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The owner of the giant eye was several hundred thousand zhang away from Yang Kai. At such a distance, even if his strength was extraordinary, it would be difficult for him to fully perceive Yang Kai’s situation under the isolation of the Dragon Pond.

He could only sense that Yang Kai’s movements were not small.

This little brat still hasn’t broken through? The owner of the giant eye was a bit puzzled. After such a long time, he had swallowed so much of the Dragon Pond’s power, yet he still hadn’t broken through. It was obvious that this junior’s talent was quite poor.

However, to be able to persist for so long, this little fellow’s temperament was quite extraordinary.

He let out a sigh. His temperament was extraordinary, but if his aptitude wasn’t high enough, it wouldn’t matter. Forget it, he would just go deeper. Would he really find trouble with Yang Kai just because he was disturbed?

The owner of the giant eye didn’t want to help either. The Dragon Clan’s breakthrough was mainly dependent on themselves, so outsiders couldn’t help them.

With this thought in mind, he silently descended another hundred thousand zhang before finally being unable to sense any movement from above.

Time flies, two months later, Yang Kai’s body had grown to nearly a thousand zhang, and now he had a Dragon Body of about six thousand zhang.

If the five thousand zhang Dragon Body was an Ancient Dragon realm, comparable to a newly promoted human race Eighth Order, then a six thousand zhang Dragon Body meant that Yang Kai had already established a firm foothold in this realm.

In just two months, his physique had grown to a thousand meters, something even the Dragon Clan couldn’t imagine. If the Dragon Clan’s growth could be so fast, who knew how many Ancient Dragons and Divine Dragons would have been born since ancient times?

Yang Kai had simply swallowed too much of the Dragon Pond’s power.

A vast amount of Dragon Pond’s power was drawn over by the Sun and Moon Seals and swallowed into his body. The burning Yin and Yang power transformed into a grinding stone, allowing Yang Kai to refine and absorb it more easily. This was the fundamental reason for his rapid growth.

However, Yang Kai could also sense that the further he progressed, the more difficult it became to improve.

When he first came here, his body size could increase by several dozen zhang a day, but now it was less than ten zhang a day.

Firstly, his Dragon Vein had become purer, and the same Dragon Pond’s strength will not improve his strength as much as before. Secondly, the Dragon Pond’s strength had become thinner.

No matter how rich the Dragon Pond’s power was, it wouldn’t be able to withstand his frenzied devouring.

This time, before the Dragon Pond’s power had completely dried up, Yang Kai felt that it was much thinner than before, so he continued to descend another hundred zhang deeper.

The owner of the giant eye was disturbed again and rolled his eyes.

Was there an end to this? Was this junior deliberately opposing him?

Helpless, he could only move away again.

Two months later, he once again felt the movement above him. Obviously, the junior had move down again.

The veins on the giant eyes' master’s forehead bulged as he suppressed his anger and continued to avoid him.

If this happens again, I’ll teach you a lesson! He thought to himself.

Two months later, the giant eyes' master looked up, but instead of showing anger, his eyes were filled with confusion.

He once again noticed the movement above him.

He had previously thought that the disturbance was caused by that junior using the Ancient Method to temper his bloodline, but now it seemed that something was wrong.

After such a long time, if he could break through, he would have done so long ago. If he hadn’t broken through, this junior would have exploded under the power of the Dragon Pond, so how could he continue?

Suspicious, he withdrew his aura and quietly flew upwards, preparing to take a look.

At the same time, Yang Kai was distracted, using the Sun and Moon Seals to devour the Dragon Pond’s power while comprehending the Time Principle. The Time Principle around him surged, making his Dragon Body look dream-like.

The reason why he went down every two months was mainly because Yang Kai also felt that his actions were causing trouble for the Big Dragon and Young Dragon.

The power of the Dragon Pond seemed to flow from the bottom to top. If he were to devour the power of the Dragon Pond and drain it dry, the Big Dragon and Young Dragon above would not be able to obtain any benefits.

As such, when he noticed that the surrounding Dragon Pond’s energy was becoming thinner, he began to descend a hundred zhang deeper.

If he wanted to eat meat, he had to leave some bones for others.

It had been more than half a year since he had broken through to the Ancient Dragon Realm, and after such a long time, he had gained quite a lot. Not to mention that his Dragon Body had increased by nearly two thousand zhang, it was now about 6,700 zhang, and his Time Principle had also improved greatly.

Yang Kai faintly felt that if he worked harder, he would be able to break through to the next level in the Time Principle.

At that time, his Time Principle would be at the Seventh Stage, precedes outstanding heroes.

However, just as he was concentrating, he suddenly felt something strange.

The Yin-Yang Force in his body, which belonged to Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer, was rapidly weakening.

Yang Kai was stunned for a moment before quickly realizing that these two forces were about to be exhausted.

Back then, Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan had injected their respective energies into his body, and over the past few years, they had awakened and purified his bloodline several times. Now that he had arrived at the Dragon Pond, they were constantly converging.

After all, this power was not something he possessed, so it would eventually be exhausted.

Yang Kai had been mentally prepared for this, but he hadn’t expected it to happen so quickly.

Yang Kai wasn’t disappointed. If it weren’t for the grinder formed from the Yin-Yang Force, he wouldn’t have been able to refine it so quickly even if he could withstand the massive amount of energy from the Dragon Pond.

