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Above him, the Dragon Clan was engaged in a fierce battle. In the depths of the Dragon Pond, Yang Kai eagerly devoured the energy of the Dragon Pond to temper his Dragon Vein.

It had grown greatly.

When he first entered the Dragon Pond, his body was only 3,500 zhang long, but now, after only half a year, he had almost reached the limits of a Big Dragon.

He was only one step away from the Ancient Dragon.

In half a year’s time, his Dragon Body had increased by 1,500 zhang! With 300 zhang a month, he can increase his size a dozen zhang every day.

Of course, the greater his growth, the slower his rate of improvement would be. At first, Yang Kai could increase his strength by a few dozen or even a hundred zhang a day, but now it had stopped.

The step to reach Ancient Dragon is not easy, and Yang Kai hadn’t improved for more than ten days.

This was a bottleneck!

When Yang Kai had first broken through from the Young Dragon to the Big Dragon realm, he hadn’t felt any bottlenecks, but now that he is breaking through from the Big Dragon to the Ancient Dragon realm, he had encountered one.

In fact, the Dragon Clan’s advancement to the Ancient Dragon realm was a major hurdle, and they often had special Secret Techniques to complement it. These Secret Techniques were not inherited from their bloodline, but were developed by the Dragon Clan themselves.

If he was a pure-blooded Dragon, before he could take this step, the Dragon Clan’s Elders would naturally teach him, such as Ji Old Third, who was about to break through. Before entering the Dragon Pond, the Ji Family’s Ancient Dragons had taught him the method to break through.

However, Yang Kai couldn’t. No one had told him about this, after coming to the No-Return Pass, apart from the Phoenix Clan, the Dragon Clan had completely ignored him, so how could he possibly find a way to break through?

After not making any progress for more than ten days, Yang Kai also realized the problem. Although he was still absorbing the energy of the Dragon Pond, it was not of much help to him, unlike before, where every drop of the Dragon Pond energy could purify his bloodline and make him stronger.

This couldn’t go on. He didn’t know how long the Dragon Pond would open this time, but it definitely wouldn’t be long. If he didn’t break through to the Ancient Dragon realm by the time it was closed, he would be letting down Smiles Old Ancestor and the others.

This was his first time encountering such a situation, so he had no way to respond.

Looking around, Yang Kai gritted his teeth and flew deeper into the pond.

Half a year ago, he had stopped at the limit of his bloodline, but in this half a year, his Dragon Body had increased by 1,500 zhang and his Dragon Vein had improved greatly. This limit was no longer his limit.

The current him had the qualifications to go deeper.

His thoughts were simple. Since he had encountered a bottleneck in the Dragon Vein, he would use a large amount of energy to break through it. As long as he had enough energy, he would be able to break through!

A few hundred thousand zhang down, Yang Kai faintly felt that he had reached his limit again.

But this time, he didn’t stop, instead continuing down.

Since it was decided to accumulate a qualitative change, the denser the Dragon Pond’s power, the better.

He only stopped after reaching a million zhang deeper.

Almost there.

At this point, he could faintly feel a great pressure coming from the Dragon Vein. If he went any further, he would not be searching for an opportunity to break through, he would be courting death.

As for the surrounding Dragon Pond’s power, it was so thick that it was nearly impossible to dissolve. Compared to his previous position, it was more than ten times stronger.

If he couldn’t break through to the Ancient Dragon realm here, it will be unreasonable.

Calming his mind, Yang Kai activated the Sun and Moon Seals on his two dragon claws, and in an instant, the rich energy from the pond water rushed into his body.

Yang Kai’s eyes went wide as he suddenly felt like he was about to burst, his entire body feeling somewhat uncomfortable.

However, he didn’t stop, allowing the Sun and Moon Seals to devour it.

As usual, after being stimulated by this massive force, the power of Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer in his body began to awaken. The Yin and Yang energies converged and transformed into an invisible millstone, grinding down the Dragon Pond’s energy, making it more gentle and easier to absorb.

With the help of this power, Yang Kai was able to easily refine the Dragon Pond’s power without feeling too much pressure.

But now, it was no longer possible. Even with the power of Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer, the massive amount of Dragon Pond’s power was still accumulating inside his body, stimulating his Dragon Vein and causing it to surge.

Heart-wrenching pain radiated from every part of Yang Kai’s body, causing the area around him to instantly turn golden.

This was because the water of the Dragon Pond had been contaminated by the Dragon Blood.

Yang Kai could even clearly feel his skin split open.

The amount of energy accumulated in his body was too great, so he was unable to refine and absorb it all at once. On the contrary, he was injured.

Yang Kai grit his teeth and persevered, allowing his dragon blood to flow freely. Under the intense pain, his dragon scales stood on end, each one of them trembling.

However, at this moment, his dragon body was like a funnel. No matter how much of the Dragon Pond’s power was swallowed and refined, his Dragon Vein was unable to absorb it.

If the Dragon Vein could not absorb it, it meant that it could not be upgraded, and if it could not be upgraded, he could not be promoted to Ancient Dragon!

Yang Kai didn’t care. He firmly believed that as long as he persevered, this situation would eventually change.

At the same time that Yang Kai activated the Sun and Moon Seals and madly devoured the power of the Dragon Pond, a pair of giant eyes opened a million zhang below and looked up.

When Yang Kai was cultivating two million zhang away from him, the owner of this giant eye hadn’t felt anything.

But now that he was only a million zhang away, he could vaguely sense it.

