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The Black Ink Nest's Space, which had been peaceful for three years, suddenly became chaotic after the two Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples released their last rays of life.

Under the impact of the Divine Soul, the three injured Territory Lords and Yang Kai howled in pain.

The other three Territory Lords, who were still unscathed, all became vigilant, none of them daring to lower their guard. Who knew if this human would be able to unleash a fourth attack.

It was unknown what this artifact was, but even the Territory Lords were unable to guard against it. It could be said that it was a sure hit thing.

After a long time, the Territory Lords finally relaxed a little, because this human really didn’t seem to have any strength left to launch another attack. Just by looking at his current state, they could tell that his Soul Avatar had been severely damaged and was constantly twisting and distorting, causing his Divine Soul’s luster to dim as if it had lost its spirituality.

If not for the protection of the Soul Warming Lotus, this kind of injury would have been enough to instantly shatter his Soul.

Only then did the three Territory Lords dare to investigate the injuries of the other three Territory Lords. After a while, all of them frowned.

Just like the Territory Lords who had been injured before, this artifact had the ability to destroy the Divine Soul's spirituality. Moreover, it was extremely stubborn and couldn’t be removed in a short time.

The situation suddenly became extremely tricky.

Hong Di’s face became extremely gloomy.

Six Territory Lords and four Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples, a total of ten masters, had been lying in ambush in this Black Ink Nest's Space, but in the end, they had been disturbed by a Seventh Order Open Heaven, leaving only three survivors and three injured. The four Black Ink Disciples had all died.

Counting the four Territory Lords from before, the Black Ink Clan had a total of eleven powerhouses, all of them either dead or injured by this human race's Seventh Order.

However, now was not the time to be entangled with this human race's Seventh Order. Ten masters couldn’t do anything to him, so what could the remaining three do?

When that human recovered, would he be able to completely wipe them out?

That would be too embarrassing.

With this thought in mind, Hong Di had already decided to retreat. Forget about everything else, he had to first let the Divine Soul of these three injured Territory Lords recuperate. The death of a few Black Ink Disciples was indeed painful for the Black Ink Clan, but in this current situation, if a few more Territory Lords died, it would be quite painful.

However, the human seemed to have seen through his thoughts, and just as this thought appeared in his mind, the wailing Human Race gritted his teeth and sent a voice transmission, “Do you want to run? If you dare open this space, I will immediately escape!”

These words caused Hong Di to feel extremely uncomfortable.

The other Territory Lord immediately shouted angrily, “Little Human, don’t act so arrogantly. You’re just a mere Seventh Order, it’s already a miracle that you can last until now. How much longer can you last?”

Yang Kai grinned maliciously, “I’m afraid I won’t be able to last much longer, but at the very least, I’ll be able to last longer than those three injured! Do you want to take a gamble?”

The Territory Lord snorted coldly and didn’t say anything else.

In this current situation, the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord only had two options, one was to ignore the lives of their three injured comrades and continue to waste time with Yang Kai.

Three years had already passed, so even if this human's Seventh Order's physical body could persist, it was likely he had reached his limit.

If they could exhaust his physial body strength before the situation of their comrades deteriorated, that would naturally be for the best.

However, what the Territory Lords were worried about was that this Seventh Order human had some other method to replenish his physical strength. Otherwise, there was no reason for him to be able to persist for three years. If that was the case, it would be meaningless to continue wasting time.

The other way was naturally to open the Black Ink Nest's Space and retreat.

However, because of this, all of the Black Ink Clan’s previous efforts and sacrifices had been in vain, and the four Black Ink Disciple’s deaths had been in vain. How could the Territory Lords be willing to accept this?

The three intact Territory Lord conversed via their Divine Sense for a moment, not knowing what to do.

Inside the Soul Warming Lotus, Yang Kai tried his best to protect his Divine Soul.

Using the Soul Shattering Spike three times in a row was like trying to probe the edge of life and death for him, but he couldn’t let this opportunity slip by. He estimated that he wouldn’t have such a good opportunity again.

With his current cultivation at the Seventh Order Open Heaven, if he were to really fight against the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord, he would at most be able to escape unscathed. If he wanted to injure or kill them, he would have to rely on luck.

However, in this Black Ink Nest's Space, eleven Territory Lords including Eighth Order Black Ink Clan was being played at the palm of his hand, and only one of the twelve Soul Shattering Spike remained.

This was the best opportunity to reduce the strength of the Black Ink Clan’s high-level forces, and there was no need to take too much risk. Whether it was him or the entire Human Race, this was an extremely rare opportunity.

As such, he didn’t want to retreat. He wanted to use the last Soul Shattering Spike.

If not for this, how could he have the mood to provoke these Territory Lords? The current him could only be described as suffering a fate worse than death, and even the power of the Soul Warming Lotus was unable to soothe the pain in his Divine .

Even though he was in a difficult situation, he had no choice but to pay attention to the movements of the Territory Lords.

Who knew if they would open this Black Ink Nest's Space? If he couldn’t make it in time, he would be trapped here forever.

There seemed to be something else that confused him, but with his Divine Soul violently shaking, he didn’t have the energy to think about anything else.

While he was in a difficult situation, the three intact Territory Lords were also discussing countermeasures.

