The Human Race’s understanding of the Black Ink Nest was simply too limited, so they only knew a few things about it. For example, this time, if Yang Kai hadn’t broken into the Black Ink Nest’s space by himself and used the Soul Warming Lotus and Soul Shattering Spike to greatly damage the Black Ink Clan's Territory Lord, the Human Race wouldn’t have known that the Black Ink Nest’s space could be sealed, and that the higher grade Black Ink Nest could actually sever its connection with the lower grade Black Ink Nest.

The Black Ink Nest was the foundation of the Black Ink Clan. If they could uncover all the secrets of the Black Ink Nest, the Human Race would suffer a lot less in the future.

The Territory Lord-level Black Ink Nest in the hands of the Great Evolution Army was particularly precious.

Inside his Small Universe, Yang Kai found a suitable place to settle the Feudal Lord-level Black Ink Nest before using his World Force to seal the surrounding area into a forbidden zone.

As such, all living beings living in the Small Universe, whether they were Human Race or Small Stone Race, could not approach this Black Ink Nest to avoid unnecessary destruction.

The Human Race was easy to deal with. Even if they inadvertently came to this place, they would not act rashly in the face of such a strange thing. As for the Small Stone Race, it was hard to say. This race’s intelligence was low and they acted purely on instinct. Only the Heavens knew how they would react when they saw the Black Ink Nest.

It wasn’t difficult to incubate the Black Ink Nest. In the past, he had personally seen Zha Gu incubate his Black Ink Nest himself, so he had some idea about this matter.

In fact, when he brought the Feudal Lord-level Black Ink Nest into his Small Universe, he noticed that there was something unusual about it.

According to his understanding of the Black Ink Nest over the years, he was almost certain that the Black Ink Nest was a living creature, not an inanimate object, because every Black Ink Nest had its own will, but that will had no consciousness.

Since it was a living creature, it naturally had its own instincts.

The Black Ink Nest’s instinct was to swallow all kinds of energy and transform them into its own nutrients, especially the World Force. To the Black Ink Nest, this was the most delicious delicacy in the world.

Of course, Yang Kai’s Small Universe was not lacking in World Force, so it was not surprising that Black Ink Nest would react in this place.

Yang Kai didn’t try to suppress it and simply allowed it to absorb it.

As the World Force within his body continued to leak out, the palm-sized Black Ink Nest began to rapidly expand.

Perhaps it was because Yang Kai’s World Force was pure enough, but the growth rate of this Black Ink Nest was far faster than what he had seen from Zha Gu.

In just a few days, the Black Ink Nest in the Small Universe had grown to the height of a man.

A few days later, it was already several meters away.

A few days later, it grow like a tall building, one had to look up to see it.

In just a month, the small Black Ink Nest had expanded to become a towering giant. Although it could continue to grow, under Yang Kai’s perception, no matter how much it grew, it could not grow as fast as before. At most, it would only grow slightly.

At this point, it was basically at the limit.

Yang Kai controlled the World Force in his body and poured it into the Black Ink Nest, which was like a giant flower bud. As it expanded and contracted, a rich Ink Force spread out in all directions.

If Yang Kai didn’t restrict it, this Ink Force would spread to the entirety of the Small Universe, and at that time, all the Human Race and Small Stone Race would be turned into Black Ink Disciples.

However, this was his Small Universe, and he could control everything with a single thought.

The large area he had previously sealed with his own strength was the limit of the spread of this Ink Force. This place was also the territory of the Black Ink Clan he had raised.

Only when this entire region became suitable for the Black Ink Clan’s survival did Yang Kai stop and begin using the Black Ink Nest to nurture the Black Ink Clan.

Inside the Small Universe, the Void Dojo was currently flourishing. All the elite cultivators from the entire Void World had gathered here, each of them possessing outstanding talent. In fact, if one’s talent was low, they wouldn’t be able to enter this Void Dojo.

The Void Dojo had more abundant cultivation resources than any Sect on the continent, a luxurious cultivation environment, a large number of books, and many secrets that ordinary people could not access.

After thousands of years of operation, the entire Void Dojo had developed its own mechanism.

The spiritual source of the Void Dojo was naturally their Dao Master Yang Kai. It was said that the entire Void World was formed by his Small Universe, and everyone lived in his Small Universe.

However, although the Dao Master were respected, he is only a legendary characters.

The host of the Training Hall is the Dojo Master and Deacons. The cultivation aptitudes of the Dojo Master and Deacons weren’t necessarily better than the disciples of the Training Hall, and their futures weren’t comparable to the disciples of the Training Halls, but they were all old enough and experienced enough to be Emperor Realm from the top forces of the Void World. They were all mature and steady people who were responsible for handling some of the complicated matters in the Training Hall.

Normally, the Dojo Master and Deacons wouldn’t bother to manage the training of the disciples of the Void Dojo. In truth, most of the time they couldn’t, because whether it was their talent or their current strength, there was still a gap between them and the disciples of the Void Dojo.

All they could do was provide assistance in their daily lives.

