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After a moment of silence, a Big Dragon sighed, “16th Brother, there’s nothing we can do about it. The Dragon Pond’s power above has already dried up, so we can’t cultivate anymore.”

The Fu Family’s 16th Brother angrily shouted, “So you came here to snatch mine?”

Another Big Dragon said, “The Dragon Pond competition is a rule passed down from ancient times, what do you have to complain about?”

Fu Family’s 16th Brother glared fiercely at the Big Dragon. Being robbed of his territory by his clansmen, he really had nothing to complain about. If his skills were inferior, he could simply retreat.

Most importantly, what was the point of all of them coming here together to fight? The Ancestors didn’t have such a rule.

However, there was no point in arguing with them now, because the Dragon Pond in Fu Family's 16th Brother territory had almost dried up.

Suppressing the anger in his heart, Fu Family’s 16th Brother lowered his head and looked towards the depths of the Dragon Pond, “Did something happen down there? Why is the power of the Dragon Pond so scarce this time?”

One of the Big Dragons said, “If you carefully perceive it, there seems to be some kind of force swallowing and pulling the Dragon Pond’s power, which is why the position we occupy is affected. If I’m not mistaken, it should be because of that person.”

As soon as these words were spoken, all of the Dragons’ expressions changed.

A Big Dragon nodded and said, “That’s right, if it really is because of that person, it is only natural that the Dragon Pond would undergo these changes. After all, if he breaks through, he will need a lot of strength.”

“Then what should we do? If we wait for that person to break through, who knows how long it will take? Are we supposed to wait here?”

“Naturally, we can’t wait any longer. Since there’s no power from the Dragon Pond up here, let’s go down. As long as we’re careful, we won’t disturb him.”

All the Dragons nodded.

The three Young Dragons were confused.

Zhu Wuyou walked over to Boss Ji and whispered, “What are they talking about? Who is it?”

Boss Ji said angrily, “If you ask me, how would I know?”

Zhu Wuyou was surprised, “You don’t know?”

A nearby Dragon glanced over and coldly snorted, “Three little brats, don’t be so curious. You’ll naturally know when it’s time.”

While they were talking, the Big Dragons had already begun to descend, and the Big Dragon who was talking to Zhu Wuyou immediately shouted, “Follow them, this is a rare opportunity. Normally, it’s impossible for you little brats to reach such depths.”

Zhu Wuyou immediately flicked his tail and followed.

He hadn’t expected the situation to develop like this. Initially, he had gone to find trouble with Fu Qian to steal his benefits, but now, after half a year, the team had expanded to six or seven more Big Dragons.

There had never been a situation like this when the Dragon Pond opened.

What he was more curious about was who that person was, but unfortunately, the Big Dragons did not answer his questions, so he was helpless.

Along the way, they encountered two more Big Dragons, but none of them fought again because they also felt that there was something wrong with the Dragon Pond.

After explaining the situation, the team expanded significantly.

This time, there were a total of three Young Dragons and ten Big Dragons who had entered the Dragon Pond. Now, aside from the strongest Ji Old Third, the remaining Young Dragons and Big Dragons had all gathered together.

Soon, the group arrived at Ji Old Third’s territory.

The leading Dragon glanced over from afar and stopped its clansmen.

Puzzled, the other Big Dragons looked towards Ji Old Third and vaguely sensed something.

Only the three Young Dragons were confused. For some reason, they have stop moving. The Dragon Pond’s barrier was too strong, so they were too weak to notice Ji Old Third’s situation.

Zhu Wuyou was a straightforward person who couldn’t hold back his emotions. Seeing this, he ran over to a Big Dragon and whispered, “16th Uncle, what’s the situation over there?”

Fu Family’s 16th Brother glanced at him and wanted to ignore him, but thinking about this guy’s personality, if he were to ignore him, he would just be blabbering on, so he quickly explained, “He’s about to break through.”

Hearing this, Zhu Wuyou was greatly surprised, “Didn’t he just enter the Dragon Pond half a year ago, 3rd Uncle Ji is about to break through?”

Fu Family’s 16th Brother said, “Your Third Uncle Ji was originally just a step away from the Ancient Dragon realm, and his Source isn’t bad, so what’s so strange about him breaking through in half a year’s time? In fact… he’s actually quite slow. Previously, we estimated that he would only need about three months to break through.”

The reason it had slowed down was because the Dragon Pond’s power had become thin, allowing Ji Old Third to spend several months accumulating it.

On the other side, Boss Ji of the Young Dragon Generation showed a look of worry when he heard this, “16th Uncle, now that the Dragon Pond’s power is thin, will it affect Third Uncle?”

Fu Family’s 16th Brother said, “If his accumulation is insufficient, it will naturally have an impact. Now that he has accumulated enough, his own bloodline is undergoing a mutation, so he doesn’t have much need for external forces, so whether the Dragon Pond’s power is thin or not will not interfere with his breakthrough.”

Hearing this, Boss Ji breathed a sigh of relief.

If he failed at this critical juncture, it would be troublesome. Now that the Dragon Pond’s power had no effect on the Third Uncle, it meant that breaking through was a matter of course. In the future, the Dragon Clan would have another Ancient Dragon.

It was also because they had noticed that Ji Old Third was at a critical juncture in his breakthrough that the Dragon Clan team had stopped to avoid disturbing him.

