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The water in the surrounding pond didn’t seem like stagnant water, and it also contained a strange power. If this power was refined and absorbed, it would greatly benefit the Dragon Clan’s bloodline.

Yang Kai faintly understood why the Dragon Clan regarded the Dragon Pond so highly.

This place was able to temper the Dragon Clan’s bloodline and was also the foundation of the Dragon Clan, so it was not surprising that it was highly regarded.

Before he could fully appreciate the wonders of this Dragon Pond’s water, a loud Dragon Roar suddenly rang out from all around him, followed by a series of True Dragon bodies.

The three Young Dragons and the ten Big Dragons followed closely behind him into the Dragon Pond, and just like him, after entering the Dragon Pond, they all involuntarily transformed into their Dragon forms.

The Young Dragon’s body was less than a thousand zhang long, but the Big Dragons all had different forms. Some of them were almost five thousand zhang long, while others were two or three thousand zhang long.

As soon as these Dragons enter the Dragon Pond, they immediately spread out and surrounded Yang Kai.

‘ What is the meaning of this?’ Yang Kai’s Big Dragon eyes swept around.

The Dragons’ auras locked onto Yang Kai, clearly harboring malicious intentions.

Was this because it was inconvenient for them to act on the outside, but inside the Dragon Pond they can be unscrupulous?

The Phoenix Empress had said that there was a struggle in the Dragon Pond, so it seemed that it was true. As a human, wanting to obtain some benefits from the Dragon Pond was not an easy task.

One of them, a Black Dragon was particularly familiar, it was Ji Old Third.

When he was outside the No-Return Pass, this guy had revealed his Dragon form, but Yang Kai had easily subdued him and he instantly transformed back into his human form. However, Yang Kai still remembered the appearance of Ji Old Third’s True Dragon body.

Shaking his head, Ji Old Third stared at Yang Kai with a dangerous look in his eyes. After struggling for a while, he roared, “The uppermost thousand zhang of the Dragon Pond belongs to you. If you dare go any further, don’t blame my Dragon Clan for being impolite!”

Yang Kai listened blankly.

However, one thousand zhang was too little. One had to know that he had transformed into a Dragon and was 3,500 zhang long, even if he were to turn around, he would still be able to traverse more than a thousand zhang. For Ji Old Third to mark the top thousand zhang area of the Dragon Pond was obviously not a good thing.

This should be the consensus reached by the Dragon Clan's side. As soon as Ji Old Third’s voice fell, the Dragons and the three Young Dragons roared and released their Dragon Pressure towards Yang Kai.

Dragon Prestige was sometimes very useful, but when it came to existences with lower bloodlines, even if their strength was inferior to the other party’s, it would still be a great deterrent. When Yang Kai dealt with Zhu Qing, his own Dragon Prestige had played a great role.

The Dragon Prestige of Ji Old Third and the others wasn’t weak, so it was obvious that their bloodlines were extremely strong. If it weren’t for this, they wouldn’t have been able to become Big Dragons.

If it were any other Big Dragon here, even if it was a Big Dragon with a body of five thousand zhang, they would still find it difficult to withstand so many Dragon Prestige.

Even Yang Kai felt quite a bit of pressure, but he was still able to resist it.

After warning Yang Kai, Ji Old Third glared hatefully at him before swinging his dragon tail and diving down, the other Big Dragons and Young Dragons following closely behind.

Before leaving, Ji Old Third’s eyes were filled with unwillingness.

According to his intentions, after entering the Dragon Pond, the Dragons would join forces to drive Yang Kai out, lest he, a human, take advantage of the Dragon Clan.

One can't avoid fighthing in the Dragon Pond, and the Dragon Clan itself wasn’t a docile race. Every time the Dragon Pond opened, in order to seize a better position, the Dragon Clan would often engage in fierce battles, allowing the strong to obtain more benefits.

However, the three Ancient Dragon Elders rejected this proposal. After all, Yang Kai had been sent over by the Human Race and had been coordinated by a Ninth Order Old Ancestor. The Human Race had paid a great price for this.

Not to mention, the three Ancient Dragon Elders also knew that Yang Kai’s Seventh Order status seemed to involve the Human Race’s expedition.

If they were to directly drive him out, what benefits would he gain? It would be difficult to explain to the Human Race.

If they couldn’t drive him out, then they could only settle for the next best thing. Letting him stay at the top of the Dragon Pond was also beneficial to him. It wouldn’t cause too much damage to the Dragon Clan’s interests, so it could be considered an explanation to the Human Race.

Ji Old Third was somewhat unwilling to accept this kind of treatment, because Yang Kai had humiliated him so much that he couldn’t wait to skin him alive to vent his anger.

However, since the Ancient Dragon Elders had spoken, he had no choice but to obey. In his heart, he hoped that Yang Kai wouldn’t be so obedient. Only then would he be able to teach Yang Kai a good lesson and regain the face he lost last time.

The Big Dragon and Young Dragon went deeper, leaving Yang Kai alone confused.

However, he wasn’t an idiot. Ji Old Third had given him a thousand zhang above the Dragon Pond and prevented him from going any further. Did this mean that the deeper he went, the more benefits he would obtain?

