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In an instant, the pressure on Yang Kai decreased greatly and the uncomfortable feeling disappeared, replaced by an incomparably comfortable feeling.

The dragon bone let out a cracking sound, a result of the growth of the dragon body. The growth of the dragon body caused cracks to appear on its skin and its scales to tremble non-stop, but Yang Kai didn’t feel any pain, only a numbing sensation. His powerful regenerative ability allowed his wounds to rapidly heal, but because of the rapid growth of his dragon body, they began to crack again.

Yang Kai suddenly understood.

Back then, when Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer had left their power in his body, they might have considered this day.

Perhaps in their opinion, Yang Kai will be able to come to the Dragon Pond in the end. Only here could the benefits brought by Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer power be fully displayed.

The power of Yin and Yang converged within his body, and under the grinding of the invisible millstone, the massive power of the Dragon Pond quickly transformed into pure nourishment for Yang Kai’s bloodline.

In just the time it took for an incense stick to burn, Yang Kai felt his dragon body increase by about ten zhang.

This increse was extremely terrifying. The stronger a Dragon was, the harder it would be for their bloodline to improve. Although he was only a 3,500 zhang Big Dragon, and his bloodline still had a lot of room for improvement, if he really didn’t have any external help, allowing him to cultivate on his own, it would take at least several dozen years for his dragon body to have ten zhang increase in size.

This was also the reason why Yang Kai had never deliberately tried to improve his Dragon Clan’s bloodline, it was simply too time-consuming.

The Dragon Clan’s lifespan was long, and they were guarding the No-Return Pass all year round, so they had plenty of time to deal with these matters, but Yang Kai couldn’t.

Previously, at the top of the Dragon Pond, Yang Kai had also used the Sun and Moon Seals to refine and absorb the power of the Dragon Pond, but after a few hours, his dragon body had only grown a few zhangs, completely incomparable to his current efficiency.

This was one of the great benefits of the deeper Dragon Pond.

The rapid growth of his bloodline signified an increase in his strength. This feeling was intoxicating, and Yang Kai quickly immersed himself in it, greedily devouring the surrounding Dragon Pond power.

The Dragon Clan had three surnames: Ji, Zhu, and Fu.

As the leader of the Holy Spirit Race and the leader of all living beings, the Dragon Clan didn’t actually have a surname at the beginning, but after an unknown era, the Dragon Clan had a surname.

Zhu Wuyou was one of the few Young Dragons in this generation of Dragon Clan. Although he was called a Young Dragon, he was actually several hundred years old. It was just that the growth of the Dragon Clan was extremely slow, so up until now, he only had a seven hundreed zhang long dragon body and was considered one of the lowest existences in the entire Dragon Clan.

Towards Young Dragons, the Dragon Clan was not stingy with their cultivation. After all, the Dragon Clan itself was difficult to reproduce and any one of their clansmen was extremely precious.

In fact, it wasn’t just the Dragon Clan. The reproduction of all the Holy Spirits was very difficult, and often, after countless years, no new clansmen would be born.

On the Dragon Clan’s side, the situation was still quite good. In a few hundred or thousand years, a single member could be born. Some of the Holy Spirits whose clansmen had withered away might not even have a single new life after thousands or even tens of thousands of years, almost all of them were extinct.

Perhaps this was the balance of the Heavenly Law. After all, as a Holy Spirit, as long as it grew, it would possess extremely powerful strength.

As one of the only three Young Dragons in the clan, Zhu Wuyou naturally had the qualifications to enter the Dragon Pond to cultivate.

The last time the Dragon Pond opened was seven hundred years ago. At that time, he had just been born and had missed that opportunity, so this was his first time entering the Dragon Pond to cultivate.

Although this was his first time here, as a pure-blooded Dragon, he didn’t need any guidance from others. The inheritance of his bloodline allowed him to easily understand everything about the Dragon Pond.

Currently, Zhu Wuyou was cultivating at the highest point of the Dragon Pond, absorbing the mysterious energy of the Dragon Pond and purifying his bloodline to repair his injuries.

It couldn’t be helped. Previously, in order to compete for a higher position, he had fought fiercely with his own clansmen, but in the end, he had lost.

As a loser, he could only retreat to a higher position, which was the rule of the Dragon Clan.

There was nothing shameful about this. The other party’s bloodline was slightly stronger than his, and more importantly, the other party was much older than him.

While swallowing and refining the Dragon Pond’s power, Zhu Wuyou silently licked his wounds as he made up his mind. Once his injuries were healed and his bloodline became stronger, he would go find that guy and fight him again. He had to get a good position.

Although the elders of the clan were not stingy with raising these Young Dragons, in the Dragon Pond, everything was up to them to compete for benefits.

As time passed, Zhu Wuyou, who had been quietly cultivating for half a month, suddenly opened his eyes and looked around, feeling that something was strange, as if something had changed.

After carefully sensing for a moment, Zhu Wuyou finally discovered something was wrong.

The power of the Dragon Pond in his current position had become extremely thin.

'What the hell!' Zhu Wuyou’s face was filled with worry. The Dragon Pond’s energy had become thin, how could he purify his bloodline?

Was the amount of energy stored in the Dragon Pond so little this time? He had only cultivated for half a month, but he had already absorbed most of the energy in this vast Dragon Pond?

