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Just as Fu Qian was at a loss for what to do, he suddenly noticed Zhu Wuyou’s eyes darting around, occasionally glancing down.

Fu Qian was shocked, “Zhu Wuyou, what are you trying to do?”

Zhu Wuyou glanced at him and sneered, “You already know the answer.”

Fu Qian’s expression changed for a moment before he whispered, “Boss Ji is not to be trifled with.”

In this generation of Dragon Clan, there were only three Young Dragons, and because the one from the Ji Family was the oldest and had the longest dragon body, he was also the strongest among them.

Of course, the two of them called him Boss Ji, but that didn’t mean he was the strongest in the Ji Family.

Ji Old Third was still on the verge of breaking through to the Ancient Dragon, and they grew up in a different era, and the names of the generations of Dragons are different.

After all, Boss Ji was already a 900 zhang long Young Dragon, unlike the two of them who were still some distance away from breaking through.

Entering this Dragon Pond, whether it was Zhu Wuyou or Fu Qian, neither of them had any intention of competing with Boss Ji. Their strength was inferior to others, so they couldn’t compete with him.

But now, they had no choice but to fight. Without the power of the Dragon Pond to refine, how could their strength increase?

As such, when Fu Qian saw Zhu Wuyou’s fleeting gaze, he knew what he was planning.

Zhu Wuyou said, “I know that Boss Ji’s nine hundred zhang long dragon body is only a step away from becoming a Big Dragon, so even if you and I join forces, we won’t be his opponent. But now that you’ve seen the situation, how can we not fight over it?”

Fu Qian couldn’t help shrinking his neck, “Aren’t you afraid Boss Ji will beat you to death?”

Zhu Wuyou was also a bit nervous, “I don’t think so… At most, I’ll be severely injured. En, as long as he can’t kill me it's fine, I’ll just stay there and obtain some benefits.”

This was what he had done before, fighting with Fu Qian while refining and absorbing the energy of the surrounding Dragon Pond. During this half a month, although he had been riddled with wounds, he had also refined a lot of the Dragon Pond’s energy to purify his bloodline.

He really wasn’t Boss Ji's opponent, nor had he ever thought of chasing him away from the territory below, but just as he said, as long as he couldn’t kill him, he could always reap some benefits.

It was better than just sitting here doing nothing.

Having made up his mind, Zhu Wuyou leapt downwards.

“You’re really going?” Fu Qian was shocked. This guy was too bold.

Zhu Wuyou coldly snorted, “Those who are bold will not starve. If you’re afraid, you can just stay here.”

Fu Qian remained in place, his expression uncertain. After a while, he gritted his teeth and chased after Zhu Wuyou. It was just as Zhu Wuyou had said, the power of the Dragon Pond in his territory had become thin, so there was no point in staying here. If he fought for it, perhaps he could take advantage of this opening to become a Big Dragon.

A moment later, Boss Ji’s furious roar rang out, “You two little bastards, who gave you the courage to do this? You’re courting death!”

Dragon Prestige permeated the space as Dragon Force surged.

Zhu Wuyou and Fu Qian worked together, but even though they were two against one, they were still not this Boss Ji’s opponent and were beaten into a miserable state. However, the two dragons had made up their minds not to retreat, and as they were beaten, they began to madly devour and refine the surrounding Dragon Pond energy.

Boss Ji was almost angered to death, his actions becoming more ruthless.

After fighting for half a month, the three Young Dragons stood in a triangle, looking at each other.

Boss Ji's expression was unfriendly, his eyes almost threatening to eat someone alive.

Zhu Wuyou grinned and showed a pleased smile, “Boss Ji, please calm your anger. I didn’t want this guy Fu Qian to come to your place to steal your food, but I couldn’t refuse him, so I had no choice but to accompany him. Now that I’ve been beaten up, I can’t even keep my eyes open, so I’ll help you vent your anger.”

Fu Qian was stunned and turned to glare at Zhu Wuyou, “What nonsense are you spouting? It was clearly you…”

Zhu Wuyou snorted, “What about you? I already said that Boss Ji isn’t someone to be trifled with, yet you still insist on coming. See, you’ve been beaten. If you go out like this, even your parents won’t recognize you.”

Fu Qian: “I…”

“Alright, let’s not talk about the past. In any case, now that things have come to this, and the Dragon Pond’s power is almost empty, there’s no need for us to fight anymore,” Zhu Wuyou said coldly.

Fu Qian’s eyes rolled wildly, not knowing what to say. He had always thought that Zhu Wuyou was shameless, but now he knew that he was simply shameless.

Zhu Wuyou turned to look at Boss Ji, “What should we do now? Wait for the Dragon Pond to open and then return?”

Boss Ji’s stomach was filled with anger, but he didn’t know where to vent it. If he could, he really wanted to hammer these two little things to death, but just as Zhu Wuyou had said, the Dragon Pond’s power was almost empty, so there was no point in continuing to fight.

This time, the Dragon Pond was a fortuitous opportunity. With his 900 zhang Dragon Body, he could definitely become a Big Dragon, but he was still quite a distance away from it. Without the help of the Dragon Pond, it wouldn’t be easy to break through.

If he didn't break through to Big Dragon realm after coming out of the Dragon Pond, how embarrassing would that be?

He was different from Zhu Wuyou and Fu Qian, these two only had hope of advancing.

“What are you trying to say?” Boss Ji grit his teeth and restrained his anger.

Zhu Wuyou let out a hollow laugh, “Now that things have come to this, we might as well go all out!”

Saying so, Zhu Wuyou glanced down.

