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The familiar aura made Yang Kai sigh slightly. It had been several hundred years since he had arrived at the Ink Battlefield, but his parting with Su Yan and the others felt like yesterday.

To a cultivator, the higher their cultivation, the less valuable time was.

In the past, every day was extremely fulfilling, but when one’s strength increased, an ordinary retreat would take several years.

A child would always want to grow up and have the freedom of an adult, but when he really grew up, he would suddenly look back and realize how precious his childhood was.

It was an era he could never return to.

He had spent his entire life wandering the world. Although he had many women by his side, how much time had he spent with them?

Yang Kai asked himself, it was as if he had spent less time together and more time apart, because ever since he started cultivating, he had always been constantly on the move.

In the past, it was still alright, but now that he had arrived at the Ink Battlefield, unless the Black Ink Clan was completely eradicated, how could they ever meet again?

Was it worth it? Yang Kai suddenly became absent-minded.

However, Yang Kai’s expression quickly became firm.

It was worth it!

This brief separation was only for the sake of a permanent reunion in the future. When the war in the Ink Battlefield came to an end, they would be able to relax and enjoy life together.

Therefore, he wanted to become stronger, to ensure that he could survive.

Stretching out his hand, he felt a familiar aura lingering around his fingertips, as if it was touching Su Yan’s cheek.

Yang Kai’s expression was filled with shock, but soon after, he was overjoyed. In a flash, he rushed into the door in front of him and disappeared.

In the next moment, two figures appeared on the Nirvana Chinese Parasol Tree, both Huang Si Niang and Feng Liu Lang staring at the spot where Yang Kai had disappeared.

Si Niang’s eyes widened as she cried out, “He went in?”

Feng Liu Lang nodded slightly and confirmed, “He’s gone in!”

Si Niang’s thoughts were in chaos, “How did he get in?”

Feng Liu Lang didn’t know how to respond, so he just muttered, “He just went in like that…”

“Nonsense!” Huang Si Niang couldn’t help glaring at him. She had been paying attention to Yang Kai’s movements, so she naturally knew that he had entered just like that, but how could he do so?

It was the Phoenix Nest!

Moreover, this was no ordinary Phoenix Nest!

As the two of them spoke, more Phoenix Nest doors opened and a number of figures walked out, obviously sensing something. There were men and women, some big and some small, some handsome and some beautiful, all of them looking towards the place where Yang Kai had disappeared from.

One of them, a dignified woman, had a particularly profound aura. At first glance, she seemed to be fifteen or sixteen years old, but upon closer inspection, she seemed to be in her early twenties. If one observed her for a while longer, she would probably look in her thirties.

Age seemed to be a mystery to this woman.

The woman said in a low voice, “Has a clansman returned?”

Huang Si Niang and Feng Liu Lang exchanged a glance before quickly stepping forward to greet each other, explaining what had happened.

When the group of Phoenix Clan masters learned that the Phoenix Nest had been opened by a human who had come from afar, all of them were shocked. Moreover, this human was not an ordinary human. Strictly speaking, he was a half-Dragon half-Human who had fused with the Dragon Clan’s Source!

Such an existence had actually opened the Phoenix Nest!

Since ancient times, this had never happened before.

The Phoenixes began chattering, some of them angrily shouting to drag this guy out of the Phoenix Nest. After all, the Phoenix Nest was the foundation of the Phoenix Clan, and no one other than the Phoenix Clan had the qualifications to enter it. Now that a half-Dragon and half-Human had actually managed to break in, how could they tolerate such blasphemy?

If this was the case, wouldn’t everyone be able to enter the Phoenix Nest in the future?

There were many Phoenixes who had such an attitude, and less than forty Phoenix Clans had appeared on the Nirvana Chinese Parasol Tree, half of them agreeing with this view.

Although the other half didn’t explicitly state their intentions, it was obvious they didn’t object.

What they were more curious about was how this half-Dragon half-Human fellow had entered the Phoenix Nest.

Being able to enter the Phoenix Nest meant that this person possessed the Phoenix Clan’s Source, but since he possessed the Dragon Clan’s Source, how could he possibly possess the Phoenix Clan’s Source?

Although Dragons and Phoenixes were ranked side by side, their Source energy could not coexist.

Over the past tens of thousands of years, on the quiet Nirvana Chinese Parasol Tree, because of Yang Kai’s unexpected actions, almost all the Phoenixes who had been cultivating in seclusion had come out.

The commotion here naturally quickly alerted the Dragon Clan. This is the No-Return Pass, so either openly or secretly. One by one, the Divine Senses of the Dragon Clan came over and quickly understood the situation.

The Dragon Clan were also shocked.

The Human Race, who had come to share a cup of soup with the Dragon Clan, had actually run into the Phoenix Clan’s Phoenix Nest before entering the Dragon Pond?

Having lived together for so many years, how could the Dragon Clan not understand the mysteries of the Phoenix Nest? They also couldn’t understand how a fellow with the Dragon Clan’s Source had the qualifications to enter an ownerless Phoenix Nest.

It had been a long time since there had been such a lively scene. Every time a cultivator from the 3000 Worlds passed through this place and was sent to the Human Race Pass, they would only stay for a short time. Under the pressure of the Dragon and Phoenix, these cultivators from the 3000 Worlds would be as obedient as quails, not daring to act impudently and would soon be sent away.

