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In No-Return Pass, the Dragon Clan was divided into three family; Fu, Zhu, and Ji. Their bloodlines were also passed down through these three families.

What surprised Fu Guang was that he could not sense the blood aura of the Three Families from this junior.

Moreover, if he wasn’t mistaken, this was the first time he had noticed this junior. The other party should be using an ancient method to temper his bloodline, which meant he wasn’t an Ancient Dragon yet.

However, now that he was up close, he could see that the other party was already an Ancient Dragon that was nearly seven thousand zhang tall. In just a short year, the increase in strength was simply unimaginable.

Even someone as talented as him would not be able to accomplish such a feat. Since ancient times, there had never been a Dragon Clan that had grown so quickly. This had completely exceeded the understanding of the Dragon Clan.

As he asked this question, Fu Guang inadvertently glanced at Yang Kai’s two dragon claws.

When the Sun and Moon Seals appeared just now, he had seen it and knew that this junior’s rapid growth and consumption of the Dragon Pond’s power must have something to do with the two seals.

“Reporting to Senior, I'm not a Dragon Clan from the No-Return Pass,” Since he was certain the other party was Fu Guang, Yang Kai had nothing to fear. At the very least, the other party wouldn’t attack him for no reason.

“Not a Dragon Clan from the No-Return Pass?” Fu Guang was slightly surprised, “You came here from outside to acknowledge your Ancestors?”

Yang Kai shook his head and said, “Not really. This little brat was born a human and was lucky enough to refine a portion of the Dragon Clan’s Source, and his bloodline was purified when he was promoted to Ancient Dragon.”

Fu Guang was even more surprised, “Human Race? Those old fogies actually let you come down?”

He obviously knew the stubbornness of those Ancient Dragons. The Dragon Pond was the foundation of the Dragon Clan, and apart from the pure-blooded Dragon Clan, who else had the qualifications to set foot here?

But now, a human had actually enter the Dragon Pond, it was unknown why.

Nodding slightly, he said, “Regardless of whether you’re from the Human Race or not, your bloodline is now pure, so you can be considered a Dragon Clan, and an Ancient Dragon at that.”

Saying so, he glanced over at Yang Kai and muttered in his heart, 'Golden Dragon Source. Moreover, it seems that this Golden Dragon Source is extremely powerful. If I’m not mistaken, it should be the lost Golden Dragon Source.'

No wonder the few stubborn old fogeys in the clan were willing to let him come down, they probably had such considerations.

Leaving aside his wishful thinking, Yang Kai was slightly stunned after hearing his words and said somewhat dejectedly, “Yes, Junior is also a Dragon Clan now.”

Fu Guang chuckled lightly, “Why? From your expression, it seems you’re unwilling to part with your Human Race identity?”

Yang Kai replied, “Not really, it’s just… I’m not used to it.”

Fu Guang nodded slightly, “Although it’s rare to see someone like you, in my Dragon Clan’s ancient records, there are more or less a few. I can’t understand your feelings, but there’s no harm in being a Dragon Clan. At the very least, with the same grade, the Dragon Clan is much stronger than the Human Race.”

Changing the topic, Fu Guang asked, “I saw you activate two seals just now. Are they from Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer?”

“Senior’s vision is as bright as a torch, it is indeed from Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer.”

Even Huang Si Niang was able to see through the two seals with a single glance, so there was no reason Fu Guang couldn’t. Yang Kai wasn’t surprised.

Fu Guang circled around Yang Kai and asked curiously, “I’ve never heard of those two marks being able to draw out the power of the Dragon Pond, but those two is so powerful, so it’s not surprising they have such abilities. What makes me curious is how you were able to withstand such a massive force entering your body. Logically speaking, you should have exploded long ago.”

He had been observing Yang Kai just now, so this situation really puzzled him.

Yang Kai explained, “Back then, the two of them each left a trace of energy in my body that was divided into Yin and Yang. When this Junior guided the Dragon Pond’s energy into my body, the Yin and Yang energies transformed into a millstone that ground the Dragon Pond’s energy, allowing this Junior to quickly absorb and refine it.”

Fu Guang was surprised, “Those two have such methods?”

He had never heard of such a thing before. Not to mention him, even the entire Dragon Clan probably didn’t know about it, otherwise, it would have been recorded in the ancient records.

However, this little brat in front of him had both the Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer's seals and the power they had bestowed upon him, it seemed he was quite important to these two.

Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer's power was not something that was casually given. At the very least, he had never heard of anyone having such an opportunity.

“Come, try activating those two seals again,” Fu Guang said with interest.

Yang Kai shook his head like a rattle drum, “This won’t do, Senior. The Yin and Yang energies of those two have been exhausted, and if i draw the energy of the Dragon Pond like before. This Junior can’t take it.”

“What’s there to be afraid of? If I tell you to try, just try. I’m here,” Fu Guang said confidently.

Yang Kai didn’t know what to do with Fu Guang’s attitude, nor did he know what Fu Guang’s intentions were, but considering that Fu Guang was an existence close to the Divine Dragon, if Fu Guang really wanted to harm him, Yang Kai couldn’t resist.

Moreover, if he just gave it a try, it shouldn’t be a big deal.

Thinking so, Yang Kai nodded and said, “Then this Junior will show his incompetence.”

Saying so, Yang Kai activated the Sun and Moon Seals on his two dragon claws. The moment the mark appeared, the rich energy of the Dragon Pond was drawn towards him.

Yang Kai had originally planned to just give it a try. After all, without the Yin-Yang Millstone in his body, he really couldn’t resist the power of the Dragon Pond.

