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Seemingly seeing through Yang Kai’s thoughts, Fu Guang said, “My accumulation is enough, all that’s left is the Bloodline Transformation. External help won’t do anything in this stage.”

In these three years, Yang Kai had borrowed the power of the Sun and Moon Seals to draw the Dragon Pond's power, which was almost equivalent to a hundred years of effort for Fu Guang, showing just how powerful these two seals were.

Previously, he had been unable to take that step because the amount of Dragon Pond’s power he could draw from the Ancient Technique was insufficient, making it impossible for him to accumulate enough energy to achieve a qualitative change, but in front of the Sun and Moon Seals, this was not a problem at all.

The power of the Dragon Pond he had spent a hundred years drawing upon was the same as Yang Kai’s three years, but that didn’t mean it had the same effect.

Without Yang Kai’s help, not to mention three short years, even if he had another thousand years, he might not have been able to take this step.

But now, he could feel that his bloodline was undergoing some changes, and it was time for him to take that step.

Perhaps the next time the Dragon Pond opened, the Dragon Clan would have another Divine Dragon!

Hearing this, Yang Kai also let out a sigh of relief. It wasn’t a good thing to owe someone a favor. Now that Fu Guang had given him some guidance on the Time Principle and he had helped him ascend to the Divine Dragon Realm, it could be said that both of them getting what they want.

A dragon scale suddenly flew towards Yang Kai and Fu Guang said, “Bring this to the three Elders of the clan and you will receive the treatment you deserve.”

Yang Kai stretched out his hand and grabbed it, faintly feeling that Fu Guang had used some kind of mysterious technique to seal something inside the dragon scale.

He had no intention of prying into this matter. On this trip to the Dragon Pond, besides swallowing more of the Dragon Pond’s power, he had not done anything wrong to the Dragon Clan. Instead, he had helped Fu Guang. Logically speaking, the Dragon Clan should be thanking him.

Although he was now a pure-blooded Dragon Clan cultivator and had also discarded his status as a human race, he still subconsciously felt that he was a human race.

A beam of light shot down from above. This light came from an unknown distance, but it seemed to be able to penetrate the entire Dragon Pond.

Immediately after, a low shout came from above, “The time limit has been reached, quickly leave the pond.”

Yang Kai recognized the voice of an Ancient Dragon Elder.

Without delay, Yang Kai nodded slightly towards Fu Guang and said, “Senior, we’ll part ways here. I hope I can hear good news about you in the future.”

Although Fu Guang had said that he had accumulated enough and that all that was left was the Bloodline Transformation, things might not necessarily go so smoothly.

Just by looking at the number of Divine Dragons on the Dragon Clan’s side, one could tell that if it was so easy to become a Divine Dragon, the number of Divine Dragons in the Dragon Clan wouldn’t be so low all year round.

“Go,” Fu Guang nodded slightly.

With a flick of his dragon tail, Yang Kai dove into the light tunnel and quickly flew upwards.

This light tunnel seemed to have a magical effect of piercing through space, and Yang Kai didn’t know how the Dragon Clan had created it. At this moment, Yang Kai was several million zhang deep in the Dragon Pond, but in the blink of an eye, he had arrived above it.

At this moment, in the huge square, the five Dragon Emperor statues were still standing, with a faint vortex swirling between them.

Dozens of Dragon Clan members gathered around, three Young Dragons and ten Big Dragons emerged from the vortex one after another.

For a time, Dragon Roar shook the void around the No-Return Pass.

However, after seeing the situation of these clansmen, the Dragon Clan’s side couldn’t help being stunned, even the three Ancient Dragon Elders frowned.

Without a doubt, the clansmen who had entered the Dragon Pond this time had not grown much.

According to their previous thoughts, among the three Young Dragons, the eldest from the Ji Family would definitely be able to become a Big Dragon. After all, he already had a 900 zhang long dragon body and was not far from becoming a Big Dragon. Cultivating in the Dragon Pond for several years was enough to allow him to cross this stage.

Zhu Wuyou and Fu Qian were slightly weaker, but if they were lucky, they might be able to become Big Dragons.

But now, the eldest son from the Ji Family had indeed become a Big Dragon, but he is only about a thousand zhang. This situation looked like he had just recently advanced.

Zhu Wuyou and Fu Qian were even more pitiful. Right now, they were barely 900 zhang, there is still a big distance from the Big Dragon realm.

This was only on the Young Dragon's side, but the Big Dragon’s side was even more disappointing.

Of the ten Big Dragons, there should be at least two or three that had reached the Ancient Dragon Realm.

However, only Ji Old Third had broken through to the Ancient Dragon realm while the other clansmen were still stuck at the Big Dragon realm. The growth of their dragon bodies was also not satisfactory.

The three Ancient Dragon Elders had never seen such a poor younger generations before, it could be said that they were the poorest group of Dragon Clan cultivators in history.

On the other side, on one of the branches of the Parasol Tree, Huang Si Niang sat, her two legs swaying leisurely as she looked over, seemingly waiting to watch a good show.

When she saw the state of the Dragon Clan members outside the Dragon Pond, she immediately smiled and said, “I knew that if they let that person enter the Dragon Pond, the Dragon Clan would definitely suffer a huge loss.”

Standing next to her, Feng Liu Lang frowned and asked, “Has the Dragon Clan ever thought of investigating his Source?”

Huang Si Niang curled her lips and said, “The Dragon Clan is extremely arrogant. In their opinion, even if that person refined a portion of the Dragon Clan’s Source, it wouldn’t be a big deal. On top of that, they had some kind of agreement with the human race Ninth Order, so how could they waste their energy to investigate? What they didn’t know was that the Source he obtained was quite extraordinary.”

