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As a Grandmaster-level Artifact Refiner, Yang Kai naturally had no time to rest. He offered his services to the other Artifact Refiners to refine various large-scale artifacts together with the Array Formation Masters, using these artifacts as the eye of the array to arrange them all over Great Evolution Pass.

Now that the Great Evolution’s Space Array had been repaired, many news from the outside world could be transmitted through it.

As a Seventh Order cultivator, he didn’t have much qualifications to come into contact with confidential information, but many of the good news from the various mountain passes had been deliberately spread by the higher-ups, so naturally everyone knew about it.

There were countless victories, and the decline of the Human Race on the Ink Battlefield seemed to have disappeared overnight. On most of the battlefields, the confrontation between the Black Ink Clan and the Human Race had ended in a great defeat, and there were few who managed to maintain a stalemate.

On the whole, the Black Ink Clan seemed to have reached the end of its lifespan. On the battlefields, the Human Race advanced rapidly, and many of the war zones, like Blue Sky Pass, built a frontline camp in the direction of the Black Ink Clan’s King City to compress the Black Ink Clan’s activity space.

This was the result of countless years of stalemate. During this time, the Expelling Black Ink Battleship, the Expelling Black Ink Pill, and the Void Yin-Yang Mirror all played an important role.

If one wanted to connect these things together, it would be obvious that there was someone behind them.

This miniscule amount of strength was enough to stir up the entire Ink Battlefield. Throughout history, there had only been one person who had done so.

Yang Kai’s days were very fulfilling. It could be said that the tens of thousands of soldiers in the entire Great Evolution Pass lived very fulfilling lives. Usually, they were busy repairing the mountain pass and only had time to cultivate during breaks.

Originally, Great Evolution Pass had been scheduled for a hundred years to be fully repaired.

But in fact, it took nearly two hundred years for the original plan to be completed.

The current Great Evolution Pass was completely different from the Great Evolution Pass that the Black Ink Clan had occupied back then. After spending tens of thousands of soldiers in the Great Evolution Army for nearly two hundred years, countless supplies, and a massive amount of energy, the current Great Evolution Pass had returned to its ferocious appearance thirty thousand years ago.

It could be said that compared to any human mountain pass, Great Evolution Pass was no worse.

With the current Great Evolution Pass and the thirty thousand soldiers of the Great Evolution Army, even if the Black Ink Clan’s Yuan Qi was fully restored, they could forget about attacking Great Evolution Pass.

Not to mention, the Black Ink Clan could only hide in the vicinity of the King City, not daring to rashly come and offend them.

Over the past two hundred years, Smiles Old Ancestor had gone to disturb him from time to time, causing the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord to be unable to rest in peace. After such a long period of time, not only did his injuries not show any signs of improving, they had instead worsened.

It had to be said that this was probably the most miserable of all the Black Ink Clan Royal Lord.

The renovation of Great Evolution Pass was completed, but the soldiers were still full of energy, and everyone was waiting, waiting for the arrival of the army's expedition.

The expedition was originally a secret that only the higher ups of the Human Race knew about, but over the years, under the unintentional propaganda of the higher ups, the lower level soldiers had learned about the future of the Human Race.

The Ink Battlefield had existed for far too long, so long that it was impossible to trace its origins. Over the course of countless years, the elite Open Heaven masters of the 3000 Worlds had stepped onto this battlefield and fought with the Black Ink Clan for generations, using their lives and blood to defend the defensive line of the Human Race’s homeland.

For countless years, how many talents had the Human Race lost?

Such a situation couldn’t be maintained forever. Every generation was working hard to change the situation and eliminate all future threats.

However, there was nothing they could do.

Now, the situation of the entire Ink Battlefield had been broken, and the Human Race was no longer on the defensive. They now had the capital to attack.

If such a war could be resolved once and for all, all of the Human Race’s soldiers in the Ink Battlefield would be willing to pay any price.

For this reason, there had to be an expedition, and it was a joint expedition of all the Human Race passes. Only by doing so would they have a chance to wipe out the entire Black Ink Clan.

Otherwise, if the Black Ink Clan from a certain war zone were to escape, there would be no end of trouble.

This kind of joint operation of a hundred or so Human Race passes was not something that could be solved in a short time. It required all parties to plan and act together, and this preparation period would take at least a hundred years.

The Evil-Breaking Divine Lance refined by Troublesome Grandmaster and supplement with Yang Kai's Light of Purification would be the Human Race’s greatest reliance in this expedition!

Therefore, Yang Kai was currently very busy!

During the last ten years of the Great Evolution Pass’ restoration, a large number of Evil-Breaking Divine Lance had been delivered to the Great Evolution Pass through the Space Array, handed over to him, and he personally sealed the Light of Purification.

There was no way for anyone else to help with this, because only Yang Kai could use the Light of Purification.

Over the years since the Great Evolution Army had taken back the Great Evolution Pass, more than a hundred Human Race passes had been mass-producing the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance. After three or four hundred years of accumulation, the number was simply unimaginable.

Now that all of these Evil-Breaking Divine Lance had been delivered to the Great Evolution Pass, what appeared in front of Yang Kai was a small hill of Evil-Breaking Divine Lance. What he needed to do now was constantly activate the Light of Purification to seal it inside these Evil-Breaking Divine Lance.

Repeating the same thing was extremely boring, and Yang Kai didn’t know how many times he had used the Light of Purification. All he knew was that the number of Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals he had was constantly decreasing.

