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When Ouyang Lie heard this, he fell silent for a moment before saying, “It’s just like when a mother giving birth to a group of sons. One of the sons brought a wicked guests to their house to stir up trouble, but in the end, this mother became angry and kicked that son out of the house, cutting off all ties with him.”

Yang Kai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “More or less.”

Ouyang Lie sneered, “If you put it that way, I understand. You’re just like Big Head Mi, always beating around the bush.”

Yang Kai quickly replied, “Disciple didn’t consider it carefully.”

Ouyang Lie waved his hand and happily said, “Does this mean that the Black Ink Clan has completely given up on our Territory Lord-level Black Ink Nest?”

Yang Kai nodded, “Yes!”

Ouyang Lie laughed loudly, “This is truly a case of searching high and low only to find it by luck.”

When Mi Jinglun had asked the Black Ink Clan to leave this Black Ink Nest behind, he had intended to use it to create a Human Race intelligence network. However, even he had not expected the Black Ink Clan to set up an ambush in the Black Ink Nest's space and refuse to back down.

In the end, he was helpless.

With Yang Kai’s help, after ten years, the Black Ink Clan had actually voluntarily given up on the Black Ink Nest. Now, Mi Jinglun’s original intentions could be achieved.

Yang Kai was also somewhat surprised. He had only taken action to deal with the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords, but he hadn’t expected that in the end, even this Black Ink Nest would be completely seized.

Although the Royal Lord-level Black Ink Nest had completely severed its connection with the Territory Lord-level Black Ink Nest in the hands of the Human Race, the Territory Lord-level Black Ink Nest had not withered because of this. In the end, this connection could be severed, and the space created by the Royal Lord-level Black Ink Nest’s will could refuse the entry of the Territory Lord-level Black Ink Nest’s will, but the relationship between the two would never be severed.

In other words, as long as the Royal Lord-level Black Ink Nest in the King City was not destroyed, the Territory Lord-level Black Ink Nest in the hands of the Human Race would be safe.

“If Big Head Mi learns of this news, he will definitely be overjoyed. I’ll go inform him first,” Ouyang Lie said before leaving.

After he left, Yang Kai immersed himself in his own thoughts and opened the door to his Small Universe, linking it with the Black Ink Nest’s will.

Although he couldn’t enter the Black Ink Nest Space formed by the Royal Lord-level Black Ink Nest’s will, it wasn’t a problem to connect with the Black Ink Nest’s will in front of him, and he didn’t need to be on guard against any possible attacks.

Without any interference, Yang Kai easily controlled the entire Black Ink Nest, and with a single thought, it was as if the Black Ink Nest was his incarnation, allowing him to control all of its abilities.

After all, he had many experiences, not to mention the Black Ink Nest in front of him, even back in the Black Ink Clan’s hinterland, he had already drawn in many of the Black Ink Nest’s wills, so he was no stranger to them.

However, at that time, he hadn’t been in the mood to do anything else, so he hadn’t explored the functions of the Black Ink Nest much. Now, things were different. The Human Race wanted to use this Territory Lord-level Black Ink Nest to establish their own intelligence network, so naturally the more they understood, the better.

After a moment, Yang Kai roughly understood the various abilities of this Black Ink Nest.

In a flash, he arrived in front of the Ink Pond and poured a large amount of resources into it, secretly controlling the Black Ink Nest to absorb and refine these resources.

The Ink Pond was an extremely important place for every Black Ink Nest, and it was also the source of the Black Ink Nest’s power. No matter what kind of resources were poured into it, it would quickly become nourishment for the Black Ink Nest.

Using these nutrients, the Black Ink Nest could give birth to a new Black Ink Clan and give birth to its own child nest. It could even transmit messages to each other and maintain the space formed by its own will, all of which required energy support.

Of course, Yang Kai wouldn’t use the Black Ink Nest to breed the Black Ink Clan, he wanted to first create a child nest.

His Small Universe needed a child nest so that the disciples of the Void Dojo could familiarize themselves with the characteristics of the Black Ink Clan.

The Human Race needed a large number of child nests to build their intelligence network, and at the same time, they needed to verify the conjecture he had just told Ouyang Lie.

He wanted to see if the higher grade Black Ink Nest could sever its connection with the child nest and if it could be restored after doing so.

If it couldn’t be restored, it was naturally a good thing for the Human Race. This meant that in the future, the Human Race could freely use this Black Ink Nest.

If they could be restored, they would have to be careful, because no one knew when the Black Ink Clan would suddenly restore their connection with each other. It was a small matter to spy on the Human Race, but if they suddenly attacked the Human Race soldier guarding the Black Ink Nest, it would be a big problem.

Under his control, the large amount of resources in the Ink Pond was quickly refined and all the energy gathered around the surrounding flesh walls.

Soon, a lump appeared on the wall of flesh.

Just by glancing at the lump, Yang Kai couldn’t bear to look at it directly. He could clearly feel that this lump was not the child nest he wanted, but the Black Ink Clan!

The first attempt ended in failure.

Yang Kai didn’t give up and didn’t wait for the Black Ink Clan to fully form before killing them.

After failing several times in a row, an aura broke into the Black Ink Nest. It was Mi Jinglun.

He wasn’t the only one. Xiang Shan and Liu Zhiping, these two Regiment Commanders, had also arrived. Counting Ouyang Lie, it could be said that the four Great Evolution Regiment Commanders had gathered here.

From this, it could be seen just how much importance the higher-ups attached to the Black Ink Nest.