Yang Kai possessed the Source of a Golden Divine Dragon, and it was the Source of the Third Generation's Dragon Emperor. The Dragon Clan didn’t know about this, but the Phoenix Clan did.

Because Yang Kai have the ability to enter the Phoenix Nest by himself.

The Phoenix Nest he entered was the Phoenix Empress’s nest from the same era as the Third Generation's Dragon Emperor, and the Source of these two had disappeared without a trace.

Since Yang Kai was able to enter the Phoenix Nest, and his wife had obtained the Source of that generation’s Phoenix Empress, the origin of his Dragon Clan’s Source were worth considering.

The Dragon Clan couldn’t be bothered to investigate, and the Phoenix Empress naturally wouldn’t try to warn them. If such a person entered the Dragon Pond, there would definitely be some unforeseen circumstances.

Therefore, when the Dragon Pond opened this time, she had deliberately waited here to watch a good show.

Staying in the No-Return Pass was too boring. Even if she were to cultivate in the Phoenix Nest, there would be no fun.

However… Huang Si Niang also didn’t understand what Yang Kai had done in the Dragon Pond. How could the growth of the Dragon Clan that had entered the Dragon Pond this time be so small? Moreover, was this really related to him? Even if his Source is from the Third Generation's Dragon Emperor, it shouldn’t have affected the other Dragon Clan, right?

Soon, her doubts were answered.

As soon as Zhu Wuyou arrived, he rushed over to his parents and shouted, “That bastard Yang Kai is too much! He actually dared to snatch the power of the Dragon Pond, causing us to be unable to eat our fill.”

Zhu Wuyou’s parents, one was an Ancient Dragon while the other was a Big Dragon, frowned slightly upon hearing this.

Fighting over the Dragon Pond’s power in the Dragon Pond was a common occurrence. When they first entered the Dragon Pond, they would also fight with their clansmen for a better position.

Zhu Wuyou obviously couldn’t be supported at this point.

Zhu Wuyou’s father, the Ancient Dragon, immediately rebuked, “Your skills are inferior to others, what is there to complain about? Moreover… that human should be a Big Dragon. Even if he fought over the Dragon Pond's power, he wouldn't snatch it from you. You are usually too lazy, so this time you didn’t obtain much.”

Zhu Wuyou felt greatly aggrieved, “No, Father, that guy is a bit strange. I don’t know what method he used to quickly devour the power of the Dragon Pond, this child’s strength is weak, I only managed to occupy the highest position, but in less than half a month, the power of the Dragon Pond where this child was occupying had already dried up.”

“The power of the Dragon Pond has dried up?” Zhu Wuyou’s mother, the Big Dragon, was stunned.

Zhu Wuyou nodded and said, “That’s right, so this child was prepared to snatch Fu Qian’s territory, but after fighting with him for half a month, his territory also dried up. After that, we went all the way down to snatch other people’s territory, but none of us could maintain it for long. Not only were the three of us young dragons like this, but the places occupied by the various uncles were also the same. If you don’t believe me, you can ask them.”

The Ancient Dragon turned his head and asked.

All the Big Dragons nodded slightly.

Seeing this, the Dragon Clan cultivators waiting here couldn’t help but burst into an uproar.

“No wonder everyone who entered the Dragon Pond this time didn’t improve much.”

“How could this be? The power of the Dragon Pond should be endless, how could it have dried up?”

“The power of the Dragon Pond flows up from the bottom. If those at the bottom of the Dragon Pond devours it's power too much, it will naturally dry up, but… does that human have such ability?”

“Could it be because of that person?”

“It’s possible. If that person is on the verge of breaking through, he may need a large amount of the Dragon Pond’s power.”

“If it’s really because of that person, these little brats didn’t have a good opportunity entering the Dragon Pond.”


Zhu Wuyou didn’t know who they were talking about. Fu Guang had been cultivating in the Dragon Pond for five thousand years while Zhu Wuyou was only a few hundred years old, so he didn’t know there was another Fu Guang in the clan.

His parents, on the other hand, were somewhat aware of the situation. If it was really because of that person that the Dragon Clan who had entered the Dragon Pond this time didn’t gain much, then there was nothing they could do about it. They could only accept it. After all, if there was one more Divine Dragon in the clan, it would be far better than having several Big Dragons and Ancient Dragons.

Seeing this, Zhu Wuyou said, “What do you mean by that? It was that human who did this. If you don’t believe me, ask Third Uncle Ji. When that human broke through, Third Uncle Ji saw everything clearly.”

“Breakthrough?” The group of Dragon Clan masters all wore surprised expressions.

To be honest, the Dragon Clan didn’t know exactly how strong that human’s Dragon Bloodline was, and he hadn’t used his Dragon Prestige or revealed his Dragon Body. All they knew was that he was a Big Dragon, and this news had come from the Human Race.

Just as Huang Si Niang had said, the Dragon Clan was a proud race, so even if Yang Kai had refined a portion of the Dragon Clan’s Source, they didn’t put it to heart, nor did they bother to investigate.

The Ancient Dragon looked towards Ji Old Third and asked, “Did that human break through in the Dragon Pond?”

Ji Old Third nodded bitterly.

Before he entered the Dragon Pond, his body was nearly five thousand zhang long, but now that he was out of the Dragon Pond, it was only 5,500 zhang.

What about that Human Race?

When he had first entered the Dragon Pond, his body length is 3,500 zhang. In just half a year, he had broken through to the Ancient Dragon Realm. Now, three years had passed, and it was unknown how far he had grown.

He was a pure-blooded Dragon Clan cultivator, yet he couldn’t compare to a human cultivator’s harvest in the Dragon Pond. He really didn’t have the face to bring up this matter.


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