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In fact, the situation of the Dragon Clan was similar to that of the Phoenix Clan, but the birthplace of the Dragon Clan was the Dragon Pond, so to the Dragon and Phoenix Clan, the Dragon Pond was the foundation of the Dragon Clan while the Phoenix Nest was the foundation of the Phoenix Clan.

Yang Kai had previously been worried that the Dragon Clan would be wiped out because of their lack of talents, but this was completely groundless. To the Dragon Clan, as long as the Dragon Pond was not destroyed, their race would not be wiped out. Of course, there might be a time when their race’s strength would weaken, which was inevitable under the operation of the Heavenly Law, something that no one could change.

However, this Nirvana Chinese Parasol Tree actually had some ownerless phoenix nests, which greatly surprised Yang Kai.

A masterless Phoenix Nest, didn’t that mean he could freely enter?

This was truly a case of searching high and low only to find it by luck.

Moreover, judging from Huang Si Niang’s attitude, she didn’t seem to have any intention of stopping him from entering this ownerless Phoenix Nest. Wasn’t this tacit consent?

Tsk… Si Niang wasn’t so unreasonable after all. Her seemingly unintentional words had actually pointed out a bright path for him.

Yang Kai suppressed the excitement in his heart and quickly arrived in front of the ownerless Phoenix Nest. After confirming that this Phoenix Nest had indeed not been opened for a long time, he began to move.

The Space Principle fluctuated wildly as he stretched out his hand and swept it forward, linking it to the door of the Phoenix Nest.

In his opinion, opening the gate to this Phoenix Nest shouldn’t be difficult. After all, his attainments in the Space Dao were already high enough, and this door didn’t have any special restrictions that could be easily opened.

However, when he really take action, he realized that this was not the case.

This Phoenix Nest door really did not have any restrictions, so he could sense the location of the gate, but no matter how hard he tried to activate his Space Principle, he was unable to loosen the gate in the slightest.

The door to the Phoenix Nest seemed to be locked by an invisible force.

At first, Yang Kai thought that his method was wrong, but after several days, the door still remained closed, so Yang Kai realized the problem.

This wasn’t because his attainments in the Space Dao weren’t high, but rather because opening this Phoenix Nest required some other conditions.

Because in his perception, the gate to the Phoenix Nest in front of him seemed to be locked by an invisible force, and it required a corresponding key to open it.

Combining what Huang Si Niang had said to him before and her expression at that time, Yang Kai couldn’t help sighing.

He had been tricked by Si Niang!

Opening this Phoenix Nest probably required the Phoenix Clan’s Source. In other words, the Phoenix Clan’s Source was the key to these Phoenix Nest’s doors.

Even though his attainments in the Space Dao were extraordinary, without a key, it was impossible for him to enter. The Nirvana Chinese Parasol Tree was, after all, a rare artifact born at the beginning of the world, so it was not an exaggeration to say that it was a supreme treasure of the world. How could a Phoenix Nest born from this thing be so easily opened?

Yang Kai’s burning hope was once again extinguished, leaving him dejected.

It was one thing if he didn’t know the benefits of the Phoenix Nest to his cultivation, but now that he knew about it, he even took a bite and now he couldn’t eat it anymore. It was a terrible feeling.

Unwilling to give up, Yang Kai swam up and down the Nirvana Chinese Parasol Tree, searching for the doors that had not been opened for many years.

He tried three Phoenix Nests in a row, but none of them yielded any results.

When he reached the fourth gate, Yang Kai thought that the situation would be the same, but before he could exert any strength, the void in front of him rippled and a door appeared.

Yang Kai was overjoyed.

Just as he was about to exert more strength to completely open this door, he suddenly felt that something was wrong. This door was not opened by him, but by some other force.

Yang Kai’s face darkened as he realized he was in trouble.

Sure enough, a bird head popped out from the door and stared at Yang Kai with bloodshot eyes, speaking in the human tongue, “Where did this little bastard come from to disturb my cultivation!”

Saying so, the sharp beak suddenly pecked towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai’s hair stood on end. This peck seemed ordinary, but if it really did hit him, it would definitely leave a hole in his body, and even his soul would be shattered.

This Phoenix Nest was not some ownerless Phoenix Nest. The reason why its door had not opened for so many years was because its owner had been in seclusion for many years.

Yang Kai thought that this place was like the other ownerless Phoenix Nest, but he didn’t expect to make a big mistake.

As the saying goes, if you walk by the river often, you can always wet your shoes.

“Senior, this is a misunderstanding!” Yang Kai shouted, his Space Principle fluctuating wildly as he instantly escaped.

When he reappeared, he was already tens of millions of kilometers away outside No-Return Pass, but at this moment, he was in a sorry state, his clothes tattered and his chest has a bloody hole where golden blood was flowing out.

On the Nirvana Chinese Parasol Tree, a cold snort rang out, “If this happens again, I’ll take your life!”

The door closed and the bird head shrank back.

Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling awkward. This matter was too big.

The sudden change just now had been too sudden. Although he had reacted in the shortest time possible and used his Space Principle to escape, the Phoenix was still an expert in the Space Dao.

No matter how he tried to dodge, he was unable to escape the power of that single peck and was ultimately injured.

Fortunately, the Phoenix didn’t have any intention of killing Yang Kai. This was also related to the Phoenix Clan’s nature. If a Dragon Clan were to be disturbed like this, they would probably fight to the death with Yang Kai.