Without much disagreement, after a brief exchange, the three Territory Lords decided to open the Black Ink Nest's Space, because from the current situation, this Seventh Order's Physical Body showed no signs of withering, otherwise, his Divine Soul wouldn’t have been so full.

In these three years, his physical body had not changed at all, so this Seventh Order human definitely had some special method to ensure that his Small Universe’s strength was replenished.

If this continued, when he recovered, the three of them would also suffer.

In addition, the other three injured Territory Lords couldn’t remain here either, which was not beneficial to their recovery.

Hong Di’s expression became ugly. He could almost imagine how furious the Royal Lord would be when he learned of this.

Retreating from the Great Evolution Pass and abandoning his Black Ink Nest could be said to be forced, but it was also because of the Royal Lord’s orders that the blame was not on him.

However, this failure would likely affect his position in the Black Ink Clan, so what could he do now?

Since there was already a discussion, there was no need to delay.

The Black Ink Nest's Space was sealed using a special technique, so it wasn’t difficult to open it. The Territory Lords only needed to use that technique again.

However, when they opened the Black Ink Nest's Space, the Territory Lords took note of the situation and opened it in an instant. The three intact Territory Lords and the three injured Territory Lords simultaneously escaped before quickly sealing the Black Ink Nest's Space.

They hoped that the human wouldn’t be able to react before being sealed inside.

However, the result was destined to disappoint them. Hong Di clearly saw that when they left, the Human Race Seventh Order had also fled. [MSN: Why don't they just trap him there since the beginning, lol. There is no need to fight, and since only one person can use the nest at once, they wont be able to do anything with the nest with him trapped there. I can see why the black ink clan still fail to win despite their advantages for thousands of years.]

The entire Black Ink Nest's space suddenly became empty, without the slightest aura.

On the floating continent of the Human Race’s base, where the Black Ink Nest was located, Yang Kai let out a muffled groan and woke up.

Gong Lian, who had been standing guard by the side, immediately rushed over to support Yang Kai’s swaying body and shouted, “Master, Brother Yang is awake!”

Ouyang Lie let out a long sigh, “Little brat, you’ve finally returned. You really scared this old master to death.”

Saying so, he stuffed a large number of pills into Yang Kai's mouth.

Yang Kai didn’t even have the strength to express his gratitude, quickly refining and absorbing it.

Seeing Yang Kai’s condition gradually stabilize, Ouyang Lie let out a sigh of relief and signaled to his disciple to leave the Black Ink Nest.

“Does Master have any instructions?”

Gong Lian asked curiously.

Ouyang Lie said, “Go to Great Evolution Pass and report to the Old Ancestor that Yang Kai has returned safely.”

Gong Lian nodded and quickly left.

Looking at the figure of his disciple, Ouyang Lie finally felt relieved, not only because Yang Kai had returned safely, but also because of the Old Ancestor.

Yang Kai’s Divine Soul had entered the Black Ink Nest's Space and had not returned for three years, so this matter could not be hidden from the Old Ancestor.

Everyone knew that Yang Kai must have encountered some kind of accident inside the Black Ink Nest's space, otherwise he wouldn’t have been trapped there for so long, but no one knew what kind of accident it was.

They could only guess that the Black Ink Clan had some kind of method to seal the Black Ink Nest's Space, preventing Yang Kai from returning.

The news somehow reached the Old Ancestor, who immediately expressed her intention to personally make a trip to the King City.

The panicked Mi Jinglun quickly stopped her.

He knew that the Old Ancestor’s departure this time would not be like before, where she would only reveal her aura from afar to announce her arrival to the Black Ink Clan's Royal Lord. If he really let her go, she would definitely attack the King City and use this opportunity to pressure the Black Ink Clan to see if she could help Yang Kai escape.

However, even if it was the Old Ancestor who attacked the King City alone, there was still a risk of injury.

How could Mi Jinglun allow such a thing to happen? He immediately negotiated with the Old Ancestor and finally came to an agreement to wait three years to see if there was any change in the situation. If Yang Kai didn’t return after three years, the Great Evolution Army would move out together with the Old Ancestor and invade the King City!

The reason why the three-year deadline was set was because Mi Jinglun had received news from Ouyang Lie that Yang Kai needed roughly three years to restore his Divine Soul.

According to Mi Jinglun’s estimations, once Yang Kai’s Divine Soul recovered, the stalemate would definitely change.

Now, as expected, Yang Kai’s Divine Soul had returned after the three-year deadline.

Ouyang Lie naturally quickly asked Gong Lian to inform the Great Evolution Pass so that the Great Evolution Army wouldn’t move out and follow the Old Ancestor to the King City. If that happened, it would be difficult to clean up the mess.

Sometimes, Ouyang Lie really wanted to crack open Mi Jinglun’s head and see what kind of complicated things were contained inside. Why was he always so far-sighted?

However, he wasn’t discouraged. To him, everyone had their own strengths. At the very least, charging through enemy lines was his strength, something Mi Jinglun couldn’t learn, and… he was more manly than Mi Jinglun!

The news of Yang Kai’s Divine Soul’s return quickly spread to Great Evolution Pass, and the Old Ancestor who had been preparing for war immediately expressed her desire to visit the King City and visit the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, 'thanking' him for taking care of her subordinates for the past three years.

This time, Mi Jinglun couldn’t stop her, nor did he try to stop her.

Since Yang Kai was unharmed, the Old Ancestor will act appropriately.


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