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Hearing this, Yang Kai frowned, “If the core is so important, the Black Ink Clan must have been aware of it long ago, so how could they easily return it?”

“That’s right.” Smiles Old Ancestor let out a long sigh. For something so important to the Human Race, the Black Ink Clan definitely wouldn’t return it. If she is the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, she would destroy the core, so it wouldn’t benefit the Human Race.

This was also the reason why she had gone to seek trouble with the Royal Lord so many times in the past few days, only to return empty-handed.

“Can’t you refine another one?” Yang Kai asked.

In the end, there was no hope of obtaining it. The Old Ancestor should also know this, but she was just doing her best to obey the will of the Heavens.

Smiles Old Ancestor shook her head, “The core of this artifact is an ancient artifact, and the method to refine it has long been lost. Although the several Artifact Refining Great Grandmasters in the pass have been studying this matter, they haven’t been able to find any clues.”

The loss of Great Evolution’s core was only discovered during the restoration of the Great Evolution Pass. Now that it had only been a short time, even with Troublesome Grandmaster and the Artifact Refining masters, they still hadn’t been able to find any clues.

If they wanted to refine a new core, it would take at least a thousand years.

A thousand years… there were too many variables.

The Human Race currently had the advantage in various battlefields, so it was time to take down the Black Ink Clan’s King City in one fell swoop. If they delayed for too long, the Black Ink Clan’s forces might be able to rise again.

If they couldn’t find the core of the Great Evolution Pass, the only result would be that when the expedition began, the Great Evolution Pass would no longer be able to borrow the power of the mountain pass and could only sail one battleship after another to fight the enemy.

If that was the case, the Great Evolution Army’s casualties would definitely be higher than the other human race armies.

Yang Kai couldn’t help in this matter, so the only thing he could do was help Smiles Old Ancestor heal her injuries, hoping that the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord wouldn’t be able to bear it and return the core.

Although the chances were slim.

However, after listening to Smiles Old Ancestor’s words, Yang Kai finally understood why the higher-ups had spent so much manpower and financial resources to set up Great Evolution Pass after subduing the Great Evolution.

Originally, he had thought that these arrangements were useless, because the Black Ink Clan in the Great Evolution War Zone had already been destroyed. Without the Black Ink Clan’s invasion, these arrangements were useless.

If the Black Ink Clan didn’t come to attack, wouldn’t all these arrangements only look good?

But now, it seemed that he had taken things for granted.

The various arrangements of Great Evolution Pass were not useless, they were prepared for the expedition. As long as they could find the core, the entire mountain pass would be their greatest reliance.

Smiles Old Ancestor almost always went out once every two or three months, returning each time injured.

If she was like this, the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord definitely wouldn’t have a good time. After all, that fellow’s injuries had yet to fully heal. If it weren’t for the power of the Ink Nest in the King City, Smiles Old Ancestor would have killed him long ago.

The current Royal Lord of the Black Ink Clan was simply struggling at death’s door.

Regardless of whether or not Great Evolution Pass could find its core back, when the time came for the expedition, the Great Evolution Army would definitely send a large force to the border, and at that time, he would be the one under pressure.

However, as time passed, Yang Kai could clearly feel that Smiles Old Ancestor’s temper had become worse. Often, when she returned from the Black Ink Clan’s King City, she would scold the Royal Lord for not knowing what was good for him and calling him stubborn.

Every time this happened, Yang Kai would remain silent.

If she run over to him and ask him for the Great Evolution Core, if he really gave it to her, that would be weird.

This kind of thing was just a thought, so he didn’t dare say it out loud, afraid he would be scolded.

On this day, Smiles Old Ancestor once again returned, her face so gloomy that it seemed like it was about to drip water. She landed in Yang Kai’s Small Universe, healing her injuries while reprimanding the Royal Lord.

It enter Yang Kai's left ear and go out his right ear, and keep nodding like chicken pecking rice.

Such a scene had occurred many times before, and Yang Kai had long since become accustomed to it. He casually took out a stick of candied fruits and handed it over. The Old Ancestor glanced at him and accepted it, continuing to curse as she ate.

Yang Kai remained calm, quietly comprehending his Space and Time Principle.

Suddenly, Yang Kai looked up at Smiles Old Ancestor.

The Old Ancestor was just about to curse when she saw this and frowned, “What?”

Yang Kai asked, “Old Ancestor, you said that the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord has always denied that he took the core of Great Evolution Pass?”

This was not the first time the Old Ancestor had mentioned this to him, but Yang Kai had never thought about it deeply before. After all, he couldn’t help in this matter, helping the Old Ancestor heal was the only thing he could do.

While the Old Ancestor was recuperating, most of his attention was focused on comprehending the Space and Time Principle in order to improve. Over the past few days, he had gained a lot.

The upgrade of the Dragon Vein had allowed him to improve his Time Principle, and the Dao Marks he had absorbed and refined in the Phoenix Nest had also allowed his Time Principle to improve.

When the Old Ancestor mentioned this matter again, Yang Kai suddenly realized that he had overlooked something important.

The Old Ancestor snorted, “How could he admit such a thing?”

Yang Kai pondered for a moment before asking, “If the Great Evolution Core was still there when the Black Ink Clan took down the Great Evolution Pass, would the power of the Black Ink Clan be able to control it?”

The Old Ancestor said, “Although Great Evolution Pass is a Human Race creation, it only requires enough strength to control it. The Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord is comparable to a Ninth Order Human Race master, but he won’t be able to control Great Evolution Pass alone. However, if the Territory Lords under him work together, controlling Great Evolution Pass won’t be a problem. After all, the Black Ink Clan has many Territory Lords.”

