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The Phoenix Empress didn’t stay for long. After asking why Yang Kai could enter the Phoenix Nest, she turned around and left.

Most of the members of the Phoenix Clan were proud and aloof, usually cultivating on their own, and there were very few like Huang Si Niang who liked to join in on the fun. If it weren’t for the fact that they had noticed something was wrong with the Phoenix Nest, there wouldn’t have been so many Phoenix coming out to investigate.

Yang Kai cried out in alarm. With the Phoenix Empress here, these people from the Phoenix Clan didn’t dare act rashly, at most glaring at him a few times, but if the Phoenix Empress left, looking at the situation around him, Yang Kai estimated that he would suffer some physical pain.

Yang Kai couldn’t understand how he had offended them.

The Space Divine Ability he usually relied on was enough to deal with the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan, but if he really had to face the Phoenix, it wouldn’t have much effect.

Therefore, before the Phoenix Empress could step into her Phoenix Nest, Yang Kai called out, “Senior Phoenix Empress, please wait a moment. This little one has some things to ask about my wife.”

The Phoenix Empress turned around in confusion, “What is it?”

Yang Kai rubbed his hands and said awkwardly, “This… there are too many people here, so it’s not convenient for me to say too much. Can this little brat find a quiet place to talk to Senior?”

The Phoenix Empress looked at him with some amusement. How could she not know what he was thinking? She didn’t think he was a coward. Anyone who was stared at by so many members of the Phoenix Clan with malicious intent would likely be frightened.

For a Seventh Order Human Race cultivator to be able to think of a way to save himself in such a situation was already quite a feat.

Although the Phoenix Clan might not necessarily do anything to him.

Nodding slightly, she said, “Follow me.”

Without seeing her move, a door appeared in front of her and the Phoenix Empress entered.

Yang Kai was overjoyed and quickly chased after her, smiling apologetically to everyone around him, “Excuse me, excuse me!”

The Phoenix didn’t try to stop him. The Phoenix Empress’ intention to protect him was very clear. If they were to make things difficult for Yang Kai at this time, it would be equivalent to not giving face to the Phoenix Empress, so although many Phoenix were angry, they could only give way.

A moment later, Yang Kai disappeared into the door.

Watching this scene, Huang Si Niang couldn’t help sneering, “Such courage.”

Yang Kai’s current predicament had a lot to do with her. She had planned to invite him to her Phoenix Nest after the Phoenix Empress left, but who would have thought that this guy would actually seek out the Phoenix Empress.

He really didn’t consider himself an outsider.

Standing next to Si Niang, Feng Liu Lang frowned slightly, “Too slippery, I don’t like this person.”

The environment of the Phoenix Empress’s Phoenix Nest and Su Yan’s Phoenix Nest could be said to be polar opposites, because this entire world seemed to be in a scorching hot environment. This world was filled with rich Fire Attribute energy, and the lively Fire Attribute Spiritual Force seemed to have its own consciousness as it soared through this world.

Yang Kai understood that this generation’s Phoenix Empress was a Fire Attribute Phoenix!

As the Phoenix Empress entered the Phoenix Nest, Yang Kai was still examining his surroundings when the Phoenix Empress asked bluntly, “Do you really have something to ask, or are you just making an excuse?”

Yang Kai’s expression became serious, “I do have something to ask you.” In the emergency just now, Yang Kai didn’t think too much about it and only wanted to use the Phoenix Empress’s power to escape. Now, he really did have some questions to ask.

The Phoenix Empress nodded slightly, “Go ahead.”

Yang Kai said, “Si Niang told me a few things about the Dragon Clan, about how a human like me was able to refine the Dragon Clan’s Source and the situation I was in with the Dragon Clan. Junior wants to ask, what kind of attitude does the Phoenix Clan have towards such a situation? Do they also think that the Phoenix Clan’s Source should not be obtained by another race?”

Hearing this, the Phoenix Empress didn’t answer his question but instead asked, “Do you know where the Dragon and Phoenix Clans’ Sources come from?”

Yang Kai thought about it for a moment before replying, “Si Niang said that the Phoenix Clan’s Source was born from the Phoenix Nest. In this world, the Phoenix Nest are corresponding to how many Phoenix Clan Sources there are. As for the Dragon Clan… Dragon Pond?”

No one had told him about the origins of the Dragon Clan’s Source, but since the Dragon Pond was the foundation of the Dragon Clan, Yang Kai’s guess was not surprising.

The Phoenix Empress nodded and said, “That’s right, the Phoenix Clan’s Source was born from the Phoenix Nest, while the Dragon Clan’s Source came from the Dragon Pond. This is also the reason why the Dragon and Phoenix Clans are able to lead Holy Spirits. The Dragon and Phoenix Clans are powerful and there are many of them. Of course, this is only relative to the other Holy Spirits. Since you’re a Seventh Order, I believe you’ve come into contact with other Holy Spirits. Have you ever seen a Holy Spirit like the Dragon Clan?”

Yang Kai shook his head.

Although the number of Holy Spirits he had come into contact with wasn’t much, it was definitely not small.

Zhu Jiuyin of the Heavenly Moon Demon Spider Clan, including Shan Qingluo, had a total of two.

Mie Meng only have the mother and child.

The Holy Spirits he had seen in the Great Ruins Boundary were all alone. Perhaps they had clansmen, but Yang Kai had not seen any.

The only ones with more than a dozen of them were the Kun Clan from the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land.

In comparison, the Dragon and Phoenix Clans each had dozens of clansmen, so their group had indeed grow bigger.

Logically speaking, the stronger a race was, the more problematic their reproduction would be, but on the Dragon and Phoenix side, the situation was somewhat different.

