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A moment later, on the Nirvana Chinese Parasol Tree, a door opened and Yang Kai was lifted up by the neck by Huang Si Niang and kicked out, “Get out!”

Yang Kai stood up straight and rubbed his butt, not knowing whether to laugh or cry, “Si Niang, if you have something to say, say it nicely, why are you so angry?”

“There’s nothing to say to a bandit like you, just leave!”

Yang Kai said with a wronged look on his face, “How could I be a bandit? My fee for… ahhh, I’ve also paid for my residence, and I’ve also exchanged a few words with you, Si Niang. I’m just borrowing your precious land to temporarily cultivate, why would Si Niang chase me away?”

As soon as his voice fell, a piece of Yellow Crystal and a piece of Blue Crystal flew towards Yang Kai, “I’ll return this to you, don’t come in.”

It wasn’t a rare treasure to begin with, it was just a rare thing. Did he really think it was a treasure?

The Phoenix’s anger was so great that Yang Kai couldn’t avoid it and was immediately beaten black and blue.

Seeing the door close, Yang Kai hurriedly said, “Si Niang, if you have something to say, say it nicely, I’ll just be gentle and not act so fiercely!”

How could there be any response? Huang Si Niang had long since sealed her Phoenix Nest’s door, as if she would never let him in again.

Although Yang Kai could sense the traces of the door and if he were to use force, he might be able to break in, but the master of the house would not allow him to enter. If he were to really break in, it would not end well.

This is troublesome…

Yang Kai stood alone on the branches of the Nirvana Chinese Parasol Tree, his face covered in dirt.

A few Young Dragons passing by looked up and pointed at Yang Kai, making him feel even more awkward.

Huang Si Niang had chased him out, although this No-Return Pass is big, he really had nowhere to go. Was he really going to spend the night on the streets? If it was just a day or two, it would be fine, but for a few months, it wouldn’t be good. If others were to learn about it, it would be a disgrace to the Human Race.

More importantly, he had obtained some benefits from the Phoenix Nest and had just tasted some benefits when he was chased out.

The Phoenix Nest was simply too suitable for him to cultivate in. In terms of his understanding of the Great Dao, his Space Principle was currently at the Eighth Stage and had reached the pinnacle. Above that was the Ninth Stage, a world-shaking feat.

If he could really reach this level, Yang Kai estimated that even if his grade didn’t increase, his strength would definitely increase greatly.

How could he accept being chased out?

Standing outside the door, he either begged or enticed, swearing to the heavens and the earth, but Huang Si Niang was determined not to let him enter, leaving him helpless.

After a long time without any results, even though Yang Kai was quite thick-skinned, he still couldn’t keep it up

In the end, he could only sigh. If the master doesn't welcome him, he wouldn't have a place to stay!

Looking around, Yang Kai leapt onto another branch and respectfully bowed towards the empty space in front of him, “Junior Yang Kai greets Senior. Since this is the first time I’ve come here and I have nowhere to stay, may I borrow your precious land to temporarily settle down?”

The space in front of him distorted and soon a door appeared, causing Yang Kai’s face to brighten.

Suddenly, the face of a woman with bright eyes and white teeth popped out from the door. Looking at Yang Kai with a look of disdain, she shouted, “Scram!”

Saying so, she immediately withdrew and the door closed again.

Yang Kai was quite embarrassed. If he wasn’t allowed to stay here, then so be it. Why is she shouting?

After letting out a long sigh, he walked over to another tree branch and respectfully bowed, politely asking to stay.

He was proficient in the Space Dao, so it was very easy for him to find the location of the Phoenix Nest on this Nirvana Chinese Parasol Tree.

However, the Phoenix Clan’s attitude towards him was basically the same. Those with good tempers simply didn’t show up and didn’t bother paying attention to him, allowing him to shout outside.

Those with bad tempers would either open their doors and curse, or even attack. Fortunately, they still hold back their strength, allowing Yang Kai to retreat in the face of difficulties and not really have any intention of killing him.

After being hit seven or eight times in a row, Yang Kai finally understood that the Phoenix Clan had no hope.

He didn’t know if there was some kind of special connection between the Phoenix Clan, but in any case, the Phoenix Clan should have known about his actions with Huang Si Niang, otherwise there was no reason for them to act like this.

It was a trivial matter to let someone stay over, but the key was that the person who borrowed the room came to snatch the family property, so who would be willing to lend a room?

The Phoenix Nest couldn’t be entered, and the Dragon Clan didn’t want to see him. Although this No-Return Pass was huge, there really wasn’t any place for him. After cultivating for so many years, Yang Kai had never encountered such a difficult situation.

In a flash, Yang Kai arrived in front of a door and bowed again, begging for a room to stay in.

Unsurprisingly, there was no response. It seemed this Phoenix had a good temper and was too lazy to bother with him, nor did it have any intention of attacking him.

If they didn’t open the door, Yang Kai couldn’t force his way in.

Helpless, Yang Kai could only retreat and try his luck in another Phoenix Nest, but just as he was about to turn around, he suddenly frowned and carefully observed the space in front of him.

After observing for a while, he flashed to another Phoenix Nest.

After changing a few places and comparing them, he finally came to Huang Si Niang’s side and knocked the air in front of him, “Si Niang, I have a question.”

Huang Si Niang didn’t respond, obviously too lazy to bother with him.

Yang Kai wasn’t discouraged at all, “I really just wanted to ask you something, not ask to stay here.”

A ripple appeared in the void and Si Niang’s head popped out, her face filled with vigilance, “What?”

