass who was currently tending his cattle.

Receiving Smiles Old Ancestor’s reminder, Yang Kai carefully observed this time and found that there was indeed an old ox with broken horn, secretly guessing that it was an extremely powerful Monster Beast.

After all, anything that could make Smiles Old Ancestor think about it was extraordinary.

Perhaps sensing Yang Kai’s gaze on it's ribs, the old ox, who was eating grass with it's head lowered, raised it's head and mooed.

Yuan Xingge stepped forward and whispered a few words to the Old Ancestor, who nodded and looked up at Yang Kai, asking, “Why do you suddenly want to inquire about what happened thirty thousand years ago?”

Yang Kai cupped his fists, “Reporting to Old Ancestor, the Great Evolution Core was lost.”

Hearing this, Yuan Xingge’s expression changed slightly, but this was also within his expectations. After all, the Black Ink Clan had occupied Great Evolution Pass for more than thirty thousand years, so they definitely wouldn’t leave the core behind.

However, what did the loss of the core have to do with the Wind and Cloud Pass's Space Array thirty thousand years ago?

Without waiting for them to ask, Yang Kai explained, “Disciple suspects that when the Great Evolution Pass was broken, the Great Evolution Soldiers took the core and prepared to send it to Wind and Cloud Pass.”

The Old Ancestor looked at him with interest, “Why do you have such doubts?”

Yang Kai said seriously, “If I were a Great Evolution soldier from thirty thousand years ago, seeing the Old Ancestor fought a bloody battle and was unable to hold on, died in battle and the mountain pass was in great danger. The only thing I could do was think of a way to protect the Great Evolution Core, and if I wanted to protect it, I could only use a Space Array to send it to the nearby mountain pass.”

The Old Ancestor nodded, “En, what you say makes sense, continue.”

“The one adjacent to Great Evolution Pass is Wind and Cloud Pass, while the other is Azure Void Pass. At that time, the situation was urgent, so they would definitely choose the two closest passes.”

“Then why is it Wind and Cloud Pass and not Azure Void Pass?”

Yang Kai said, “After recovering the Great Evolution Pass, this Disciple managed to arrange the Great Evolution Space Array and spent a great deal of effort to repair it, but at the end of the process, a problem occurred at Wind and Cloud Pass. There seemed to be some kind of force interfering with the Space Array, causing the two places to be unable to smoothly connect. This Disciple had no choice but to enter and break through the barrier, allowing the Space Array to operate smoothly. Senior Yuan should know about this.”

Yuan Xingge nodded slightly.

On that day, when the Great Evolution Pass Space Array had located this place, the door had opened, but there had been no movement from the other side. After waiting for a long time, Yang Kai had finally arrived.

This kind of thing had never happened before, so the soldiers on duty on that day immediately reported it to Yuan Xingge and the Regiment Commander of Wind and Cloud Pass’ Northern Army, Tian Lu.

Finally, Yang Kai arrived.

At that time, Yang Kai didn’t know why the teleportation had gone wrong. Although he had gone deep into the teleportation channel to investigate, he hadn’t been able to find the reason.

Apart from the first time, there was nothing unusual about the subsequent teleportation, so Yang Kai didn’t pay any attention to this matter, only thinking that it was because the two teleportation tunnels had not been used for a long time.

But now, it seemed that this was not the case.

There was a high chance that something in the transmission channel was interfering with the stability of the channel, so even if they were able to determine the direction and open the portal, they were unable to penetrate it.

If Smiles Old Ancestor hadn’t mentioned the Great Evolution Core, Yang Kai wouldn’t have even thought about it. These two seemingly unrelated matters were actually closely related.

The Old Ancestor obviously understood this and asked, “So you suspect that the Great Evolution Core was lost in the Void Crack and the power that interfered with the passage between the two locations was the power emitted by that core?”

Yang Kai nodded, “Very likely.”

As for what had happened that day, no one knew. It was impossible to investigate what had happened thirty thousand years ago, and those who knew had most likely died.

However, if Yang Kai’s speculations were true, then thirty thousand years ago, the Great Evolution Pass soldier must have brought their core with them and prepared to send them to Wind and Cloud Pass through the Space Array. However, just as the Spirit Array opened, a Black Ink Clan master attacked the Great Evolution Pass.

The moment the core was teleported away, they also destroyed the Space Array, causing the void to become chaotic and the core to be lost in the void.

“However, these are all my speculations, so I need some proof.”

This was the reason why he had come to Wind and Cloud Pass to inquire about the situation. If there had been any abnormalities with the Space Array at Wind and Pass, it meant that he was right.

