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Under the control of the Sun and Moon Seals, the power of the Dragon Pond swarmed towards him.

This time, Yang Kai deliberately controlled the two seals and found that it wasn’t difficult. Since Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer had given him these two seals in the past, they should have considered this point. Now, with a single thought, Yang Kai could control the strength of the two seals.

However, the power from the Dragon Pond was still immense.

After all, this place was already millions of zhang deep into the Dragon Pond, and the surrounding energy was already extremely rich. With just a slight pull, it was like a landslide or tsunami.

Fu Guang let out a low roar as his massive dragon body shook like before, his dragon scales standing on end as he instantly transformed into a bottomless abyss that swallowed the power of the Dragon Pond.

Yang Kai, who was surrounded by Fu Guang's dragon body, was somewhat nervous, but he soon discovered that he was worrying too much.

The power of this Dragon Pond that had been drawn over was actually completely swallowed by Fu Guang, not even a single bit flowing towards him.

Seeing this, Yang Kai slightly increased the power of the seals and drew more of the Dragon Pond’s power over.

As such, he continued to strengthen it step by step until about seventy percent of the mark’s power had been released. Only then did Fu Guang reach his limit.

After a brief exchange with Yang Kai, Yang Kai understood and increased the strength of his mark. With Fu Guang’s cooperation, the excess energy of the Dragon Pond flowed over to Yang Kai’s side, allowing him to absorb and refine it.

After several days of silence, both Yang Kai and Fu Guang were quietly adapting to the current pressure.

Yang Kai discovered that without the Yin-Yang Forces of Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer, even though he had swallowed a large amount of the Dragon Pond’s power, he was unable to refine it all. A large portion of it had been wasted and returned to the Dragon Pond.

Unlike before, under the influence of the Yin Yang Millstone, no matter how much of the Dragon Pond’s power he absorbed into his body, he was able to rapidly absorb it without leaving a single drop behind.

This was also the reason why he had been able to break through to the Ancient Dragon Realm so quickly and reach a length of 6700 zhang.

Now that he had lost his support, Yang Kai could finally feel the difficulty of raising his Dragon Vein. It was no wonder Fu Guang had been unable to break through after staying in the depths of the Dragon Pond for five thousand years.

If he, a 6,700 zhang Ancient Dragon, was already in such a state, let alone Fu Guang, who was only a step away from becoming a Divine Dragon.

Yang Kai didn’t know if this trip would be able to help Fu Guang break through this shackle, but since Fu Guang had said so, he could only do his best and listen to fate.

Compared to his current situation, Fu Guang’s devouring of the Dragon Pond’s energy was much more intense.

Yang Kai could clearly hear the Dragon Vein inside his body roaring like a raging river. Not only that, the surface of his body would burst from time to time as dragon blood flew everywhere.

This is obviously caused by the extreme pressure he is under.

However, although he looked miserable, Fu Guang’s expression didn’t show any signs of dejection, instead becoming excited.

Before Yang Kai entered the Dragon Pond, he had also used his Ancient Technique to temper his bloodline, drawing upon the power of the Dragon Pond in an attempt to break through his shackles.

However, after five thousand years, he had made very little progress. Now, his Dragon Body had reached its limit, and it was impossible for him to increase it any further. The next step was to become the Divine Dragon.

Five thousand years, he had thought about many things.

The Ancient Technique to temper his bloodline was not a problem, but the problem was that the amount of Dragon Pond energy he had drawn was not enough to meet his requirements.

Therefore, after seeing the Sun and Moon Seals on Yang Kai’s Dragon Claw, he had an idea. If Yang Kai could help him, he might have a chance to break through.

As it turned out, it was indeed effective. The power of the Dragon Pond drawn in by the two seals was much greater than what he could draw in with his ancient technique. Over the past few days, he had faintly felt that his Dragon Vein had undergone some subtle changes. Although he still couldn’t see any hope of breaking through, any changes were good.

He was afraid that nothing would change.

If he really succeeded this time, the Dragon Clan might have another way out in the future!

From ancient times until now, the Dragon Clan had produced many Ancient Dragons, but there were only a few Divine Dragons. There had never been more than three of them in the same era, and the biggest reason for this was that it was difficult to cross the final step.

If he could ascend to the Divine Dragon Realm this time, when another Ancient Dragon want to break through in the future, it will be possible for Yang Kai to help them.

When the time came, the number of Divine Dragons in the Dragon Clan would reach a new height.

Thinking so, he looked towards Yang Kai as if he had discovered some kind of treasure.

A few days later, both Yang Kai and Fu Guang had completely adapted to the current pressure.

Fu Guang suddenly opened his mouth and spat out his Dragon Bead.

This Dragon Bead was the size of a human head, round and flawless, and completely white.

Yang Kai also had Dragon Bead, but compared to Fu Guang, his Dragon Bead were incomparable.

Fu Guang’s Dragon Bead looked beautiful, but Yang Kai could feel the destructive power hidden inside it.

This was the crystallization of Fu Guang’s Dragon Force.

To the Dragon Clan, the Dragon Bead was like the core of a Monster Beast, its foundation and also its trump card. If they were to encounter a powerful enemy, they could use it to attack.

Of course, there was a huge risk involved in doing so. Ordinary Monster Beasts wouldn’t use their Monster Core unless they were in a crisis.