This human was different. He had immediately disgraced the Dragon Clan, and now he had even violated the Phoenix Clan’s taboo, causing everyone to be at a loss for words.

However, the Dragon Clan wouldn’t care about the Phoenix Clan’s matters, so in this current situation, they could only watch the show.

On the Phoenix Tree, the Phoenixes were all filled with righteous indignation, especially the Young Phoenix, who were shouting fiercely. On the other hand, many of the older Phoenix had looks of contemplation in their eyes.

The Young Phoenix don't know many things, but they had heard about them from their ancestors.

The Phoenix Nest that had been opened was no ordinary Phoenix Nest. It was once the Phoenix Nest of a generation’s Phoenix Empress, but because of some accident, the Phoenix Empress’s Source had been left outside and was nowhere to be found. Now that this Phoenix Nest had been opened, what does it mean?

As for the dignified woman with a profound aura, she was the Phoenix Empress of this generation of the Phoenix Clan. Her strength was on par with the Dragon Emperor, comparable to a Ninth Order Human Race's Supreme Master. It could even be said that an existence like the Dragon Emperor and Phoenix Empress was stronger than an average Ninth Order Human Race.

Otherwise, they would not have the qualification to guard the No-Return Pass all year round.

However, in the end, the Phoenix Clan didn’t really try to drag Yang Kai out of the Phoenix Nest because they didn’t have the ability to do so.

Even though they were also Phoenix, they couldn’t easily open a Phoenix Nest that didn’t belong to them, so unless that human came out of the Phoenix Nest of his own accord, they couldn’t do anything to him.

Inside the Phoenix Nest that belonged to Su Yan, the entire world was covered in snow.

Yang Kai stood in mid-air and looked around, marveling at the magnificence and beauty of this world.

This was a world sealed in ice and snow, and the chill was thick, but considering that this Phoenix Nest belonged to Su Yan, such a situation was only natural.

Su Yan’s Phoenix Clan Source was the Ice Phoenix’s Source, so the Phoenix Nest was naturally filled with ice-cold laws.

This kind of cold was a chill that penetrated deep into one’s soul. Even Yang Kai wasn’t used to this kind of cold, but fortunately, his current strength was quite high, so he was able to resist it with a bit of his strength.

After a brief examination, Yang Kai was overjoyed.

Similar to Huang Si Niang’s Phoenix Nest, this place was filled with extremely rich and primitive Dao marks of the Space Dao. Moreover, the Dao marks here were at least ten times denser than Huang Si Niang’s.

If one were to quantify something as profound as Dao Marks, then if the number of Dao Marks in Huang Si Niang's Phoenix Nest was ten, then Su Yan’s Phoenix Nest would have a hundred.

The gap between them was enormous!

This was a matter of course. The Phoenix Clan cultivated in their own Phoenix Nest, refining the Space Dao Marks to enhance their own Great Dao. At the same time, the mysterious power of the Nirvana Chinese Parasol Tree would supplement the Space Dao Marks in the Phoenix Nest, allowing them to maintain a balance. It was not to the point where the Phoenix Clan’s Dao Marks would disappear after cultivating for a while.

But Su Yan’s Phoenix Nest was different.

For countless years, this was an ownerless Phoenix Nest, and no one had ever come here to refine the Space Dao Marks here. Over time, the Dao Marks here had naturally become extremely rich.

It was not just Su Yan’s Phoenix Nest, even the ownerless Phoenix Nest on the Parasol Tree was probably in this situation, but the density of Dao Marks would also differ depending on the age.

If the wandering Phoenix Clan could return to their Phoenix Nest, their strength would generally increase greatly in a short period of time, a gift from the Phoenix Nest.

For the current Yang Kai, this situation was a blessing from the Heavens.

On the Si Niang’s side, he had a taste of the sweetness, but before he could savor it, he was thrown out by her.

Now that he arrived at Su Yan's place, it was as if he was starving, and a table of delicacies was placed in front of him.

How could Yang Kai not eat heartily?

He was not worried that he would damage Su Yan’s interests because of this. After countless years of accumulation, the Space Dao Marks in this world had long since become saturated. As long as he held his ground and didn’t do anything reckless, after he left, the Dao Marks here would continue to be replenished, and when Su Yan came over one day, she could also enjoy the benefits of the Phoenix Nest.

After casually finding an ice peak, Yang Kai sat down cross-legged, and under the influence of the Space Principle, the world resonated and the Space Dao Mark that filled this Phoenix Nest was quickly refined and absorbed by him.

Refining this extremely primitive and ancient Dao mark was extremely beneficial to Yang Kai’s own Great Dao. Not to mention the enhancement of his own Great Dao, even the difference between the Ancient Great Daos was enough for him to reap great benefits.

Previously, Yang Kai had caused quite a stir on Si Niang’s side, but now that he had come to Su Yan’s side, the commotion had become even greater.

His entire body seemed to have become a bottomless pit as the Space Dao Mark was continuously refined and absorbed. Yang Kai felt his understanding of the Space Dao become more thorough, becoming more natural.

After nearly a thousand years of cultivation, the Space Dao had accompanied his growth, but on this Great Dao, very few people could compare notes with him, with the exception of Li Wuyi from the Star Boundary.

However, Yang Kai’s growth was too fast, and he soon left Li Wuyi behind. After Li Wuyi, Yang Kai had always been in a state of solitary exploration on the Space Dao.


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