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The three Ancient Dragon Elders glanced at each other and saw the confusion in each other’s eyes.

The Human Race had broken through in the Dragon Pond.

According to the information they had obtained from the Human Race’s Supreme Master, this person should only be a Big Dragon. Since he had broken through, didn’t that mean he had reach the Ancient Dragon realm?

This was a bit strange. Since ancient times, the Dragon Clan’s Source had been lost to many races, but it was still very rare for it to grow to this extent.

On the other side, after learning that the reason the clansmen who had entered the Dragon Pond this time had grown so slowly was because of that human, all of the Dragon Clan members who had remained outside were filled with righteous indignation, and there were even Big Dragons clamoring to teach that human a lesson.

From the perspective of the Dragon Clan, it was already an exception to allow an outsider to enter a place as important as the Dragon Pond. If it weren’t for the fact that a Ninth Order Supreme Master from the Human Race had come forward and reached an agreement with the Dragon Clan, the Dragon Clan would never have agreed.

Entering the Dragon Pond and obtaining some benefits was one thing, but now he had actually interfered with the growth of more than a dozen clansmen, how could they tolerate this?

It had to be known that opening the Dragon Pond was not an easy task. Being able to enter the Dragon Pond to cultivate was an opportunity for every Dragon Clan.

Just as the Dragon Clan was arguing, a golden light appeared at the entrance of the vortex-like Dragon Pond, followed by a Big Dragon head.

The monstrous Dragon Prestige filled the air.

The noisy square suddenly became silent.

Accompanied by a loud Dragon Roar, a massive Dragon Body quickly emerged from the Dragon Pond, causing the Dragons who had just been clamoring to stare up at the sky in shock.

The three Ancient Dragon Elders were also stunned.

Ji Old Third’s mouth twitched…

Seven thousand Zhang!

A total of seven thousand zhang long dragon body, residing in the middle of the No-Return Pass, shining with a golden light, awe-inspiring and majestic aura.

Ji Old Third’s heart filled with bitterness.

Twenty thousand zhang!

When Yang Kai entered the Dragon Pond, he had only possessed a Dragon Body of 3,500 zhang, but in the past few years, his Dragon Body had doubled in size?

Since ancient times, there had never been a Dragon Clan cultivating in the Dragon Pond that had obtained such great benefits.

With a seven thousand zhang Dragon Body, even amongst the Ancient Dragon Realm of the Dragon Clan, he was no weakling.

What made Ji Old Third even more speechless was that under this Dragon Prestige, his hands and feet actually felt a bit weak, completely suppressed.

Not only him, but many other Ancient Dragons also felt a kind of pressure under this Dragon Prestige, a sign that their bloodline was being suppressed.

“Golden Dragon…” An old woman among the Three Elders couldn’t help calling out.

The other Elder stared fixedly at one of the five Dragon Emperor statues. It was the statue of the Third Generation's Dragon Emperor. At this moment, it was also emitting a dazzling golden light and resonating with the aura of the Dragon in the sky. It was as if there was some kind of connection between the two.

“So that’s how it is!” The Elder muttered. In this situation, if thet still couldn’t guess Yang Kai’s origin, they would have lived so many years in vain.

The Dragon Clan had once searched for this lost Source, not just the Dragon Clan, but also the Phoenix Clan. Unfortunately, they had missed the best opportunity and had failed to obtain anything.

But whether it was the Dragon Clan or the Phoenix Clan, both of them knew that these two powerful Sources could not be easily destroyed. Even if they could not be found, just because they were lost did not mean they were gone.

However, no one had expected that the Source of that person would reappear in front of the Dragon Clan in such a manner. For a time, all the Ancient Dragons who knew the details were filled with mixed feelings.

Previously, they had all thought that Yang Kai had only refined an ordinary Dragon Clan’s Source, so there was nothing to worry about. The Dragon Clan had lost a lot of its Source, what others obtained was also another’s opportunity.

But if this Source was related to the Third Generation Dragon Emperor, the meaning behind it would be different. Inside this Source, there is a road to heaven.

In the sky, Yang Kai’s Dragon Body circled around the No-Return Pass before shrinking back and transforming into his human form.

Feeling the surprised gazes from all around him, Yang Kai knew that this trip of his had probably brought a lot of doubts to the Dragon Clan. At the very least, the matter of him refining the Golden Divine Dragon Source could not be hidden.

The Dragon Clan should have many questions for him.

Without waiting for them to ask, Yang Kai took the initiative to speak, “Greetings, Elders, Senior Fu Guang has something for this Junior to pass to you.”

The old man in the middle choked back his words and asked in surprise, “Fu Guang, did you see Fu Guang at the Dragon Pond?”

“Yes,” Yang Kai nodded.

“How is he?” The old man asked with concern.

Yang Kai said, “Senior Fu Guang is well.”

“What did he want you to pass back?” The old woman asked.

Yang Kai handed over Fu Guang’s dragon scale, and the old woman took it, focusing her attention on it for a moment before handing it over to another Elder, her eyes filled with complex emotions.

After the other two Elders finished their investigation, they glanced at each other and didn’t say anything, but they could see the tacit understanding in each other’s eyes.

The old man in the middle nodded slightly, his expression no longer as indifferent as before when he looked at Yang Kai, now containing a hint of gentleness, “Since you have been reborn and your bloodline is pure, from now on, you are a member of my Dragon Clan.”

In fact, the moment Yang Kai rushed out of the Dragon Pond, the three Ancient Dragon Elders had already felt it.

Yang Kai was different from when he had first arrived.