Yang Kai didn’t care about Ji Old Third’s threat. How could a defeated opponent dare to speak so boldly? As long as these Dragons didn’t join forces, he wouldn’t fear anyone.

However, in order to verify his thoughts, Yang Kai didn’t immediately dive deeper into the Dragon Pond, instead staying in place and quietly sensing his surroundings.

There was indeed an extremely mysterious power hidden in the surrounding pond water. This power had no effect on any other living being except for the Dragon Clan.

As the Dragon Vein surged inside his body, Yang Kai could clearly feel that the mysterious power in the pond had been absorbed into his body to refine his bloodline, making it purer.

The Dragon Pond was simply a sacred place for the Dragon Clan to cultivate. In this place, even if one didn’t do anything, their bloodline would rapidly improve.

This was only the top of the Dragon Pond, what about the bottom?

Having already discovered the effects of cultivating at the top, Yang Kai didn’t waste any time and flew down.

However, he soon frowned. His original intention was to activate his Space Principle so that he could travel quickly, but what surprised him was that his Space Principle, which he normally used freely, were completely useless here.

Was this the limit of the Dragon Pond?

After trying a few more times, he really couldn’t activate the Space Principle.

In this Dragon Pond, the only thing one could rely on was the various abilities of the Dragon Clan.

Yang Kai couldn’t help laughing. Ji Old Third had suffered such a great loss at his hands, so how could he dare to act so arrogantly?

He had thought that Ji Old Third was relying on his advantage in numbers, but now it seemed that he was relying on the Dragon Pond’s suppression of external forces.

In this Dragon Pond, if he only relied on the Dragon Clan’s own strength, Ji Old Third, a Big Dragon with a body of nearly five thousand zhang, would not be afraid of him.

With a thought, the back of Yang Kai’s right claw became slightly hot and the Sun Mark appeared.

With another thought, the Moon Mark appeared on his other dragon claw.

It seemed that even the Dragon Pond was unable to block these two marks from the Sun’s Burning Shine and Moon's Nether Glimmer, which was quite normal. Although the Dragon Pond was incomparably profound, Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer was still the ancestor of all the Holy Spirits, so how could it be so easy to block these two marks?

Yang Kai had only wanted to see if these two seals had any effect on the Dragon Pond, but when he activated them, he was surprised to find that the mysterious power contained in the Dragon Pond water was pouring madly into these two seals.

His Source began to rapidly expand as a dormant power suddenly awakened within his body and fused into his bloodline, rapidly purifying his Dragon Clan bloodline.

Yang Kai was shocked.

These two marks bestowed by the Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer were only used by Yang Kai in the past to activate the Light of Purification. The Sun Seal absorbed the power of the Yellow Crystals while the Moon Seal absorbed the power of the Blue Crystals. When the two combined, the Yin and Yang converged and transformed into the Light of Purification.

When he had encountered Ji Old Third blocking his way, these two seals had given Yang Kai a pleasant surprise. Under the activation of these seals, Ji Old Third was instantly suppressed.

Now, it had given him another surprise.

These two seals were actually able to absorb the mysterious power of the Dragon Pond and contain it.

With these two seals, Yang Kai would be able to obtain more benefits from the Dragon Pond than any other Dragon Clan.

At this moment, the power that was awakening in his body was the power that Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan had sent into his body when he left the Chaotic Dead Territory.

Yang Kai still didn’t know what kind of power it was, but he knew that it was extremely helpful to his bloodline.

When the Dragon Bead had nearly shattered, this power had helped him repair it and also allowed his bloodline to improve.

However, this power was too profound, and the recovery had not exhaust this power. After repairing the Dragon Bead, it had remained dormant in his body.

Today, under the influence of the Dragon Pond’s power, it had come out again!

This power already have the ability to purify the bloodline, and with the addition of the Dragon Pond’s power, Yang Kai instantly felt his entire body go numb, as if he had been reborn.

Yang Kai’s bloodline was improving at an extremely clear rate, causing his dragon bones to creak and even his dragon scales to tremble slightly as dragon blood seeped out from his body.

Yang Kai could clearly feel his dragon body growing.

However, this situation did not last for long. In just two hours, the energy of the Dragon Pond which had been absorbed by the Sun and Moon Seals had become much thinner. The thinness of the Dragon Pond’s energy seemed to have affected the vitality of his body and was gradually showing signs of falling asleep.

Yang Kai understood that of these two forces, the former was the catalyst. If the former couldn’t be replenished, the latter would also be powerless.

If he wanted to replenish his strength, he would need more Dragon Pond power.

It was just that after his crazy devouring just now, the power of the nearby Dragon Pond was almost completely exhausted, so swallowing it again wouldn’t have much effect.

Yang Kai examined himself and found that in this short time, his dragon body had grown at least two or three zhang.

A body that was several thousand zhang in length, an increase of two or three zhang was nothing, but this was only the beginning!

After withdrawing the Sun and Moon Seals, Yang Kai’s Dragon Eye stared downwards. The power of the Dragon Pond should be even denser down below, which is why Ji Old Third and the others were heading straight down.

Without any hesitation, Yang Kai’s figure flickered and he flew downwards.

As for Ji Old Third’s threat, how could Yang Kai give a fuck? At this moment, it was more important for him to reap some benefits.


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