However, inside the Dragon Pond, the power of isolation was too strong, so even he could only faintly sense some things, unable to see too clearly.

After sensing for a moment, the owner of this giant eye frowned and muttered, “Which idiot is using this ancient method to temper the Dragon Vein?”

It wasn’t impossible for the Ancient Method to refine a Dragon Vein, but it was just too difficult. Moreover, the requirements for the user to do so were extremely high, requiring them to use a special method to draw in a massive amount of the Dragon Pond’s power. Moreover, the entire process of refining the Dragon Vein was extremely dangerous, and the slightest mistake could result in the destruction of the Dragon Vein.

In ancient times, the Dragon Clan had indeed used this method to temper their bodies and break through their bloodline shackles.

However, in that era, there were too many Dragon Clan cultivators who had failed. If they failed, their vitality would be greatly damaged and it would be difficult for them to recover for hundreds or even thousands of years. If it was serious, it was highly likely that their Dragon Vein would be destroyed.

Due to this, many Dragon Clans' Dragon Vein had been destroyed.

The number of the Dragon Clan was small to begin with, so how could they withstand such torture?

Because of this, the masters of the Dragon Clan had spent a great deal of effort to deduce a Secret Technique that was specifically used to break through one’s Bloodline. After generations of modifications to this Secret Technique, this Secret Technique was now almost complete.

Using this Secret Technique to break through the Bloodline Shackles, although it was much slower than the Ancient Method and its effects weren’t as good, it was still much safer. At the very least, even if they failed to break through, they could always try again.

It had been many years since the Dragon Clan had used an Ancient Method to break through their bloodline.

But now, there was one.

Although he quite admired this junior’s ruthlessness, the Dragon Clan didn’t believe in this kind of method. The Dragon Clan had a long lifespan and few clansmen, so it wasn’t a big deal for them to take a stable path.

Now that this junior had chosen to use an ancient method to temper his Dragon Vein, he couldn’t do anything to stop him. In fact, he couldn’t even provide any assistance. If this trip was successful, this junior should be able to break through to the Ancient Dragon realm. If he were to fail, it would be his own choice and he couldn’t blame anyone else.

The only thing he was concerned about was that this junior had caused quite a stir. He didn’t know what method he had used to draw upon the Dragon Pond’s power, but he was able to sense it even when he was a million zhang away.

At the same time, he secretly rejoiced that he hadn’t reached a critical juncture, otherwise if he had been disturbed by this little bastard, all his previous efforts would have been for naught.

Without any intention of showing his face, the owner of the giant eye thought for a moment and continued to descend for some distance until he could no longer feel any movement from above before stopping to cultivate.

Above him, Yang Kai’s Dragon Eye was oozing blood, making him look extremely terrifying. The golden light radiating from his body seemed to have reached its peak.

The pain of his flesh being torn apart made him feel incomparably tormented. If this was all there was to it, it would have been fine, but the key was that the Dragon Clan’s regenerative ability was inconceivably strong. The torn flesh and blood quickly healed before being torn apart again.

Yang Kai felt as if he was suffering the cruelest torture in the world. The so-called thousand cuts in the mortal world were nothing compared to his current situation.

However, it was not enough!

After several days of perseverance, he had suffered quite a bit, but he had not made any progress, making him feel helpless and angry.

Unfortunately, he didn’t know how long this suffering would last.

What angered him was that since the Dragon Clan had an Ancient Dragon, there was no reason he couldn’t break through. Although he was a human, in terms of the Source power, he was no worse than any Dragon Clan.

His eyes filled with bloodlust, Yang Kai grit his teeth and continued his descent.

During this time, the Sun and Moon Seals continued to swallow the Dragon Pond’s energy and the power of the Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer transformed into a Yin and Yang Millstone that frantically grinding the energy inside his body.

The unbearable pain almost drove Yang Kai crazy.

However, he had no intention of stopping.

Smiles Old Ancestor's worries were not unfounded. The Human Race expedition was bound to be extremely dangerous, and with his Seventh Order Open Heaven strength, he might not be able to protect himself. It would be difficult for him to improve his cultivation in a short time, so he could only work hard on the Dragon Vein. Now that he had obtained this opportunity, he naturally couldn’t waste it.

Holding onto this thought, Yang Kai grit his teeth and persevered.

At a certain moment, he couldn’t help but roar.

Just as he was in so much pain that he wanted to die, the battle between the Dragon Clan above had come to an end. The three Young Dragons and several Big Dragons were all covered in wounds.

One of the Big Dragons was particularly angry, gritting his teeth and shouting, “You’re all good!”

In the past, although the Dragon Clan had fought over territory in the Dragon Pond, it had always been a one-on-one fight. Whoever was stronger would stay, and whoever was weaker would retreat.

This time, it was different. He had been cultivating in his own territory when several Big Dragons and three Young Dragons suddenly appeared…

He was all alone, so how could he be a match for these guys? He desperately tried to resist, but his dragon scales were sent flying and his dragon blood splashed everywhere.

As he spoke, he glared fiercely at the three Young Dragons. 'If the Big Dragons were here to fight for territory, so be it, but why were the three of you here?'

Zhu Wuyou and the other three Dragons couldn’t help shrinking back under his glare.

The Fu Family’s 16th Brother wasn’t a good person, and now that he had a grudge against them, he would definitely make things difficult for them.

The three Young Dragons’ hearts were filled with sorrow, but now that things had reached this point, there was nothing they could do. If they didn’t fight with their seniors, they wouldn’t be able to obtain any benefits.


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