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If the barrier between the 3000 Worlds and the Ink Battlefield was compared to a single wall, then the only connection between the two was through this wall.

This was also the reason why the No-Return Pass was known as the Human Race’s last line of defense. If the Black Ink Clan were to break through this place, they would be able to invade the 3000 Worlds. With the characteristics of the Black Ink Clan, if they were to enter the 3000 Worlds, it's doomed to suffer a terrible loss and be destroyed.

The No-Return Pass was the last line of defense, while the major passes were the outer line of defense.

If one stood at a high angle and connected each mountain pass together, they would discover that these mountain passes could be connected into a semi-circle. This semi-circle was connected to the barrier between the 3000 Worlds and the Ink Battlefield, and the center point was none other than the No-Return Pass. [MSN: Like this 'D'?]

If the mountain pass was not broken, the No-Return Pass will not be disturbed, if the No-Return Pass is not broken, the 3000 Worlds would be safe.

This was also the reason why the expedition required the Great Evolution Pass to be recovered, because Great Evolution Pass was occupied by the Black Ink Clan and was a flaw in the entire defensive line. If Great Evolution Pass wasn’t taken back, once the Human Race’s army set out, the Black Ink Clan would be able to use this flaw to attack the No-Return Pass.

If such a situation really occurred, would the Human Race’s army return to defend or continue their expedition? They would definitely fall into a dilemma.

If they wanted to eliminate this hidden danger, they would have to take back Great Evolution Pass from the hands of the Black Ink Clan. Fortunately, the Great Evolution Army had worked hard for more than a hundred years and had sacrificed countless soldiers to achieve this.

In this universe, there was no such thing as north, south, east, or west, because there was no fixed direction. The so-called Eastern Army, Southern Army, Western Army, and Northern Army were just convenient titles.

In terms of direction, in the vast Void, there was only up and down, back and forth.

At the rear of the Human Race Pass, it is the No-Return Pass. It could be said that this final line of defense, which was personally guarded by the Dragon and Phoenix Clans, was also the Human Race’s trump card.

In his early years, when he learned that the No-Return Pass was guarded by the Dragon and Phoenix Clans, Yang Kai was somewhat puzzled.

The Holy Spirit had always been arrogant, regardless of which kind it was, this was something he had learned a long time ago after thousands of years of cultivation.

Not to mention the Dragon and Phoenix Clans that were ranked at the top among the Holy Spirit.

How could these two supreme Holy Spirits be willing to help the Human Race guard the last line of defense? It was impossible for them to act in righteousness, there was no such thing as righteousness between different races.

The only explanation was that the threat posed by the Black Ink Clan was too great, and the Holy Spirits all understood the concept of mutual destruction. In ancient times, the Dragon Emperor and Phoenix Empress had sacrificed their lives to seal the Ink Giant Spiritual God, so how could their descendants dare to disregard the sacrifices of their ancestors?

This was probably the reason why the Holy Spirits had been guarding the No-Return Pass for so many years.

Was there another reason? Yang Kai didn’t know, nor did he need to care.

Although it was a bit hasty to go to the No-Return Pass at this time, at least he could fulfill his wish and see what the legendary Dragon Pond looked like.

In the void, Yang Kai’s figure flickered as his Space Principle fluctuated.

From the Great Evolution Pass to the No-Return Pass, one could use the Space Array directly, which was convenient and fast. However, the Great Evolution Pass had been reorganized for the past two hundred years, so the consumption of resources was too great. Now that it was time to shrink tight and accumulate preparations, Yang Kai could only fly there.

In the Old Ancestor’s words, since he was proficient in the Space Principle, there was no need to waste resources on traveling.

What else could Yang Kai say? He could only continue on his way.

Before he left, he told the people from the Dawn Squad that he was going out on a mission.

Feng Ying still hadn’t come out of seclusion, causing him to feel slightly anxious. It had been nearly two hundred years since she had observed Xu Linggong’s breakthrough to the Eighth Order. Since she had comprehended something at that time, choosing to enter seclusion shouldn’t have been a big problem.

However, after two hundred years of no movement, it was somewhat surprising.

No one else could help her with this kind of thing. In the early stages of cultivation, there was still a teacher teaching them, but once they reached the level of High Rank Open Heaven, they could only rely on themselves.

The words of other might not suit your Dao.

Ordinary Seventh Order masters would need at least three or four years to fly from Great Evolution Pass to No-Return Pass, but Yang Kai had only spent less than half a year.

The journey was extremely boring because the road was calm and tranquil.

When he saw a giant parasol tree appear in front of him, Yang Kai knew that he had arrived at the No-Return Pass.

This parasol tree was the home of the Phoenix Clan and also the legendary Phoenix Nest.

In fact, Yang Kai had always been curious about what a Phoenix Nest looked like. A noble Holy Spirit like a Phoenix Clan couldn’t possibly build a nest on a Parasol Tree like an ordinary bird? This was simply too degrading.

Or could it be that the Phoenix Nest was just a name, the so-called Phoenix Nest referred to the Phoenix Clan’s nest, and it was this Fire Blossoming Parasol Tree that was born from the world?

After thinking about it for a while, Yang Kai felt that he was being too meddlesome. He possessed the Dragon Clan’s Source, so he should think about the Dragon Clan, why should he think about the Phoenix Clan?

