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Saying so, he stretched out his right hand and pushed it down, causing a simple pattern to appear on the back of his hand.

At first glance, the mark didn’t seem special, just a circle.

However, when the two Phoenixes saw this mark, their faces instantly paled.

Huang Si Niang couldn’t help crying out, “The Sun Mark? You’ve been to the Chaotic Dead Territory?”

Although Feng Liu Lang didn’t say anything, his face twitched uncontrollably.

These two obviously recognized this mark, or else they wouldn’t have had such a reaction, and Si Niang wouldn’t have immediately talk ablout the Chaotic Dead Territory.

Yang Kai nodded, “This is the mark left behind by the Sun's Burning Shine, and this…”

Stretching out his left hand and exerting his strength, a similar pattern appeared on the back of his hand. However, this pattern was different from the one on his right hand. It was like a large circle was missing a small circle. If the mark on his right hand was put on, it should be able to fuse together perfectly.

“The Moon mark…” Huang Si Niang didn’t know what to say.

She finally understood why Ji Old Third was so vulnerable in front of this man. With these two seals, not to mention Ji Old Third, even if the two Phoenixes were to fight against Yang Kai, the result would be the same.

When the world is being born, the primal chaos open, the Yin and Yang were formed, followed by the Holy Spirit and all living things.

It could be said that the Sun and Moon were the source of everything, the ancestors of all Holy Spirits.

With these two seals in hand, no Holy Spirit would dare act presumptuously in front of Yang Kai. This was also the first time Yang Kai had seen such effects.

The two seals Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer had given him had always been used to condense the Light of Purification. When he was fighting against Ji Old Third just now, he suddenly felt a warm sensation on the back of his hand and subconsciously activated the two seals, but he didn’t expect to obtain such an unexpected harvest.

Of course, this kind of suppression also had its limits. Under Ji Old Third’s desperate efforts, he was able to use his Dragon Bead to break through this suppression and transform into his Dragon Body.

However, doing so would also be harmful to Ji Old Third. If Yang Kai hadn’t taken the initiative to let him go, his Dragon Bead would have been damaged.

This was only a Big Dragon, Yang Kai estimated that if he were to encounter the three Ancient Dragons, the effects of this mark would be greatly reduced.

“Ji Old Third’s plan was wrong,” Huang Si Niang smiled wryly. With these two seals in hand, even the Dragon Clan wouldn’t dare to look down on Yang Kai. This time, Ji Old Third wouldn’t be able to obtain the Dragon Pond.

Now that the question had been answered, the long feather in his hand belonged to him. Yang Kai slowly put it away, preparing to study it when he had time in the future. After all, the Space Principle was the bloodline talent of the Phoenix Clan, so perhaps he could gain some unexpected benefits from it.

He asked again, “Is this long feather Si Niang’s wing feather?”

Huang Si Niang glared at him but ignored him.

Yang Kai scratched his head, suddenly understanding something and glancing behind Huang Si Niang.

“What are you looking at?” Huang Si Niang glared even more fiercely.

Yang Kai laughed dryly.

Huang Si Niang sighed, “Sometimes I envy you humans. Although your lifespan is short and your physique is weak, there are endless possibilities. Although we Holy Spirits are born with strong physiques and a broad future, sometimes we are still inferior to you humans.”

Yang Kai asked humbly, “What do you mean?”

Huang Si Niang continued, “Take you for example, you have the Dragon Clan’s bloodline, so you can cultivate the Time Principle, and your talent in the Space Principle is also not low, so you have two Great Daos at the same time. Our Phoenix Clan, on the other hand, possesses the Space Principle, which is our only Great Dao, so it’s impossible for us to cultivate the Time Principle of the Dragon Clan. Moreover, although there aren’t many setbacks in the early stages of the Holy Spirit’s growth, if you want to reach the limit, it’s far more difficult than you humans.”

“Ninth Order Supreme?” Yang Kai raised his brow.

Huang Si Niang nodded, “Although there aren’t many Ninth Order Human Race masters, there are still more than a hundred of them, but it is extremely difficult for my Holy Spirit to cultivate to this stage. Not to mention my Phoenix Clan, the entire Dragon Clan only has one Divine Dragon.”

Above the Young Dragon was the Big Dragon, above the Big Dragon was the Ancient Dragon, and above the Ancient Dragon was the Divine Dragon!

Yang Kai knew that the Source in his body was the Golden Divine Dragon's Source.

This didn’t mean that he had the power of the Divine Dragon, after all, it was equivalent to a Ninth Order Supreme, just that his Source originated from a Golden Divine Dragon.

It was the Dragon Emperor of a certain generation of the Dragon Clan in ancient times! This was something he had learned long ago while cultivating in the Crystal Palace of the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land.

In theory, every Dragon Clan had a chance to grow to the Divine Dragon level, but this was just a theory. In reality, how many Dragon Clan had ever achieved the Divine Dragon level?

Among the Divine Dragon, the strongest one was qualified to be called the Dragon Emperor.

For the Phoenix Clan, it's the Phoenix Empress.

Seeing Huang Si Niang’s self-pity, Yang Kai smiled and said, “You can’t say that. The Human Race has many Ninth Order Supreme Masters, but that’s because the Human Race has a huge population. How many clansmen do the Dragon and Phoenix Clans have? Having a Divine Dragon is already a very high proportion.”

Huang Si Niang pursed her lips into a smile, “That’s reasonable, but the number of Holy Spirits is naturally small, isn’t it also a restriction of the Heavenly Law?”

Yang Kai was lost in thought.

Huang Si Niang asked, “Did you come here to ask why Ji Old Third was targeting you?”

