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During this time, he had also been observing Yang Kai’s Small Universe’s situation. Normally, he wouldn’t be able to find anything, but because he wanted to connect with the Black Ink Nest’s will, Yang Kai’s Small Universe’s door had always been open, allowing the Black Ink Nest to swallow his World Force, so Ouyang Lie could more or less see some clues.

Over the past few months, most Seventh Order cultivators would've been drained dry.

However, Yang Kai’s Small Universe’s strength was still as full as ever, not showing any signs of decreasing. It was obvious that the living creatures in his Small Universe had taken effect.

Currently, Yang Kai’s Small Universe has no worry about being drained dry by the Black Ink Nest, and with the Soul Warming Lotus protecting him, even if the Royal Lord personally took action, he might not be able to do anything to him, so he was not too worried about his safety.

It was just that the Black Ink Clan had used some kind of method to trap his Divine Soul inside the Black Ink Nest's space, so it was unknown when he would be able to escape.

Ouyang Lie secretly estimated that the situation wouldn’t change much in the short term. He could only wait here and monitor Yang Kai’s condition. If anything went wrong, he could only report it immediately.

In the Black Ink Nest's space, time passed, and in the blink of an eye, another two months had passed.

It had been almost half a year since the Black Ink Nest had been sealed. Half a year was nothing to a Territory Lord or an Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple.

Ordinarily, when one went into seclusion to cultivate, who wouldn’t need tens or hundreds of years? A mere half a year would pass in the blink of an eye.

However, for this Black Ink Disciple surnamed Wan, this half a year was quite a torture.

The Soul Shattering Spike was constantly eroding his Divine Soul’s spirituality, and even with the help of the other two Black Ink Disciple, it was difficult to reverse the situation. If his Divine Soul could return to his physical body and become one again, it would be of some help to the current situation.

However, the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords had many concerns and didn’t dare rashly open this Black Ink Nest's space, fearing that this human would escape. In this situation, how could the Black Ink Disciple surnamed Wan's Divine Soul return and merged with his body?

Coupled with the fact that the Black Ink Nest had been constantly devouring his Small Universe’s strength, his current situation only made things worse.

He didn’t know what kind of situation his Small Universe was in right now, but if the Small Universe consumed too much of his strength, it would be reflected on his Divine Soul.

With the help of his two companions, after struggling for half a year, the Black Ink Disciple surnamed Wan finally couldn’t hold on any longer.

As the violent fluctuations of the Divine Soul fluctuated wildly, the six Black Ink Clan Territory Lords who were monitoring the movements of the Soul Warming Lotus turned their heads, and they saw the Soul Avatar of the Black Ink Disciple surnamed Wan suddenly explode, transforming into specks of light that dissipated into the Black Ink Nest.

“Brother Wan!” The old man cried out in grief.

The other Black Ink Disciple also wore a mournful expression.

They had already done everything they could, but they were still unable to save their companio's lives. Before entering this Black Ink Nest's space to carry out this mission, no one had expected the situation to develop to such a state.

The lineup of six Black Ink Clan Territory Lords and four Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples was something that could even barely handle the Human Race's Old Ancestor.

But now, the two Black Ink Disciple’s had already died, and that human was still hiding in the Soul Warming Lotus, unable to do anything to him.

Hong Di’s eyes spat fire.

Another losses!

Counting the previous two losses, the Black Ink Nest battle had caused the Black Ink Clan to lose two Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples, one Territory Lord, and three heavily injured Divine Souls. It was unknown if they were still alive.

Such a loss was not small to the current Black Ink Clan.

After experiencing so many great battles, the Black Ink Clan in the Great Evolution War Zone was no longer as rich in foundation as it was a few hundred years ago. Whether it was the Territory Lord or the Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple, their numbers had sharply decreased by more than half.

Was it worth it to pay such a huge price just to force the Human Race to give up the Black Ink Nest?

If the plan succeeded, it would be worth it!

But now that the plan had progressed to this point, there were many obstacles and difficulties. The Human Race had only sent out one person, but it had already caused them to be unable to advance or retreat. In the words of the Human Race, the Black Ink Clan was now riding a tiger and unable to stop.

The price they had to pay was too great. If they were to give up now, how could they answer to the Royal Lord?

So no matter what, he had to get rid of this human and seize the Soul Warming Lotus. Only then would he be able to give an appropriate explanation to the Royal Lord.

On the other side, the two Black Ink Disciple could only watch helplessly as their companion’s Divine Soul dissipated and his Dao disappeared, unable to help worrying about their situation.

Although they weren’t injured, if their Divine Souls didn’t return after a long time, it would be quite troublesome, not to mention that the Black Ink Nest was still devouring their Small Universe’s strength.

They were Eighth Order, but how long could they last?

One year? Two years? Or perhaps three? No one could be certain.

In fact, at this moment, they had already felt a trace of exhaustion. Although it wasn’t obvious, it was definitely due to the consumption of their physical strength imprinted in their Divine Souls.

This trace of exhaustion was nothing, but if they were to ignore it, the situation would only get worse.

However, they were only Black Ink Disciples, and as the servants of the Black Ink Clan, who would be able to convince the Territory Lords to abandon this plan?

