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Ji Old Third took human form, and is a young man who looked similar to Yang Kai.

But in reality, he was many times older than Yang Kai.

The Dragon Clan was naturally powerful and had a long lifespan, but their growth was also extremely slow. Now, after nearly ten thousand years, he had finally been reborn and broken through his bloodline shackles to become Ancient Dragon.

Excitement filled his face as a loud Dragon Roar rang out.

As the Dragon Roar rang out, Ji Old Third’s nearly five thousand meter long dragon body finally broke through.

His Dragon Vein had been upgraded, and his Dragon Body continued to grow.

50 zhang, 100 zhang, 200 zhang, until he had grown nearly 300 zhang, this change slowly came to a stop.

Every time the Dragon Clan break through a realm, his strength would increase by leaps and bounds. Although his Dragon Body had only increased by less than 300 zhang compared to before he entered the Dragon Pond, Ji Old Third’s strength was no longer the same as before. The current him was able to defeat three of his former selves!

If he were to face this human’s Dragon Prestige again, he was confident he could resist it and not be intimidated.

Perhaps the other party had really obtained the Divine Dragon’s Source, but now that he was just a Big Dragon, how much of its power could he display?

The moment he broke through to the Ancient Dragon realm, Ji Old Third wanted to seek revenge and regain his face.

Of course, it was impossible to kill him. The Human Race’s Supreme Master had some kind of agreement with the Dragon Clan, so killing him would be troublesome, but beating him up would not be a problem. Fighting in the Dragon Pond was only natural.

Therefore, after breaking through, Ji Old Third didn’t even pause for a moment before flying deeper into the pond.

“Where is Third Uncle going?” Zhu Wuyou asked as he felt Ji Old Third’s aura disappear into the distance.

The Big Dragon beside him pondered for a moment before replying, “I’m afraid he’s gone to find trouble with that human.”

If not for this, he wouldn’t have been so anxious to go down.

Zhu Wuyou was stunned for a moment before asking, “Right, why haven’t we seen that human along the way?”

Boss Ji shot him an annoyed look, “Are you stupid? We didn’t see him along the way, so he must be further down, or else why would Third Uncle go deeper?”

Zhu Wuyou was puzzled, “That human is so powerful? He actually ran ahead of Third Uncle.”

Ji Old Third was the strongest of the Dragon Clan present, and his bloodline was also the purest, so his position in the Dragon Pond was deeper than any other Dragon Clan. What the hell was this human? Why is he deeper than Ji Old Third's position? Was his bloodline and Source so powerful?

Zhu Wuyou’s casual words caused the Dragons to look at each other, not knowing what was happening.

“Let’s follow and take a look,” A Big Dragon said and chased after them.

The Dragon Pond here wasn’t rich enough, so they had to go deeper to see how Ji Old Third would deal with this human.

All of the Dragon Clan present, whether they were Young Dragons or Big Dragons, had fought with Yang Kai when he had entered the Dragon Pond. None of them had been able to defeat him, making them feel extremely humiliated. Now that Ji Old Third had advanced to the Ancient Dragon realm and was about to teach that human a lesson, they were naturally happy to watch.

It was also to let that human know that the Dragon Clan had never been a soft persimmon that could be easily crushed. The only reason they weren’t his opponent was because they weren’t strong enough. [MSN: You don't say.]

As they flew down, the Big Dragons’ expressions became uncertain.

There was no other reason, it was too deep.

Ji Old Third’s previous position should have been the limit they could bear, but now that they had dived a million zhang down, they were still unable to find any trace of the human. This made them wonder if the human had overestimated himself and gone too deep into the Dragon Pond and died under the pressure.

Otherwise, how could they not have seen him?

But if that wasn’t the case… it would be quite terrifying.

The Dragons also realized this problem, and the atmosphere suddenly became much more solemn. Although the three Young Dragons didn’t have many thoughts, they could faintly feel it, even Zhu Wuyou, who had been chattering non-stop, had remained silent.

A few hundred thousand meters down, the leading Big Dragon's eyes suddenly lit up, “Third Brother!”

All the Dragons looked over and saw that Ji Old Third, who had taken the lead, was now standing motionless below, seemingly at loss.

Soon, the group of Dragons arrived at Ji Old Third’s position and the leading Dragon said, “Congratulations Third Brother for becoming an Ancient Dragon, our Dragon Clan has grown stronger.”

The other Dragons also expressed their congratulations.

Among the three Young Dragons, Zhu Wuyou was even more flattering, praising Ji Old Third for being unparalleled in this world, the number one dragon since ancient times!

Number one Dragon was a bit exaggerated, but to become an Ancient Dragon at the age of ten thousand years old, Ji Old Third was also quite talented among the Dragon Clan.

Many old dragons had poor aptitude and had spent their entire lives as Big Dragon, unable to take that step.

Basically, any Big Dragon that had the ability to take this step was around twenty thousand years old. From this, it could be seen that Ji Old Third’s talent was extraordinary.

However, what surprised all the Dragons was that Ji Old Third didn’t show much reaction to this. Instead of joy, his face was filled with disappointment and disbelief as his pair of Dragon eyes stared straight down.

All the Dragons followed his gaze but couldn’t see anything.

“Third Brother, what’s wrong? Are you unhappy about being promoted to Ancient Dragon?” The Big Dragon who had spoken earlier asked in confusion.

If he had become an Ancient Dragon, he would wake up laughing when he sleeps, but Ji Old Third’s bitter and desolate look was quite puzzling.