If one were to say that when Yang Kai first came to the No-Return Pass, his body was still filled with the thick aura of the Human Race, then when he rushed out of the Dragon Pond, that aura had completely disappeared. Now, what lingered around him was pure Dragon Breath.

After investigating the information Fu Guang had left behind in the dragon scales, the three Ancient Dragon Elders also learned about what had happened in the Dragon Pond.

Just as they had thought, Yang Kai had refined the Source of the Third Generation Dragon Emperor that had been lost. Fu Guang had confirmed this point many times.

He also talk about the Sun's Burning Shine and Moon's Nether Glimmer marks. It was thanks to these two marks that he was able to devour the energy of the Dragon Pond and rapidly grow.

It was also because of this that the performance of the clansmen who had entered the Dragon Pond this time was so poor.

It wasn’t that their aptitudes weren’t good, it was just that all the benefits had been taken away by Yang Kai.

If Yang Kai, who had just entered the No-Return Pass, were to do such a thing, the Dragon Clan would definitely not let this matter rest. The future of the Dragon Clan was in the hands of these juniors, hindering their growth would be detrimental to the Dragon Clan.

But now, Yang Kai was also a member of the Dragon Clan and could be considered a member of the Dragon Clan. The competition between the clansmen was an internal struggle, so none of the Elders would blame him.

Not to mention, in the information Fu Guang had left behind, he had borrowed Yang Kai’s strength to take the final step.

Compared to the growth of more than a dozen juniors, Fu Guang’s promotion to Divine Dragon was undoubtedly more important.

Yang Kai was now a seven thousand zhang long Ancient Dragon, and he had returned with the Third Generation Dragon Emperor’s Source, which was more than enough to compensate for the loss of the younger generations.

After the old man finished speaking, he raised his head to look at the many clansmen and shouted, “The Dragon Clan is declining, and now, a clansman has returned to strengthen my Dragon Clan!”

The other two Elders beside him shouted in unison, “Congratulations to the Dragon Clan!”

“Congratulations to the Dragon Clan!”

Yang Kai was a little stunned. Was he really a member of the Dragon Clan? Although he had indeed abandoned the part of his human body when he had become an Ancient Dragon and transformed into a pure-blooded Dragon Clan member, becoming a member of the Dragon Clan was still somewhat difficult for him to adapt to.

Yang Kai didn’t care too much about whether his bloodline belonged to the Human Race or the Dragon Clan. After all, he didn’t really come from the Dragon Clan, he didn’t care much about his bloodline.

However, the three Ancient Dragon Elders’ attitude meant that he had really become a member of the Dragon Clan.

Many of the Dragon Clan’s clansmen had been clamoring about waiting for Yang Kai to leave the Dragon Pond to teach him a lesson, but after the three Elders came to a consensus, all of them had no intention of finding trouble with him.

The Holy Spirits placed great importance on the concept of their race. If Yang Kai was an outsider, they would naturally have some say to handle things, but now that he was a member of their race, there was nothing to say.

On the other side, even Zhu Wuyou, who was the most annoyed with Yang Kai, was shouting, let alone the other Dragon Clan masters.

Only Ji Old Third was left rolling his eyes. Did he just become a clansman?

How could he avenge himself?

However, after thinking about it for a while, he realized that Yang Kai is now a seven thousand zhang long dragon while he is only 5,500 zhang long. His bloodline was inferior to Yang Kai’s, and his Source was inferior to Yang Kai’s. If he really wanted to seek revenge, he would only be inviting humiliation upon himself. He sighed in his heart and gave up on any thoughts of revenge. At the very least, until he was stronger than Yang Kai, he would not be able to take revenge.

On the Parasol Tree, Huang Si Niang watched a good show, her face beaming with joy.

She only knew that Yang Kai’s trip into the Dragon Pond would not be peaceful, but in the end, he was accepted by the Dragon Clan and became a member of their race.

Although they had spent many years together with the Dragon Clan in the No-Return Pass, and hated each other, in the end, everyone was on the same side. If the Dragon Clan’s strength grow, it is also beneficial to the No-Return Pass.

Even after so many years, No-Return Pass has not encountered any battle.

While the Dragon Clan was still cheering, the three Elders also looked at Yang Kai with a kind and amiable expression.

The purity of Yang Kai’s bloodline was naturally not enough to make them look at him favorably, but the Source Yang Kai refined was the source of the Third Generation Dragon Emperor.

The Source itself represented a great Dao, and if Yang Kai could completely inherit it, even if he didn’t grow to the level of the Third Generation Dragon Emperor, he could still reach the Divine Dragon realm.

Divine Dragon… since ancient times, how many Divine Dragons had appeared in the Dragon Clan?

Moreover, the information Fu Guang had hidden in the Dragon Scale also mentioned Yang Kai’s Sun and Moon Seals. When activated, it would be able to draw upon the immense power of the Dragon Pond, which was the best aid for the Dragon Clan’s breakthrough.

If the Ancient Dragon were to ascend to the Divine Dragon Realm in the future, Yang Kai would be able to help them and greatly increase their chances of success.

The three Ancient Dragon Elders had already reached their limit in terms of their cultivation. Did they not want to take a step closer?

It was just that they were restricted by their bloodline and couldn’t take that step.

If they could use Yang Kai’s Sun and Moon Seals to help them, perhaps they would be able to break through. Although the chances weren’t high, it was still worth trying.

Right now, Fu Guang was cultivating in the Dragon Pond and could not be disturbed. When Fu Guang came out of seclusion, the three Ancient Dragon Elders might have the chance to try.

This is a really good news to them.


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