Inside Si Niang’s Phoenix Nest, Si Niang noticed the commotion outside, causing her to convulse with laughter. Feng Liu Lang couldn’t help shaking his head. After suffering such a loss, it was likely that this human wouldn’t cause trouble again.

After all, he didn’t know which Phoenix Nest had no owner, and which one had not been opened for a long time because its owner had been in secluded cultivation.

But soon, Feng Liu Lang realized he was wrong.

After staying outside for a while, Yang Kai changed his clothes and ran back, continuing to fiddle with the Nirvana Chinese Parasol Tree.

Feng Liu Lang was speechless. How could this person be so stubborn? A masterless Phoenix Nest could not be opened by anyone other than its owner, so why waste so much time?

However, after suffering such a loss once, Yang Kai became even more cautious. Even if it was a phoenix nest that seemed to have no owner, he didn’t dare disturb it so easily, lest another bird head appear and peck him.

What he was looking for now were the specific phoenix nests.

Although the entire Nirvana Chinese Parasol Tree was large, the Phoenix Clan members is rare, so there weren’t many Phoenix Nest.

In total, there were only a hundred.

In other words, there were less than a hundred members of the Phoenix Clan, and considering the many Phoenix Clan Sources that had been lost outside, Yang Kai estimated that the number of members of the Phoenix Clan living on the Nirvana Chinese Parasol Tree was around forty to fifty.

This was already a massive force. After all, this was the Phoenix Clan! Every adult was comparable to a Seventh Order Open Heaven master, and with their long lifespans and bloodline inheritance, it would only take them time to break through to the equivalent of an Eighth Order Human Race.

The Phoenix Clan was like this, and the Dragon Clan was probably similar.

There weren’t many phoenix nests, so Yang Kai didn’t need to spend much effort to find them. After about two hours, he stopped in front of one.

This was another Phoenix Nest that had not been opened for many years.

If it wasn’t for the familiar aura that leaked out from the Phoenix Nest, Yang Kai wouldn’t have been able to determine if the Phoenix Nest was ownerless or if its owner had been in secluded cultivation all year round.

However, that familiar aura made him certain that this Phoenix Nest had no owner.

Or rather, it's master was not here!

Because Yang Kai had felt this aura from Liu Yan before, it belonged to a Fire Phoenix.

The Phoenix Source that Liu Yan currently possessed had to be traced back to Martial Flame Great Emperor. In the past, Martial Flame Great Emperor had obtained the True Phoenix Fire by chance and his cultivation had improved by leaps and bounds, eventually becoming a Great Emperor.

In that era, Heaven Devouring Great Emperor Wu Kuang had wreaked havoc on the common people and many Great Emperors of the Star Boundary had fought Wu Kuang to the death in the Star Fragments Sea.

Wu Kuang had died in that battle along with several other Great Emperors, including Azure Sea Great Emperor, Martial Flame Great Emperor, Yuan Ding Great Emperor, and Cyan Lotus Great Emperor.

It was an era where Heaven Devouring was used to suppress the masses, but in the end, because of his actions, the Heavens were enraged and he brought about his own destruction.

Although it was later proven that Wu Kuang’s battle was nothing more than a fake death, and after so many years, he had reincarnated through body possession, the battle record of him killing several Great Emperors of the same realm with his own strength had been passed down, causing many of the later generations to be fascinated.

After Wu Kuang, no other Great Emperor had such strength.

After Martial Flame Great Emperor died, the Phoenix True Fire was left in the Star Fragments Sea. When Yang Kai went to the Star Fragments Sea to train, he obtained the Phoenix True Fire and brought it back for Liu Yan to refine.

As such, he was very familiar with this Phoenix True Fire, so he could naturally distinguish its aura.

Strictly speaking, the True Phoenix Fire was the source of the Phoenix Clan.

The aura coming from the Phoenix Nest in front of him was definitely the same as the Phoenix True Fire he had given to Liu Yan.

Therefore, Yang Kai was certain that Liu Yan’s True Phoenix Fire originated from the Phoenix Nest in front of him, and according to Huang Si Niang, Liu Yan was the owner of this Phoenix Nest.

After confirming this point, Yang Kai boldly took action, not having to worry about the sudden appearance of the Phoenix Clan to deal with him.

However, to his disappointment, even after confirming that the owner of this Phoenix Nest was Liu Yan, he was still unable to open it.

He didn’t insist, his previous experience let him know that the Phoenix Nest wasn’t so easily opened.

He continued to search the Nirvana Chinese Parasol Tree. Half a day later, he stood in front of another Phoenix Nest. If he wasn’t mistaken, the owner of this Phoenix Nest should be Jiu Feng.

However, he hadn’t had much contact with Jiu Feng, so he didn’t have a deep impression of her Source's aura, so he couldn’t confirm if it was her.

But it was most likely hers!

Liu Yan's had been found, Jiu Feng's had been found, but what about Su Yan?

There should be a Phoenix Nest here that belonged to Su Yan.

At this moment, entering the phoenix nest to cultivate and improve his Space Dao, Yang Kai no longer has any hope, so he wants to find the phoenix nest that belongs to Su Yan.

This way, when Su Yan arrived here one day, she would be able to cultivate in peace.

A moment later, Yang Kai stood on a branch of the Nirvana Chinese Parasol Tree and stared into the void in front of him, smiling slightly.

Found it.

The Phoenix Nest in front of him should belong to Su Yan. He was too familiar with this aura, after all, she is her first woman and their aura has been connected by their Dual Cultivation for countless times, so when he arrived here, he didn’t even need to investigate to know that this was Su Yan’s Phoenix Nest.


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Rudiansyah R
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