Yang Kai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. 'You’re a Phoenix after all, is there a need to be so wary of me?' Looking inside the Phoenix Nest, before he could say anything, Huang Si Niang snapped, “What are you looking at? No matter how you look, I won’t let you in. If you have something to say, say it. If you don’t, get lost!”

Yang Kai still wanted to ask if he could enter, but looking at Huang Si Niang’s attitude, if he really made a request, he would be scolded again.

Extinguishing his thoughts, he said, “It’s like this, Si Niang. Just now, when I was wandering the Nirvana Chinese Parasol Tree, I visited many Phoenix Clan Seniors and discovered a very strange matter.”

Huang Si Niang sneered. This little brat’s so-called visit, she naturally saw it with her own eyes. After being rejected so many times, he still had the nerve to say he was paying a visit?

Yang Kai pointed to the last Phoenix Nest he had visited and said, “The door to that Phoenix Nest seems to have not been opened for many years. Is that Senior cultivating in seclusion inside? After so many years without any response, will there be any accidents?”

Huang Si Niang looked in the direction he was pointing and frowned, somewhat surprised, “That door hasn’t opened for many years, can you tell?”

Yang Kai slowly said, “Every time the Space Portal opens, there will be some insignificant traces left behind. These traces may be undetectable to others, but to you and me, it shouldn’t be difficult, right?”

Huang Si Niang nodded casually, understanding that this little brat’s attainments in the Space Principle were indeed deeper than hers, otherwise it would have been impossible for him to see through all of this.

She couldn’t be bothered, but she still kindly explained, “There are some ownerless Phoenix Nests here. The one you mentioned just now, It's Master hasn’t returned for a long time.”

Although there were very few members of the Phoenix Clan, there had been some who had been born since ancient times. Most Phoenixes lived on the Nirvana Chinese Parasol Tree, but there were always some who lived outside.

Most of these wandering Phoenixes had met with some kind of accident, some of them had died, some of them had encountered some kind of accident and were trapped somewhere, unable to escape. Although the Phoenix Nest corresponding to these Phoenixes was still there, it had been many years since anyone had paid attention to it.

“An ownerless Phoenix Nest?” Yang Kai’s eyes lit up.

Seeing his expression, how could Feng Si Niang not know what he was up to? She smiled and said, “How many clansmen does my Phoenix Clan have? How many Phoenix nests are there on the Nirvana Chinese Parasol Tree? Because it is the Phoenix Nest that gave birth to the Phoenix Clan’s Source, only with the Source can my Phoenix Clan exist. Unless the Source disappears, the Phoenix Nest will be destroyed, otherwise it will exist forever. Those clansmen who have no master may have met with some kind of accident and died, but their Source remains. However, those who obtained this Source are not pure Phoenix Clans, so they were unable to find this place.”

Yang Kai was slightly dazed, “Does Si Niang mean that each of the Phoenix Clan’s Sources corresponds to a Phoenix Nest? If those who obtain the Phoenix Clan’s Source find this place, they can obtain their own Phoenix Nest?”

“Yes,” Huang Si Niang nodded.

No matter what kind of existence obtained the Phoenix Clan’s Source, as long as they came here and entered the Phoenix Nest to cultivate, they would one day become a pure Phoenix Clan.

“So that’s how it is!” Yang Kai muttered.

“Are you done?” Huang Si Niang asked, not giving Yang Kai a chance to respond, “If you’re done, don’t disturb me.”

As soon as she finished speaking, her head shrank back.

“Si Niang, please wait…” Yang Kai raised his hand to stop her, but it was too late.

From the looks of it, Si Niang didn’t want to waste any more time talking to him.

Yang Kai didn’t insist, but if what Si Niang said was true, then of the many ownerless Phoenix Nests on this Nirvana Chinese Parasol Tree, wouldn’t one of them belong to Su Yan? Another belongs to Jiu Feng, and another belonged to Liu Yan!

All three of them had the Phoenix Clan’s Source!

This is interesting.

Yang Kai’s eyes flickered as he returned to the ownerless Phoenix Nest, rubbing his chin thoughtfully.

Inside Huang Si Niang’s Phoenix Nest, Feng Liu Lang hesitated for a long time before asking, “Why are you misleading him?”

Huang Si Niang snorted lightly, “Let him find something to do so he won’t bother me for no reason!”

Feng Liu Lang sighed, knowing that Yang Kai was about to be hit by a wall.

Huang Si Niang didn’t lie to him, but there were some things she didn’t explain clearly.

Each Phoenix Nest on the Nirvana Chinese Parasol Tree corresponded to a Phoenix Clan Source, but correspondingly, the Phoenix Clan's Source was also the key to opening the corresponding Phoenix Nest.

Without the Phoenix Clan’s Source, no matter how profound Yang Kai’s attainments in the Space Dao were, he would never be able to open these ownerless Phoenix Nests.

The number of Phoenix nests was not fixed. Since the beginning of the world and the birth of the Nirvana Chinese Parasol Tree and the Phoenix Clan, the number of Phoenix Nests had always varied.

The more Phoenix Nests there were, the more the Phoenix Clan’s Source remain. The fewer Phoenix Nests there were, the less the Phoenix Clan’s Source would remain. This had nothing to do with the life and death of the Phoenix Clan itself. Even if a Phoenix died because of an accident, as long as their Source was preserved, the Phoenix Nest would not be destroyed.

If a living being was lucky enough to obtain this Source and come back here to cultivate in the Phoenix Nest, they would have a chance to be reborn and become a true pure-blooded Phoenix.


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