The old man replied, “We don’t know what the ancient ancestors are thinking, but based on the current situation, without this agreement, the Dragon and Phoenix Clans will only have fewer people.”

Without this agreement, the Dragon and Phoenix Clans could freely enter and exit the battlefield. Who could guarantee that they would survive? Under the powerful attacks of the Black Ink Clan, even the Dragon and Phoenix would fall.

A few of their Clansmen had died in battle, but how many could they bear? If a few important figures had died, their Clans would be enraged and rush to the battlefield. If that happened, their Clans might really be wiped out.

It was because of this agreement that the Dragon and Phoenix Clans were only able to defend No-Return Pass. Although their days were extremely boring, at least they didn’t have to bear the many risks on the battlefield.

From this point of view, perhaps it wasn’t the ancient Human Race Great Expert who restricted the freedom of the Dragon and Phoenix clans, but rather their own choice.

“What happen if this junior leave his name on the Dragon Record?” Yang Kai asked with a frown.

The old man said, “If you leave your name in the Dragon Record, you must abide by this agreement.”

“In other words, if I leave my name on the Dragon Record, I must stay in the No-Return Pass and can't return to the Ink Battlefield?”

“Yes,” The old man nodded.

After all, this agreement was similar to a Bloodline Oath. If Yang Kai wasn’t a pure-blooded Dragon Clan, it wouldn’t be a big deal, but now that his bloodline had been purified, once he left his name on the Dragon Record, he would also be restricted. Once he violate it, he will be subjected to a backlash.

Yang Kai glanced over at the three Dragon Clan Elders in front of him, the three of them remaining calm.

If it weren’t for Yang Kai taking the initiative to ask, they wouldn’t have brought this up. They didn’t mean to hide anything, if they did, they wouldn’t have explained much.

However, Fu Guang’s message indicated that Yang Kai’s Sun and Moon Seals were too useful to the Dragon Clan. If possible, they naturally wanted Yang Kai to remain in the No-Return Pass.

Not to mention the three of them, there were still other Ancient Dragons in the Clan who needed to break through in the future. With Yang Kai’s help, their chances of success would increase by at least twenty to thirty percent.

Don’t underestimate these twenty to thirty percent, this could mean that the Dragon Clan would have a few more Divine Dragons!

However, since Yang Kai had taken the initiative to ask about it, they naturally had to make it clear that it was beneath them to deceive their Clansmen.

Leaving their name in the Dragon Record indeed had great benefits. Just by relying on the Dragon Record and Dragon Pond’s strength, it was possible to revive from the dead, a temptation no one could resist.

But if he couldn’t leave No-Return Pass, what was the point of doing so?

Yang Kai’s main purpose in coming here to improve his bloodline was to carry out the expedition in the future. If he stays in the No-Return Pass, what kind of expedition would there be? It would be a waste of Smiles Old Ancestor's efforts and expectations.

After a moment of silence, the old woman said, “Yang Kai, the Source you obtained is the Third Generation Dragon Emperor’s Source. This Source is no small matter, and you are a Dragon Clan that has been transformed from a human race. If you leave your name on the Dragon Record, you may keep your surname. If you can give birth to a new branch in the future, my Dragon Clan will be able to gain another family, a great contribution to my Dragon Clan!”

The old woman’s meaning was clear. If Yang Kai could remain in the No-Return Pass and give birth to a few more young dragons, in the future, the Dragon Clan would have another surname besides Fu, Zhu, Ji.

This kind of honor was not something just anyone could obtain. The Dragon Clan had been born countless years ago, and up until now, there had only been three branches in the Clan.

As long as Yang Kai left his name on the Dragon Record, there would be one more, and Yang Kai would become the Patriarch of this Dragon Clan.

The other Elder who had been silent all this time also spoke up, “We didn't mean for you to be restricted in the No-Return Pass, but your cultivation is only at the Seventh Order Open Heaven. Even with your 7000 zhang Ancient Dragon body, in the entire Ink Battlefield, your usefulness is limited, but if you remain in the No-Return Pass, it will be different. Your existence will greatly benefit the future of the Dragon Clan.”

“If you’re willing, you can bring your loved ones to No-Return Pass. Although this place is also located in the Ink Battlefield, it has been peaceful for many years. Now that the Great Evolution Pass has been reclaimed, there is no longer any Black Ink Clan here to disturb us.”

“That’s right, you have family in the 3000 Worlds, right? Hanging around in the Ink Battlefield, you can’t guarantee your safety. Those who are close to you must also be on edge, how could they bear it?”

The three Dragon Clan Elders spoke one after another, all of them trying to persuade Yang Kai to leave his name in the Dragon Record and stay in the No-Return Pass.

However, seeing Yang Kai’s indifferent expression, the three Dragon Clan Elders knew that their persuasion wouldn’t have much effect. After all, Yang Kai is a Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivator with a firm heart. If they could change his mind with just a few words, it would have been impossible for him to reach his current cultivation.

The old man said, “There’s no need to hurry about leaving your name on the Dragon Record. Why don’t you stay here for a few days and think about it carefully? If you’re unwilling, no one will force you.”

Yang Kai slowly shook his head and said, “This Junior appreciates the good intentions of the three Elders. Leaving my name on the Dragon Record, stauing in the No-Return Pass, living peacefully, junior is willing to accept it. However, on the Ink Battlefield, there are many of Junior’s companions, and the Human Race is also about to embark on an expedition. Junior’s cultivation is low, so perhaps it is as the Elders said, one more me is not a problem, one less me is not a problem, but… if I don’t gather sand, how can I build a tower? There are thousands of ancestors who had fall, all in order to resist the Black Ink Clan, Junior is not talented and is willing to imitate the legacy of my ancestors. If Junior really falls somewhere on the battlefield, it is only because Junior’s strength is lacking and cannot blame others.”

