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“Let go!” The woman shouted at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai looked down at Ji Old Third, who he had been holding in his hand, and smiled lightly, “Then you must guarantee that he won’t cause any more trouble for me.”

The woman clenched her teeth and said, “Rest assured, he won’t find trouble with you again.”

Yang Kai’s eyes drooped, “They will be no third time. I hope he can remember his lesson.”

Although his tone was indifferent, the meaning behind his words was clear. Ji Old Third had provoked him twice, but he had only subdue him and not harm a single hair on his opponent’s head. However, his patience had reached its limit. If he were to provoke him again, he would likely have to use a heavy blow.

Killing him is not a good idea, but beating him half to death wasn’t a problem. In any case, the Dragon Clan’s recovery ability was extremely powerful, as long as they didn’t damage their Source and Dragon Bead, they could recover from any serious injury.

With the strange ability he had just displayed, Ji Old Third wouldn’t be able to fight back if he really wanted to deal with Ji Old Third.

When had the Dragon Clan ever been threatened like this?

As soon as Yang Kai said this, many of the Young Dragons and Big Dragons around him became angry, and the female Big Dragon standing in front of Yang Kai was no exception.

After holding her breath for a long time, the female dragon gritted her teeth and said, “He will remember.”

Yang Kai smiled warmly and tossed Ji Old Third over to her. The female dragon caught him and glared fiercely at Yang Kai before turning to leave with Ji Old Third in her arms.

Yang Kai turned to the three elders and bowed, “Great Evolution Yang Kai greets the three Seniors.”

He didn’t know what level these three were at, but in terms of Dragon Prestige alone, these three were the most dignified amongst all the Dragon Clan.

These three, two old men and one old woman, probably had a high status in the Dragon Clan.

The old man in the middle nodded slightly and said, “The Dragon Clan already knows why you’ve come, but it will take some time to prepare here. You should stay in the pass for a few days and wait patiently.”

Yang Kai said, “I don’t even know what my purpose for coming here is, so how did you know? If you know, why don’t you tell me?”

However, the old man obviously didn’t have any intention of explaining things to him in detail, so he turned around and left with the other two.

After the elders left, the rest of the Dragon Clan quickly dispersed, not wanting to have any more interactions with Yang Kai.

Yang Kai was left standing alone, somewhat confused.

The Dragon Clan’s alienation was obvious.

This trip to No-Return Pass could be said to be confusing. Before coming here, Smiles Old Ancestor didn’t explain anything to him, and the Dragon Clan couldn’t be bothered to explain anything to him, only telling him to wait.

What is he waiting for? How long should he wait? No one knew.

This uncontrollable feeling was quite bad.

Fortunately, he was not a greenhorn, so in this situation, he naturally needed to find someone to gather intelligence.

As such, he quickly turned around and looked at the young girl in colorful robes who was about to leave, calling out, “Young Lady, please wait.”

Hearing this, the colorful-clothed girl stopped in her tracks and turned around, grinning, “Me?”

Yang Kai took a few steps forward and nodded, “This little brat is reckless, please don’t blame him.”

His polite manner was completely different from the overbearing manner he had used to subdue Ji Old Third just now. The colorful-clothed girl looked at him with interest and asked, “Is there something you need?”

Yang Kai blushed with shame and said, “I’ve just arrived here, so I don’t know anything. There are indeed some things I would like to ask Young Lady.”

The colorful-clothed girl’s brow curved into a crescent shape as she proudly raised her eyebrows towards her companion, as if she had expected this.

The companion didn’t comment.

Yang Kai pretended not to notice.

“What do you want to ask?” The colorful-clothed girl asked.

Yang Kai asked, “Is there anything you can tell me?”

The colorful-clothed girl smiled, “You’re quite strange, you don’t even know what you want, yet you want me to teach you? How unreasonable.”

Yang Kai smiled bitterly, “Young Lady, please don’t blame me, I really don’t know why I came here.”

The colorful-clothed girl asked curiously, “Didn’t your Old Ancestor say anything to you?”

“No!” Yang Kai shook his head.

“So it’s like that…” The colorful-clothed girl pointed to her red lips, “Fine, since I'm in a good mood today, come with me.”

Saying so, she led the way.

Yang Kai followed closely behind.

After a short while, they arrived below the giant parasol tree, and three figures quickly arrived in front of a branch of the parasol tree. The colorful-clothed girl waved her hand and a door that could connect to an unknown space appeared in front of her.

Yang Kai raised his brow, “Space Principle?”

Just like how the colorful-clothed girl reacted when she saw Yang Kai’s Space Principle, Yang Kai’s current reaction was exactly the same as hers.

The young girl seemed to have expected this and smiled proudly, “Come in.”

After the young girl and her companion flashed through the door, Yang Kai quickly followed, clearly feeling the fluctuations of the Space Force. Soon after, they arrived at a beautiful place.

What he saw was birds chirping and flowers blooming, mountain ranges rising up, green mountains and clear water, clouds and mist swirling about, a majestic scene.

This was a small world.

Yang Kai was naturally not unfamiliar with the existence of a small world. High Rank Open Heaven's Small Universe was also a small world, and the Universe Paradise or Universe Cavve Heaven left by the High Rank Open Heaven are also a small world.

However, this small world gave him a different feeling.