As Ji Old Third was about to break through, Yang Kai, who was deeper into the Dragon Pond, was also overjoyed.

He didn’t suffer in vain. He felt that his Dragon Vein was undergoing some kind of miraculous change, becoming purer and more condensed.

He was not afraid of change, instead he was afraid that nothing would change. If that happened, all his efforts would be in vain.

The pain was still there, but Yang Kai’s voice was filled with excitement.

At a certain moment, Yang Kai’s body trembled as he felt as if he had broken through some kind of shackle and his bloodline had suddenly risen to a higher level.

His skin cracked and several pieces of his trembling dragon scales suddenly fell off.

This sudden change caught Yang Kai off guard. The Dragon Scales could be said to be the Dragon Clan’s strongest defense. With his current Bloodline and almost five thousand zhang long body, even if he were to take a blow from the Seventh Order Open Heaven, the Dragon Scales wouldn’t necessarily fall off.

But now, a few pieces had fallen.

Before he could recover, more dragon scales began to fall off.

Yang Kai was shocked.

He didn’t know if this was a good thing or a bad thing, but with the dragon scales gone, how could the Dragon Clan have any form of protection? What’s more, the dragon scales were draped over his body, making him look quite majestic. If he didn’t have any dragon scales… he would look quite ugly. [MSN: Becoming a certain capped baldy huh. LOL]

Yang Kai didn’t dare imagine such a scene.

The dragon scales continued to fall, but Yang Kai was powerless to stop them. At the same time, the Dragon Bead under his chin also began to vibrate rhythmically. Every time it shook, a mysterious power would leak out from the depths of the Dragon Bead and fuse into his bloodline.

In less than an hour, Yang Kai’s dragon scales had been completely removed, leaving him bare.

Was the advancement of the Dragon Clan… like this?

He wasn’t sure if his dragon scales could grow again. Although there was a high chance they could grow again, there was always a chance it won't. After all, he wasn’t a pure-blooded dragon.

If it really couldn’t grow back…

Yang Kai secretly made up his mind that in the future, he would never reveal his dragon form in front of others, otherwise he would be too ashamed to show his face.

As his thoughts wandered, blood seeped out from his cracked skin, but strangely, this blood was not golden.

One had to know that Yang Kai’s blood had been Golden Blood since a long time ago.

But now, what seeped out of his body was not a golden blood, but dark red blood.

Yang Kai didn’t have the time to think about his image. As the blood continued to seep out, his body seemed to undergo some kind of miraculous change, as if something was being lifted up along with the flow of his blood…

An idea flashed across Yang Kai’s mind.

This was a part of him that's Human!

The Holy Spirit Source was an extremely mysterious existence. Anyone who obtained a Holy Spirit Source would be able to transform into a true Holy Spirit if they cultivated to the depths.

The Dragon Clan and the Phoenix Clan were the same.

However, the probability of this happening was very small, which was why the Dragon Clan didn’t like Yang Kai, because even if he refined a portion of the Dragon Clan’s Source, it wouldn’t change the fact that he was a human, at most possessing some Dragon Clan bloodline.

Although Yang Kai had shed golden dragon blood before, it was not pure dragon blood, and there was still a part of the Human Race hidden deep inside.

Now, Yang Kai could clearly feel that he was transforming into a pure Dragon Clan, and part of him that's still Human is being rejected.

He was greatly surprised, not having expected such a thing to happen during his promotion to Ancient Dragon.

As a member of the Human Race, Yang Kai had never felt that the Human Race was inferior to others. The Human Race was naturally weak and did not have the innate advantages of the Holy Spirit, but it was this weakness of the Human Race that allowed the Human Race to have countless possibilities.

In the 3000 Worlds, the Human Race stood in great numbers, and hundreds of flowers bloomed.

On the Ink Battlefield, the Human Race’s soldiers had sacrificed their lives to protect their homeland.

Being born a Human Race, Yang Kai didn’t feel any inferiority. Since he was born weak, he had to work hard to become stronger, so he didn’t feel any sense of pride. Compared to the Holy Spirit, the Human Race was far inferior.

Since he was born a Human, he is a Human Race.

Now, is this identity going to leave him?

Yang Kai was suddenly at a loss. He had never thought about this before because he was a Human, and with the Dragon Clan’s Source, he is still a Human Race.

But at this moment, he thought about many things.

He had never thought that he would care about his Human Race origin.

The Dragon Bead continued to vibrate as more of the human race’s blood were lifted up, covering his nearly five thousand zhang Dragon Body with flesh blood.

A Dragon Roar suddenly rang out as Yang Kai opened his mouth and roared.

As long as he could kill the Black Ink Clan, it didn’t matter if he was from the Human Race or the Dragon Clan. If the Human Race part of him was abandoned, would he not be a Human Race?

He was born and raised by the Human Race! His parents are still in the Star Boundary.

More and more blood poured out, completely enveloping Yang Kai as the Dragon Roar gradually died down.

At the same time, above the Dragon Pond, there was also a Dragon Roar.

Ji Old Third had become an Ancient Dragon!

Although the power of the Dragon Pond had become thin, he had accumulated enough and his bloodline had finally broken through its shackles.

However, his breakthrough wasn’t as troublesome as Yang Kai’s. After all, he was a pure-blooded Dragon Clan, so there was no need for him to hold back. This was also the advantage of his breakthrough. Otherwise, if he changed position with Yang Kai, whether or not he could break through was another story.


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