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After a hundred thousand zhang deeper into the Dragon Pond, he finally encountered Ji Old Third.

The Big Dragon, which was nearly five thousand zhang long, sat in the middle of the pond, greedily devouring the profound energy of the Dragon Pond, causing the surrounding water to violently flow.

Seeing Yang Kai’s figure, Ji Old Third was enraged and roared, “Ignorant human, how dare you act so presumptuous!”

Letting him stay a thousand zhang above the Dragon Pond was already the Dragon Clan’s greatest gift, yet he actually dared to enter such a deep place. Did he really think the Dragon Clan wouldn’t dare kill him?

He was already filled with resentment towards Yang Kai, so now that he had seen his enemy, how could he hold back? His dragon body flashed as he pounced towards Yang Kai.

It wasn’t that he was looking down on Yang Kai, after suffering consecutive losses under Yang Kai’s hands, he knew that this human was not easy to provoke.

If this was the outside world, he wouldn’t have dared to act so rashly before figuring out what methods Yang Kai had.

But this was the Dragon Pond.

After entering this place, all external forces could not be used, only the Dragon Clan’s own abilities could be relied on.

He was an existence on the verge of breaking through to the Ancient Dragon, so how could he be afraid of Yang Kai’s 3,500 zhang Dragon Body?

Since this human didn’t listen to his advice, this time he would teach him a good lesson and take revenge for what happened last time. As for whether he wanted to kill him or not, that would depend on this human’s performance next. If this human begged for mercy, it was not impossible to spare his life.

With these thoughts in mind, Ji Old Third opened his mouth.


As the Dragon Roar spread, a Dragon Prestige filled the space.

Ji Old Third’s giant figure froze in place, the Dragon Roar he had been preparing to release were blocked at his throat.

The roar was not Ji Old Third’s, but Yang Kai’s.

Since the Dragon Prestige was invincible in this place, Yang Kai naturally wouldn’t show any mercy. Seeing Ji Old Third block his path, Yang Kai immediately opened his mouth and roared as he circulated his Source and released his Dragon Prestige.

In the next moment, Ji Old Third could only watch as Yang Kai’s claw smashed into his face, releasing a violent burst of energy that sent him flying.

The intense pain caused him to roar and his eyes to blur. Ji Old Third felt like his nose had collapsed.

This bastard is really ruthless!

After stabilizing himself with great difficulty, Ji Old Third looked around and found that Yang Kai was nowhere to be seen. The 3,500 zhang Golden Dragon had already flown deeper into the Dragon Pond, leaving behind only a faint golden light.

The weak golden light also quickly disappeared, clearly already far away.

Without any intention of pursuing him, Ji Old Third froze in place, his expression filled with shock.

He, a pure-blooded Dragon Clan member who was about to become an Ancient Dragon, had been slapped by a human with a mere 3,500 zhang Dragon Body!

If this matter was spread out, no clansman would believe it, but it was the truth.

If Ji Old Third still couldn’t figure out why he had suffered a loss at Yang Kai’s hands last time, then the reason this time was obvious.

That guy’s Dragon Prestige… was stronger than his own, and his Dragon Vein had formed a Bloodline Suppression on him. If not for that, how could he not be able to fight a Dragon with 3,500 zhang body.

Realizing this, Ji Old Third was startled.

He was about to become an Ancient Dragon, so the only ones who could suppress his bloodline were the pure Ancient Dragons in the clan.

But what about Yang Kai? He was a human, even if he managed to refine a portion of the Dragon Clan’s Source by chance, it wouldn’t change his nature.

How could he formed a Bloodline Suppression on him?

There was only one explanation for this situation.

The Source he had refined… amongst the Dragon Clan’s rank, it is extremely high. In other words, the Dragon Clan who originally possessed this Source was extremely strong, so even if they died, the strength of their Source wouldn’t weaken by too much. Yang Kai, this human actually inherited the remnants of the Dragon Clan’s ancestors!

Is it the Ancient Dragon Source? No, it's not that powerful.

Could it be the Divine Dragon Source?

Ji Old Third couldn’t help feeling a chill run down his spine. Could it be that the Source this human had refined was the Source that had been talked about by the clan members?

If that was the case, it was understandable that he wasn’t a match for Yang Kai. It was no wonder Yang Kai was able to reach this location while the other Dragons were unable to stop him.

Even he couldn’t stop them, let alone the other Big Dragons.

This was most likely the case, because this person’s Source was also a Gold Attribute. The Source that Yang Kai, a human, displayed was the same as that person’s. Golden Dragon were extremely rare in the Dragon Clan, and only two or three Golden Dragon Sources had been lost.

Something big had happened! Ji Old Third’s heart pounded.

Although he was only a Big Dragon, he knew just how much effort the Dragon Clan had expended in order to find that lost Source. Unfortunately, they had missed the best opportunity to find it, and after countless years of fruitless search, they had no choice but to give up.

Unexpectedly, that person’s Source had returned and been refined by a human.

If he hadn’t been inside the Dragon Pond, Ji Old Third would have reported to the Elders immediately, but now that the Dragon Pond is closed, it would take several years before it opened again.

Suppressing the many distracting thoughts in his mind, Ji Old Third consoled himself. If it was that man’s Source, it would be normal for him to lose.

Thinking so, he felt much better.

On top of that, although Yang Kai had struck him with his claw, he had also quickly fled and had no intention of seizing his territory. This was truly a blessing in disguise.

