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It had to be said that the Black Ink Clan’s decision was extremely correct.

Since they couldn’t kill this human’s Divine Soul that had entered the Black Ink Nest time again, they definitely wouldn’t give him a chance to escape. In this world, there was no Divine Soul that couldn’t be killed, it was just that they hadn’t been able to seize this opportunity.

As long as this human’s Divine Soul was trapped in the Black Ink Nest's space, they could do whatever they wanted, especially since this human had already controlled the long needle artifact twice and was no longer able to use it a third time.

In order to seal the Black Ink Nest’s space, the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord, led by Che Kong and Hong Di, had to meet with the Royal Lord once and ask him to lend them a hand at a critical moment.

The entire Black Ink Nest's space was a platform formed by the will of the Royal Lord-level Black Ink Nest. The authority to enter and exit this platform was naturally in the hands of the Royal Lord, or in the hands of the masters of the Black Ink Clan who guarded the Royal Lord-level Black Ink Nest.

If they wanted to completely seal this space, they would need to obtain the approval of the Royal Lord. Without the approval of the Royal Lord, the Territory Lords would not be able to control it.

Facing such a situation, the Royal Lord could only curse angrily at the Territory Lords while ordering people to cooperate.

He hadn’t been having a good time recently, and his injuries were quite heavy, but he was unable to heal in peace. Now that he had encountered such a situation, his mood was naturally quite bad.

Fortunately, he didn’t vent his anger on his Territory Lords and instead let out a sigh.

Just now, after confirming that Yang Kai had entered this place, the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord had secretly sent out a message. The Territory Lord who was guarding the Royal Lord-level Black Ink Nest immediately activated the power of the Black Ink Nest and sealed off the surrounding space, isolating it from the outside world.

If not for this, Yang Kai would have fled long ago.

The moment this strange space was completely sealed off, Ouyang Lie and his disciple, who were waiting for Yang Kai’s return in the Black Ink Nest's area, suddenly paled.

Gong Lian cried out, “Master, Brother Yang…”

Ouyang Lie’s expression became even more solemn as he stepped forward and carefully examined his surroundings.

Because just now, Yang Kai had suddenly lost all of his Divine Soul fluctuations. To put it simply, he had lost his Divine soul, and although his physical body was still intact, he was like a living corpse.

This sudden change obviously meant that Yang Kai had encountered something in the Black Ink Nest's space. Thinking back to what Yang Kai had said before, it seemed he had also anticipated that the situation he would face in this trip would be different from before.

But now, this change was too great, even his Divine Soul had been lost. What could he do?

After a long time, Ouyang Lie finally showed a look of surprise and doubt. From what he could see, Yang Kai’s Divine Soul had indeed completely disappeared, and he couldn’t even sense where his Divine Soul was.

In the previous two times, after Yang Kai entered the Black Ink Nest's space, although his Divine Soul was invisible, Ouyang Lie could still vaguely feel that there was an invisible connection between his body and his Soul. As long as this connection existed, Yang Kai would be fine.

But now, this connection had been completely severed.

However, if Yang Kai’s Divine Soul was truly destroyed, it would be impossible for his physical body to maintain a stable aura. The most likely outcome would be instant death, and the other possibility would be becoming completely stupid.

The strange thing was that Yang Kai’s physical aura was still quite normal.

This confused Ouyang Lie.

Pondering for a moment, he asked Gong Lian to carefully look after Yang Kai’s physical body while he flashed out, preparing to find a few Eighth Order masters who are proficient in the Divine Soul strength to investigate the situation.

While Ouyang Lie was busy, Yang Kai was enduring the heart-wrenching pain as he frantically fled.

He had no choice but to flee. With six Territory Lords and two Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples attacking him, no one but the Old Ancestor would be able to resist, not to mention that his Divine Soul had been damaged by the Soul Shattering Spike.

The strange space formed by the Black Ink Nest's will was quite troublesome. It was both large and small, making it difficult for Yang Kai to escape, because no matter how he tried to escape, the enemy’s attacks could always reach him.

In just a few breaths of time, Yang Kai felt like he was about to die.

His entire Divine Soul had become tattered, severely affecting his thoughts, causing him to make many mistakes in his judgment and causing his injuries to worsen.

If this continued, he would likely fail miserably.

Holding on to the last bit of clarity in the depths of his Soul, Yang Kai watched as the attacks from all directions came towards him. Not daring to hesitate, Yang Kai finally summoned his Soul Warming Lotus.

A seven colored light blossomed and in an instant, a seven colored lotus appeared in this strange space. This lotus flower was in the shape of a flower bud, wrapping around Yang Kai’s broken Divine Soul.

The violent Divine Soul attack struck the Seven Colored Lotus, but was unable to damage it in the slightest, only causing ripples on its surface.

In any case, the Soul Warming Lotus was a world treasure, one of the most powerful treasures in the world. In other places, it might not be able to display much of its power, but in this Black Ink Nest's space, where everything was controlled by the Divine Soul, it was the most stable existence in the world. Even the attacks of an Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple or the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord were unable to break through its defenses.

The Black Ink Clan’s side quickly discovered this anomaly. After all, they weren’t blind. Who wouldn’t be able to see a seven colored lotus suddenly appear?

