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Many years ago, some of the higher ups of the Training Hall had noticed this flaw, but there was no suitable method to resolve it, they couldn’t just pick a reason for the disciples to kill each other, right?

Although the various great Sects had some grudges between them, after the disciples of the Void Dojo stepped in to mediate between them, the hostility between them was reduced to friendship.

After all, every great Sect had more or less a few disciples cultivating in the Void Dojo.

The growth of the Black Ink here might solve this problem.

The Old Man pondered for a moment before asking, “You mean to say that the current situation is something that the Dao Master intended?”

The Deacon quickly waved his hand, “What the Dao Master think, a minor character like me doesn’t dare speculate, I’m just talking about things.”

The Old Man pondered for a moment and didn’t say anything more. It was just as this Deacon had said, the appearance of the Black Ink was not necessarily a bad thing for the Void World. Disciples of the Void Dojo could use this place to temper themselves in the future.

The Deacon who spoke glanced around and said, “This place is also a suitable place for blocking. If we can establish a defensive line here, with the disciples of the Void Dojo as the main force and the various great Sects as support, we will be able to stop the spread of Black Ink and protect the peace of the Void World’s mortals.”

The Old Man nodded lightly, “Good!”

With this decision made, the three of them left one person to monitor the Black Ink's movements while the other two quickly returned to the Void Dojo. Soon after, the entire Void Dojo’s forces were mobilized.

The disciples of the Training Hall came from all over the Void World, and as soon as they were mobilized, the Sect behind them also moved their forces.

In less than a month, a towering city pass appeared in the vast wilderness, facing the Black Ink from a distance.

It was as if the Heavens had decided that as soon as this city pass was built, a large number of strange, long and ink-colored monsters would attack.

The countless years of struggle between the cultivators of the Void World and the Black Ink Clan had finally come to an end. This was also the first time they had seen the Black Ink Clan, even though these Black Ink Clan cultivators were nothing more than trash.

During this fierce battle, the disciples of the Void Dojo had performed exceptionally and killed countless enemies, but due to their carelessness, there were always those who were contaminated by the Ink Force.

Those who were contaminated by the Ink Force had all lost their true natures, becoming allies with the Black Ink, acting as accomplices to the villain.

At this time, the Dao Master issued an order and bestow upon them the method to refine the Expelling Black Ink Pill to resist the Ink Force, allowing them to survive.

After several great victories, the disciples of the Void Dojo had decided to counterattack in order to avoid future troubles, but the danger of the Ink Force enveloping the entire place made it difficult for them to move forward. Their counterattack plan had failed halfway and they had no choice but to retreat back to the city pass to recuperate.

Time passed, and several years later, Yang Kai slowly opened his eyes.

His Small Universe’s situation had stabilized. With his own Small Universe supplying it with energy, the Feudal Lord-level Black Ink Nest would be able to continuously breed new Black Ink Clan members. When these Black Ink Clan members grew to a certain extent, they would attack the human race's city pass to sharpen his Void Dojo disciples.

Currently, the strength of these Black Ink Clans wasn’t very high, after all, their growth period was too short, so the Void Dojo could easily deal with them. However, as time passed, more powerful Black Ink Clans would appear, so it would be more difficult to deal with them.

However, Yang Kai’s main purpose was to train the disciples so that they could familiarize themselves with the various characteristics of the Black Ink Clan. Naturally, he wouldn’t allow the situation to develop to the point where it was out of control.

As such, no matter how the Black Ink Clan grew, there would always be a limit to their strength, and it would be impossible for them to surpass the Void Dojo.

Doing so would put quite a burden on him.

After all, the energy the Black Ink Nest absorbed was the World Force of his Small Universe. Yang Kai had prepared a large amount of resources for the Black Ink Nest to refine and use.

However, he soon discovered that he had been worrying too much.

The Black Ink Nest gave birth to the Black Ink Clan, and the disciples of the Void Dojo killed the Black Ink Clan. This was a cycle of life and death, and during this process, the Small Universe was actually able to produce a massive amount of World Force.

Although it couldn’t be compared to being swallowed by the Black Ink Nest, it was still better than simply paying a price.

The current situation was that Yang Kai’s Small Universe had paid a great price and had also received a great deal in return. Although the two were not equal, it was still much better than what Yang Kai had expected.

Coupled with some resources to be refined and absorbed by the Black Ink Nest, the loss of the World Force in his Small Universe was negligible.

The Small Universe’s current situation was like a miniature Ink Battlefield. It seemed that since ancient times, the Human Race had always had an indescribable tacit understanding when it came to dealing with external enemies.

He didn’t give any detailed instructions on what to do at the Void Dojo, but the Void Dojo’s methods were exactly the same as the Human Race’s in the Ink Battlefield. They constructed the city pass and used them to resist the invasion of foreign enemies.

Yang Kai believed that the next time a disciple walked out from his Small Universe, they would have a different appearance than the previous ones.

It will be a slaughter! In the Ink Battlefield, it was impossible not to kill.

He was looking forward to it.

Over the past few years, he had thoroughly researched the Territory Lord-level Black Ink Nest in the hands of the Human Race and used its power to nurture a few Feudal Lord-level Black Ink Nest.

Ouyang Lie sent it to Great Evolution Pass while Mi Jinglun arranged for people to hatch it in different locations to test out the information network.

The result was very smooth. The Feudal Lord-level child nest could easily connect with each other through the space of the Territory Lord-level Black Ink Nest, and no matter how far away they were, they would not be restricted.