Since an unknown year ago, a new custom had been added to the Training Hall. On the last day of every year, the disciples of the Training Hall would burn incense and pray to their Dao Master Yang Kai, praying for the Training Hall's disciples to have good luck in the coming years.

It was a massive statue that stood in the center of the Void Dojo’s square. It was said to have been created by the first Void Dojo Master.

Because the previous Dojo Master had personally seen the true appearance of the Dao Master.

Every year, this day was also the most lively day in the Training Hall. As long as one didn’t have any important matters to attend to or if they were in closed door cultivation, most of the disciples would be present.

Today was another day of burning incense and praying.

Thousands of disciples, under the leadership of the Dojo Master and Deacons, burned an incense and bowed down on their knees.

The disciples were looking forward to the next few days of excitement because every time they prayed, it would be the time for the disciples to exchange pointers and test the results of their year’s worth of learning. Especially for those disciples who had just entered the Training Hall and weren’t very strong, these few days were something they needed to properly grasp, because they could ask their seniors about cultivation problems.

Normally, these powerful Seniors were all in seclusion and couldn’t be found.

At the same time, the Training Hall’s market would open to allow the disciples to choose what they liked.

Burning incense and praying had now become a major festival in the Void Dojo, infecting the entire Void World with this event. On this day, the mortal world was bustling with noise and excitement.

Everything was as calm as it had been in the past, but at the last moment of the ceremony, an unusual energy fluctuation suddenly appeared.

On the square, everyone suddenly raised their heads and looked towards the statue as if they had received some kind of guidance.

What they saw caused their heart to surge.

Without a doubt, the eyes of the statue which had once been an inanimate object were now shining brightly and full of life.

As the statue’s eyes swept across the crowd, everyone felt as if they were being quietly observed.

The crowd instantly became restless.

Was this the appearance of the Dao Master?

Not to mention the ordinary disciples, even the Dojo Master and Deacons were confused.

While everyone was still confused, a Divine Sense exploded in everyone’s minds and sent out a message.

“In the Void World, the Black Ink Clan is breeding, causing great harm. If we ignore it, all living beings will be plunged into misery and suffering, and the continent will collapse. Disciples of the Void Dojo should act as the example of the world, cutting down the Black Ink Clan and purging evil.” [MSN: It doesn't actually say black ink clan here, only black ink. But, i decide to use it anyway.]

The same words repeated three times, and by the time everyone realized what was happening, the statue was completely normal.

After a moment of silence, the disciples began to make a ruckus, either communicating in groups or sending out their Divine Senses.

Most of the disciples here were at the Emperor Realm, so they could naturally guess that it was the Dao Master who had used this statue to send a message. It could be said that this was the Dao Master’s guidance.

However, the Void World has Black Ink Clan?

The Void Dojo also had a certain degree of understanding of the Black Ink Clan and knew that the Dao Master’s current environment was currently engaged in a protracted war with the Black Ink Clan. Moreover, the cultivators who came from the Void World would be fighting side by side with the Dao Master, and there was a risk that they would fall at any moment. If they didn’t realize this, they wouldn’t be qualified to take that step.

However, none of them had expected that one day, something like the Black Ink Clan would appear in this Void World.

Was it because the Dao Master’s battle outside was unfavorable, causing his Small Universe to be corrupted by the Black Ink?

No one knew the answer to this question, but the message that the Dao Master had just sent clearly still contained some kind of guidance.

After a brief discussion with the various Deacons, the Dojo Master decided to follow this guide and investigate what was going on.

A moment later, three figures soared into the sky and headed in the direction the Dao Master had pointed out, while the remaining Deacons comforted the many disciples.

About a few days later, the three figures who had set out from the Training Hall stopped and stared at the Black Ink Void in the distance. The void there seemed to be dyed in black ink as an incomparably evil power surged. An old man in the middle called out, “The Void Continent will never have peace again.”

Just by looking from afar, one could sense the evilness of the Black Ink energy. If they were to fight it personally, what kind of scene would that be?

One of the Deacons on the left said thoughtfully, “Since the appearance of the Void Dojo in the Void World, it has been peaceful for a long time. The Disciples’ cultivation is lacking in trials and tribulations, so this situation may be an opportunity to change.”

Before the Void Dojo appeared, there had been many conflicts on the continent, with all the great Sects fighting over territory, talents, and resources. It was common for sects to be massacred.

It could be said that in that era, although the cultivation of cultivators on the Void World was generally low and there weren’t many with outstanding talent, there were many who were brave and ruthless.

However, after the Void Dojo appeared, all the cultivators on the continent had placed their focus on the Void Dojo, all of them proud that their disciples had been chosen by the Training Hall, so who would care about such trivial matters?

It was a good thing that there were no large-scale battles, because this way, it will save many people's life.

This was also a bad thing. All cultivators grew up in the same prosperity, lacking the comprehension and tempering of life and death. Such a disciple, no matter how high his cultivation was, if he really encountered some major event, it would be difficult to entrust him with such an important task.


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