“En,” The Old Ancestor nodded slightly, “Wait a moment, thirty thousand years… is a bit too long.”

Even an expert like the Old Ancestor might not be able to remember what happened that day, not to mention that the Old Ancestor might not have been paying attention to the Space Array.

As such, he needed to calm his mind and return to the scene from thirty thousand years ago to find some clues.

Amidst the verdant mountains and clear waters, there was a moment of silence. The Old Ancestor’s eyes drooped as if he had fallen asleep.

Yang Kai and Yuan Xingge quietly stood in place and waited.

Only a few old cattles were leisurely eating grass.

At first, everything seemed normal, but as time passed, the green mountains and clear waters began to tremble.

It was obvious that the Old Ancestor was using his own strength. In the distant past, there had never been a specific time point, so it was not easy to find that tiny bit of information.

After half a day, Wind and Cloud's Old Ancestor suddenly raised his head.

The trembling Small Universe instantly calmed down.

Yang Kai quickly looked over.

The Old Ancestor nodded slightly towards him, “It seems your idea was correct. On the day of the Great Evolution Pass’s collapse, there was a teleportation portal at Wind and Cloud Pass’s Space Array. However, that portal appeared and disappeared too quickly, and even the soldiers on duty were unable to locate its source, so this matter was left unsettled.”

Yang Kai said excitedly, “The core really isn’t in the hands of the Black Ink Clan.”

Although he felt that his guess was correct, it wasn’t until the Old Ancestor personally confirmed that there was something wrong with the Space Array that he was certain.

This was undoubtedly good news.

As long as the Great Evolution Core was not in the hands of the Black Ink Clan, it was not a big deal.

If the core really was in the hands of the Black Ink Clan, that would be difficult. Although Smiles Old Ancestor had been pressuring the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, how could the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord easily compromise? If he really had the core, he would definitely not return it unless she killed him.

How could a Royal Lord who could mobilize the power of the Ink Nest be so easy to kill? No matter how heavy his injuries were, as long as he was in the King City, he had the Ink Nest's help to fight with Smiles Old Ancestor. If he was forced into a corner, he might even be able to drag Smiles Old Ancestor down with him.

This was something Great Evolution Pass could not accept.

But now… Yang Kai actually felt some sympathy for the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord.

Speaking of which, he had been to several war zones before, but he had never seen such a miserable Black Ink Clan Royal Lord. He had been bullied and humiliated by Smiles Old Ancestor time again, but there was nothing he could do about it.

Presumably, when Smiles Old Ancestor asked him for the Great Evolution Core, this fellow also had a look of despair.

What could he do?

Yuan Xingge said, “Just now you said that you vaguely sensed some kind of disturbance in the transmission channel. Does this mean that the Great Evolution Core is still here?”

“Yes,” Yang Kai nodded.

“Can you find it?”

Yang Kai took a deep breath, “Disciple will do his best.”

In this world, if there was anyone who could find an artifact that had been lost for thirty thousand years in the Void Crack, it was likely that not many would be able to find it.

On the Holy Spirit’s side, the Phoenix Clan with a pure bloodline might be able to, but on the Human Race’s side, only Yang Kai could.

After confirming that the Great Evolution Core was still in the void, Yang Kai didn’t delay and bid farewell to Yuan Xingge before quickly returning to the Space Array.

“Senior Brothers, please activate the Spirit Array,” Yang Kai bowed.

The soldiers on duty immediately began preparing.

Yuan Xingge was silent for a moment before asking in a low voice, “How confident are you?”

Yang Kai smiled and said, “If I can’t find the core, I won’t return.”

Yuan Xingge glanced at him for a moment before saying, “Your own safety is of utmost importance.”

“Yes!” Yang Kai replied firmly. The Spirit Array was ready and he stepped forward.

As the Great Array buzzed, light enveloped Yang Kai and he disappeared.

If it was a normal teleportation, Yang Kai would probably appear at Great Evolution Pass in just a few breaths’ time, but this time, he had to enter the Void Crack to find the core, so he had to interrupt the teleportation.

As soon as he sensed the power of teleportation, Yang Kai immediately used his Space Principle to resist it.

In the blink of an eye, Yang Kai was caught in the turbulent void.

In the Void Crack, this Void Turbulence was the most dangerous thing. These existences had no pattern at all, like some crazed beasts, moving at will.

If someone who didn’t understand the Space Principle were to be sucked into the void turbulence, they would lose their sense of direction and be trapped instantly.

Once trapped in a void crack, one’s fate would generally be quite miserable.


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