Without hesitation, Ji Old Third quickly circulated his strength to refine the Dragon Pond’s power. He was only a step away from breaking through to the Ancient Dragon, so this trip would definitely be a success. It wouldn’t be too late to seek revenge from that human after he broke through to the Ancient Dragon.

His 3,500 zhang Dragon Body, even if it benefited from the Dragon Pond, it was impossible for him to break through in just a few years.

When the Dragon Pond opened a few years later and he became an Ancient Dragon, that person would still be a Big Dragon. Even if his Source was powerful, it would not be able to suppress him easily, so at that time, they could slowly settle old scores.

There was a saying among the Human Race, it was never too late to take revenge!

At this moment, Yang Kai stopped five hundred thousand zhang away from Ji Old Third.

At this position, Yang Kai could already feel a slight pressure, not from his body but from his bloodline.

Although the deeper one went, the denser the Dragon Pond’s power became, which is a hundred times worse than the top of the Dragon Pond, every Dragon Clan had their own limits.

That was why the three Young Dragons and ten Big Dragons with different foundations and strengths, each occupying a different position to cultivate.

And now, this position was the limit Yang Kai’s bloodline could withstand. Yang Kai had a feeling that if he continued down this path, he might not be able to obtain more benefits, perhaps even less.

Realizing this, Yang Kai naturally didn’t go any further.

Yang Kai allowed his body to float in the water as he circulated his Golden Divine Dragon's Source to absorb and refine the mysterious energy contained within the water.

In an instant, the Dragon Vein in his body began to vibrate as the Dragon Blood flowed through his meridians like a river.

An invisible force entered his body and fused into his bloodline, purifying his Dragon Vein.

That numbing sensation once again assaulted Yang Kai, causing him to feel like he was being eaten by thousands of ants. Feeling both comfortable and uncomfortable, Yang Kai couldn’t help roaring.

When he first entered the Dragon Pond, Yang Kai had tried to absorb the Dragon Pond’s power, and although he had obtained quite a few benefits, he had only tasted it briefly.

Moreover, the power at the top of the Dragon Pond wasn’t particularly rich.

Now that he had ventured more than a million zhang deeper into the Dragon Pond, the strength of the Dragon Pond here was a hundred times denser than the one at the top, and the benefits he had obtained were incomparable.

A hundred times the power of the Dragon Pond meant a hundred times the benefits. Yang Kai couldn’t help looking forward to it. He wondered how much his Dragon Vein would improve after cultivating in the Dragon Pond this time. At the very least, it would be enough to reach the Ancient Dragon realm, right?

An Ancient Dragon was equivalent to an Eighth Order Open Heaven.

Although Yang Kai wasn’t a pure-blooded Dragon Clan, and even if he had broken through to the Ancient Dragon, he wouldn’t necessarily be able to display it's full strength, but his strength would definitely increase greatly.

Smiles Old Ancestor took into consideration the dangers of the expedition that Yang Kai’s Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivation might not be able to protect him, so she asked him to come to the Dragon Pond to look for some benefits. If he could really break through to the Ancient Dragon realm, Yang Kai’s ability to protect himself would be much greater.

He still didn’t know what price the Human Race had paid to allow him to enter the Dragon Pond. The Dragon Clan didn’t say anything, and he didn’t ask, but since they had paid a price to obtain this quota, he naturally couldn’t make a loss.

This time, he had to improve his bloodline as much as possible and become as strong as possible.

After his body gradually adapted to this numb feeling, Yang Kai immediately activated the Sun and Moon Seals on his two dragon claws.

Generally speaking, when a Dragon Clan came to this Dragon Pond, if they wanted to absorb and refine the Dragon Pond’s power, they could only use their own Dragon Clan’s Source to absorb and refine the Dragon Pond’s power.

However, Yang Kai was different. The Sun and Moon Seals could quickly refine the power of the Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals, so refining and absorbing the power of the Dragon Pond was no problem.

As soon as these two great seals appeared, Yang Kai’s two dragon claws seemed to transform into two black holes, and the rich power of the Dragon Pond swarmed into his body.

In an instant, Yang Kai’s expression changed drastically.

The force of the Sun and Moon Seals was too great, and Yang Kai found it difficult to bear. At the same time he felt like he could endure it, and his Big Dragon body was instantly riddled with wounds as dragon blood flew everywhere.

It was no wonder that the Dragon Clan had their own limits when cultivating in this Dragon Pond. The Dragon Pond’s power was good, but eating too much and not being able to digest it was not necessarily a good thing. If he were to crazily devour it like this, in less than an hour, his Source might not be able to support it, and when that time came, it would definitely not end well.

He secretly rejoiced that he had not gone any further.

Just as he was about to disperse the two seals, Yang Kai’s expression suddenly changed.

Hiding inside Yang Kai’s body, the Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer power quickly appeared.

Previously, when he was trying the Dragon Pond, the Dragon Pond’s strength wasn’t too rich and was completely within Yang Kai’s range of tolerance, so he didn’t feel anything strange. He only felt that under the guidance of Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer power, his Dragon Vein was improving rapidly.

Now that the power of the Dragon Pond he had swallowed had exceeded his limit, the effects of the Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer power suddenly became obvious.

When these two types of forces were awakened in his body, the Yin and Yang energies converged and transformed into an invisible millstone that rapidly and effectively ground the Dragon Pond’s energy that he had swallowed.


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