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He hadn’t even taken care of his three disciples yet, so how could he accept another one?

To him, having three disciples was already enough. In his life, he had three Great Dao, and each of these three disciples have received a legacy each.

Speaking of which, Yang Kai felt quite ashamed. He really hadn’t fulfilled his responsibility as a master to these three disciples, and had only taught them carefully when they were living in his Small Universe.

Ever since they were released from his Small Universe, not to mention teaching them, even meeting them once was difficult.

He didn’t know how the three little ones were doing.

But thinking about it, with their aptitudes and the fact that they were living in a Open Heaven cradle in the Star Boundary, their future achievements wouldn’t be too bad.

The Old Ancestor pondered for a moment before saying, “The Dawn Squad has fifty people, so logically speaking, it no longer qualify to recruit anyone else, but since you’ve made this request, we’ll make an exception this time.”

“Many thanks, Old Ancestor!” Yang Kai bowed.

On the other hand, Ah Cai also expressed her gratitude happily. The Old Ancestor’s words meant that from now on, she would belong to the Dawn Squad.

The Old Ancestor waved her hand and looked at Yang Kai meaningfully, “Such a great contribution was exchanged for such a condition, is it worth it?”

Yang Kai smiled and said, “Contributions are dead, but people are alive, they can’t compare.”

The Old Ancestor nodded lightly and stood up, “I’m tired, I'm going back to sleep.”

Saying so, he disappeared.

“Farewell, Old Ancestor!” Everyone stood up.

As soon as the Old Ancestor left, the atmosphere became even more lively. Everyone drank.

While they were chatting, Xu Linggong learned that the meat soup was actually cooked from a piece of cattle meat bestowed by Wind and Cloud's Old Ancestor. He was stunned for a moment before a thoughtful look appeared on his face.

Everyone turned to look at him.

Xu Linggong’s aura suddenly fluctuated abnormally, causing the entire courtyard to become filled with surprise and excitement.

Xu Linggong held the wine cup in his hand and grinned, “I was wondering why the taste was a little bit wrong with this meat soup when I drank it. It turns out it was something bestowed by the Old Ancestor and its effects are truly extraordinary. Now that I’ve obtained this opportunity, I can’t let down the Old Ancestor’s good intentions and will immediately advance to the Eighth Order. Everyone, please wait for the good news.”

Finished speaking, he gulped down the wine in his cup and soared into the sky, his aura surging.

Leaving behind a group of people staring at each other in amazement.

When Yang Kai took out this piece of cattle meat and asked Feng Ying and the others to boil some soup, he didn’t say much about the source of this thing.

Dawn Squad and the others were actually quite looking forward to it. After all, it was a gift from the Old Ancestor, so it might have some extraordinary effects.

However, after Smiles Old Ancestor drank the soup just now, how could everyone not know that the cattle meat was just an ordinary thing with no special effects?

It was just that Wind and Cloud Pass’ Old Ancestor had raised it well and the meat soup was rich.

Xu Linggong did not hear the Old Ancestor’s words and did not know the truth, so when he suddenly heard that this was a gift from the Old Ancestor, he was quite surprised.

Xu Linggong’s two disciples took in everyone’s expressions and Qing Kui looked at Yang Kai in confusion, “Brother Yang, what’s going on?”

Yang Kai smiled and said, “It’s nothing. Elder Xu has broken through to the Eighth Order, this is a rare opportunity, I’ll go and protect him.”

Saying so, he also soared into the sky.

Rather than calling it being a protector, it was more accurate to call it a observation, because the moment he moved, many figures from the Great Evolution Pass soared into the sky, many of them Eighth Order Open Heaven masters.

They all sensed the fluctuations of Xu Linggong’s aura and realized that someone was about to break through to the Eighth Order. Even if no one knew, they would still take the initiative to protect him.

Most of them were Seventh Order Open Heaven, and many of them had the qualifications to take this step. In the entire Ink Battlefield, although a Seventh Order promotion to Eighth Order wasn’t a rare occurrence in a thousand years, it was still quite rare. Since it was so rare, they would naturally take this opportunity to observe and verify their own strengths. This way, when it was their turn to advance in the future, they would be able to learn from it.

The Dawn Squad’s Seventh Order also followed.

Those below the Seventh Order had yet to make a move, their goal was to break through to the Seventh Order for the time being, so Xu Linggong’s movements were of no use to them. Getting involved with these things too early would not benefit their cultivation.

Feng Ying and Yang Kai walked side by side and sent a voice transmission, “That meat… is there some kind of mystery?”

Yang Kai couldn’t help laughing, “What mystery could it have? The Old Ancestor said it was just an ordinary thing, you and I also drank that soup. Did you feel anything special?”

Feng Ying shook her head.

Yang Kai said, “I’m afraid this is Elder Xu’s fortuitous encounter. Speaking of which, Elder Xu has been promoted to the Seventh Order for quite some time now, so he should have reached the Eighth Order by now. During the previous attack on the Black Ink Clan’s King City, his injuries were quite severe, so he must have had some kind of enlightenment between life and death. This time, when he heard that the meat was given to him by the Old Ancestor, his first impression was that it was some kind of magical thing, so he must have taken a step forward.”

This was Yang Kai’s guess, but it should be very close to the truth. If not for this, there was no way to explain how Xu Linggong had suddenly sensed the opportunity to break through.

This was not the credit of the item bestowed by the Old Ancestor, but rather Xu Linggong’s own opportunity.

