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Just as Yang Kai had guessed, the deeper he went into the Dragon Pond, the stronger the mysterious force became. However, he had no intention of stopping. Since he knew this, the deeper he went, the better.

Although he had the Dragon Clan’s bloodline, this was probably the only time he could enter this Dragon Pond, so naturally he had to eat his fill.

The Dragon Pond seemed to be bottomless. Yang Kai flew down a few hundred thousand zhang, but he still didn’t see any signs of the Dragon Clan. This made him wonder if the space inside the Dragon Pond has some kind of profound mystery, or else there would be no reason for the three Young Dragons and ten Big Dragons to disappear.

A few thousand zhang down, he finally encountered the Dragon Clan.

The two Young Dragons here were only seven or eight hundred zhang long and were currently fighting. They didn’t use any special Secret Techniques, when Yang Kai arrived, the two Young Dragons were engaged in a fierce battle. As they roared, dragon scales flew and dragon blood splashed.

Yang Kai, on the other hand, was somewhat surprised. He hadn’t expected the internal conflicts of the Dragon Clan to be so violent and bloody.

Yang Kai could also guess what they were fighting about, most likely because they were fighting for a spot. This place was already several tens of thousands of zhang deep into the Dragon Pond, which was the limit of the Young Dragons. If they went any further down, although the benefits would be greater, the Young Dragons might not be able to withstand it.

Tempering one’s bloodline at one’s limits was the fastest way to grow.

As for who this position belonged to, that would depend on who was stronger.

The two Young Dragons were about the same size and strength, when Yang Kai arrived, they were fighting fiercely.

Seemingly sensing Yang Kai’s aura, the two Young Dragons suddenly stopped and turned to look at him. One of them shouted angrily, “How dare you come down?”

The other Young Dragon also said, “Quickly retreat, otherwise we’ll teach you a lesson.”

Yang Kai’s Big Dragon body passed between the two and with a flick of his tail, he sent the two Young Dragons flying.

Two Young Dragons that were less than a thousand zhang long actually dared to speak so arrogantly in front of him. Yang Kai didn’t even have the mood to pay attention to them.

After Yang Kai’s figure flashed past, the two Young Dragons staggered back, dragon blood filling their bodies as they stared in the direction Yang Kai had disappeared. Suddenly, they roared and charged towards each other.

The two of them were too weak and weren’t Yang Kai’s opponent. Since the warning was ineffective, they didn’t try to stop him. In any case, there were Big Dragons in the depths of the Dragon Pond, so they would naturally fight Yang Kai back.

As the battle raged on, a victor would eventually be decided. The victor would remain while the loser would naturally have to retreat.

Yang Kai descended another ten thousand zhang and encountered the third Young Dragon.

This time, only a total of three Young Dragons had entered the Dragon Pond. The only difference was that the previous two had similar strengths and were only seven or eight hundred zhang long in size. Obviously, they were still some distance away from becoming Big Dragons, but this third one was about to break through.

With just a quick glance, Yang Kai could tell that this Young Dragon's size was more than nine hundred zhang. If nothing unexpected happened, after leaving this Dragon Pond, it would be able to become a Big Dragon.

This was also the reason why he could cultivate here in peace, because he was stronger than the two Young Dragons, so he could naturally occupy an even deeper position.

On the other hand, the two Young Dragons had to fight over the position.

This Young Dragon was quite tactful. Feeling Yang Kai’s aura approaching, not only did it not try to stop him, it even dodged to the side.

Since he wasn’t looking for trouble, Yang Kai naturally couldn’t be bothered to deal with him. He brushed past him and continued deeper.

This time, it was not until nearly a hundred thousand zhang away that he encountered a Big Dragon, but this Big Dragon was less than two thousand zhang long, so it should be a relatively weak existence among the Big Dragons.

This Big Dragon seemed to want to stop Yang Kai, but after looking at Yang Kai’s golden dragon body that was more than three thousand zhang long, it finally held back.

Among the Dragon Clan, the Golden Dragon’s killing power was the strongest. With the same bloodline density and physique, there was almost no one who could defeat the Golden Dragon, not to mention that Yang Kai’s physique was almost twice his size. If they really fought, he would definitely not be his opponent.

The most important thing was that Yang Kai seemed to want to go deeper and not snatch his territory.

Encountering two more Big Dragons like this, he was completely unaffected.

Yang Kai discovered a pattern, which was that the distance between the Young Dragons should be about tens of thousands zhang, while the distance between the Big Dragons should be about a hundred thousand zhang.

Every hundred thousand zhang, there would be a Dragon Clan dwelling. It could be said that the Dragon Pond’s power in this hundred thousand zhang area belong to the Dragon Clan in it.

This should be a rule passed down by the Dragon Clan since ancient times.

It was fine if he didn’t know about this, but knowing about this Yang Kai couldn’t help becoming angry. Ji Old Third had immediately order him to stay a thousand zhang area at the top of the pond, not even allowing him to lie flat on his back. This was simply looking down on him.

However, the depth of the Dragon Pond also shocked Yang Kai. He had already traversed hundreds of thousands of zhang in just a short time, the bottom of the Dragon Pond should be even deeper, perhaps even several million zhang. Did this Dragon Pond have any bottom?

After passing through the territories of the two Big Dragons, he was finally stopped.

This Big Dragon’s size was similar to Yang Kai’s, both about 3,500 zhang. Seeing Yang Kai slowly descend from above, it immediately roared, “You’re quite bold, how dare you come here?”

As he spoke, he didn’t hesitate and stretched out his dragon claw towards Yang Kai.