“That’s strange,” Yang Kai looked at Smiles Old Ancestor, “Since controlling the Great Evolution Pass isn’t a problem, why did the Black Ink Clan leave behind the Great Evolution Pass? If I were the Royal Lord of the Black Ink Clan, I would have brought the Great Evolution Pass to the vicinity of the King City as a barrier, or I would have directly treated the Great Evolution Pass as my own.”

In this world, which Black Ink Clan King City could have a sturdy bases like the Human Race Pass? With such a pass as his own King City, he wouldn’t need to worry about the Human Race’s invasion at all, which was a great honor.

He believed that no Black Ink Clan Master could resist this temptation.

The Old Ancestor frowned slightly, “Actually, this is also what I’m confused about…”

Yang Kai’s eyes lit up slightly, “So the Great Evolution Core may not be in the hands of the Black Ink Clan.”

The Old Ancestor shook her head, “But if the core is not in the hands of the Black Ink Clan, where could it be?”

“Could it have been destroyed?” Yang Kai asked, “On that day, the Old Ancestor of Great Evolution Pass died in battle. Maybe some humans saw that the situation was bad so they took the core, destroying it.”

The core was such an important thing, if it really came to a critical moment, it would definitely be destroyed rather than given to the Black Ink Clan.

“There is such a possibility, but it’s not very likely. The core of each mountain pass is extremely solid, so unless a Ninth Order Open Heaven cultivator takes action, it will be extremely difficult to destroy the core. When Great Evolution Pass fell, the only Ninth Order on this side was the Great Evolution Pass Old Ancestor. At that time, he should have been fighting with the Black Ink Clan’s two Royal Lords, so how could he have had time to destroy the core?”

“Then there’s only one possibility,” Yang Kai said as he put away his Small Universe and called out, “Old Ancestor, please follow me.”

Smiles Old Ancestor’s face was filled with confusion, but she quickly followed up and asked, “What do you want to do?”

Yang Kai shook his head, “I’m not sure, but we’ll know once we try. Old Ancestor, please calm down.”

Smiles didn’t pursue the matter any further.

Soon, the two of them arrived at Great Evolution’s Space Array.

When the soldiers on duty saw the Old Ancestor arrive, they quickly stepped forward and bowed.

One of them asked, “Does Old Ancestor want to go to another mountain pass?”

Smiles Old Ancestor shook her head and motioned to Yang Kai, “He has something to do, you should listen to him.”

The man nodded and turned to Yang Kai, “Where is Junior Brother Yang going?”

Yang Kai thought for a moment before saying, “I’ll have to trouble Senior Brothers to open the Space Array.”

Hearing this, the guards quickly got ready.

Smiles Old Ancestor frowned and asked, “Do you suspect that when the Great Evolution Pass was broken, someone sent the Core of the Great Array to another mountain pass?”

Yang Kai nodded, “If the Core is not in the hands of the Black Ink Clan and is not destroyed, that is the only possibility.”

No one knew what had happened thirty thousand years ago. After all, on that day, the entire Great Evolution Pass, from the Old Ancestors to the ordinary soldiers, except for those who had been captured, almost all of them had been wiped out, so there was no one to ask.

However, just as Yang Kai had said, if the core was not in the hands of the Black Ink Clan and was not destroyed, the only way to send it away was through the Space Array!

Perhaps on that day, someone had stepped onto this Space Array and carried the heavy responsibility of preserving the Great Evolution Core!

“If it really was sent to another mountain pass, how could it be hidden?” Smiles Old Ancestor shook her head.

Yang Kai smiled, “If they don’t know anything, how can they report it?”

Smiles Old Ancestor was confused.

At this moment, the guard on duty said, “Junior Brother Yang, everything is ready here. Where should we locate?”

Yang Kai didn’t hesitate, “Wind and Cloud Pass!”

Saying so, he stepped onto the Spirit Array.

The Spirit Array buzzed and energy surged as the lines of the Spirit Array flickered and wrapped around Yang Kai’s figure. When the light disappeared, Yang Kai also disappeared.

At the same time, inside Wind and Cloud Pass’ transmission hall, the door lit up and the guards on duty immediately noticed the commotion. They reported the situation as they searched for the source of the disturbance.

Soon, they found out that it was someone from Great Evolution Pass.

At this moment, Yang Kai’s figure appeared on the Space Array.

“Junior Brother Yang!” A Seventh Order cupped his fists and greeted. The last time Yang Kai had come here, he had also been on duty, so he recognized him.

Yang Kai returned the greeting, “Greetings, Senior Brother.”

The Seventh Order asked, “What business does Junior Brother Yang have here?”

Under normal circumstances, there would be very few people coming and going between the mountain passes, because each time they teleported, they would consume a lot of resources. If there was any information sharing, they would only need a jade slip.

The Evil-Breaking Divine Lance, Expelling Black Ink Pill, and the refining method of the Void Yin-Yang Mirror were all sent out through jade slips to share to the various mountain passes.

For Yang Kai to directly teleport here, there must be something important.

Yang Kai replied bluntly, “There are indeed some things I need to discuss, may I ask which Regiment Commander is free? This Yang has some things he would like to ask.”

The Seventh Order guard nodded, “Junior Brother, please wait a moment, allow me…”

Before this person could finish, a voice came from outside, “What is it?”

As soon as the voice fell, a person stepped in.

Everyone quickly bowed.

Yang Kai looked over and saw an old acquaintance, the Wind and Cloud Pass's Eastern Army Regiment Commander, Yuan Xingge!


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