The closer he got, the more Yang Kai could feel his Dragon Vein throbbing, making him feel like he was returning to his hometown.

He knew that it was because of the connection between the Dragon Vein and the Dragon Pond, and that this place was not really his homeland.

However, this kind of mood inevitably made him feel somewhat homesick, as if he was a wanderer who had been out for many years and was about to return to his hometown, and he didn’t know how to face the questions of his elders.

Yang Kai didn’t receive any of his Elders’ eager inquiries, instead receiving the provocation of a dragon prestige.

A figure appeared in front of him and blocked his way. This person was dressed in azure robes and had a handsome appearance. His lips were red and his teeth were white, making him look quite handsome.

However, the look in his eyes was extremely unfriendly as he stared at Yang Kai from afar, seemingly considering where to start.

At a glance, Yang Kai could tell that this person was a Dragon Clan cultivator, because the Dragon Prestige on his body was almost undisguised as it rushed towards him.

Judging from the Dragon Prestige alone, this guy should be a Big Dragon, similar to his current level. However, Yang Kai didn’t know who was bigger.

What was the meaning of this? Yang Kai was a little surprised. He hadn’t even reached the pass yet, so how could there be a Dragon blocking his way?

He didn’t think this Dragon Clan was doing this unintentionally. Since he had stopped him here, it must have been intentional.

Since ancient times, there had been countless cultivators who come from the No-Return Pass, but very few returning from the Human Race Mountain Pass to the No-Return Pass.

This Dragon Clan master blocked his path, obviously waiting for him.

The Dragon Prestige was very strong, so it was obvious that this Dragon was also one of the best of the Big Dragon, but to Yang Kai, it was nothing more than a gentle breeze.

Unable to figure out the other party’s intentions, Yang Kai couldn’t just give him a cold look. Taking two steps forward, he cupped his fists and said, “Great Evolution Yang Kai, going to No-Return Pass under the order of the Old Ancestor. May I ask what this Daoist Brother name is?”

However, the Dragon in azure robe impatiently tossed his head and roared, his Dragon Prestige transforming into a physical attack, “I’ve been waiting for you.”

As he spoke, he pounced towards Yang Kai and reached out to grab him.

Her hand was as fair as a woman’s, but it contained an extremely terrifying power. After all, he was a Dragon Clan, so his powerful body was an extremely important asset.

With this grab, even space itself seemed to shatter.

Not only that, but Yang Kai also felt a profound concept fluctuation, causing his thoughts to experience some kind of unexpected illusion.

“Time Principle?” Yang Kai raised his brow in surprise. This Dragon Clan master he had suddenly encountered outside the No-Return Pass was actually proficient in the Time Principle.

Moreover, his attainments in the Time Principle seemed to be quite high.

If a person who had never cultivated the Time Principle were here, under the influence of this concept, they would definitely be captured.

Even Yang Kai was unable to react in time and was unable to dodge.

Since he had just arrived and was facing a Dragon Clan cultivator, Yang Kai naturally didn’t want to start a fight, but from his words just now, it was clear that he had been waiting for him here. Now that he was here, he wanted to teach him a lesson?

There was no enmity between them, so how could this be?

Yang Kai couldn’t understand what was going on, but all the living beings in this world were willing to do anything for the sake of profit. For the other party to target him like this, Yang Kai was certain that he had somehow touched upon his interests.

Where could he have touched his interest? His Dragon Vein?

Yang Kai couldn’t help letting out a sigh. This trip to the No-Return Pass had been ordered by the Old Ancestor, so it seemed like nothing good had happened. No wonder the Old Ancestor hadn’t told him anything.

This grab was unavoidable, so Yang Kai could only raise his hand to block it.

Inside the No-Return Pass, on a branch of the Parasol Tree, a young girl in a colorful dress sat, her two legs swaying leisurely.

Standing beside her was a young man, both of them staring towards the sky.

When the azure-robed man made his move, the colorful-clothed girl said, “Ji Old Third’s temper is still as bad as ever, and his family’s Lord doesn’t even care. That man came here under the orders of the Human Race’s Old Ancestor. If anything happens to him, how will he explain himself to the Human Race?”

The young man standing next to her said lightly, “The Human Race’s Old Ancestor has no right to interfere, not to mention that this matter involves Dragon Pond. Ji Old Third has been waiting for this day for thousands of years. Now that he finally has a chance, a mere human actually wants to cut the line? How can he tolerate this?”

The colorful-clothed girl turned her head and said, “Speaking of which, that old dragon is quite strange, actually agreeing to the Human Race’s request. Is there something wrong with his head?”

The young man’s mouth twitched as he said, “Others can hear you say that.”

Hearing this, the colorful-clothed girl stuck out her tongue and quickly changed the subject, “The Human Race must have paid a great price, otherwise the Dragon Clan definitely wouldn’t have agreed. Tell me, how long do you think that human can last under Ji Old Third?”

The young man said, “You’re asking the wrong question.”

The colorful-clothed girl was puzzled, “Did I ask the wrong question?”

The young man said, “You should ask how long Ji Old Third can last under that human.”

The colorful-clothed girl asked in surprise, “You think so highly of him? Do you know this person?”

The young man shook his head and said, “I don’t know him, but since the Human Race is willing to pay a huge price to send him here, it means he has such value. Naturally, he’s not a pushover.”


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