In the void, Xu Linggong stood alone, his aura surging like a tide as he made his final preparations for his breakthrough.

Tens of millions of kilometers away from him, the Eighth Order masters were all on high alert, ready to act at any moment. Although they wouldn’t be of much help if Xu Linggong’s breakthrough were to go wrong, they could still provide some guidance and help him escape from danger at a critical moment.

Further away, a group of Seventh Order cultivators was watching from afar.

Even the Old Ancestor was looking towards this direction.

During the Great Evolution War, nearly half of the Great Evolution Army’s Eighth Order had suffered casualties. Now that there were signs of a Seventh Order breakthrough, they naturally wouldn’t ignore it.

The Open Heaven’s advancement was different from the one before the Emperor Realm. Before the Emperor Realm, every major realm’s advancement would have a baptism of World Energy, a risk from the outside world.

However, in the Open Heaven Stage, there was a Small Universe within one’s body. Every time one broke through a level, it was the sublimation of one’s Small Universe. All the dangers came from the inside, and it could be said that it was even more dangerous than before. The slightest mistake would lead to eternal damnation.

As time passed, Xu Linggong’s Qi fluctuations became more violent. The Small Universe’s figure became faintly visible as the entire world expanded and shrank.

Inside the Small Universe, there was the manifestation and evolution of his life long cultivation, deriving all kinds of mysteries.

As time passed, the Small Universe’s physique also slowly increased. This growth was destined to break through the limit of the Seventh Order and enter the Eighth Order.

This time, the time it took to break through was less than a month, so it could be considered extremely short. Xu Linggong, on the other hand, was worthy of being a veteran Seventh Order cultivator with a strong and solid foundation. Although the entire process of breaking through was not smooth, it was still quite smooth.

It could be seen that he had prepared for this day for many years.

Every Open Heaven cultivator who wanted to break through to the Eighth Order would do so. Otherwise, who could guarantee that they wouldn’t fail?

At that moment, when the Eighth Order aura swept out, a loud roar filled with joy rang out.

On this day, Yin-Yang Heaven’s Xu Linggong successfully broke through to the Eighth Order outside Great Evolution Pass.

This is the first promotion of an Eighth Order master in the Great Evolution Pass after thirty thousand years, and it was a very significant achievement.

The Eighth Order Garrison Chiefs, who had served as Protectors for more than a month, all stepped forward to congratulate Xu Linggong. Xu Linggong grinned as he exchanged greetings with the other Eighth Order. This was the best time of his life, so there was no need for him to restrain himself.

The Old Ancestor’s Divine Sense also returned to the Great Evolution Pass, but Yang Kai felt a faint spatial fluctuation flash across it.

The corner of his mouth twitched as he realized that the Old Ancestor had used the Space Spirit Bead.

It was obvious what she wanted to do.

This was a happy occasion for the Human Race. Did the Old Ancestor go to the Black Ink Clan’s King City to announce the good news? It's unknown if the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord would bother her.

“Let’s go,” Yang Kai called out to the Dawn Squad’s Seventh Order masters. This observation had benefited them greatly. At the very least, the Seventh Order masters knew what they had to face when they broke through to the Eighth Order.

This was a useful method to avoid detours.

On the way back, everyone was talking at once, with only Feng Ying remaining silent.

Yang Kai didn’t really care.

When they returned to the courtyard, Feng Ying suddenly said, “Team Leader, I’m going into seclusion.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai looked at her and asked in surprise, “Enlightenment?”

Feng Ying nodded.

Yang Kai raised his brow, “Good. Since that’s the case, there’s no need to delay, it’s more important to quickly enter seclusion.”

Feng Ying didn’t hesitate, immediately returning to her own residence and activating the Spirit Array, isolating herself from the outside world and cultivating in seclusion.

Xu Linggong advancing to Eighth Order, with just a mouthful of meat soup was already surprising enough, but now it seemed that it was highly likely two people would reach Eighth Order from drinking the soup.

Yang Kai even wondered if the cattle meat bestowed by the Old Ancestor had some kind of magical effect.

However, after drinking the meat soup, Yang Kai didn’t notice anything special about it. Even Smiles Old Ancestor had said that it was just an ordinary thing.

At the end of the day, opportunities were somewhat mysterious and unpredictable. To many members of the Dawn Squad, the meat soup was nothing more than a fragrant delicacy, but to Xu Linggong, it was an opportunity to break through.

Observing Xu Linggong’s breakthrough became Feng Ying’s opportunity.

Opportunitieswere extremely mysterious and profound.

Yang Kai didn’t know where his fortuitous encounter was, but he knew that right now, even if there was a fortuitous encounter in front of him, it would be difficult for him to grasp it, because at the Seventh Order Open Heaven, his foundation was still insufficient.

Only by polishing the Seventh Order foundation and accumulating enough strength would one have a chance to break through to the Eighth Order.

He had an advantage that others couldn’t compare to. The countless living beings in his Small Universe World were constantly providing him with energy, and with the World Tree Subtree's tempering, his Small Universe World power is more pure than any Seventh Order.

This kind of purity was the source of his strength suppressing many Seventh Order masters. With the same amount of strength, the power he could display was several times greater than that of an ordinary Seventh Order master, so his strength would naturally be stronger. In the long run, when he advanced to the Eighth Order, it would provide him with great assistance.

He didn’t know how long it would take for him to break through to the Eighth Order, but he estimated that it would take at least a thousand years.

Breaking through in the Open Heaven Stage had always been a long and arduous process.


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