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After mentioning this matter to the Phoenix Empress, she said, “Even if you don’t say it, I have the same intention. It’s fine if we don’t know where our clansmen are, but now that we know, we should naturally bring them back to the Phoenix Nest.”

Yang Kai was surprised and quickly thanked her.

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that the Dragon Clan is very ridiculous. Looking at the Phoenix Clan, Su Yan was still in the Ancestral Land, but the Phoenix Empress already wanted to bring her back. As for him, he had come all the way here and had almost been beaten up by a Dragon Clan cultivator outside the No-Return Pass.

The Phoenix Empress smiled faintly but didn’t say anything. What she said just now wasn’t a lie. Taking the human who possessed the Phoenix Clan’s Source to the Phoenix Nest to cultivate was truly sincere. She hoped that this human would be able to purify her bloodline and transform into a pure-blooded Phoenix Clan.

However, there was one thing she didn’t mention, and that was that if this human couldn’t transform into a pure-blooded Phoenix Clan, she would be trapped in the Phoenix Nest for the rest of her life until she died of old age.

It was impossible for the Phoenix Clan to allow their clan’s Source to leak out again. This was also a way for the Phoenix Clan to recover their Source.

If Su Yan could transform into a pure-blooded Phoenix Clan, she would naturally be one of them. If she couldn’t, when Su Yan died of old age, her Source would remain in the Phoenix Nest and give birth to a new family.

“The opening of the Dragon Pond will happen in the next few days. For you, there will be no shortage of battles. Are you ready?” The Phoenix Empress suddenly changed the subject, afraid that Yang Kai would ask about the Phoenix Clan.

Yang Kai was stunned, “Entering the Dragon Pond requires fighting?”

The Phoenix Empress shook her head, “There’s no need to fight inside the Dragon Pond, but there will be struggle inside.”

Yang Kai said humbly, “Please enlighten me, Senior.”

The Phoenix Empress hesitated for a moment, seemingly hesitating about whether she should say this or not, but after thinking about it, even if she didn’t say it now, Yang Kai would know once he entered the Dragon Pond, so she said, “The Dragon Pond is the foundation of the Dragon Clan, and there are great benefits to cultivating inside it. It can rapidly improve the purity of the Dragon Clan’s bloodline, so every time the Dragon Pond opens, the Dragon Clan will flock to it, fighting over a few spots.”

The Dragon Pond had a quota limit, which no one had told Yang Kai about, but he had also guessed this, otherwise Ji Old Third wouldn’t have blocked his path outside the No-Return Pass.

According to Huang Si Niang, Ji Old Third had been waiting for the Dragon Pond to open for many years now. He had waited so long for this opportunity, but in the end, it had been snatched away by Yang Kai. How could he not be angry?

“Generally speaking, every time the Dragon Pond opens, a portion of the Young Dragons will enter, and a portion of the Big Dragons will also enter. As for the Ancient Dragons, with their bloodline and cultivation, entering the Dragon Pond to cultivate is no longer of much significance, so the Ancient Dragons will not enter.”

“As far as I know, when the Dragon Pond opened this time, there were three Young Dragons and ten Big Dragons. Originally, Ji Old Third was one of them, but now he has been replaced by you,” The Phoenix Empress glanced meaningfully at Yang Kai, as if to say, 'Do you know why they are targeting you?'

Yang Kai listened quietly.

“The Dragon Pond is not like my Phoenix Nest, which can be seen with the naked eye. It is a magical and unpredictable place. Since ancient times, only the Dragon Clan can communicate with it and open it. As for what is inside the Dragon Pond, only the Dragon Clan who have entered the Dragon Pond knows about it, and even my Phoenix Clan does not know much about it. However, it is said that the deeper you go into the Dragon Pond, the greater the benefits you will obtain. So if you enter the Dragon Pond, you might as well go deeper and look around, perhaps you will obtain a different harvest.”

“The Dragon Pond is a place where you can't help but fight. The Dragon Clan itself is a race that likes to compete, so if you enter the Dragon Pond, things may not go smoothly.”

Yang Kai didn’t mind, “Without the Ancient Dragon, they’re no match for me.” He was also a Big Dragon, so now that only a few Young Dragons and Big Dragons had entered the Dragon Pond, who could he be afraid of?

After entering the Dragon Pond, if the Dragon Clan didn’t find trouble with him, it would be fine, but if they dared to find trouble with him, they would only be seeking their own humiliation.

The Phoenix Empress seemed to want to advise him, but after thinking about it for a moment, she nodded slightly and said, “That’s true. This is all I know about the Dragon Pond.”

Yang Kai bowed respectfully, “Many thanks for Senior’s guidance.”

The Phoenix Empress waved her hand and said, “Since the Human Race is willing to send you here, it means that you have such value. Although my Dragon and Phoenix Clans are different from yours, when it comes to the Ink Battlefield, everyone’s standpoint is the same. Even if I don’t say anything, you’ll know when you enter the Dragon Pond.”

“No matter what, it’s better to know in advance than to act on the spot.”

The Phoenix Empress smiled lightly, “I will tell you when the Dragon Pond opens.”

Yang Kai understood immediately, “Then this Junior will not disturb Senior.”

Saying so, he flashed away and found a secluded corner in the Phoenix Nest before sitting down cross-legged to rest.

Yang Kai did not refine and absorb the Space Dao Mark here, because he had already obtained enough benefits from Su Yan’s Phoenix Nest, so there was no point in refining it. What he needed to do now was digest and absorb it.

Secondly, the Phoenix Empress had kindly allowed him to come here to seek refuge, so it would be unkind of him to take away her wealth.

Several days passed in the blink of an eye.