This place still seemed to have the concept of primal chaos and the beginning of the world. The ancient aura that filled this place made Yang Kai feel as if he had suddenly entered the wilderness.

The colorful-clothed girl’s voice rang out beside his ear, “This is my Phoenix Nest. The Phoenix Clan is born together with the Nirvana Chinese Parasol Tree. In this world, the number of Phoenix Clan is equivalent to the number of the Phoenix Nest, the number of Phoenix nests on the Nirvana Chinese Parasol Tree is the foundation of every Phoenix Clan. This place is different from the outside world.”

Yang Kai suddenly understood, thinking to himself that it was no wonder there was an ancient aura lingering in this place, because this was clearly an extremely ancient era that had been born along with the Nirvana Parasol Tree and had not changed due to the changes in the outside world.

This is the Phoenix Nest!

Thinking back to how he had mistakenly thought that the Phoenix Clan was going to build a nest on the Parasol Tree, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling ashamed. He had taken things too lightly. How could a creature like the Phoenix Clan really build a nest like a common bird?

Yang Kai secretly woke up and told himself that in the future, he couldn’t just look at the surface.

Then, he saw the colorful-clothed girl leap into a giant bird nest.

Yang Kai looked up at the sky and silently followed.

Three figures landed in the Phoenix Nest and sat down cross-legged.

Yang Kai looked around curiously and soon discovered that from the outside, this was a giant bird’s nest, but once he entered it, there was another mystery here.

Having no time to carefully investigate, Yang Kai cupped his fists and asked, “Great Evolution Yang Kai, may I know how to address you?”

The colorful-clothed girl smiled, “Huang Si Niang.”

She then pointed to her companion beside her, “Feng Liu Lang!”

Yang Kai didn’t know how to respond to this. This name… seemed a bit sloppy, but in the Phoenix Clan, the male is Fend and the female is Huang. Such a title was quite simple and straightforward. [MSN: her name also mean Fourth Sister.]

At the very least, it was easier to address them.

Too lazy to pursue the matter any further, he bowed again and was about to speak, when Huang Si Niang said, “Before you ask anything, I have something to give you.”

Yang Kai was surprised. He had just arrived, yet he already had a gift? Was the Phoenix Clan so enthusiastic?

Immediately, he sat up straight and said solemnly, “I dare not refuse an Elder’s gift.”

Although he had previously called her Young Lady, how could he not know that just based on age alone, she was at least a hundred thousand years old, more than enough to be his ancestor.

Huang Si Niang pursed her lips into a smile, “You sure know how to talk, humans are just sweet talkers.”

Yang Kai put his hand to his chest, “It comes from my heart, but what does Si Niang want to give me?”

“This is it,” As Huang Si Niang spoke, she took out a long feather and handed it to Yang Kai.

Just by looking at the flowing light and spirituality of this feather, Yang Kai could tell that it was extraordinary and was likely the feather of a phoenix.

Why did she give this to him?

Seemingly seeing the doubt in Yang Kai’s heart, Huang Si Niang said, “I lost a bet with Liu Lang just now, so this is the prize.”

Yang Kai instinctively felt that something was wrong. Even if she had lost the bet, how could the prize fall on him?

However, since the other party had already handed it over, it wouldn’t be good if he didn’t accept it. Taking it, his body suddenly shook.

Just by looking at the movement of this long feather, Yang Kai didn’t see anything special about it, but when he held it in his hand, he suddenly realized that this long feather actually contained an extremely rich Space Dao fluctuation.

He was clearly holding the long feather in his hand, but under the influence of the Space Dao, this object seemed to be both real and illusory, as if it could escape into the void at any moment.

If it had been an ordinary person, they wouldn’t have been able to catch it. Fortunately, Yang Kai was also proficient in the Space Principle, so with just a slight push, the light and shadow of the long feather suddenly solidified.

This was a good thing! Especially for him, he could feel that if he were to use this artifact to comprehend it, perhaps he would be able to improve his Space Dao.

Off to the side, Feng Liu Lang and Huang Si Niang glanced at each other and saw the surprise in each other’s eyes.

They had seen Yang Kai use the Space Dao before and knew that his attainments in the Space Dao were extremely profound, but now it seemed they had underestimated him.

Yang Kai raised his head, “Si Niang is proficient in the Space Dao?”

Huang Si Niang grinned, “Is there a problem with the Phoenix Clan being proficient in the Space Dao?”

Hearing this, Yang Kai frowned, “Does Si Niang mean that the Phoenix Clan is proficient in the Space Dao?”

Huang Si Niang tilted her head to look at him in confusion, “You don’t know?”

Yang Kai blinked, “No one told me about this.” Moreover, although he had never met a pure Phoenix, he had met Azure Luan in the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land. They were also a branch of the Phoenix Clan, but he had never seen them proficient in the Space Principle.

On top of that, Su Yan possessed the Ice Phoenix Source, but he doesn't see any accomplishments in Space Dao from her.

Yang Kai really didn’t know about this.

Huang Si Niang couldn’t help laughing, “If a human cultivator’s background is ordinary, then so be it, it's natural they don’t know much about the Holy Spirit. How could an elite like you who came from a Cave Heaven Paradise not know? Didn’t your elders tell you?”

Yang Kai was somewhat speechless, “I’m not from a Cave Heaven Paradise.”


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