Fu Qian’s face paled, “You, you, you…”

Previously, when Zhu Wuyou proposed to snatch the Dragon Pond’s power from Boss Ji, he had already felt that this guy was too bold, but now he was even more outrageous, actually having ideas about the Big Dragon below.

That was a Big Dragon!

It wasn’t something these three could shake.

“Shut up!” Zhu Wuyou coldly shouted, his face filled with disdain, “Coward!”

Fu Qian almost choked to death.

Boss Ji didn’t say anything, but Zhu Wuyou’s face was filled with disappointment as he sighed, “My Dragon Clan has been guarding this No-Return Pass all year round. Although it sounds glorious, it has lost its blood and courage, and now it doesn’t even dare to compete. Sigh, whatever, I’ll go back to my own territory now and have a good sleep, waiting for the Dragon Pond to open before returning. However, my strength is the weakest amongst our Dragon Clan, so it’s fine if I don’t ascend to become a Big Dragon this time. On the other hand, if Boss Ji doesn’t ascend to become a Big Dragon, I’m afraid you won’t be able to avoid punishment.”

Boss Ji muttered, “Don’t try to provoke me.”

Zhu Wuyou chuckled, “How could I dare? Boss Ji, you are the leader of our generation’s Dragon Clan. Fu Qian and I have always regarded you as our role model, right?”

Fu Qian was stunned.

Zhu Wuyou cursed in his heart, this guy’s intelligence is too low, he doesn’t know how to cooperate.

Ignoring him, Zhu Wuyou said seriously, “The Dragon Pond has been open for quite some time now, but our progress has been slow. If we don’t think of a solution soon, we’ll really have to stop here. I don’t know if you’re willing or not, but I’m not. Boss Ji, as long as you say the word, I, Zhu Wuyou, will take the lead. If the Big Dragon below wants to beat people up, let him beat me up first!”

In any case, they were all people who were going to be beaten up, so it didn’t matter who came first. However, if everyone went together, there would suffer less. If he were to go alone, it was likely he wouldn’t have a good ending. No matter what, Boss Ji and Fu Qian had to be dragged along. When the Big Dragon’s wrath came, even the weakest Dragon Clan like him wouldn’t be able to bear much responsibility.

“You want to take the lead?” Boss Ji looked at Zhu Wuyou in surprise.

Zhu Wuyou looked like he was ready to die, “I’ll take the lead!”

Seeing his determination, Boss Ji nodded, “Good, then let’s go deeper!”

Fu Qian said, “That’s not good! Let’s not even talk about the Big Dragons below, the three of us are still Young Dragons after all, we may not be able to withstand the pressure there.”

Zhu Wuyou looked at him with a headache, “Are you stupid? The Dragon Pond power above is so thin, how rich can it be down there? Yes, in the past, we couldn’t bear it, but now it’s different.”

Fu Qian thought for a moment before replying, “You have a point.”

Zhu Wuyou asked excitedly, “Then let’s do it?”

Boss Ji and Fu Qian looked at each other and nodded.

“Let’s go!” Zhu Wuyou didn’t hesitate and swung his dragon tail, diving deeper.

After a while, the Big Dragon roared, “Three little things, your courage has grown!”

Zhu Wuyou let out a blood-curdling scream and didn’t forget to push the blame, “Boss Ji brought us here, Third Uncle, don’t be blind, can't you see…”

The face of Boss Ji, who was being beaten up, turned black.

After all, this was the first time the three Young Dragons had come to the Dragon Pond. Although they could clearly feel the thinness of the Dragon Pond’s power, they all thought that it was because the Dragon Pond’s stored energy was insufficient.

However, it was different for many Big Dragons. Some of them had come to the Dragon Pond more than once, and although there was a difference in the strength of the Dragon Pond in the past, there was not much difference.

This time was different.

The energy in the Dragon Pond was decreasing at a terrifying rate, and a few of the more powerful Dragons could even clearly sense that there was some kind of invisible force in the depths of the Dragon Pond that was absorbing the mysterious energy.

The entire Dragon Pond, from top to bottom, was rapidly weakening.

As a result, the Dragon Pond’s strength became thinner.

The power of the Dragon Pond was thin, and the Dragon Clan had no way of obtaining any benefits, so they could only dive deeper and fight for it.

Initially, it was only Zhu Wuyou who ran off to fight over the territory of Fu Qian, followed by the two Young Dragons joining forces to fight over Boss Ji’s territory and the three Young Dragons fighting over the Big Dragon’s territory.

Now that three months had passed, the team had expanded to two Big Dragons and three Young Dragons.

Zhu Wuyou was very happy. At this point, he no longer needed to be beaten. When the Elders fought, he only needed to avoid them and take the opportunity to refine the power of the Dragon Pond.

It had to be said that the deeper one went, the denser the Dragon Pond’s power became. Unfortunately, it would soon run out.

Since ancient times, there had never been a Young Dragon that had entered the depths of the Dragon Pond like this, but this time, three Young Dragons had achieved this feat.

In the past three months, Zhu Wuyou and Fu Qian’s Dragon Body had grown several dozen zhangs in length, and Boss Ji was on the verge of breaking through to the Big Dragon realm.

After all, they were still Young Dragons, so there was a lot of room for improvement. Although they were just picking up scraps from their Elders, their growth was still quite obvious.

Zhu Wuyou silently calculated. At this rate, after this trip to the Dragon Pond, he really might be able to become a Big Dragon.

Looking at the group of Elders fighting, Zhu Wuyou grinned and laughed wildly. Only by fighting each other will Young Dragons like him gain some benefits.


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jeider conrado
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Me reí mucho con este capítulo jajajaja me agrada ese muchacho


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