Just as Yang Kai was applying his Space Dao, Phoenix Empress’s voice rang out in his ears, “The Dragon Pond is about to open, you may go.”

When the words fell, the space in front of him rippled and a door appeared.

Yang Kai stood up and bowed towards the Phoenix Empress before stepping through the door.

Looking at the spot where Yang Kai had disappeared, the Phoenix Empress’s mind stirred and the door closed.

This time, the Dragon Clan was probably going to suffer a loss. Since this human brat arrived at the No-Return Pass, he had not released any trace of the Dragon Clan’s Source, so the Dragon Clan couldn’t figure out what kind of Source he had refined, only treating it as an ordinary Dragon Clan Source. After all, the Dragon Clan had left behind many Sources, many of which belonged to creatures with the Dragon Clan’s bloodline who had purified their bloodline to the limit and were not born from the Dragon Pond.

The Dragon Clan didn’t know, but the Phoenix Empress had a guess.

Because he could enter the Phoenix Nest.

In ancient times, the Phoenix Empress of that generation and the Dragon Emperor of that generation were willing to sacrifice their lives in order to seal the Ink Giant Spiritual God. When the Dragon Emperor and Phoenix Empress both died, the Sources of the two Supreme Masters shattered under the impact of the massive energy and disappeared without a trace.

That era was when the Black Ink’s power began to erode the 3000 Worlds. The situation was extremely urgent, and the Dragon and Phoenix Clans didn’t have the time or energy to search for the lost Source of the two Supreme Masters.

After so many years had passed and the situation in the 3000 Worlds had stabilized, there were no more clues.

The Dragon Emperor and Phoenix Empress’s Source had been lost.

However, judging from the Phoenix Nest’s situation, although the Phoenix Empress’s Source had been lost, it shouldn’t be a big deal. Otherwise, once the Source was destroyed, the corresponding Phoenix Nest would also disappear.

Since the Phoenix Nest was still here, it meant that its source was safe, but it was unknown which corner of the universe it had been lost in.

After so many years, a human who possessed the Dragon Clan’s Source had come to this place and obtained the Phoenix Nest’s approval, easily entering it.

Moreover, that human said that the one who possessed the Phoenix Clan’s Source was his wife!

All of this indicated that the Source this human had refined should be the source of the Dragon Emperor!

The Dragon Emperor of that generation and the Phoenix Empress’ Sources had both been lost together, it was normal for them to be found together.

If that was the case, a few mere Big Dragons wouldn’t be able to do anything to him. Even the three Ancient Dragons from the Dragon Clan would feel a great deal of pressure facing him.

Back in the No-Return Pass, on the giant square, dozens of Dragon Clan masters had already gathered.

However, with the exception of a few Young Dragons, the rest of the Dragon Clan had all transformed into human forms. These Young Dragons were too young and didn’t have enough control over their strength, so transforming into human form would consume too much energy, so it was better to maintain their Dragon forms.

However, although they were Young Dragons, each of them had a body of several hundred zhang. Some were hovering in the air while others were entrenched nearby, releasing a Dragon Prestige.

At some point in time, five giant statues had been erected on the square, each of them having the bodies of True Dragon, but their colors were different.

Five statues, the first is Red, second is white, third is Gold, fourth is green, and the fifth is black. Although they were statues, they were extremely lifelike, as if they were real Dragon Clan.

The five statues formed a circle in the square, seemingly having some kind of profound mystery.

Outside the statue, the Dragon Clan had gathered, with the leader being the three Ancient Dragons Yang Kai had seen that day.

When Yang Kai arrived, the Dragon Clan seemed to be making some preparations while the three Ancient Dragons were chanting something.

Opening the Dragon Pond was also a major event for the Dragon Clan, so they couldn’t afford to be careless.

Yang Kai didn’t pay any attention to them and simply swept his eyes over them before arriving beside Ji Old Third and whispering, “I'm not late, am I?”

Just as Ji Old Third was concentrating, he suddenly heard a voice and turned his head. Seeing that it was Yang Kai, he immediately became angry.

On that day, when Yang Kai first came to this place, he had thoroughly humiliated him. He was a Big Dragon, but he was being held by a Seventh Order Human Race master like a chicken. Under the attention of so many Dragon Clan and Phoenix Clan masters, how could he have any face left?

Recently, whenever he thought about that scene, he would feel so depressed that he would vomit blood.

Meeting Yang Kai today was truly like meeting an enemy. His eyes were filled with hatred and he almost transformed into Big Dragon to fight him.

Fortunately, he knew this was not the time to act, so he suppressed his anger and coldly snorted, ignoring Yang Kai.

Yang Kai, on the other hand, acted as if they were close friends, chattering non-stop, “Brother Ji, right? We can be considered acquaintances after a fight. Can you tell me what we need to pay attention to after entering the Dragon Pond? This is the first time little brother will be entering the Dragon Pond, so I don’t know what I should do. If Brother Ji knows, why don’t you give me some advice?”

Ji Old Third glanced at him coldly, not saying a word.

Yang Kai smacked his lips and said, “Brother Ji, you’re a member of the Dragon Clan, surely you can’t be so petty, right? The previous time was just a small misunderstanding, there’s no need to take it to heart. If you really can’t handle it, I’ll let you carry me once.”

No matter how good Ji Old Third’s temper was, he couldn’t hold back his anger and shouted, “You’re courting death!”

Yang Kai blinked at him innocently, “Why is Brother Ji angry?”

Before Ji Old Third could say anything, one of the Ancient Dragon Elders suddenly opened his eyes and looked over. Although he didn’t say anything, his silent pressure was filled with warning.

Ji Old Third’s body stiffened, and Yang Kai quickly restrained his expression.


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