Zhu Wuyou asked again, “What about that human? Did Third Uncle kill him?”

This human was far too arrogant. When he had entered the Dragon Pond, he had sent him flying with a single slap. Zhu Wuyou’s strength was just too weak, otherwise he would have fought him to the death.

It was one thing to be beaten up by a Dragon Clan Elder, but a human actually dared to beat him?

Since Zhu Wuyou didn’t have the ability to take revenge himself, he could only rely on Ji Old Third.

As soon as these words came out, a Big Dragon followed up, “That’s right, where did that human go? Why has he disappeared?”

Ji Old Third, who had been silent all this time, let out an almost imperceptible sigh and raised his dragon head slightly, indicating the people below.

The Big Dragon’s expression changed slightly, “Down there?”

Ji Old Third was just about to nod when his expression suddenly changed and he shouted, “It's coming!”

Saying so, he activated the Dragon Vein’s power and include the three Young Dragon in his protection.

The other nine Big Dragons were confused. What's coming?

Soon, they found out the answer. In the depths of the Dragon Pond, a strange sound rang out. This sound was like the sound of a heartbeat, extremely muffled. As this sound entered their ears, all of the Dragon Clan masters felt their blood suddenly surge. This unexpected change caused all of the Dragon Clan masters to become flustered, involuntarily activating their Dragon Prestige.

This wasn’t the end of it. Along with this sound, a powerful Dragon Prestige swept over the Big Dragons, causing their expressions to instantly become dignified, suddenly making them feel inferior. Their pulsing bloodline were instantly suppressed, each of them revealing a look of difficulty.

It wasn’t just the Big Dragons, even Ji Old Third, who had just broken through to the Ancient Dragon realm, wore a somewhat difficult expression.

Only now did the Big Dragons understand why Ji Old Third had placed the three Young Dragons under his protection. If he hadn’t done so, the three Young Dragons wouldn’t have been able to withstand the Dragon Prestige and would have been instantly suppressed.

Fortunately, this change came quickly and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

One of the Big Dragons asked in surprise, “Is it that person?”

The feeling he had just now was somewhat familiar. There was a time when he had angered the Ancient Dragon Elder in the family, and when that Elder was enraged, his Dragon Prestige had surged, giving him this kind of feeling.

He didn’t specify who it was, but Ji Old Third knew the situation inside the Dragon Pond, so he naturally knew what he meant.

Shaking his head slowly, he said bitterly, “No.”


The Big Dragon asked in surprise, “Who is it?”

From this position, the Big Dragons couldn’t see what was happening down below, but Ji Old Third, who had advanced to the Ancient Dragon realm, could certainly see some clues. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have stopped here. Moreover, Ji Old Third had reacted in advance just now, indicating that he could see deeper into the pond.

Ji Old Third didn’t answer, his face filled with unwillingness and disbelief.

The other Big Dragon had a vague guess, “Third Brother, since it’s not that person, could it be that human?”

This question was quite ridiculous. How could that human cause such a big ruckus? The Dragon Prestige just now was extremely pure, and when that human transformed into a Big Dragon, they had also encountered him.

The other party’s Dragon Prestige was indeed extraordinary, but if one were to really compare it, the Human Race’s Dragon Prestige wasn’t pure enough, which was also somewhat related to him being a Human Race.

Although he had refined the Dragon Clan’s Source and obtained the Dragon Clan’s bloodline, he was still a Human Race.

Therefore, it was absolutely impossible for it to have been caused by that Human.

Unexpectedly, Ji Old Third replied dryly, “It’s him.”

All the Big Dragons were shocked.

“How is that possible?”

Ji Old Third couldn’t help smiling wryly. He also wanted to ask how this was possible, but who could tell him what's going on here? After becoming an Ancient Dragon, Ji Old Third was filled with joy as he went deep into the Dragon Pond to seek out the Human Race and get his face back, but who would have thought he would see such a scene here?

The Dragon Scales on that Human Race was peeled off and oozing with red fresh blood, wrapping him.

The other Dragon Clan cultivators weren’t strong enough, so they couldn’t see what was happening down below, but he could see some of it.

At the bottom of the Dragon Pond, there was no sign of the human, only a giant blood cocoon. Inside this blood cocoon was the Dragon Body of the Human Race.

When he first arrived, there was still a bit of the Dragon Pond’s power around him, but after pouring madly into the blood cocoon, it disappeared. In just a short time, the Dragon Pond’s power had nearly dried up.

However, this human had also reached a critical juncture. Just like him before, he had accumulated enough strength, so even if he the Dragon Pond's power here disappeared, it wouldn’t be a problem.

This blood cocoon… was about five thousand zhang long.

This was something Ji Old Third couldn’t accept.

He had entered the Dragon Pond and was only a step away from the Ancient Dragon realm. After spending half a year, he had finally broken through.

What about the Human Race?

When he entered the Dragon Pond, he was only 3,500 zhang long.

In just half a year’s time, he had reached five thousand zhang?

His size increased by 1,500 zhang at once!

Since ancient times, when the Dragon Clan entered the Dragon Pond to cultivate, there had never been such a terrifying improvement. A thousand and five hundred zhang! How many years would it take to achieve this?

Initially, he had thought that the changes in the Dragon Pond had something to do with that person, but now it seemed that it was not because of that person, but rather because of this human. Otherwise, how could his improvement be so great?

The more Ji Old Third thought about it, the more he found it difficult to accept.


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