Yang Kai had no choice but to stop his attempt and step forward to greet them.

Everyone had already learned about the basic situation from Ouyang Lie, and after seeing the situation here, they knew that Yang Kai should be trying to catalyze the child nest. Xiang Shan immediately asked, “How is the progress?”

Yang Kai shook his head, “I tried a few times but failed.”

Xiang Shan nodded, “Since the Black Ink Clan can produce a child nest, there’s no reason why we can’t. If we can’t do it a few times, we can try a few more times. There’s no need to worry. Since the matter of the Black Ink Nest has been resolved by you, you should be the one to catalyze the child nest.”

“Disciple understands!” Yang Kai replied.

Liu Zhiping encouraged him, “Do it well, if you succeed, I will personally report the Old Ancestor of your contribution.”

Yang Kai humbly replied, “Disciple doesn’t dare claim credit for his duty.”

Mi Jinglun smiled, “Killing or injuring eleven Black Ink Clan and Black Ink Disciples masters in ten years, if you don’t reward such a great merit, it will make my Great Evolution Army’s system seem unclear. Think about it carefully, if you have anything you want, after this matter is over, you can ask for it. If it’s not too much, I can satisfy you.”

Yang Kai didn’t really want anything, he just wanted a child nest, and all his previous actions were for this purpose.

However, since Mi Jinglun had said so much, Yang Kai didn’t waste any more time and immediately thanked him.

Xiang Shan then asked about the battle between Yang Kai and the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords in the Black Ink Nest's space for the past few years, and Yang Kai explained everything in detail.

Hearing this, everyone’s eyebrows jumped, even Ouyang Lie.

Although he knew the result, he had not asked Yang Kai about the details. Now he knew that Yang Kai’s fighting style was too shameless. Even if they were the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord, they wouldn’t be able to resist it. Besides giving up on this Black Ink Nest, there was no good solution.

For Yang Kai, it was only three battle, but for the Black Ink Clan, it was not the same, so after Yang Kai entered and exited the Black Ink Nest's Space three times, they decisively gave up.

They didn’t have many Territory Lords or Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples remaining.

The Great Evolution Pass was still undergoing repairs, and the Regiment Commanders were also quite busy. After handing this matter over to Ouyang Lie and Yang Kai, Xiang Shan and the other two quickly left.

Ouyang Lie was someone who didn’t care about anything beside fighting, so Yang Kai had to be the one to catalyze the child nest.

He didn’t refuse.

However, for this matter, the Mountain Pass’s side quickly gathered a large number of resources. After all, Yang Kai was the one who had put in the effort, so they couldn’t just let him take all the resources himself.

With the support of these resources, Yang Kai was even more confident in his chances.

After repeated failures, Yang Kai finally grasped the pattern.

When his consciousness was connected to the Black Ink Nest’s will, he could control the entirety of the Black Ink Nest’s will and use it to manipulate the direction of the Black Ink Nest’s power.

The countless pits in the Black Ink Nest’s meat-like wall were the places where the Black Ink Clan was born. If the power of the Black Ink Nest was allowed to flow into these pits, a new Black Ink Clan would naturally be born.

However, if one condensed all of the energy into the Ink Pond and prevented it from flowing out, when the energy gathered to a certain degree, it would be able to form a child nest.

Yang Kai had also failed many times in order to find this method. Before, he had been searching for the location that could give birth to the child nest, because the pits were the breeding ground for the Black Ink Clan, he had thought that the child nest was also born from one of the pits.

In the end, he discovered that something was wrong. The child nest was directly formed from the Ink Pond.

Since he had found a way, things were simple.

After investing a large amount of resources, Yang Kai controlled the power of the Black Ink Nest to condense in the Ink Pond. At some point, the Ink Pond’s water began to boil, as if something was about to rise.

Under Yang Kai’s perception, he clearly felt that this was a brand new child nest.

The water in the pool was separated, and a pitch-black flower bud that seemed to have yet to bloom flowed out, just like the one he had seen in Feudal Lord Zha Gu's hands.

Yang Kai carefully took it and let out a long sigh.

However, after calculating the resources required to nurture this child nest, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling a bit speechless. No wonder the Feudal Lords who owned their own Black Ink Nest valued it so much, while most of the Feudal Lords only had the strength of a Feudal Lord, but they didn’t have a Black Ink Nest of their own.

In order to breed a child nest, the cost was not small, and only a few Feudal Lords had the capital to do so.

This was only a Feudal Lord-level Black Ink Nest, so it was easy to imagine how much it would cost to nurture a Territory Lord-level Black Ink Nest. It would probably be tens or even hundreds of times more expensive.

Ouyang Lie received the message and looked at the palm-sized child nest in Yang Kai’s hand, clicking his tongue in wonder, “The Black Ink Nest looks like this when it has just been born?”

“Indeed, this Disciple has seen it once in the hands of a Feudal Lord, it is no different from this.”

“What should we do next?” Ouyang Lie asked.

Yang Kai said, “Although this Black Ink Nest has been bred, incubating it also requires a large amount of resources. Disciple intends to place it in my Small Universe and observe it carefully. If everything goes smoothly, we will be able to nurture another child nest for the purpose of building an intelligence network.”

“Of course!” Ouyang Lie nodded. Yang Kai wasn’t afraid of the corrosion of the Ink Force, so it didn’t matter if he placed the Black Ink Nest in his Small Universe. If it was anyone else, they definitely wouldn’t have the guts to do such a thing.


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