The old man said solemnly, “You’ve thought about it.”

Yang Kai took a step back, bowed, and cupped his fists, “For the Human Race, for the 3000 Worlds, I will die ten thousand times!”

The old woman sighed lightly and said no more.

The old man said, “Since that’s the case, we won’t force you. The matter of leaving your name on the Dragon Record… when the Black Ink Clan is completely exterminated, if you come to No-Return Pass, we’ll help you manage it.”

“Many thanks to the three Elders!” Yang Kai bowed again, “Sorry for disturbing you for so long, Junior will take his leave now.”

“The battlefield is dangerous, be careful.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly, turned around, and rushed out of the hall. Under the complicated gazes of the Dragon Clan, he rushed out of the No-Return Pass.

Although many Dragon Clan members were standing guard outside the main hall and did not enter, they had witnessed what had happened inside and naturally understood that Yang Kai had not left his name in the Dragon Record.

Zhu Wuyou leaned over to Fu Qian and whispered, “Is this guy stupid? Leaving his name in the Dragon Record is such a good thing, yet he refuses to do it and instead wants to die outside.”

Fu Qian stared at Yang Kai’s departing figure and sighed lightly, “Being trapped in a corner of the world, how can the Dragon enter the Nine Heavens?”

Zhu Wuyou blinked at him for a moment before pursing his lips, “You’re also a fool.”

Fu Qian glared at him, “What do you know!”

Just as he was about to leave the No-Return Pass, Yang Kai suddenly stopped and turned his head to look at a figure on the Parasol Tree, who was still sitting on a tree branch, smiling at him while Feng Liu Lang stood beside her.

“leaving?” Huang Si Niang asked with a smile.

“I'm leaving,” Yang Kai nodded and thought for a moment before turning around and bowing to her, “I’ll have to trouble Si Niang with my wife’s matters.”

Huang Si Niang waved her hand, “It’s just a small matter, do you have anything you want to say to her?”

Yang Kai shook his head, “There’s nothing to say.” He paused for a moment before asking, “The Dragon Clan has an agreement with the ancient Human Race’s Great Expert that those who leave their names in the Dragon Record must remain in the No-Return Pass. What about the Phoenix Clan?”

Huang Si Niang pursed her lips into a smile and patted the tree trunk below her, “Since we have our Phoenix Nest in this Parasol Tree, we need to stay inside the No-Return Pass.”

Yang Kai nodded in understanding. It seemed that both the Dragon Clan and the Phoenix Clan had similar restrictions. In comparison, the Phoenix Clan’s restrictions were stronger. If the Dragon Clan didn’t leave their name on the Dragon Record, it wouldn’t matter much, but the Phoenix Clan couldn’t. If they wanted to cultivate, they had to have their own Phoenix Nest.

At this time, Yang Kai is relieved. If Su Yan really comes here, she will definitely be restricted and stay in the No-Return Pass.

Yang Kai cupped his fists and said, “This little brat will take his leave. If he returns, he will definitely be the victor!”

Huang Si Niang sneered, “Such big words, I’ll wait for your good news!”

As soon as these words left her mouth, a loud Dragon Roar rang out from the distance. In her field of vision, a golden light flashed and a Dragon Prestige gradually spread!

In the void, Yang Kai transformed into a 7000 zhang long Ancient Dragon and flew forward.

It wasn’t that he wanted to show off, in this desolate void, no one would even look at him. The main reason was because he had gained too much from this trip to the Dragon Pond. When he entered the Dragon Pond, his Dragon Body only reached 3,500 zhang, but when he left the Dragon Pond, he had gained a Dragon Body of 7000 zhang.

After his physique had doubled, his Dragon Vein had also become completely pure, transforming into a true Dragon Clan.

The sudden increase in size meant a massive increase in strength, but his Small Universe was still only that of a Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivator. This sudden increase in strength required time to get used to, otherwise, if he were to really fight an enemy, he would be unable to control himself.

It took half a year for Yang Kai to rush to No-Return Pass from Great Evolution Pass, and now that his Space Principle had improved, his return journey should take less than half a year.

This period of time was perfect for him to familiarize himself with his new strength.

As he traveled, Yang Kai would occasionally swing his dragon claws and tail, occasionally activating some of the Dragon Clan’s Secret Techniques, and sometimes even summoning his Azure Dragon Spear to sweep across the universe, as if he was surrounded by invisible enemies.

If anyone else were to observe, they would think that this Golden Dragon was a lunatic.

Yang Kai had no choice. The Human Race’s expedition was imminent, he didn’t want to familiarize his new strength on the battlefield.

On this trip back to the pass, his gains were simply too great.

Not to mention the changes in his Dragon Vein, just the Dao Marks he had refined from Su Yan’s Phoenix Nest had greatly benefited him.

The Space Dao Mark in the Phoenix Nest was born from the Parasol Tree and contained the mysteries of the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth. To Yang Kai, it was a great supplement.

Although it didn’t allow him to improve his Space Principle any further, it was still a great improvement.

The main reason was that Yang Kai’s attainments in the Space Principle had already reached an extremely high level, so it would be extremely difficult for him to take another step forward.

Inside the Dragon Pond, while helping Fu Guang channel the power of the Dragon Pond, Fu Guang was also using his Dragon Bead to demonstrate the mysteries of the Time Principle to Yang Kai.

This allowed him to break through the shackles of the Time Principle.

With the growth of his flesh and blood, the two Great Daos he cultivated had also greatly improved.

At this moment, Yang Kai felt full. Whether it was his own strength or his comprehension of the Great Daos, they were incomparable to when he left Great Evolution Pass.


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