However, as soon as he activated the seal, Fu Guang had already begun to move. His dragon body, which was nearly ten thousand zhang long, began to tremble rhythmically, and his dragon scales began to stand on end.

As he did so, Fu Guang’s dragon body suddenly seemed to transform into a bottomless abyss that madly devoured the power of the Dragon Pond.

The Dragon Vein roared, the Dragon Bone exploding, its Dragon Eyes shining brilliantly.

On the other hand, Yang Kai didn’t feel too pressured, because almost eighty percent of the Dragon Pond’s power that had been drawn over by the Sun and Moon Seals had been intercepted by Fu Guang.

The remaining twenty percent was absorbed into Yang Kai’s body.

Although it still made him feel a bit uncomfortable, at least it was within his tolerance range and he didn’t feel like he would explode at any moment.

Yang Kai suddenly understood why Fu Guang wanted him to activate the Sun and Moon Seals. Was this guy trying to use his strength to temper his Dragon Vein?

Si Niang said that he had been cultivating in seclusion in the Dragon Pond for five thousand years and had yet to break through, so it was obvious that it was not a simple matter for an Ancient Dragon to become a Divine Dragon.

If he could help him break through, it would be a great favor, not only for Fu Guang but also for the entire Dragon Clan.

The Dragon Clan only had one Divine Dragon now. With another one appearing, their strength would increase dramatically.

Just as Yang Kai was thinking this, Fu Guang signaled him to stop.

Yang Kai readily accepted.

Fu Guang didn’t say anything and fell into deep thought, glancing at Yang Kai from time to time as if he was considering how to speak, his expression somewhat hesitant.

Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling a bit embarrassed.

But what was there to be embarrassed about? Compared to face, the most important thing was to become a Divine Dragon.

He didn’t say anything and simply waited.

After a long time, Fu Guang asked hesitantly, “Boy, do you want to double cultivation with me?”

Yang Kai was shocked, “Double… dual cultivation?”

What the hell was this? Why had he suddenly brought this up? Moreover, was Fu Guang a female dragon? But no matter how he looked at it, it didn’t seem to be the case. That voice was obvious.

However, Fu Guang nodded solemnly, “That’s right, Dual Cultivation! Look, when you activate these two seals, you can draw in a massive amount of the Dragon Pond’s power, but you can’t digest it, so I can help you digest most of it. You can digest the rest yourself.”

Yang Kai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Is this what Senior meant by dual cultivation?”

What was he thinking.

Fu Guang replied seriously, “Of course!”

Yang Kai didn’t know what to say. He even suspected that Fu Guang didn’t know the meaning of this word at all. In his opinion, if people cultivate together, it would be a dual cultivation.

Seeing him remain silent, Fu Guang said, “Of course, this matter is more advantageous to me, but I won’t let you suffer a loss. How about this, since you are now a pure-blooded Dragon Clan, you will need to rely on yourself to improve your bloodline. Others won’t be able to help you, but my Dragon Clan’s bloodline talent is the Time Principle. If you are interested, I can give you some pointers in this respect when we do dual cultivation.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai’s eyes lit up, “Really?”

Fu Guang nodded, “Naturally.”

“Many thanks, Senior.”

Not to mention if Fu Guang hadn’t made such a request, Yang Kai had also planned to help him. After all, if he really helped Fu Guang ascend to the Divine Dragon Realm, the Dragon Clan would owe him a huge favor. Now that he had such benefits, how could Yang Kai refuse?

“You agree?” Fu Guang confirmed.

“Junior cannot think of a reason to refuse.”

“Good,” Fu Guang waved his hand, “There’s no time to lose, follow me.”

The Dragon Pond had been open for more than a year now, and in a few more years, Yang Kai would probably leave, so Fu Guang didn’t want to waste any time.

Following closely behind Fu Guang, they rushed down.

Yang Kai didn’t know how much deeper he went, but he could faintly feel that he had reached his limit. If he went any deeper, he wouldn’t even need to activate the Sun and Moon Seals and the rich Dragon Pond energy around him would be enough to teach him a lesson.

On the other hand, Fu Guang looked extremely relaxed, Yang Kai wasn’t surprised. After all, the difference between their Dragon Body was nearly three thousand zhang, and Fu Guang was an existence that had a chance of becoming a Divine Dragon. In the Dragon Pond, it was only natural that his resistance was stronger than Yang Kai’s.

Fu Guang obviously noticed this as well, and before Yang Kai could speak, he took the initiative to stop, “This is it.”

Yang Kai nodded, “Senior can decide.”

Fu Guang, on the other hand, was quite considerate as he urged, “Activate the Sun and Moon Seals and draw upon the power of the Dragon Pond. There’s no need to do it all at once, slowly strengthen it.”

Yang Kai nodded, “I’ll try.”

He had never done such a thing before, he didn’t pay any attention to the Sun and Moon Seals. In any case, with the Yin Yang Millstone in his body helping him refine it, it didn’t matter how much he absorbed.

Now that he wanted to help Fu Guang cultivate, it was necessary to make some attempts.

“Curl your body,” Fu Guang ordered again.

Hearing this, Yang Kai quickly curled up his body.

Fu Guang circled around him, protecting him.

Seeing this, Yang Kai’s heart felt relieved. In this way, the power of the Dragon Pond he had drawn from the Sun and Moon Seals would definitely be swallowed by Fu Guang first, and only then would it flow towards him.

His safety is greatly guaranteed.


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Yang Kai did not know whether to laugh or cry: "Is this what Senior meant by dual cultivation?" What was she thinking?


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