The Dragon Body was more than three thousand zhang, and its claws were incomparably huge, the tips of its claws flashing with a cold light. If Yang Kai was really caught by this claw, even if he were to transform into a Big Dragon, he would still lose a piece of his flesh.

As he attacked, the Big Dragon also pushed its Dragon Prestige towards Yang Kai.

This situation was also within Yang Kai’s expectations. Previously, he hadn’t encountered any obstructions, but because the Young Dragons and Big Dragons felt they weren’t his opponent, rashly attacking would only bring shame to themselves. Now that this Big Dragon’s body was about the same size as his, there was no reason to avoid it.

The pressure from the other party’s Dragon Prestige didn’t affect Yang Kai in the slightest. Activating his Source power, he also used his Dragon Prestige.

This time, he didn’t activate the Sun and Moon Seal, there was no need.

The last time he had used the Sun and Moon Seal to deal with Ji Old Third was also an unexpected discovery.

Previously, when the ten Big Dragons had joined forces to attack him, Yang Kai had felt some pressure, but now that it was a one-on-one fight, the situation was different. Under the impact of the Invisible Dragon Prestige, Yang Kai wasn’t affected, but the Big Dragon that had taken the initiative to attack first paused slightly, even its outstretched claws freezing in place.

Yang Kai’s claw slammed into the Big Dragon’s head, releasing a violent burst of energy that sent him flying, his flesh rupturing and even his dragon scales breaking.

Feeling the pain, the Big Dragon roared and finally came back to its senses. Turning its head, it saw Yang Kai continue to descend.

He didn’t chase after them and simply stood there, with a look of shock in his eyes.

The contest between Dragon Prestige wasn’t exaggerated in the slightest, it was a contest of the strength of one’s Bloodline and Source power.

Although the Dragon Clan knew that Yang Kai possessed a Source power, all of them thought that he had only obtained an ordinary Source power. Even if a human were to obtain such an opportunity, it would be impossible for them to achieve much. At most, they would possess some of the characteristics of the Dragon Clan and have the qualifications to cultivate the Dragon Clan’s Divine Abilities.

To be honest, when they first saw Yang Kai’s True Dragon Body reach a height of 3,500 zhang, they were shocked. Very few humans could temper their Dragon Vein to such a degree.

However, the moment they began competing with each other, this Big Dragon knew that the Dragon Clan had underestimated this human.

The other party’s Dragon Prestige was much stronger than his own, for such a situation to occur, it was either the other party’s bloodline was stronger than his, or his Source power is stronger.

The strength of one’s bloodline was directly reflected in the size of the Dragon Clan. The stronger one’s bloodline was, the larger their body would be. This was also the reason why the Dragon Clan wanted to enter the Dragon Pond to cultivate.

The Dragon Pond was extremely helpful in tempering one’s bloodline.

Now that everyone’s physiques were similar, it meant that there was no difference in bloodline power.

Their difference lies in the Source power!

The other party’s Source far surpassed his own!

The Big Dragon was slightly dazed, but it was more curious about what kind of Source that human had obtained. How could it be more powerful than the Source of a pure Dragon Clan?

Moreover, the gap between them was not small.

Could this human have obtained the Source of a Divine Dragon? But that shouldn’t be the case. Since ancient times, there had not been many Dragon Clan masters who had managed to become a Divine Dragon. Most Dragon Clan masters had spent their entire lives trying to become Ancient Dragons. A Divine Dragon was the most powerful existence in this world, and their bloodline power had been tempered to the extreme. Under normal circumstances, it was impossible for them to fall outside, let alone lose their Divine Dragon Source.

No… there really was a Divine Dragon’s Source that had been lost, and it was no ordinary Divine Dragon, it was the Dragon Clan’s Third Generation Dragon Emperor’s Source!

As this thought flashed across its mind, the Big Dragon was startled. If this was really the case, then this human really couldn’t be taken lightly. This time, none of the Big Dragons that had entered the Dragon Pond were his opponent. Even if the Ancient Dragon Elders learned of this news, they would have to reevaluate this human.

Just as this Big Dragon was beginning to become suspicious, Yang Kai had already descended another hundred thousand zhang deeper and easily dealt with a four thousand zhang long Big Dragon.

Dragon Prestige was simply too useful in the Dragon Pond. Yang Kai didn’t even need to face the Dragon Clan head-on. Under the control of Dragon Prestige, he was naturally able to suppress his opponent. Taking advantage of his opponent’s dazed state, Yang Kai struck out with his claw, sending all who stood in his way flying.

The deeper he went, the denser the Dragon Pond’s power became, and the stronger the dragons he encountered.

Starting from 4,000 zhang Dragon, Yang Kai encountered 4,300 zhang, 4,500 zhang, 4,800 zhang…

All along the way, he had fought his way through and none of them had been able to defeat him.

He didn'e encounter Ji Old Third, this guy was only a step away from reaching the Ancient Dragon. Among this group of Dragons that had entered the Dragon Pond, he should be the strongest, so he would definitely cultivate in the deepest part of the Dragon Pond.

Yang Kai was a bit surprised that he had almost snatched the spot of the strongest person. Logically speaking, if the Dragon Clan wanted to give up a spot, shouldn’t it be the spot of the weaker one?

However, considering that Ji Old Third was about to become an Ancient Dragon, it didn’t matter if he didn’t enter the Dragon Pond. Entering the Dragon Pond would only speed up the process, which was why they decide to have Ji Old Third give up his position.

As for why they had allowed Ji Old Third to enter the Dragon Pond in the end, Yang Kai didn’t know, nor did he care.


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