It was impossible for the Territory Lords to give up so easily. The two Black Ink Disciple had a faint premonition of their tragic end, but now they could only hope that this human’s realm was the same as they had speculated, not an Eighth Order, but a Seventh Order or Sixth Order.

This was the only way they could last longer than the other party.

Time passed in this silence.

One year, two years…

The Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords remained the same, but the Soul Avatar of the two Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples had clearly dimmed and their Divine Soul fluctuations were extremely weak, as if they had fallen ill.

Naturally, the Divine Soul wouldn’t fall sick, so there was only one possibility for such a situation to occur.

Their physical bodies were on the verge of collapse, after two years, the Black Ink Nest had been constantly devouring their Small Universe’s strength, and even an Eighth Order could not resist this consumption.

The weakness of their physical body was reflected in their Divine Soul, so naturally, this situation had appeared.

After enduring for such a long time, the old man finally couldn’t bear it any longer. Trembling, he walked over to Hong Di and bowed, “Sir, can you open up the Black Ink Nest’s space and let us leave first? I’m afraid we won’t be able to last much longer.”

A look of struggle appeared on Hong Di's face. To be honest, he didn’t want to lose another two Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples here for no reason, after all, he had already lost them before.

He was also willing to let these two Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples survive.

The reason why he hadn’t opened the Black Ink Nest's space before was because he was afraid Yang Kai would take this opportunity to escape. Now, he naturally had this concern.

But now, he had no choice but to open it. If he didn’t open it, the two Black Ink Disciples would definitely die here.

He just couldn’t understand how this human could endure more than an Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple? His previous deduction should be correct. If this human was really an Eighth Order, with the nourishment of the Soul Warming Lotus for thousands of years, his Divine Soul would definitely be much stronger than an ordinary Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple.

Since he had only displayed an ordinary Eighth Order Divine Soul strength, it meant that his true cultivation was not at the Eighth Order, but was likely at the Seventh Order.

The Small Universe of a Seventh Order naturally couldn’t compare to an Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple, but even though the two Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples were on the verge of collapsing, the Human Race cultivator remained motionless.

Since things had reached this point, he could only let the two Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples retreat first before they, the Territory Lords, continued to waste time with the other party.

After making up his mind, just as he was about to open the Black Ink Nest's space, an extremely weak voice suddenly came from the Soul Warming Lotus that had been silent all this time, “Yes, yes, hurry up and open the Black Ink Nest's space. This old master can’t hold on any longer, so let’s call it a draw this time. We’ll talk about it when we have the chance to meet next time.”

'Next time?'

Hong Di's eyes widened as he shouted, “Don’t act so arrogantly! No matter what kind of methods you have, this time I will make you die here!”

The old man’s Divine Soul trembled as he looked up towards the sky, speechless. If his physical body was here, he would definitely cry.

Their only chance of survival had been destroyed by that human…

He silently retreated and found a secluded corner with his other companion to conceal his Divine Soul fluctuations and minimize the loss of his strength.

He hoped to last longer than that human.

Inside the Soul Warming Lotus, Yang Kai was still talking non-stop, “Territory Lord, why are you doing this? Those two obviously can’t hold on any longer. If you don’t open the Black Ink Nest’s space, they’ll die here. I don’t care, after killing so many of you, I can still make two of you die with me. It’s not a loss to me.”

“There aren’t many Territory Lords and Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples on your side anymore, so it makes sense to withdraw. After so many battles, my Human Race’s casualties have been so great, not to mention your Black Ink Clan. If two more of them were to die, the losses would be huge. By the way, how are the injuries of the Royal Lord? Does my Human Race’s Old Ancestor visit him often? We’re all neighbors, so it’s only natural for us to interact with each other. It would be strange if we don't pay a visit.”

“Don’t be a mute, I’m about to die, can’t you say a few words with me? Sigh, I’ve cultivated all my life, and although I’m only a Seventh Order, I’ve killed a few of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords. Unfortunately, the Heavens are jealous of geniuses, so I’ll eventually die here.”

“Since I’m about to die, I want to tell you something. If you can return, then return. If you can’t, then so be it. The Black Ink Clan’s Black Ink Nest is divided into different grades. The Child Nest is divided from a higher level Black Ink Nest, so whose Child Nest is the Royal Lord-level Black Ink Nest? And what gave birth to the Royal Lord-level Black Ink Nest? This question has been bothering me for a long time. Can everyone help me solve my doubts? If you can tell me, I can die in peace.”

The Territory Lords didn’t say anything, but after listening to this human muttering to himself, they finally confirmed one thing, he really wasn’t an Eighth Order, he was only a Seventh Order.

Although it was possible that he was lying, at this point, what was the point of lying?

What’s more, this situation was the same as their previous speculations. This noisy human is undoubtedly a Seventh Order.

What a disgrace!

If an Eighth Order had caused them to be in such a miserable state, it would have been fine, but now, a Seventh Order had actually caused them to be in such a state. All of the Territory Lords couldn’t help feeling a sense of shame. If possible, they wanted nothing more than to drag Yang Kai out of the Soul Warming Lotus and let him taste the cruelest torture in the world. Only then would they be able to resolve the hatred in their hearts.

Yang Kai’s voice became weaker, “Forget it, since you don’t want to talk about it, just pretend I didn’t ask. I'm tired, so I will rest for a while.”


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