Yang Kai had once tried to kill Chasing Wind Territory Lord with it, but in the end, the Dragon Bead had nearly shattered and it took him more than a hundred years to recover.

He didn’t know why Fu Guang suddenly spat out the Dragon Bead at this time, but it was probably to guide him in the Time Principle.

“Boy, watch carefully,” Fu Guang shouted, and the Dragon Bead began to rotate, releasing pure Dragon Force from the Dragon Bead, forming a hazy mist around the Dragon Bead.

At the same time, the pure white Dragon Bead also began to change, and soon, a different color appeared on the Dragon Bead, causing the entire Dragon Bead to become bumpy. Not only that, but there seemed to be a strange energy surging inside the Dragon Bead.

Yang Kai’s eyes widened as he stared at the scene before him, his expression quickly becoming one of shock.

The Dragon Bead in his eyes weren’t Dragon Bead at all, it had already transformed into a Universe World. The clouds and mist that the Dragon Force emitted were the barriers surrounding this Universe World.

This was a new and lifeless Universe World, but with the convergence of the Yin-Yang and Five Elements, as the landscape of this world changed, the lifeless Universe World also gradually changed.

In the beginning, this world had a large sea, but soon after, green began to spread and the originally pure white Dragon Bead became green and blue.

The aura of life slowly began to emerge from the sea, as did the land.

These life forms were extremely weak and couldn’t withstand even the slightest wind or rain, if the Universe World were to undergo any kind of mutation, it would be a disaster.

Time and time again, death and rebirth, there was finally a time when the life in the Universe World tenaciously survived, time changed, life multiplied, and the entire world flourished.

Yang Kai understood that Fu Guang was using the Dragon Bead’s Universe to help him evolve the Time Principle.

Time was an extremely profound power, even more profound than Space.

The Dragon Clan’s bloodline talent was the Time Principle, so there was no need to deliberately cultivate it. When the Dragon Clan’s bloodline reached a certain degree of purity, the inheritance hidden in the depths of the Dragon Clan’s bloodline would naturally awaken, allowing the Dragon Clan to easily grasp this kind of power that ordinary people could not fathom.

Yang Kai didn’t know about this before, but now that he thought about it, the reason he was able to cultivate the Time Principle was probably because he possessed the Dragon Vein.

Otherwise, there was no way he could cultivate the Time Principle while being proficient in the Space Principle.

Now that he had the Ancient Dragon Body of 6,700 zhang and the Dragon Vein was completely pure, he was a true Dragon Clan. His bloodline talent had been awakened and all he lacked was his own comprehension.

Fu Guang’s actions made up for this point. He was an existence only a step away from becoming the Divine Dragon. In the entire Dragon Clan, it could be said that besides the Dragon Clan Patriarch, he was the strongest.

Using his own Dragon Bead, disregarding the loss of his Source Energy, and deducing the mysteries of the Time Principle for Yang Kai, this kind of opportunity was not something anyone could encounter.

If it weren’t for Yang Kai's help, Fu Guang wouldn’t have done such a thing.

Yang Kai’s attention was completely drawn to the Dragon Bead that had transformed into Universe World, as if he was immersed in the mysteries of the Time Principle.

While comprehending the mysteries, he could no longer feel the passage of time.

It seems like a moment, and it seems like thousands of years.

The Universe World collapsed under the violent shock and turned into a black hole, and many years before the Universe World collapsed, the entire world's life was already extinct.

Yang Kai’s vision blurred and his mind became clear again.

Fu Guang swallowed his Dragon Bead and stared at him strangely.

Fu Guang had originally thought that Yang Kai’s attainments in the Time Principle weren’t deep, but when Yang Kai immersed himself in comprehending it, he discovered that something was wrong. This boy’s attainments in the Time Principle weren’t low, and when he comprehended it, the Time Principle surrounding his body became extremely rich. In the clan, other than the Patriarch and himself, only the three Ancient Dragon Elders could suppress him.

The other Ancient Dragons were inferior to him.

Moreover, he could clearly feel that the current Yang Kai had taken a step forward in the Time Principle.

“How is it?” Fu Guang asked.

Yang Kai slowly came back to his senses and said gratefully, “Many thanks for Senior’s guidance.”

Fu Guang’s feeling was right. This time, Yang Kai had indeed taken a step forward in the Time Principle and reached the Seventh Stage, dominating all the masters.

The most obvious change was the flow of time in his Small Universe.

The flow of time in his Small Universe was four times faster than the outside world.

But now, it had reached five times its original flow.

The faster the flow of time in the Small Universe, the faster the lifeforms that lived in the Small Universe would grow. The spirit flowers and grasses planted in the Small Universe would also obtain more harvest, which meant that Yang Kai’s accumulation would also increase.

After all, Fu Guang had used his own Dragon Bead to derive the birth and destruction of a universe. Although Yang Kai didn’t know how much time had passed, his mind had followed the changes of the universe for countless years, comprehending the mysteries of Time.

It was not surprising for him to obtain such a harvest.

Fu Guang nodded lightly, “My efforts were not in vain. The Dragon Pond is about to open again, it’s time for you to leave.”

Yang Kai was stunned, “How long has it been?”

“Almost three years.”

Three years… seemed like an instant.

“Senior, you…” Yang Kai hesitated for a moment. He had gained quite a bit here, but Fu Guang didn’t look like he was about to break through. If he left now, wouldn’t Fu Guang’s efforts go to waste?


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