Now, he had obtained enough benefits. Before entering the Dragon Pond, his Dragon Body is only a length of 3,500 zhang. In just a short year, his Dragon Body had reach 6,700 zhang, and even his Dragon Vein had become incomparably pure.

What was there to be dissatisfied about?

In the end, an external force was still an external force. The burning power had already laid a solid foundation for him, so how far he could walk on the Dragon Vein cultivation in the future was up to him.

Along with the weakening of the Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer energy, the invisible millstone in his body also showed signs of collapsing.

Yang Kai quickly felt the pressure.

Previously, with this millstone, no matter how much Dragon Pond energy he swallowed, it would be quickly ground away, but now it was no longer possible. After swallowing too much, he quickly felt bloated.

Yang Kai even suspected that if this continued, he would eventually explode and die.

The Dragon Clan had been guarding their own territories at the very beginning, and this was also the reason why the Dragon Pond’s power became denser the further down they went, but even if they could absorb it, they had to be able to refine it.

Every Dragon Clan who entered the Dragon Pond would find their limit.

Unlike Yang Kai, who relied on the power of Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer to protect his body, a mere 3,500 zhang long Big Dragon Body dared to travel more than a million zhang.

The power of Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer in his body was declining at an extremely fast rate, perhaps because it was already an arrow at the end of its flight. After Yang Kai realized this, the two forces disappeared without a trace.

Yang Kai quickly put away the Sun and Moon Seals.

Even so, he still felt quite a bit of pressure. The Dragon Pond’s power, which had originally been a great supplement to him, was now showing its true colors, causing him to let out a muffled groan and activate his Dragon Vein to barely resist.

He couldn’t stay here any longer. If he stayed any longer, something bad would happen.

Having made up his mind, Yang Kai decided to head up.

However, the moment he opened his eyes, he was shocked.

The two giant eyes in front of him stared at him curiously.

One had to know that Yang Kai was now 6,700 zhang long, and his size was not small, making him look huge, so naturally he was not small.

The Dragon Prestige instantly spread out and Yang Kai almost struck out with his claw.

At this critical moment, Yang Kai managed to restrain himself because he saw a massive Dragon Head in front of him.

Looking back, the long Dragon Body seemed to stretch on forever.

In an instant, Yang Kai determined that this was an Ancient Dragon! Moreover, it was an extremely powerful Ancient Dragon. Its body was almost teen thousand zhang!

Five thousand zhang was an Ancient Dragon, ten thousand zhang… was a Divine Dragon!

In a flash, Yang Kai recognized the other party’s identity, “Senior Fu Guang?”

When he was a guest at Huang Si Niang's Phoenix Nest, Yang Kai had specifically asked her about the situation of the Dragon Clan. It wasn’t some kind of confidential information, so Huang Si Niang naturally wouldn’t conceal anything.

According to Si Niang, the Dragon Clan now has a Divine Dragon, the current Patriarch of the Dragon Clan.

There should be more than a dozen Ancient Dragons, but most of them were cultivating and were nowhere to be seen. The one who manage the affairs of the Dragon Clan in the No-Return Pass were the three Ancient Dragons Yang Kai had met before and were also the three Dragon Clan Elders.

The three Ancient Dragons were extremely old and possessed extraordinary strength, but they had already lost all hope of advancing to the Divine Dragon Realm. In other words, their current strength was their limit and there was no possibility of them advancing any further.

However, amongst the Dragon Clan, there was a chance that an Ancient Dragon could advance further and become a Divine Dragon.

The one closest to this step was Fu Guang.

Five thousand years ago, Fu Guang had reached the limits of the Ancient Dragon and entered the Dragon Pond to cultivate in seclusion. According to Si Niang, someone like Fu Guang would either become a Divine Dragon or die of old age in the Dragon Pond, allowing his Dragon Force to flow into the Dragon Pond for future generations.

Without such determination, Ancient Dragons who had reached their limit would not easily enter the Dragon Pond.

Since ancient times, countless Ancient Dragons of the Dragon Clan had died in the Dragon Pond, but none of them had been able to take that step.

It was rumored that in the deepest depths of the Dragon Pond, there were many Dragon Bones buried. Of course, Si Niang was from the Phoenix Clan, so she wasn’t too clear about this matter, but since everyone live together in the No-Return Pass, it was normal for them to have some understanding of each other.

Fu Guang had been cultivating in seclusion in the depths of the Dragon Pond for five thousand years, so no one knew how he was doing, only certain that he wasn’t dead. After all, five thousand years was nothing to a long-lived Dragon Clan.

Forget five thousand years, even fifty thousand years might not be enough to kill him.

Every time the Dragon Pond opened, although the Dragon Clan’s younger generation had entered, it was impossible for them to enter Fu Guang’s location to investigate, so they didn’t know if his retreat had gone smoothly.

However, not showing up for five thousand years was definitely not a smooth journey for him.

In such a deep place in the Dragon Pond, an Ancient Dragon that was close to the Divine Dragon realm had suddenly appeared. How could Yang Kai not guess his identity?

This is a White Dragon, its entire body is snow white. Even in the depths of the Dragon Pond, it was impossible to conceal its pure brilliance.

The other party didn’t exude any Dragon Prestige, but just being stared at by the pair of Dragon Eyes gave Yang Kai a slight pressure. The other party’s Source was slightly weaker than his, but his bloodline was stronger.

Fu Guang nodded slightly, “Strange, which family are you from?”


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