He had thought that he would definitely be able to break through to the Big Dragon realm this time. After all, his 700 zhang dragon body wasn’t far from the Big Dragon realm, so a single trip to the Dragon Pond would be enough for him to break through.

However, if the power of the Dragon Pond was too thin, it would be impossible to break through.

He carefully examined himself. After half a month of cultivation, his dragon body had grown more than a dozen zhang, which was not slow. After all, he can cultivate in this Dragon Pond for several years, but without the support of the Dragon Pond’s power, it would be extremely difficult for him to improve.

Pondering for a moment, Zhu Wuyou’s dragon body flickered as he dove deeper into the lake. Since his territory didn’t have much Dragon Pond power, he could only snatch it from others, although he didn’t expect that he would have to do it quickly.

A moment later, from a hundred thousand zhang away, a roar rang out, “Zhu Wuyou, you’re courting death!”

Zhu Wuyou coldly snorted, “Enough nonsense, last time I was too careless, this time I’ll teach you a lesson.”

As they roared, the two Young Dragons that were seven or eight hundred zhang long entangled each other, fighting fiercely.

Inside this Dragon Pond, no external force could be used, and the Dragon Clan could only rely on their own abilities. The Time Principle was the Dragon Clan’s bloodline talent, but the two Young Dragons that were less than a thousand zhang in length were not qualified to comprehend such a profound strength. As soon as they met, they could only engage in close combat, using their Source power to attack each other from time to time.

This battle lasted for half a month and the two Young Dragons were both covered in wounds. A large portion of the dragon scales on Zhu Wuyou’s head had been torn off and his flesh was now a mess. For Zhu Wuyou’s opponent, a dozen zhang long wound had appeared on his lower abdomen and one could faintly see his internal organs squirming.

Fu Qian looked at Zhu Wuyou with a puzzled expression, not understanding why he was so desperate.

When the Dragon Clan entered the Dragon Pond, in order to fight for a better territory, there was indeed a need to fight, but this kind of battle was usually not too intense. After all, entering the Dragon Pond was a matter of cultivation. Everyone would fight to determine who was stronger and who was weaker. The weaker ones would retreat while the stronger ones would remain. This was not a rule, but rather an understanding.

When he had first entered the Dragon Pond, Fu Qian had fought with Zhu Wuyou, but in the end, he had won and obtained a deeper territory, causing Zhu Wuyou to retreat.

Half a month later, Zhu Wuyou came to challenge him again. This surprised Fu Qian, but he didn’t show any fear. How could he fear a defeated opponent?

However, this time, Zhu Wuyou’s performance was clearly different. He seemed like he wanted to fight to the death with him, not retreating even after half a month of fighting.

Fu Qian was extremely annoyed. The opening of the Dragon Pond only lasted for a short time, so who would have the time to continue fighting here? Zhu Wuyou’s actions were simply harming himself.

“Zhu Wuyou, you’re crazy!” Fu Qian asked himself. He had never offended this guy before, but he didn’t know why he was so fierce with him.

Zhu Wuyou raised his head and arrogantly said, “You talk too much. If you think you’re no match for me, then get lost! This place is called Zhu!”

Fu Qian was furious, “Arrogant! Since you insist on doing so, don’t blame me for not showing mercy.”

“Come, who’s afraid of who!”

With just a few words, the two Dragons began fighting again.

However, this battle didn’t last for long. After two days or so, the two wounded Dragons suddenly separated, each of them carefully scanning their surroundings.

After a while, Fu Qian raised his head and asked, “What’s going on? Why has the Dragon Pond’s power become so thin?” In his perception, the Dragon Pond’s power contained in the surrounding water had become extremely thin, no longer having much effect on his cultivation.

Zhu Wuyou replied, “Right? You also felt it.”

Fu Qian suddenly understood, “The power of the Dragon Pond on your side is gone, so you came to snatch my territory?” It was obvious that this guy was not his opponent, but he he was still pestering him.

Zhu Wuyou snorted, “Otherwise, do you think I have nothing better to do?”

Receiving such an affirmative answer, Fu Qian became even more annoyed. This bastard had come to snatch someone else’s things when he didn’t have them, but now, everyone had lost them.

Suppressing his anger, Fu Qian asked in confusion, “Why is the power of the Dragon Pond so scarce this time?”

The power of the Dragon Pond was not infinite. If not for this, the Dragon Clan would have lived in the Dragon Pond all year round and would have become Ancient Dragons sooner or later. Every time the Dragon Pond opened, it would only open again after hundreds or thousands of years, because it would give the Dragon Pond time to recover.

The Dragon Pond would only open again when the energy here was almost fully restored, so there was no fixed time to open it. Everything depended on the recovery speed of the Dragon Pond.

However, the time it took to open was roughly the same, enough for the Dragon Clan to enter.

This time was obviously different.

Zhu Wuyou’s mood became much better. Two unlucky people were better than one unlucky person.

“Who knows? Maybe it was used up too much last time.”

Fu Qian shook his head. If they had used too much energy last time, the Elders would definitely have delayed the opening of the Dragon Pond. Now that the Dragon Pond had been opened, it meant that the Dragon Pond’s strength was enough to satisfy the Dragon Clan’s consumption. There was no reason for it to be used up so quickly.

However, right now, it was a fact that the Dragon Pond in his territory was weak, so it was definitely the same for Zhu Wuyou.

What should he do?


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