Whether there was a limit to this distance or not, the Human Race didn’t know for the time being. This matter still needed to be verified.

However, the matter of the Black Ink Nest’s space being sealed and the connection between the higher grade and the lower grade Black Ink Nest being severed had already been tested.

This matter was personally handled by Yang Kai.

Because he had been guarding the Territory Lord-level Black Ink Nest for the past few years, it was only natural for him to test these things.

When the Human Race’s masters began communicating with the several Feudal Lord-level Black Ink Nest's will, Yang Kai found that even if he didn’t deliberately investigate, he was still able to perceive everything.

This was because the space they were communicating in was formed from the Territory Lord-level Black Ink Nest’s will, so he was able to understand everything about it.

Yang Kai could also use the will of the Black Ink Nest to completely seal the Black Ink Nest's space.

Just like what he had encountered in the Black Ink Nest's Space.

At the same time, he could also target a Feudal Lord’s will and completely sever its connection.

If it was blocked, it could be restored, but if it was completely severed, it would be impossible to reverse the process. It was equivalent to forever severing the connection between them.

In Ouyang Lie’s words, the old mother had driven her unfilial son out of the house, never allowing him to enter again.

The results of these experiments were extremely precious to the Human Race.

If they had known about this information before, Yang Kai wouldn’t have been trapped in the Black Ink Nest's Space for three years.

However, Yang Kai still couldn’t figure out whether the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord-level Black Ink Nest had blocked this Territory Lord-level Black Ink Nest or whether it had been completely cut off.

If it was the latter, it would naturally be for the best. In the future, everyone would have nothing to worry about.

If it was the former, they would have to be more careful. If the Black Ink Clan regained contact with it, it was highly likely they would launch an attack, causing the Human Race powerhouses guarding the Black Ink Nest to suffer.

As such, if they were to oversee the Territory Lord-level Black Nest, they would need to be careful and be on guard at all times.

Great Evolution Pass, Dawn's courtyard.

During the many years that Yang Kai had been gone, the courtyard assigned to the Dawn Squad had been taken care of by several female team members, filling it with a beautiful fragrance.

There were also small bridges and flowing streams in the courtyard, giving it a somewhat rural feel.

At this moment, in the backyard, Smiles Old Ancestor was lying lazily on a chair, squinting her eyes as she basked in the sun, appearing extremely relaxed.

Yang Kai stood to the side with a bitter expression.

He had been ordered to come back to help the reconstruction of the Pass.

The matter with the Black Ink Clan had come to an end, and everything they needed to know had been figured out. He had already imparted all of the Black Ink Nest's various abilities to the Eighth Order Open Heaven master who had taken over his position, so there was nothing to worry about.

However, Yang Kai estimated that in the future, the people guarding the Black Ink Nest would be taking turns.

After all, not everyone was like him, able to ignore the corrosion of the Ink Force. Although an Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivator was stronger than him, when it came to resisting the Ink Force’s corrosion, he had a natural advantage.

As such, the people in charge of the Black Ink Nest would change every once in a while, and the frequency was quite high.

With an Eighth Order master taking over, Yang Kai was happy and relaxed, decisively returning to the pass.

All these years, he had not participated in the reconstruction of the Great Evolution Pass and had basically been entangled with the Black Ink Clan over the matter of the Black Ink Nest. After more than a decade, when he returned to the Great Evolution Pass, he found that it had completely changed.

The entire Great Evolution Pass was filled with a dangerous atmosphere. This was something the Black Ink Clan had never possessed when they occupied it, but at this time, Great Evolution Pass was able to display a trace of the Human Race demeanor.

The Human Race’s mountain pass could only be used by the Human Race.

The restoration of Great Evolution Pass was still ongoing, and it would take at least a hundred years to complete. After all, the entire mountain pass had too many Spirit Arrays and Artifacts that needed to be rearranged.

In fact, Yang Kai didn’t understand the reason for this. Now that the Black Ink Clan in the Great Evolution War Zone had suffered heavy losses, they simply didn’t have the ability to attack the pass again. The Great Evolution Pass’ arrangement will not have much of a difference.

From the current situation, as long as the Human Race didn’t lower their guard, the Great Evolution Black Ink Clan would never recover.

Moreover, if his guess was correct, the Human Race’s expedition shouldn’t be too far away. At that time, if the Human Race army took the initiative to attack, what use would Great Evolution Pass’ arrangements be?

However, although he was puzzled, the higher-ups must have their reasons for doing so, he wasn’t arrogant enough to question them.

Returning to the Dawn's courtyard, it just so happened that all the members of the Dawn Squad were on break.

Previously, during the reorganization of the Great Evolution Pass, the people from the Dawn Squad had been busy. In the past two months, they had finally had some free time, but in another month they would have to go and help again.

After chatting for a while, Yang Kai suddenly remembered something and quickly took it out.

It was a piece of cattle meat he had received from the Old Ancestor of Wind and Cloud Pass.

Originally, he had planned to make soup for his team members to nourish their bodies. Over the past few years, he had been busy with the Black Ink Nest and had not had any free time, so today was a good opportunity. [MSN: whoa there, is it still edible. lol]


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I've read the Tales of Demons and Gods, at certain chapter, Nie Lie explain about the Space Rings.

A Space Ring is an isolated space that have a really low time flow.

It's a good place to store foods.

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TDG was the one that made me read wuxia/xianxia. Unfortunately madsnail abandoned it. It was really a nice LN, but looks like author run out of idea

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