This wasn’t the first time she had mentioned Ji Old Third, so Yang Kai naturally knew that this name belonged to the Big Dragon who had provoked him. He immediately nodded, “I have some speculations, but I don’t know the exact reason.”

Huang Si Niang chuckled lightly, “It seems you’re also a smart person. Ji Old Third is targeting you because you stole the benefits that belonged to him.”

“What benefits?”

“It’s in the Dragon Pond!” Huang Si Niang ran her fingers through her hair and continued, “My Phoenix Clan resides on this Nirvana Chinese Parasol Tree. The Phoenix Nest here can help us increase our bloodline power and comprehend the Space Principle. The Phoenix Clan has the Nirvana Chinese Parasol Tree while the Dragon Clan has the Dragon Pond. The same principle applies to the Dragon Pond. Cultivating in the Dragon Pond can allow the Dragon Clan to rapidly improve their Dragon Vein and save a lot of cultivation time. However, the Dragon Pond can’t be opened at any time. The gap between each time it opens is at least a thousand years or more. The last time the Dragon Pond opened was three thousand years ago. Ji Old Third has been waiting for this day for a long time, and now that it’s his turn and his strength is about to soar, how could he easily agree to your request?”

Yang Kai was somewhat speechless. He knew that he must have touched Ji Old Third’s interests somewhere, otherwise there is no reason to wait for him outside the No-Return Pass, he didn’t think that this matter was related to the opening of the Dragon Pond.

It was no wonder the other party was so impolite. If it were him, he wouldn’t have tolerated it either.

“Only the Dragon Clan has the qualifications to enter the Dragon Pond. There has never been anyone like you who came from the Human Clan and possesses the Dragon Clan’s bloodline. This time, the Human Race has paid a great price in exchange for this opportunity. Not only is Ji Old Third unwilling, but the Dragon Clan is also unwilling.”

This was also the reason why the Dragon Clan had allowed Ji Old Third to provoke Yang Kai. If Yang Kai couldn’t defeat Ji Old Third and was beaten back, the Human Race would have nothing to say. After all, entering the Dragon Pond to cultivate was a rare opportunity. Such an opportunity should not be given to a weakling.

However, neither the Dragon Clan nor Ji Old Third had expected Yang Kai, a Seventh Order Open Heaven to have the ability to suppress a Big Dragon.

Hearing this, Yang Kai frowned, “What price did the Human Race pay?”

Huang Si Niang shook her head, “I don’t know about that, it’s a deal between the Ninth Order Human Race and the Dragon Clan. Although we are in the same place in the No-Return Pass, we rarely interact with each other. The Dragon Clan won’t say anything, and my Phoenix Clan won’t inquire about it either.”

Yang Kai sighed in his heart, roughly understanding what had happened.

The Human Race’s expedition was imminent, so they would definitely face many dangers. Although his strength was extraordinary, he was still only a Seventh Order.

In an environment like the Ink Battlefield, even an Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivator would fall, let alone a Seventh Order.

It hadn’t been long since he had broken through to the Seventh Order, so he was still far from reaching the Eighth Order.

Smiles Old Ancestor probably felt that it was impossible for his cultivation to improve in a short period of time, so she want him to obtain some benefits from the Dragon Clan so that he could protect himself on this expedition.

He didn’t know that all of these Ninth Order had participated in this matter, but he was certain that it was led by Smiles Old Ancestor. Moreover, if the Dragon Clan wanted to give up a place to cultivate in the Dragon Pond, the price they would have to pay would not be small.

From beginning to end, Smiles Old Ancestor had never spoken to him about this matter, only telling him to go to the No-Return Pass.

This favor was too big.

“The Dragon Clan has always treated the Human Race with disdain, with the exception of your Ninth Order Supreme Masters. After all, a strong fist always has the right to speak, but relatively speaking, the Dragon Clan has always regarded you, who were born in the Human Race, an existences who had intentionally or unintentionally fused with the Dragon Clan’s Source, as enemies. Because that Source originally belonged to the Dragon Clan, now that it has been fused with by someone like you, in the Dragon Clan’s eyes, this is an intolerable blasphemy. If you hadn’t come from the Ink Battlefield, I’m afraid you would have been torn apart by those Ancient Dragons before you could even enter and snatched your Source.”

It was for this reason that the Dragon Clan’s attitude towards Yang Kai was so cold.

Because in the end, Yang Kai was still a human race.

Fusing with the Golden Divine Dragon Source could be said to be an opportunity for him, but from the perspective of the Dragon Clan, it was a disrespect to their ancestors.

On this point, not only did the Dragon Clan of No-Return Pass, but even the Dragon Island had the same attitude. The first time Zhu Qing met him, she had fought with him, wanting to take back the Dragon Clan Source in his body, but unfortunately, she had tried to steal a chicken only to end up losing the rice used to lure it, allowing Yang Kai to take advantage of her.

Later on, their relationship with Dragon Island had eased greatly because of the birth of the little white dragon, Yang Xiao, as well as the Heaven Devouring Great Emperor Wu Kuang wreaking havoc on Dragon Island at the time.

At this point, Yang Kai finally understood why he had come here, and also understood the attitude of the Dragon Clan. Although the Ninth Order Supreme had reached an agreement with the Dragon Clan, Yang Kai estimated that if he really wanted to enter the Dragon Pond to cultivate, it would not be so easy.

This matter had to be carefully planned.

Of course, he couldn’t give up just because of the Dragon Clan’s attitude. Since Smiles Old Ancestor wanted him to use the Dragon Pond’s power to protect himself, he naturally had to do his best.


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