What shocked and confused them was that this thing seemed to be impregnable. No matter how fierce their attacks were, it remained motionless, floating there quietly.

In the next instant, the fierce attack was withdrawn.

Six Territory Lords and two Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples surrounded the Soul Warming Lotus and sized it up vigilantly.

“What is this?” Territory Lord Hong Di asked in a low voice. Just as he was about to kill this human, a lotus suddenly appeared to protect his safety, but even with all the powerhouses of the Black Ink Clan gathered together, he was still unable to break through. This naturally made him angry.

However, he didn’t recognize what this lotus was, let alone the other Territory Lords.

These words were directed towards the two intact Black Ink Disciples.

One of the Black Ink Disciple who turned into an old man's image, frowned slightly as he carefully examined the Soul Warming Lotus, faintly guessing what it was. However, he had never seen this world treasure before, so he couldn’t be certain.

He could only ask his companion, “Is it that thing? This old master shouldn’t be mistaken.”

The other Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple nodded and said, “It’s no different from the rumors, and if it’s that thing, it can explain why this person doesn’t fear Divine Soul damage.”

Not counting this time, Yang Kai had already broken into the Black Ink Nest's space twice, used the Soul Shattering Spike four times, and killed four of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords.

This kind of aggression made people wary, but what was even more difficult to understand was his recovery ability.

With such a serious injury to his Divine Soul, it only take three years for him to recover. Even the best spirit pills would not have such an effect.

But if it was the legendary treasure, everything made sense.

“Say it clearly, what exactly is this thing?” Hong Di asked in a low voice. This was the most annoying thing about the Human Race, it was very annoying to beat around the bush.

The old man bowed and replied, “Sir, if I’m not mistaken, this should be the legendary Soul Warming Lotus.”

“Soul Warming Lotus?” The Territory Lords frowned. Although they had interacted with the Human Race for countless years and had learned many of their habits, they still didn’t know much about the legends of the Human Race, let alone the Soul Warming Lotus. Even the Human Race themselves had only seen it in ancient books and had never seen it before.

“There is a supreme treasure in this world, a Twin Lotus Flower,” The old man said, “One is a Stainless Golden Lotus that could allow the owner to possesses a flawless body, allowing one to cultivate with twice the results with half the effort. The other is a Soul Warming Lotus. It is useless to the flesh body, but it is effective against the Divine Soul. Under the nourishment of the Soul Warming Lotus, the Divine Soul is constantly strengthening. Even if the Divine Soul is severely injured, as long as the Divine Soul is not destroyed, it can quickly recover under the nourishment of the Soul Warming Lotus.”

“These two world treasures are born from the heavens and earth and are unique to the Universe. When one appears, there won’t be a second one. Many people have never even heard of it, let alone seen one.”

“The object in front of all the Lords should be the legendary Soul Warming Lotus.”

“Is it very precious?” A Territory Lord asked.

The old man said solemnly, “Every treasure in this world is incomparably precious, only those with great luck and destiny can obtain them.”

Hong Di stroked his chin thoughtfully, “So the reason why this person was able to escape death repetedly and remain unscathed was because of the nourishment of this Soul Warming Lotus?”

“That’s right!” The old man nodded, “It’s said that the Soul Warming Lotus is divided into three colors, five colors, and seven colors. This Soul Warming Lotus is already a Seven Colored Soul Warming Lotus and can be considered a top-grade Soul Warming Lotus. It can be seen that this object has been in this person’s hands for many years, otherwise it would have been impossible to cultivate it to the Seven Colored Stage. With this treasure to nourish his Divine Soul, he naturally wouldn’t fear any damage to his Divine Soul.”

The several Territory Lords all wore ugly expressions. It was laughable that they thought they had killed Yang Kai the first time, who would have thought he had something to rely on? After returning from the strange space and healing himself for three years, he came and attack two Territory Lords.

If it weren’t for the fact that they had sealed off the Black Ink Nest’s space and forced this man into a corner, forcing him to use the Soul Warming Lotus, they probably wouldn’t have understood what was going on.

Hong Di frowned and said, “There’s no movement from this person anymore, it should be because his Divine Soul has suffered too much damage and is currently recuperating inside this lotus. According to my previous experience, it will only take three years for him to completely recover. At that time, he will definitely use that vicious artifact to deal with us, so we must find a way to deal with him before then. Does anyone have any good ideas?”

The Territory Lords were silent, and the two Black Ink Disciple also remained silent.

Everyone had witnessed the scene just now. Even the combined attacks of six Territory Lords and two Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples couldn’t shake this Soul Warming Lotus in the slightest, so continuing to attack would only be a waste of effort.

One of the Territory Lords suggested, “Why don’t we try again? In any case, he can only take a beating and can’t fight back. No matter how powerful this Soul Warming Lotus is, it should have a limit to how much it can withstand. Perhaps we can break it.”

The old man’s mouth twitched as he said, “After all, it’s a World Treasure, breaking it would be too wasteful. It would be best if we can subdue and refine it.”

Hong Di said, “That makes sense. Since this artifact is useful to the Divine Soul, my Black Ink Clan can also use it. If we can refine it, we won’t need to fear their Divine Soul Secret Technique in the future.”


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It would be best if we can subdue and refine it.”

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