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Seeing her companion’s serious expression, the colorful-clothed girl became thoughtful.

It was just as he had said. Since the Human Race dared to send him here, they naturally believed in this person’s ability and would certainly be able to anticipate the various difficulties this person would face when he came to the No-Return Pass. In other words, this Human Race who had come from the Ink Battlefield was not a good person.

Turning her eyes, the colorful-clothed girl asked, “Do you want to make a bet?”

Living in the Pass all year round was extremely boring, because this was the last line of defense. The hundred or so human passes on the periphery were more than enough to stop the Black Ink Clan army.

Thirty thousand years ago, when the Great Evolution Pass was broken, there were still some daring Black Ink Clan who came from the Great Evolution Pass, but after witnessing the methods of Dragons and Phoenix Clans, none of them dared to send themselves to death.

It could be said that, as the two most powerful races, the Dragon and Phoenix Clans had spent many boring days here, but they had to abide by their ancestors’ oaths and were unable to leave easily.

It was rare for there to be such a lively event today, so naturally they had to get involved.

The young man asked lightly, “What bet?”

The colorful-clothed girl said, “Let’s bet who wins and who loses between the two.”

“What about the prize?”

The young girl tapped her red lips and muttered to herself for a moment before snapping her fingers, “Whoever loses will give him a tail feather!”

The young man glanced at her speechlessly. With such a bet, no matter what, that Human takes the advantage.

The young girl didn’t give him any time to react and quickly said, “I bet this human will lose!”

As soon as she finished speaking, his mouth opened slightly, with a look of disbelief on his face.

Although he also knew that the Human Race must have something to rely on if they dared to allow this person to come here alone, and although Ji Old Third’s strength was extraordinary, he might not be able to do anything to him. It was highly likely that both sides would suffer heavy losses or even a draw.

However, what they didn’t expect was that after chatting for a while, the battle had already ended.

While they were talking, the newcomer had already grabbed Ji Old Third’s neck and was slowly walking towards them, as if he was grabbing a chicken.

Taking a few steps forward, his figure approached, leaving behind afterimages in the distance.

“Space Principle!” The colorful-clothed girl’s eyes became even more surprised. With her eyesight, she could naturally see that this human’s attainments in Space Principle were extremely profound, perhaps even comparable to her own.

In her long life, she had seen some Human Race elites who could cultivate Space Principle, but none of them had been able to cultivate Space Principle to such a degree.

Yang Kai had long since noticed the attention of the man and woman on the Parasol Tree. Not only them, but also many Divine Senses were paying attention to him.

Coupled with the reaction of the person who had blocked his path, how could Yang Kai not know that the No-Return Pass has been waiting for his arrival? The actions of the person who had blocked his path may have been a kind of selfishness, but it didn’t mean that the Dragon Clan’s upper echelons hadn’t indulged him.

Were they trying to test his strength?

Yang Kai didn’t know why the other side would have such an attitude, but he was also half a Holy Spirit, so he knew that when dealing with an existence like a Holy Spirit, he couldn’t act too humbly.

The Holy Spirits had always been extremely arrogant. Facing them, only those who were more arrogant than them had the qualifications to speak to them as equals.

As such, he didn’t hesitate in the slightest to attack the person blocking his path.

However, what he didn’t expect was that the Big Dragon blocking his way was somewhat useless. He hadn’t even used his full strength yet, and he was like a sick cat being dragged along.

It could be said that this was the easiest battle he had fought since entering the Ink Battlefield. Even the masters of the Black Ink Clan knew how to resist his attacks, but this Big Dragon simply couldn’t resist.

Looking up, Yang Kai grinned, “This young lady is really pretty.”

The colorful-clothed girl’s eyes twitched as she chuckled, “Such a sweet tongue.”

Yang Kai handed over the thing in his hand and asked, “Your family?”

The colorful-clothed girl smoothed her hair and shook her head, “Someone else’s.”

Yang Kai nodded and realized that this young girl in front of him should be from the Phoenix Clan, which was not difficult to understand. Since she was above the Parasol Tree, she was naturally a Phoenix Clan.

Ji Old Third, who had been carried away by Yang Kai, was now filled with shame and indignation. In his tens of thousands of years of life, he had never suffered such humiliation. What was even more unbearable was that the Divine Sense lingering in the area had clearly seen his current predicament.

With his face gone down the drain, how was he supposed to face his fellow clansmen and Phoenix Clan in the future?

“Let go!” He struggled with all his might, his face completely red. He couldn’t understand how he had been captured without even being able to withstand a single blow.

In his perception, the other party was only a Seventh Order Open Heaven.

Although the Big Dragon was equivalent to a Seventh Order Open Heaven, if they really fought, the Big Dragon would definitely have the advantage.

No Seventh Order was a match for an adult Big Dragon. This was the advantage of the Dragon Clan as the Holy Spirit’s head.

Unfortunately, this Seventh Order only needed to raise his hand to capture him.

Thinking back to his encounter just now, Ji Old Third felt like he was in a dream. The moment the other party came into contact with him, his strength was immediately suppressed, making it difficult for him to use his Dragon Vein. This was the reason why he was in such an awkward situation.