At this moment, he was extremely glad that he had brought enough Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals back from the Chaotic Dead Territory. Otherwise, he wouldn’t even know where to look for them when the materials had been used up.

During the time he was sealing the Light of Purification, he would still receive the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance from other mountain passes.

Only after several years did this number decrease.

After a few more years, Yang Kai finally finished dealing with all the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance.

Yang Kai didn’t calculate it carefully, but he could feel that the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance he had sealed with the Light of Purification is countless. The amount of Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals he had consumed in his Small Universe was only about half of its original amount left.

The Evil-Breaking Divine Lance was divided into two types. One could be used to deal with a Feudal Lord, while the other could be used to deal with a Territory Lord.

Refining the former was easier, the amount of purifying light needed to be sealed was also less, and there were more than ninety percent.

The latter was less than ten percent.

But it was enough.

Countless Evil-Breaking Divine Lance were scattered across hundreds of mountain passes, each of which could be divided into nearly a hundred thousand for each passes. If such a number couldn’t be used to secure victory in the expedition, there was no need for the Human Race to fight with the Black Ink Clan.

In Great Evolution Pass, in Smiles Old Ancestor’s palace, Yang Kai was summoned.

Some time ago, after he finished dealing with the matter of the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance, he had been cultivating in seclusion.

The expedition was not far away, and he was also eager to improve his strength. Only by becoming strong enough would he be able to play a role in the upcoming battle.

However, after a few days of secluded cultivation, he received a message from Smiles Old Ancestor.

Seeing the Old Ancestor and realizing that it was just as the rumors said, the Old Ancestor’s mood didn’t seem too good.

Over the past few years, Smiles Old Ancestor had been visiting the Black Ink Clan’s King City more frequently. Although she would always take advantage of the situation to leave, for some reason, Smiles Old Ancestor’s mood was not very good.

Seeing this, Yang Kai cautiously asked, “What instructions does Old Ancestor have for me?”

The Old Ancestor said, “Nothing, I want you to go to the No-Return Pass.”

“No-Return Pass?” Yang Kai was surprised, “Why am I going there?”

He had naturally heard of the famous No-Return Pass. Although it was the last line of defense for the Human Race, it was personally guarded by the Dragon and Phoenix Clans, and there were many powerful Holy Spirits amongst them.

According to the information Yang Kai had gathered, back in the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land, the Dragon Emperor and Phoenix Empress had worked together, using their lives as the price and the sixteen Holy Spirit Sacred Object to seal the Ink Giant Spiritual God in the Sealing Ink Land. After that, the Dragon and Phoenix Clans had left the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land to guard the No-Return Pass.

After so many years, they had not returned to the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land.

Not only that, but the ancient Human Race masters had also set up countless barriers around the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land, isolating it from the outside world and preventing the Giant Spiritual God from escaping.

When Yang Kai and Xia Linlang were being pursued by Bright Sun Divine Monarch, they had accidentally entered that forbidden area and suffered quite a bit.

After entering the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land, there was no sign of the Dragon Clan, nor was there any pure Phoenix Race. There were only Azure Luan, Yuan Chu, Yue Zhuo, Hong Hu, and other Phoenix Clan branches.

After countless years, the power of the Ancestral Land's Ancestral Qi had worn down the power of the Ink Giant Spiritual God and finally turned him into a corpse. Because of this, the Ancestral Qi of the Holy Spirit Ancestral Land had been greatly consumed.

After Yang Kai left the Ancestral Land and unlocked the Sealing Ink Land’s seal, the Ancestral Qi in the Ancestral Land began to recover and became more suitable for the Holy Spirits to survive.

Now, Su Yan, Zhu Qing, Shan Qingluo, and the others were all cultivating in the Ancestral Land. All of them had Holy Spirit Source, so cultivating there would definitely bring them great benefits.

Hundreds of years ago, under the orders of Xiang Shan, he had separated from the Great Evolution Army and was on his way to Great Evolution Pass to find the North-South Army when he sensed the existence of the No-Return Pass.

Because he possessed the power of the Golden Divine Dragon’s Source, and because the No-Return Pass has the Dragon Clan and Dragon Pond inside it, anyone who possessed the Dragon Clan’s Source would be able to sense the location of the Dragon Pond as long as they were strong enough.

At that time, he had sensed the connection between his Dragon Clan’s Source and the Dragon Pond.

It was said that the Dragon Pond was the origin of the Dragon Clan’s Source, and it was the Dragon Pond that gave birth to the Dragon Clan’s Source.

A few years ago, when Yang Kai first entered the 3000 Worlds, he had been constantly trying to find the Dragon Pond. Perhaps it was because of the mysterious pull of his own Source, but only by finding the Dragon Pond would he be able to understand the direction of the Dragon Clan’s cultivation.

However, as he grew stronger over the years, this thought had faded.

Unexpectedly, at this time, the Old Ancestor actually wanted him to go to the No-Return Pass.

He didn’t know if there was any deeper meaning to this.

“You'll know when you get there, no need to ask,” The Old Ancestor replied.

Yang Kai hesitated, “But Old Ancestor, the expedition is about to arrive, if I leave now…”

The Old Ancestor sneered, “There’s no need for you to worry about the expedition. You’re just a small Seventh Order, one more isn’t a big deal, so what’s the big deal if you miss out on this opportunity?”

Yang Kai was rendered speechless.

Perhaps the Old Ancestor felt that her tone was too harsh, so she explained, “The expedition is still in the midst of its preparations, as long as you don’t delay for too long, you should be able to catch up.”


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