The root of all this was the Dragon Pond and Phoenix Nest, because the Dragon Pond and Phoenix Nest could give birth to the Source of the Dragon and Phoenix. With the Source, there would naturally be more clansmen. As long as the Dragon Pond and Phoenix Nest were not destroyed, the dragon and phoenix would not be exterminated.

Comparatively speaking, the other Holy Spirits did not have such an advantage. Their reproduction mainly relied on the union of their clansmen and the continuation of their bloodline.

The Dragon and Phoenix Clans could not only rely on the union of their clansmen, but they could also make use of the Dragon Pond and Phoenix Nest. With both of them working together, even if their clans did not expand too much, they would not wither away like the other Holy Spirits.

“From ancient times until now, the Dragon and Phoenix Clans have given birth to countless clansmen. I don’t dare to say how many there are, but every clan has at least ten thousand clansmen. These clansmen will always encounter some kind of accident and die. If they die, their Source will naturally be lost, and the lost Source will be obtained by other clans, refined, and fused together, resulting in the bloodline of the Dragon and Phoenix Clans.”

Yang Kai couldn’t help nodding his head. He himself was like this, so he was well aware of this.

“Most of the time, the lost Source of the Dragon and Phoenix Clans will be obtained by your Human Race because your Human Race has a massive number of them. In every corner of the world, there are traces of your Human Race, so it’s not surprising that these Sources have been discovered and refined by the Human Race.”

“Therefore, in this world, in addition to the pure Dragon Clan, there are many other living beings who possess the Dragon or Phoenix Bloodlines, especially you humans. These people’s descendants may also have a trace of Dragon and Phoenix Bloodlines.”

“The Dragon Clan knows this, and so does my Phoenix Clan. The Holy Spirit’s Bloodline Inheritance is extremely profound, and no matter how complex a bloodline is, there will always be a day when it slowly awakens. If that day comes, whether you are a human or some other race, you will become closer to the Dragon and Phoenix Clan.”

“However, in order to become a True Dragon and Phoenix, relying on one’s bloodline alone is not enough, one must possess a Source.”

“Source and Bloodline actually complement each other. Those who possess the Holy Spirit Source will definitely possess the Holy Spirit Bloodline, but those who possess the Holy Spirit Bloodline may not necessarily possess the Source. Do you understand?”

Yang Kai nodded, “Source is the foundation, and bloodlines are derived from the Source. For example, some Flood Dragons possess the Dragon Clan’s bloodline, but they don’t have the Dragon Clan’s Source.”

“Yes, that’s the truth. However, if these Flood Dragons are able to purify their bloodlines to a certain degree, they will also be able to evolve their own Source. At that time, they will be able to transform into a true Dragon and become a member of the Dragon Clan.”

“So… if one day I can improve my Dragon Vein to a certain extent, will I become a true Dragon Clan?” Yang Kai pondered.

The Phoenix Empress glanced at him and smiled, “You can say that. The Dragon Clan is like this, so is the Phoenix Clan.”

Yang Kai couldn’t help thinking about Azure Luan and the others in the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land. According to the Phoenix Empress, the existence of Azure Luan and Yuan Chu should all possess the Phoenix Clan’s bloodline, and their bloodline was extremely powerful, so they should only be one step away from transforming their bloodline. Once they took this step, they would truly become pure-blooded Phoenix Clan.

Of course, even if they didn’t take this step, they were still powerful Holy Spirits.

“It’s just that… well, you know the temperament of the Dragon Clan. In this world, there are countless living beings who possess the Dragon Clan’s bloodline, but the Phoenix Clan is relatively fewer.”

Yang Kai let out a hollow laugh. After all, the nature of Dragons was perverted!

“If you only possess the Dragon Clan’s bloodline, then so be it. In this world, there are many living beings with Dragon Clan’s bloodline, so the Dragon Clan won’t care. After all, this is their own doing. However, you possess the Dragon Clan’s Source, so this has a different meaning for the Dragon Clan. If your Source is taken away and sent back to the Dragon Pond, the Dragon Clan will definitely have another child.”

Yang Kai frowned, “The Dragon Clan would do that?”

The Phoenix Empress replied, “Not now, but a long time ago. Although it’s possible for you to improve your bloodline to the point where you can transform into a Pure Blood Dragon Clan, that’s only a possibility. Rather than hope for that, it’s better to seize your Source and return it to the Dragon Pond.”

What the Phoenix Empress said about a long time ago was definitely a long time ago, and the Dragon Clan had definitely done such a thing.

But now that Yang Kai’s identity was special, although the Dragon Clan didn’t really like him, they wouldn’t do anything to him.

“What about the Phoenix Clan?” Yang Kai asked.

The Phoenix Empress knew what he was thinking and smiled, “Don’t worry, my Phoenix Clan won’t do anything as unscrupulous as the Dragon Clan. Since she has obtained my Phoenix Clan’s Source, it is also her opportunity. She is a member of my Phoenix Clan, so when she comes to the Phoenix Nest to cultivate, she will eventually awaken her Phoenix Clan’s bloodline.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai let out a sigh of relief.

The Phoenix Clan was much easier to talk to than the Dragon Clan.

“Can my wife come to the Phoenix Nest to cultivate?” Yang Kai asked again.

“Naturally,” The Phoenix Empress nodded.

This was a good thing. Now that Su Yan was cultivating in the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land, her strength must have greatly increased over the years. If she came to the Phoenix Nest to cultivate again, she might really have a chance to purify her bloodline and transform into a pure Phoenix Clan.

After all, her Source was no ordinary Source, it was the Source of a certain Phoenix Empress, not inferior to the one in front of her.

He had to think of a way to send Su Yan and the others here, but now that he was in the Ink Battlefield, it was not convenient for him to do so.

It seemed that he would have to ask the Phoenix Clan for help.


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