“Don’t move!” Sensing the struggling Dragon in his hand, Yang Kai shook it vigorously.

Ji Old Third suddenly felt a bit dizzy, but this only made him feel even more ashamed. For a proud Dragon, such humiliation was worse than death.

The Dragon Force in his body suddenly surged, and even that inexplicable suppression could not suppressed him.

Yang Kai noticed that something was wrong and frowned. Lifting his hand, he tossed Ji Old Third out and smacked his lips, “You and I don’t know each other, why are you doing this?”

The reason Ji Old Third’s Dragon Force was able to surge was because he had activated his Dragon Bead. This was a life or death struggle, and even Yang Kai couldn’t suppress it. If he didn’t let go, even if Ji Old Third was able to break free from his shackles, his Dragon Bead would break and his vitality would be greatly damaged.

He also had the Dragon Bead, so he was able to notice these things.

Before entering this place, if he were to cause a Big Dragon to be half-dead. It was not a wise move, so he had no choice but to let go.

It was necessary to display his strength in front of the Dragon Clan, but he also needed to control his strength.

As a loud Dragon roar rang out, the humanoid Ji Old Third suddenly transformed into a Five Thousand Zhang Long Big Dragon, its head held high as it stared down at Yang Kai with its majestic Dragon eyes, as if it was looking at an ant on the ground. The Dragon scales all over its body stood up in anger, as if it was a cat whose tail had been stepped on.

Facing such a Big Dragon, Yang Kai was as insignificant as dust.

“A mere human! A mere human!” The Big Dragon roared angrily, causing the void to tremble. On the Parasol Tree, the colorful-clothed girl covered her ears with a look of disdain.

“How dare you humiliate me like this? In the name of the Dragon Clan, you must pay the price with your life!” Ji Old Third went completely berserk. As he spoke, he opened his mouth and spat out a Dragon breath, enveloping the ant-like figure in front of him.

Dragon Breath was the most ordinary attack method of the Dragon Clan. Although it was the most ordinary, it was unimaginably powerful, especially when it came to the Dragon breath of a Big Dragon with a body of Five Thousand Zhang long. Even the Feudal Lord Black Ink Clan would instantly be reduced to dust. Within this Dragon Breath, the Time Principle were abundant and terrifying.

No Seventh Order could survive such a Dragon breath.

Ji Old Third’s anger subsided slightly, but soon his eyes widened as if he had been struck by lightning.

Amidst the endless Dragon breath, a figure flew up against the current. This figure was neither too fast nor too slow, as if he was taking a stroll in the park. He slowly arrived in front of Ji Old Third’s Big Dragon head, stretched out his hand, and gently patted Ji Old Third’s forehead as he said, “Being angry is bad for your health!”

With a single slap, the towering Ji Old Third felt his Dragon Vein fluctuate and he was unable to maintain it. Like a deflated balloon, his figure rapidly shrank and in the blink of an eye, he returned to his human form.

Yang Kai once again grabbed him by the neck and shouted, “Great Evolution Yang Kai, come to the No-Return Pass by the order of the Old Ancestor, is there anyone in the house?”

The Spirit Array’s fluctuations caused the closed No-Return Pass door to open.

Yang Kai thanked them from afar, and stepped inside holding the depressed Ji Old Third in his hand.

Entering the pass, Yang Kai saw figures standing on either side of him, sizing him up. The man and woman he saw on the Parasol Tree were also among them.

These gazes were filled with scrutiny and curiosity.

Anyone who could stand here was naturally a member of the Dragon or Phoenix Clans. They had long known that there would be a human who possessed the Dragon Clan’s Source who whould come to the No-Return Pass, but whether it was the Dragon or Phoenix Clans, they didn’t know much about this person. After all, they had been guarding this place for a long time, and the information about the 3000 Worlds and the Ink Battlefield was all hearsay.

The Phoenix Clan was still alright. After all, this was not a matter of their clan being humiliated, they had all come here to watch the show.

The Dragon Clan, on the other hand, was different. Ji Old Third was deliberately provoking the guest, and they didn’t try to stop him. This was tacit approval, and also a way to test the strength of this human. After all, this human’s arrival was not good for the Dragon Clan.

Now that they had tried it, the Dragon Clan was left speechless. They hadn’t even seen how this person had dealt with Ji Old Third.

It was as if Ji Old Third had lost all ability to resist when he raised his hand.

When did the Dragon Clan become so weak? If so, how could the Dragon Clan have such a great reputation?

Ji Old Third’s encounter caused all the Dragon Clan masters to feel a trace of shock.

If they didn’t understand this problem, the Dragon Clan would never be able to sleep peacefully.

Yang Kai couldn’t help smiling and nodding towards the figures in both sides, not caring how strong or old they were, as if they were all here to welcome him.

Although this was not the case.

After taking a few steps, another figure blocked his path. It was a woman, her eyes spitting fire as she stared at Yang Kai, her Dragon Prestige radiating from her body.

This was also a Dragon Clan, a Big Dragon!


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